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Sperm Swap 8

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by Vincent Pierce » Review Date: 7/2/10

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Genre: Cum Swapping, Cumshots, European, Foreign

Director: Raul Cristian

Cast: Csoky Ice, Eva Sun, Gabi, Gitta Blond, Jessica Girl, Kissy Kapri, Lauro Giotto, Matt Bird, Mugur, Patrisha, Sandra Black, Stephanie Sierra, Sugar Baby, Susanna, Tristan Seagal, Veronica Sanchez, Veryca

Date of Production: 2010

Length: 3 hrs. 7 mins.

Audio/Video: The audio was excellent. I'm not sure if it's digital or not. The video is presented in a widescreen ratio, and is very vivid. I had to adjust my DVD player's setting to 4:3 LB (LetterBox) for it to fit properly, but I'm sure you will not have to do that with all DVD players.

Overview: If you haven't heard of Cum Swapping, basically it's an act where two girls share the load of one guy. It's a threesome oriented type of oral sex. It is also known as 'snowballing'. Needless to say it is a very sexy thing to watch when two girls share your cum!! Cum Swapping is what this DVD is all about that, that and foreign European girls!!! So if you like naughty, sexy, foreign ladies then this is the show for you!!

Scene 1:  Veronica Sanchez & Susanna

The scene starts of with Veronica, and Susanna having some girl-on-girl fun. These are two of the hottest bisexual girls I have ever seen! They both start off wearing similar two piece outfits that are black with studs. The action btween the pair begins with some softcore kissing, then moves to butthole licking. It doesn't end there, though. after they have removed all of their clothing there is some fingerbanging as well as some girl-on-girl '69' action. Half way into the scen a guy joins in. The sex includes some basic oral sex as well as some improvised group sex. At one point the girls are back on top of each other in the '69' position, while the guy fucks the one on top in the pussy, and then fucks the one lying on the bottom in her mouth. It's pussy to mouth action!! In the end one of the girls recieves the guy's load in her mouth, then spits it back into the other girls open mouth. That girl then swallows it. The two girls then end the scene with an intimate kiss before posing naked for the camera, which was the hotest moment of the whole scene!! Overall the scene was actually really good, and the chemistry between the two girls was great!!

Scene 2:  Kissy & Veryca

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First off before I go to ranting, and raving let me say that Kissy and Veryca are two extreme hotties!! They were dressed very similar to the girls in the previous scene, except for the Kissy, the black haired girl who had a skull and crossbones decorated bikini top. Veryca is a blonde, and a very sexy blonde at that!! When the scene starts the two appear to be 'trying' to make out. I mean 'trying', because they actually look kind of nervous about performing a girl on girl scene. Of course they touch each others breasts, and kiss a little, but there noreally intimate element to it. Their performance at that point looked bery stiff, and forced. When the guy comes in they loosen up a bit, but there's still really no interaction between the two girls except for an instance of finger banging, and more breast fondling. The guy makes them taste each other's pussy though by sticking his cock in one girls pussy, and then into the other girl's mouth. There's some spooning, cowgirl, and doggystyle sex in the scene as well. The guy ends up shooting his wad into Kissy's mouth, and Kissy in turn spits it into Veryca's mouth who then swallows. The two girls share a little tongue kissing afterwards, and do some more of that awkward looking touchy-feely crap they did at the biginning of the scene. I thought the chemistry between the two girls in this scene ruined it a bit for me. They looked like they weren't really into it, and acted so as well.

Scene 3: Sandra Black & Eva Sun

I was glad to see a different variety of outfits for Sandra, and Eva in this scene. using similar outfits in different scenes tend to make things seem a bit repetative. One of the girls wore a black two pice outfit with metallic flame designs, while the other one wore a hot pink two piece outfit with a fishnet top. Both of the girls were black haired, so honestly I'm not sure which name goes with which girl, because of the way the names appeared onscreen before their scene. Sandra, and Eva seemed a bit afraid of the girl on girl interactions in this scene as well. For the most part the stay close to each other fondling, and masturbating themselves. There were a few instances where the dared to touch each other in sexual ways, but I still say it wasn't something they normally do. This scene differs from the rest as the two girls get one guy each. Both of the girls recieve some cowgirl, doggystyle, missionary, and spooning while next to each other on a couch. I figured that in the end the two girls would take turns cum swapping, or something ... One of the girls ended up getting both cumshots in her mouth, and then cum swapped with the other girl who then swallowed both loads!! It was a pretty decent scene, but the awkward girl on girl action still bothered me a bit.

