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Fresh Outta High School 8

Studio: Digital Sin » Review by Dr. Jay » Review Date: 7/23/10

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Genre: All sex.
Director: Greg Lansky
Cast:Alex Gonz, Courtney James, Evelyn Lin, John Strong, Mark Ashley, Mark Wood,  Sabrina Starr, Steve Holmes, Tia Thomas, Tori Black. 
Must-See Girls in Cast: Tori Black.
Length: Length
Condoms: None.
Bonus: Two bonus points: one for condom free sex and the second for Dr. Jay's 2009 Must See Girl Tori Black.


As its name implies, Fresh Outta High School 8 is a schoolgirl-themed movie. The girls all wear schoolgirl outfits, which they keep partially on during sex. In addition, the movie features schoolgirl-themed scene setups and white virginal panties.

What's not so clear, however, is why the girls wear schoolgirl outfits. After all, if they're "out" of high school, why do they wear uniforms? Of course, none of that matters because the "young woman" theme comes through loud and clear...and very effectively!

Frankly, I'm surprised I liked Fresh Outta High School 8 so much. I expected the typical "young woman" movie...inexperienced females having mediocre sex captured in poor lighting by incompetent videographers. However, NONE of that describes director Greg Lansky's work in Fresh Outta High School 8. Yes, the women are young. But, they sure as hell know how to fuck--and fuck for the camera, too. Perhaps its because each young woman is fucked by a very experienced stud (you gotta love how Steve Holmes treats and pleases Tia Thomas!). I simply must single-out Tori Black and Tia Thomas. They are both spectacular fucks...and they look damned good, too. Although I don't think that Courtney James' scene in Fresh Outta High School 8 is the best of her career, I must admit that I find her so attractive and adorable. I interviewed her in person at the 2008 Adult Entertainment Expo and found her to be delightful. If you haven't seen her, check out some of her scenes. By the way, check out Don Houston's praise of Courtney in his review of Barely Legal 80 here.

In addition to very good sex, Fresh Outta High School 8 boasts very entertaining scene set-ups that demonstrate director Greg Lansky's creativity. In addition, with the minor exception of a couple of bumpy camera moves and a few instances in which reflections of the crew can be seen in shiny objects on the set, the video is really quite good. Nice lighting, nice color balance, sharp widescreen video, and effective camera angles all describe Fresh Outta High School 8.

I am also pleased to note that director Greg Lansky did quite a nice job with Fresh Outta High School 8's production values. Nice locations were effectively used (very little "couch sex"), the makeup and wardrobe are very nice, and the scene setups are not only nicely themed but well acted/performed. The only thing that's really missing is music.

Bottom line, Fresh Outta High School 8 is a damned good look at five cute young women.

Check out some photos of the girls in Fresh Outta High School 8 here. Pay particular attention to the photos of sweet-looking--yet not so innocent--Courtney James and scorchingly-hot Torri Black! Enjoy!


Note to readers: My reviews are provided in two parts. This webpage provides you with an overview of the scene's setup and action as well as my ratings for sex, video, audio, and production values. A separate Word document checklist details the foreplay activities, positions, pops, and features of each scene...as well as the calculation of each scene's ratings. The checklist for Fresh Outta High School 8 can be downloaded here. You'll need a password. It's drjay2008.

Look for scenes and movies with a 4.5 or higher (A) sex rating and at least 4.0 (B) in video, audio, and production values. Those are my favorite scenes and I'm quite certain that you'll like them, too.

