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Belladonna's Ass Wide Open

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by Wind Tunnel » Review Date: 8/8/10

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Belladonna's Ass Wide Open
Evil Angel Presents a Deadly Nightshade/Belladonna Picture Directed by Aiden Riley
Starring:  Harmony, Adrianna Nicole, Bobbi Starr, Luscious Lopez, Ashley Blue & Charlotte Vale.
With:  Mark Wood, Steve Holmes, John Strong & Mick Blue.
Runtime:  3hr 6min (2 Discs)
Condoms?:  None!
Keywords:  Ass-Centric, Gapes, All-Sex, Up the Butt Love, Hooray for Anal

Brief Synopsis:  As one of the true queens of ass-play, Belladonna presents a few of her favorite performers in primarily butt-oriented scenes scant on set-up but high on action, all of whom are, no doubt, familiar enough to many, and well-equipped in poise to take on the task.  And if not, well then, you're certainly in for a rump-ripened treat!

* [Disc One] *

[Scene One]  Harmony  (with Mick Blue)

Starting off with little more than a squeeze from her partner Mick, Harmony whispers "I want you to use me...use this ass 'till it starts hurting", taking to her knees for spit & jerk blow job, swatting her face with his dick and evolving to a short face fuck.  Flipped around, she spreads her cheeks, taking turns between fingering and prying while our stud Mick does the same, shuttling into anal doggy for the first round.  Harmony lubes up that rod with some ass to mouth play, her voice going guttural as the hammer smooths out for another take, muttering "don't stop" over and over again.  Mick tosses her salad and dances his fingers around both her holes in a break, turning the bop into cowgirl, once again via Harmony's puckering rose.  The pair slap and taste each other, Harmony hissing and cranking four of her fingers into her ass, getting her clit rubbed while Mick slides in for a taste.  Legs up and pushed toward the floor, the co-cranking continues, reverse cowgirl on the couch afterward with even more finger spreading and forking along the way.  Spreading that rump apart, Harmony's hole rumbles out a few escaping farts (glorious!), no doubt the end result of all that heavy sticking.  Lying back, Mick chokes her before prepping himself for side-saddling, deepening his ride in a corkscrew position with even more heaving fingers, bringing us to the final pop jerked off onto Harmony's chest with a post-coital suck, swish, and a toss of spit aimed but just missing the cameraman.  It's a direct & to the point scene that boils hot pretty quickly, never letting go until the very end.  Woosh!

[Scene Two]  Adrianna Nicole  (with Mark Ashley)

Already mid-grope as the camera fades in, Adrianna mentions that "it's been a while" since her last time with Mark, warming easily to his wandering hands and smoking his wick between her lips and tits for a goodly amount of stroke & suck (easily throating his pole, yes!), spitting and snorting as their bathroom play sets her ass pointed out.  Arrowed in doggy, Mark pushes in slow, holding himself in Adrianna's butthole and dismounting to gaze at her widening gape in between longer and deeper strides, nibbling at her puckering starfish from time to time as the heat rises.  She turns and suckles on his prick for some ass-to-mouth action while he does his best to keep her other holes occupied with his own digits.  Missionary continues the anal saga against a nearby wall, leading to Adrianna's ass chortling as the pair readjust themselves for a deeper impact.  "Would you squat that pretty ass on my dick?," Mark asks before swapping to classic cowgirl on the cold, tiled floor, a request that Adrianna honors with a cheek-spreading ride, full of even more gape-derived delicousness (in sound and in size, that is), eventually leaning backward to sit on his face.  After a brief spell of 69, Adrianna's vocal pipes elevate, her gape now a dark cherry and emitting the occasional raspberry post-plugging.  A final run of doggy (first with the bathtub, and finally upright in stance) undoes Mark's load, spouting his white glory excitably across Adrianna's face, wiggling her tongue and downing just a bit of the post-head goo.  As with the first scene, this one is lean on prep/introductory moments, though the pair attack each other with a memorable fervor of two people in need of that particular blossoming, anal glory.  Adrianna is fabulous, as usual, and her low refrains of animal joy competing with her anus' own active voice are quite wonderful, indeed.