Scene 4:  Gitta Blond & Sugar Baby

Gitta, and Sugar Baby look like two blonde haired country gals. there outfit even looks a bit country. They are both wearing what looks like school girl outfits with miniskirts that have a plaid design. Aside from that observation, one of the girls is also wearing braces!! I don't know what it is about a girl with braces in a adult video, but I think it's hot!! I can actually belive that these two girls have had girl on girl relationships due to the way they perform. There is nothing softcore about this scene. In fact I say it's extremely hardcore!! At the beginning of the scen the two girls feel each other up a bit, play with each other's tits, and even share a small goblet of whipped cream in a very intimate/sexual manner. When the guy comes in it's hardcore to the max. The guy, and one of the girls is apparently into anal big time!! They some anal doggystyle, anal spooning as well as other sex positions. Many times the guy would stick his cock in the one girl's ass, and then have the other girl suck it. In the end the girl with the braces got the load shot into her mouth. She then spat it into the anal gir's mouth who swallowed it!! This scene was a pleasant surprise. It added something special with the whipped cream bit.

Scene 5:  Patrisha & Gabi

Patrisha and Gabi are both sporting another fashion change. Although their clothes are plaid like the girls' in the previous scene they are a good bit different. Patrisha is wearing a three piece matching outfit consisting of a bikini style top, matching panties, and some Chaps!! Yes, I did say chaps, and her whole outfit is a plaid neon pink design. Gabi's wardrobe consists of a blue plaid top, and matching miniskirt. Patrisha is an unnatural redhead, while Gabi is a blonde haired girl. These two girls seem to know exactly what they are doing, and also seem experienced in threesome sex. They start the scene of with some sex fondling, and a good bit of fingering!! When the guy enters the scene it's mostly blowjobs with a bit of the usual missionary, doggystyle, and cowgirls sex. There is a good bit of pussy to mouth action thrown in there as well. Gabi ends up recieving the guy's load in the end, then spitting it into Patrisha's mouth. Patrisha swallowed it with no problem, and the two girls shared a kiss at the end. It was pleasant watching them, after all they were two very attractive ladies with some mad skills!!

Scene 6:  Stephanie Sierra & Jessica Girl

I have to say these two ladies are oddly dressed! For the most part they are wearing yellow outfits, but their painties and other articles of clothing clash. Stephanie is a strawberry blonde, and Jessica is a redhead. I didn't mention this before but a lot of the scenes seem to take place at the same location. Like this scene that takes place at an indoor mini pool. The two ladies don't really get that physically involved at the beginning of the scene. It's sort of a pool side striptease. After they got stripped bare, and are both facing in the doggystyle position towards the pool, the guy joins in. There is some doggystyle, and cowgirl sex, but that's pretty much the extent of it. The two ladies also do some deepthroat, and shared cocklicking as well. The lucky lady to recieve the load in the end was Stephanie, and the one to share it was Jessica. I'd say it was a good scene, but nothing extra special.

Extras:  The extras include a 'Photo Gallery' which is a slideshow of pictures from the scenes on this DVD ... 'Cumshot Recap' which gives you the option to skip directly to the ending cumshot of each scene ... 'Trailers' which contains 5 video previews of other DVDs available by Evil Angel ... and 'Websites' which shows the link to 6  adult websites.

Final Thoughts:  As some of you who have read my reviews may know, I'm really into girls who enjoy cum. My experience with viewing the varying 'straight' cum fetishes has left me intrigued if you will. I've seen anything from swallowing all the way to Bukkake, and Gokkun. Sperm swapping (or Snowballing) is one of the first fetishes that caught my attention to the whole sperm consuming genre. This DVD actually seemed a bit dull to me, and didn't quite hold the excitement I thought I'd get by watching it. That being said, it is not really bad either. It held true to the sperm swapping fetish, and the girls for the most part were enjoyable to watch. I mean, c'mon! Who doesn't want to see two girls sharing their load ... The video, and audio quality were both excellent, and I would expect no less from an Evil Angel production. The extras I thought were a bit lacking, just the basics you see in most adult DVDs. I can definitely recommend this DVD, though!!!

Final Rating: Recommended!!

"I'm the man who coined the phrase "Same Sex Different Dame". If you're gonna produce porn PLEASE go all out, and don't fall victim to retro ruination. Innovation is king!"

- Vincent Pierce 2014 A.D.

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