Scene 1

Scene Type: Boy/girl
Performers: Tori Black, John Strong

Overview: Cute-as-a-button Tori Black, dressed in a short yet proper schoolgirl outfit, approaches her friend Sara's palatial home. Finding the door open, she walks right in and calls out for her friend. Unable to find her, Tori boldly approaches the bar and pours herself some vodka. Just as she starts to drink, her girlfriend's dad (John Strong) walks in. Of course, he's livid. Tori tries to explain her way out of the fix she's in...to no avail, of course. Desperate to avoid being punished by her parents, Tori begs John: "Why don't you punish me?" When John balks, Tori brazenly bends over the bar, hikes up her skirt, and shows John her round and plump ass. All thoughts of propriety immediately escape John's brain as Tori's lovely spread-wide ass-cheeks dazzle him. John begins by repeatedly spanking her shapely butt cheeks as she confesses that she's a "bad girl" and groans happily. Once he's satisfied that Tori's butt has been spanked enough, he spins her around and greedily kisses her wide-open mouth. Soon, Tori drops to her knees, unzips John's pants, and gives him an increasingly-intense blowjob while he tugs on her long flowing brunette hair. Meanwhile, she jacks her own clit. Even though John loves having his cock sucked, he wants young sweet pussy more. So, he lifts her up, sets her on a bar stool, removes her panties, spreads her legs, and enjoys an ample helping of Tori's tasty girl juices while she squeals with delight. John tongues her clit with rapid-fire motions and tongue-fucks her pussy too. Tori loves it and encourages him with streams of VERY motivating words and sounds. Tori's vagina is soon soaked and ready to fuck. So, John strips off his clothes, stands, slips his cock into her slippery hole, and fucks her hard and deep in missionary. Tori is EXTREMELY expressive as she demonstrates her pleasure with naughty words and ecstatic sounds. And, she increases her own pleasure by jacking her clit and by passionately kissing John's mouth. After they take a break for very slobbery pussy-to-mouth (John tugs on her hair to control her as she gobbles his rod), Tori bends over in doggie and presents her pussy to John so he can lick--and then fuck--it while standing behind her. During doggie, John repeatedly spanks "bad-girl" Tori's ass and bends over to suck on her tongue. And, Tori continues to inflame John--and us--with naughty language and demonstrative groans that culminate in a volcanic orgasm that makes her whole body quake. Afterward, John lies on the floor, Tori mounts him in reverse, and then John gleefully pounds her bald and soaking-wet pussy using redline-speed strokes. Soon, she responds by fucking him back...matching his strokes with her own powerful thrusts. Of course, Tori cums hard and often! Damn, I LOVE to see Tori cum because she's INCREDIBLY demonstrative! After another bout of all-the-way-down deep-throat pussy-to-mouth, Tori kneels on the floor and, while straddling her ass, John slips his cock back inside her pussy and reams her powerfully while she begs him to "punish me...I'm a bad girl!" Later, after again sucking her juices off of John's cock, Tori straddles him in cowgirl, while he sits on an elegant chair, and rides him like a champion while he contentedly lies back and enjoys the ride. As the scene unfolds, John lifts Tori and sets her on an armchair so that he can gobble her pussy juices while she fucks his face and cums again. Then, he rolls her over and fucks her again in kneeling doggie. Meanwhile, he takes lots of opportunities to spank her fine ass cheeks and gape her pussy (great close and long camera shots). To finish up the scene, John and Tori move back into missionary. John pounds her so fucking hard that she cums yet again! Then, after she begs him to "cum in my mouth," he pulls out and does the lady's bidding. In fact, he pumps his entire load directly into Tori's accommodating mouth and then she swallows every last drop. Damn, this is a GREAT scene and Tori is an OUTSTANDING new performer. Kudos!

Sex rating: 5.00
Video rating: 5.00
Audio rating: 4.00
Production values rating: 4.00