[Scene Three]  Bobbi Starr  (with John Strong)

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We first see Bobbi's ass emblazoned with a small swath of shimmering bikini, swatted by John as he begins to nibble on her succulence almost immediately, feeding a fresh stink thumb into Bobbi's mouth. A few spreads of the cheeks later and she's being face fucked by him, heavily lubing John's wang with glob after glob of fresh spit, beginning the butt love in doggy, ass up in the air.  While still sticky, he goes deep and pauses for a few fingers' worth of widening here and there, keeping on as we catch a glimpse of Bobbi's bush (elegant and just furry enough, though to be criminally neglected since this is an all-anal affair, perhaps) as her moans begin to elevate the room.  The stroke beat heaves on into side-saddle, with the pair smiling and pulling into each other, Bobbi's ass creaming a ring around her hole (all that spit, and so forth).  Huffing along, she wiggles her clit before being flipped over for pile-driven anal missionary, breaking apart for air and for a chortle and spread of those glorious flaps of hers (she tosses his salad briefly, wonderfully!).  John, too licks and sticks his fingers inside of her for a fairer gear, the two moving onto cowgirl, ogling and pumping before fucking Bobbi's face once again.  Back in a proper cushion, John keeps up in flipped up missionary again and even more ring rimming, finally unloading his joint onto Bobbi's female fur and combing it out with his fingertips, feeding the squeeze up to her mouth to down.  Despite John's somewhat warrior-esque method of fucking, it's all more than enough for Bobbi to handle every inch of meat he throws at her, bending herself in every which way, keeping the fucking fluid and a constant devilish glint her eyes.  The final cap off onto her triangle was a cherry on top of an already great scene: Bobbi, you can do no wrong!

* [Disc Two] *

[Scene Four]  Luscious Lopez  (with Mick Blue)

Following a pair of hands up to Luscious' neck, her partner grips her throat and turns her around for an ass wiggle, gingerly sticking his fingers into her mouth.  "I think I need something much, much bigger," she offers mid-spread, beginning anal doggy in a tight grip (she lathers him up with spit in no time, fingering herself along the way).  Deepening the ride, Luscious says "I can feel your cock in my pussy wall when you do that," as Mick continues, cranking himself into her from up on high.  The dirty talk centers as the high point onward, even as the speed gains and her yelping arouses an ass-to-mouth blow job (and eventual face fucking), positioning into a reverse cowgirl bounce that shifts to spooning (all anal, of course!).  Missionary butt love allows the pair to get a little face time in, and another suck later, cowgirl and a smothering face sitting (by Luscious) goes into 69, with a short amount of spooning leading to the stroke off, all erupting into the confines of our girl's mouth, which she swishes around before swallowing.  "I wish you'd cum in my asshole instead," she coos freshly.  The energy between Luscious and Mick seems to be skewed, leading a kind of lumpiness to the scene that caters less to their chemistry and more to Luscious' wordplay and bottomless guile: fine enough, indeed, but somewhat lacking in the oomph department.  Luscious is wonderful, but this scene proves that you're only as good as you're partner...most of the time.

[Scene Five]  Ashley Blue  (with Steve Holmes)

Nary a word or two passes between Steve and Ashley before he squeezes her tits too hard, causing her to wince ("what am I in for?", she asks), as he continues to smack her nipples with his huge hands, leading those fingers into both her bottom holes and feeding them back to her mouth.  Ashley is full of good humor, however, sniffing those digits before her taste: "It smells like it's been somewhere".  A few sniffs later, she delivers a face fucking blow job, slobbering and throating Steve's wang, pausing to kiss him on the lips, leading his tongue back between her little ass.  Soon a close spooning starts off the anal prodding, with Ashley's mouth pulled apart and stuffed with Steve's digits - she spread eagles herself even as he holds her nose shut, again in face fuck mode.  Preceding an anal cowgirl ride, she stuffs four fingers inside of her butt, pushing easily atop his slippery wick into missionary (with a few requisite queef gurgles thereafter).  "It makes me feel like such a powerful woman when I can take such a big cock," Ashley pronounces, constantly taking every inch of that assy rod into her mouth whenever she can.  At one point Steve sucks on her tongue with his whole mouth, which causes her to fall apart in a fit of giggles, as does the ensuing orgasm she fits in after a heady session of reverse cowgirl ass battery ("you're ripping my ass!" she chortles, half-snarl, half-smile). 

The sloshing continues with Steve sidling himself between those buns in reverse piledriver and another round of spoon and missionary ass hatchery.  Sliding down to nibble on her pussy, Ashley notes that "it looks like you have a mustache because of my bush," that little, lightly furry friend that gets glazed with the spit and recombined plumbing overflow from all that dirty action.  A dash of 69 and a final plugging in reverse cowgirl rhythm up Steve to finally dose her with his load, shooting past once and hitting her open mouth, the rest glazing streaks atop her face; a post-suck and touch-up later, it's all over.  With Steve being his own nasty self (his love of the butt notwithstanding) and Ashley hitting a similar vein, the mood is playful with a touch of the rough, but either performer are obviously pliable enough (in more ways than one) that they work wonders together.  And despite all of his slap happy tendencies, Steve is mostly playing up to Ashley's own kinks, and she, his - physically and mentally matched, all the way.  Yes!