Scene 2

Scene Type: Boy/girl
Performers: Tia Thomas, Steve Holmes

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Overview: Cute--and very prim-looking--Tia meets Steve Holmes in the kitchen of his home to interview for a nanny/babysitter position. Steve is impressed with Tia's references and they soon come to agreement on the terms of her employment...including the availability of an extra bedroom in the house that she can use when necessary. Steve explains that he simply must trust his employees and that he expects his employees to trust him. "Would you prove that you trust me? I want you to open your shirt!" Prim and proper Tia balks. So, Steve takes matters into his own hands when he unbuttons her blouse to reveal her pretty chest and pushes the envelope even further when he bends down and kisses her quickly compliant mouth. Tia's inhibitions immediately disappear and are replaced by raw lust as Steve slips her breasts out of her bra and caresses her flesh. Soon, Tia pants, "I'm game." Given permission to proceed, Steve tenderly suckles her beautiful breasts until her nipples become perky and hard. And, he hikes up her schoolgirl skirt and squeezes her ripe butt cheeks, too. As foreplay progresses, Steve bends Tia over the kitchen counter, tugs down her white virginal panties, kisses and squeezes her gorgeous ass cheeks, and then rims her asshole as she uses her hands to spread her cheeks wide. "It feels good," she purrs. In due course, Steve slips his mammoth cock out of his pants and Tia immediately drops to her knees to give him a tender blowjob replete with deep-throat. She also gobbles his balls. After a bit more tit suckling, Steve lifts Tia onto the kitchen counter and, as she straddles the edge, he slides his cock into her tight pussy and fucks her slow and deep while kissing her open mouth, jacking her clit with his fingers, and squeezing her nipples. Believe me, Tia goes straight to heaven and her delightful pants prove her pleasure. Later, Tia, to repay Steve for his tongue's magic touch, bends HIM over the kitchen counter and RIMS HIS asshole! Way to go, Tia! Then, they resume vaginal sex...this time in standing doggie. As Tia's groans intensify, Steve pounds her harder and deeper, kisses her open mouth, fingers her clit, and spanks her pretty ass cheeks while she talks nasty and helpfully spreads her butt cheeks open for him with her hand. Steve brings Tia to the brink of orgasm several times...and then slows down so that her subsequent climax will be very intense. Later, during a very pleasurable break from the in-and-out action, Steve has her sit on the edge of the countertop and spread her legs super wide. Then, using an extremely effective finger- and tongue-techniques, Steve manually stimulates her sensitive clit and swollen labia. After again bringing Tia nearly to an orgasm, they transition to reverse cowgirl. Steve lays on the floor and Tia pounds him energetically as he returns her strokes with his own. To make her cum, Steve then reaches around and frantically jacks her clit as her entire body trembles with pleasure. Immediately afterward, she stands up and greedily sucks her cum off of Steve's lucky dick--she even deep-throats it! During this hot blowjob, Steve reaches down, shoves his fingers into Tia's cunt, and fucks her through another orgasm: "That feels SO good!" Meanwhile, she grabs his dick and strokes it skillfully. Returning to vaginal sex, Steve bends Tia over the counter and again reams her cunt in standing doggie while shoving a finger up her asshole to, in effect, double-penetrate her. Then, she gives her his ass-covered finger to smell and suck clean! During this segment, they take a short break for pussy-to-mouth, French kissing, and him-on-her rimming. Then, Steve again fucks her pussy and spanks her ass in doggie. Meanwhile, he kisses her mouth, gently chokes her throat, and gapes her pussy. To finish up, Tia drops to her knees and voraciously sucks Steve's rod and gobbles his balls until he's ready to pop. Then, he takes over and jacks himself off until he explodes directly into Tia's wide-open mouth. As she sucks him dry, some of Steve's semen oozes out of Tia's mouth. But, she swallows the rest. This is another excellent scene that features lots of explosive boy/girl chemistry and lots of orgasms!

Sex rating: 5.00
Video rating: 4.00
Audio rating: 4.00
Production values rating: 4.00

Scene 3

Scene Type: Boy/girl
Performers: Sabrina Starr, Mark Ashley 

Overview: When Scene 3 fades in, Sabrina is carrying on a heated telephone conversation with her dad. You see, Sabrina wants to go to the mall, but dad wants her to stay home and study for exams. Of course, as is generally the case in these situations, dad wins. Just as Sabrina is becoming resigned to staying home, the doorbell rings and she finds herself face-to-face with Mark Ashley, the cable guy. Sabrina gives Mark permission to enter and he starts doing his thing with the cable box while chatting with Sabrina. Sabrina unloads her frustrations with her dad and confesses that she wants to do something to get back at him. So, Sabrina boldly grabs a handful of Mark's jeans-clad ass and declares, "I want to do something mischievous!" Mark tries to behave himself...after all, company policy prohibits what Sabrina has in mind. His protests make absolutely no impact on Sabrina, who responds by stroking Mark's jeans-clad cock, by leading him to a comfy couch, by stripping off his coveralls and underwear, by licking and biting his flesh, and, of course, by ravenously gobbling and deep-throating his huge penis: "Your cock tastes SO good!" As Sabrina spits on his rod, strokes it with her hands, licks it with her pierced tongue, and swallows it down, Mark pulls on Sabrina's long and flowing brunette hair. Later, at Mark's request, sweet Sabrina sits back on the couch, spreads her legs wide to reveal her soaking-wet virginal-white panties, and briefly strokes her pussy. Inflamed with lust, Mark immediately kneels between her legs, pulls aside her panties, and eagerly goes down on her tasty spread-wide twat and rims her asshole while she squeals with delight, pulls his hair, and talks naughty. Sabrina's pussy, which was wet even before Mark started to eat her, is soon saturated. Mark quickly takes advantage of Sabrina's readiness and plunges his titanium-hard cock into her pussy and fucks her fast and deep in missionary. During mish, Mark takes a short break to four-finger-fuck Sabrina through an awesome orgasm. Then, he slips back inside and fucks her dripping and bright red pussy at redline speed as wave after wave of pleasure course through Sabrina's body. Meanwhile, Sabrina jacks and slaps her very sensitive clit. Vaginal sex continues as Sabrina lies on her side (Mark sucks her cum out of her cunt and massages her G-Spot until she climaxes again). Then, he rolls Sabrina over into missionary, slaps her butt cheeks and rims her asshole (Yeah, eat that ass!"), and then reams her bald vagina from behind as she screams in ecstasy (nice gaping pussy shots). In due course, Sabrina again becomes so inflamed that she tosses her body back and forth to match Mark's deep strokes. Mark makes Sabrina cum repeatedly in doggie and then she ravenously sucks her girl-juice off of his rod. Once his rod is squeaky-clean, Sabrina mounts him in cowgirl and lies on his belly as he pounds her hard and fast. Then, as her red-from-spanking ass fills the screen, Sabrina shows off her sexy fucking and grinding moves while Mark enjoys the ride (her cunt soaks his cock with juice). Of course, Mark often takes over and thrusts wildly--in fact, he comes damned close to popping more than once! When he does reach the point of no return, Mark pulls out of Sabrina's pussy, quickly stands, and then blasts Sabrina's face and chin with his semen while she kneads his balls, giggles, eyes him triumphantly, and milks his rod dry with her hand. This is another very good scene...although not quite as orgasmic as Scenes One and Two. 

Sex rating: 4.85
Video rating: 4.50
Audio rating: 4.00
Production values rating: 3.80