[Scene Six]  Charlotte Vale  (with Mark Wood)

Adorned with rings on her fingers and a strapping, high-heeled set of boots, Charlotte lets mark thwap and poke her flappable ass, first with his hands and afterward with his big stick, gripping her hair as he sticks it in.  Fucking her face (completely hands-free, at one point), he turns her atop a piano bench for more ass mastery, doggy style, and keeps on with the bump with periodic smacking breaks between closer shuffles.  "It's so slippery!" Charlotte exclaims as she devolves into a gurgling mess of coos, leaning down for a taste of peen and cranking her legs up for a missionary run of ass humping.  By this point those boots come off and her toes are wiggling and waving in front of Mark.  A somewhat jittery session of reverse cowgirl follows, with a few delectable moments of Charlotte planting those feet on Mark's thighs, switching once again to oral antics (a frenzy of dick smacking) and even more doggy style rump shaking, with Mark absolutely hammering all he's got down into her beautiful butt (enough for her toes to curl - yes!).  The pair conclude with their back and forth on the floor, finally with Mark furiously jacking his pole as Charlotte pulls apart her gape, unwadding his pouch of seed onto her turned face, smearing and spreading the rest on her ass cheek, dotting a few drops down.  By the last pop, it's hard to fault Charlotte & Mark, though she does seem to have a cool kind of enthusiasm during the more stable eras of the scene, finally bubbling over in that toe-curling effort toward the end.  Her emotional skin's quite thick, though once her shield is down it's pretty dazzling, indeed.

Bonus Features
Included amongst the usual Filmography, Castlist and Trailers for related Belladonna releases is a handy Cum Shot Recap, as well as a substantial amount of Behind the Scenes footage (1hr 15min worth!), which is full of worthwhile quips and backstage preparation, along with the kind of sweet, feel-good vibes that Bella's productions seem to elicit from her performers (rough stuff be damned!).  Luscious parlays her pussy's flexibility schedule, we get to see more of Bobbi (always a plus), as well as an anecdote-laden post-scene discussion between Mark, Bella and Charlotte, relating the off-camera lives of our favorite naked super heroes in a way that's really pretty hilarious.  Overall, it's a great flipside to the otherwise straight-ahead nature of the feature, filled with nice minor details that probably would have gotten in the way of the movie had they been included.

Audio/Visual Quality
Presented in 16x9 enhanced 1.78:1, the visual field was hashed by shadows more than once (refer to the screencaps above), having more to do with the proximity of the camera dimming the view during close-ups, leading to a slight grey haze over the scenes.  Likewise, this absence of light leads the focus to sometimes be compromised, though, thankfully, not at the most opportune times.  The action is captured well enough, even if at times the quickly suggested positions between partners can sometimes get the better of our cameraperson(s).  Even if the sprawl of the whole palette isn't quite so vibrant, at least the goings-on are enough to keep it all above water.  Audio arrived in a standard 2.0 channel stereo without too many flaws to speak of, relative, like many gonzo titles out there, to the space/proximity of the action to our beloved shooter - it won't knock your socks off, but it does it job, so to speak.

Overall Thoughts
With the prime pedigree of talent available on these two discs, it's a stretch for anyone to not find a liking in any one of the six, anal-centric scenes here, as Belladonna certainly knows how to pick talented, stroke-worthy ladies worthy enough of her stamp of approval.  It's too bad Bella, herself, isn't one of those in line, but Bobbi and Ashley's respective work here is almost enough to make you forget where or who you were before, even if those precious pussies are left in favor of their glorious gaping assholes.  Charlotte's unflappability allows her to be Mark's puppet for a little while (excellent, like she always is), though Luscious really is a one woman show here (her partner just can't bear her strengths, it seems), and those two blonde-rooted bombshells (Harmony and Adrianna) hold their own quite mightily.  The only turnoffs for some may be the severity of some of the behavior (lots and lots of face and ass slapping, face fucking and choking) as well as the heaviness of the butthole action (gapes aren't for everyone) with little to no pussy sticking save a few fingers or four).  And with that, Belladonna's Ass Wide Open earns a Recommended designation, though one could wonder just how farther down those rabbit holes good 'ole Bella (and her co-consipiritor/partner/director Aiden) could go.  Goodness knows...

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