Scene 4

Scene Type: Boy/girl
Performers: Courtney James, Mark Wood

Overview: Mark Wood plays a college admissions counselor who meets with gorgeous Courtney James in her home. Mark explains that there are some issues, unfortunately, with Courtney's acceptance. Then, he logs on to a website with his laptop and shows her some "unacceptable" photos of herself: "I don't know if we can condone that kind of behavior at our university." Courtney immediately defends herself, "Have you ever had your dick sucked by an 18-year-old?" "This isn't helping your case," Mark retorts. As Courtney eyes the bulge in Mark's pants, she exclaims, "I think I can see otherwise!" Mark, of course, briefly wrestles with his conscience. However, Courtney's boldness soon triumphs when she leads him away from the dining-room table and into a living room (the same set used in Scene Three), seats him on a couch, opens his pants, licks the tip of his swollen rod, and then gives him a memorable blowjob. At once both teasing and sweet, Courtney's superb--and quite slobbery--fellatio skills soon make Mark groan ecstatically. She also French kisses his mouth while using her hands to stroke his cock. Mark likes the blowjob so much that he's soon on his feet so that he can thrust his penis in-and-out of her accommodating mouth. Meanwhile, Courtney's drool flows of out of her mouth as she blows Mark. And, she expertly uses her saliva to make sexy stringers from her mouth to his tip. As soon as Courtney is sure that Mark's ready to rock, she stands, strips off her white thong (she leaves on the rest of her schoolgirl uniform), mounts Mark in cowgirl, hikes up her skirt, and then fucks him furiously with powerful strokes as he lies back and enjoys the ride. Courtney is a champion in cowgirl...and makes both herself and Mark feel "so good!" And, she knows how to inflame Mark's--and our--lust with her sounds and words. In fact, Mark gets so aroused that he powerfully spanks Courtney's ripe ass cheeks. After an abrupt edit, Courtney rides Mark in reverse. Again, she takes the dominant role and fucks the shit out of Mark by feverishly tossing her hot body up and down while jacking her own clit. Of course, Mark isn't content to be docile...sometimes he, too, thrusts in-and-out of Courtney as the two match their strokes flawlessly. After a sweet respite, during which Mark eats Courtney's bright-red and oh-so-happy pussy and rims her asshole, sweat-soaked Mark furiously fucks Courtney's pussy in piledriver: "God, it's SO good!" In due course, Mark's mouth again gravitates to Courtney's sweet and drenched pussy. "Tell me how good it tastes," she begs. "Oh my God, that's nice!" he replies. Afterward, Mark again fucks Courtney in piledriver and then feeds her his girl-juice-covered dick. Then, she opens her schoolgirl blouse and chaste white bra so that he can greedily suck on her pert and erect nipples while she coos with delight. Later, as the scene unfolds, Mark reams Courtney's pussy in kneeling doggie (she uses her hands to spread her ass cheeks wide for him and inflames his lust with her words) until he's ready to pop. Courtney's ready and exclaims, "I wanna taste it!" So, as she sits expectantly on the couch with her pretty mouth wide open, Mark jacks himself until he coats her face and fills her mouth with semen. She sucks him dry, shows him--and us--her cum-filled mouth, and then she swallows. It looks like Courtney just got herself into college! This is a good solid scene that, unfortunately, doesn't result in an orgasm for sweet Courtney. 

Sex rating: 3.95
Video rating: 3.50
Audio rating: 3.50
Production values rating: 3.80

Scene 5

Scene Type: Boy/girl
Performers: Evelyn Lin, Alex Gonz

Overview: Dressed in a prim gray school-girl outfit, cute Asian Evelyn Lin sits at her grand piano taking lessons from Alex Gonz. Evelyn is soon forced to admit that she hasn't been practicing and that she doesn't like to practice or play: "It's not my thing." Unfortunately, Alex has a meeting with her parents coming up and is going to have to tell them the truth about Evelyn's lack of progress. Evelyn, of course, doesn't want her parents to know that she's been slacking off...and that requires Alex to lie to her parents. At first, Alex is unwilling to sully his reputation by lying. However, Evelyn's wayward hand soon convinces him otherwise when it grasps and strokes his bulging cock through his suit pants. "That feels good," she coos as she feels him harden. "At least let me suck your dick," she begs. Alex, as you might expect, soon capitulates and lets Evelyn open his zipper, tug down his pants, pull out his dick, and suck him to full mast. Alex doesn't stay reluctant for long and is soon fucking Evelyn's capacious mouth as he tugs on her long black hair (nice POV footage). During fellatio, Evelyn also strokes his rod and licks and suckles his balls. And, she takes almost his entire rod down her throat (very slobbery deep-throating) while sticking out her tongue under his shaft. Meanwhile, Alex opens Evelyn's blouse, wiggles his hand inside her bra, and squeezes her breasts. After a brief respite for open-mouthed kissing, Alex seats Evelyn on the piano bench, opens her legs wide, kisses and licks her white-panty-clad pussy, pulls aside the fabric, and then tongue- and finger-fucks her beautiful pussy. He also rapid-fire-licks her clit while she spreads her labia wide and talks naughty. Of course, Evelyn pants and groans with delight as her pleasure builds. After another sweet kiss, Alex sits on the instructor's chair next to the piano and enjoys guiding his cock into Evelyn's pussy as she mounts him in reverse. Once he's inside her, Evelyn starts to thrust up and down--tentative at first, but with increasing fervor as her vagina accommodates more and more of his penis. Soon, Alex and Evelyn and fucking each other in perfect harmony as they feed off of each others' pleasure. Meanwhile, horny Evelyn jacks her own clit and squeezes her nipples to increase her excitement. After Alex and Evelyn take a break to lick/suck each other's genitals clean, Evelyn again straddles Alex--this time in cowgirl--and fucks him happily as he sits in his instructor's chair and spanks her pretty butt. In due course, inflamed Alex stands and tosses Evelyn's body up and down to fuck her in standing cowgirl (God, I love standing sex!) while she screams and squeals with delight. As the scene continues to unfold, Evelyn and Alex fuck each other again in reverse (he reclines on the floor and pounds her with redline-speed strokes while she lies back on his chest). Meanwhile, he squeezes her darling small and natural tits, gapes her pussy for us, and slaps her clit with his dick. Later, Alex bends Evelyn over the piano into standing doggie, licks her pussy, rims her asshole, and bites, squeezes, and spanks her butt cheeks. Then, of course, he slides his dick back into her vagina and reams her deep while caressing her face and flesh with his hands and pulling her long flowing hair. Evelyn screams with delight and encourages Alex with her words, too, while her pretty boobies dance joyfully. "Are you gonna cum for me," Evelyn begs. "Come in my mouth!" To prepare herself, Evelyn drops to her knees, tilts her head back, opens her mouth, and sticks out her tongue. Meanwhile, Alex jacks his cock until he deposits every last drop into her inviting mouth. Evelyn quickly shows us her creamy mouth and then triumphantly swallows his load. "I've gotta tell your father you did great!" exclaims Alex. Touché! This scene, like Scene 4, is solid but lacks a female orgasm.

Sex rating: 4.00
Video rating: 3.50
Audio rating: 4.00
Production values rating: 4.00 


Extras: In addition to full-motion chapter selectors, multiple chapters per scene, interactive menus, and all the other common stuff you expect to find on an adult DVD, Fresh Outta High School 8 contains a self-running slide show (about three minutes long); a fetish menu called Pick your Pleasure that lets you jump to tease, blowjob, missionary, doggie, cowgirl, and popshots; trailers for Fresh Outta High School 7 and I Love Big Toys 10; a website promo; and company info. Of more value, however, are a 35-minute schoolgirl themed bonus scene from Fresh Outta High School 7 and a 37-minute behind-the-scenes featurette. The BTS includes very informative impromptu interviews with the girls; footage of Steve Holmes "warming up" Tia Thomas' pussy with his tongue and cock; and footage of Sabrina Starr "winking" her pussy and clenching her ass cheeks individually. Overall, I really enjoyed this BTS feature! Given the entertainment-value of both the BTS and the bonus scene, this selection of Extras ranks above average. Four stars.

Final Thoughts


Average sex rating: 4.56
Average video rating: 4.10
Average audio rating: 3.90
Average production values rating: 3.92
Extras rating: 4.00
Bonus point(s): 2.00
Overall rating: 4.48

X Critic Pick (4.5+ sex; 4.0+ production values; 4.5+ overall)
Highly Recommended (4.5+ sex; 4.0+ overall)
Recommended (4.0+ sex; 4.0+ overall)
Rent It (<4.00 sex; <4.00 overall)
Skip It (<3.50 sex; <4.00 overall)

Dr. Jay

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