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1 On 1 #5

Studio: Diabolic » Review by Crazy Slutty » Review Date: 6/30/10

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

1 ON 1 #5

Carmen McCarthy

So she starts by stripping outside Costco or something. No, it's an office building.

Or maybe there's nothing quite like putting on a show outside the local Target?

And then she's suddenly back inside and dressed again. Sure, why not.

The music is hideous and then she drools on her boobs before rubbing some drool on her pussy.

I imagine lots of folks out there would like to do that for her, AMIRITE?

And then there is a random naked man there to shove his dick in her face. Very well, I accept.

She has a tongue piercing and one of those face piercings that I can't remember what they're called.

Anyway, she does a drooly blow job and there isn't much deepthroating. The guy eats her out for a little bit and then fucks her on a beige couch thing.

Her not so great cocksucking continues, and her noises are a little weird. She also seems totally proud of herself for licking a cock that was just in her pussy.

Not that edgy, Carmen.

And then we have more of the same. He cums on her boobs and then she fake licks it up and spits out the two drops that actually make it to her tongue. Boooooo.

Courtney Cummz

Courtney crawls over to us and is suddenly naked. She has a really super weird manicure, by the way. Carmen at least had a French manicure, and what Courtney has is just... well, something from the '80s. It's like these weird pink and white tips with racing stripes.

Courtney's nails can next be seen in the Daytona 500 moving much faster than you.

So she starts pleasuring herself and stuffing four fingers into her pussy, which is OK. This does not last long, though, and a man randomly shows up. She immediately starts undressing him and sucking his cock. She does some very nice deepthroating, too. I approve!

Courtney is also very enthusiastic, and seems to be having fun and happy to be fucking and making porn! NOW THAT'S WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT.

She kicks off her shoes, plants a heel into the guy's chest, and then forces her toes into his mouth. Foot fetish guys, you are going to love that moment. And for the non-foot-fetish crowd, it doesn't last too long and they get to some very enthusiastic fucking.

I don't much care for foot stuff, but I DO much care for Courtney!

I haven't mentioned that Courtney has giant, gorgeous tits. I have been remiss. They look fan-fucking-tastic when she's on her back. Just sayin'.

-- sponsored by --

I've never wanted to actually BE a cock before, but there's a first time for everything!

More deepthroating, and then they jump right into anal. No, seriously, they just cut right to it. She's quite acrobatic with it, too. He does a fine job fucking her ass, seriously. This scene is quite excellent.

She also goes ass to mouth, but then they end up cutting to her jacking him off. She sucks the cum out of his dick but it's pretty weak.

Other than the cum shot, thumbs up. Courtney's personality and enjoyment completely shine through, and she puts most other porn stars to shame in that regard. I think I'm a little bit in love with her now.

And her amazingly awesome tits don't hurt, either.

Jayden James

Jayden has giant boobs and giant nipples. Let's see what else she's got.

It's not the size, honey, it's how you use 'em.

She kind of strips and a guy comes in and starts rubbing and licking her. We get doggie style from behind right off the bat, without any oral. Unfortunately, it looks like he can barely get in there because she's really not wet. It gets better though.

Jayden does get to do some oral. She's definitely trying and gets pretty far down there. Points for effort.

They go back and forth with some more sex and more blowjobs. The sex is a little boring but she seems somewhat enthusiastic about it all.

Watery cumshot over her face, and we're done.

How the fuck is that an acceptable cumshot? ugh!

Natalia Rossi

Natalia is masturbating on the couch. She is not so nicely shaved and she is wearing some of the cheapest, crappiest lingerie I've ever seen.

I like the Victoria's Secret discount bin too,
but most of that stuff is on clearance for a reason.

Then the guy pops his cock out, and it's semi-floppy. So I can't count Natalia's deepthroating here, because he's not all hard yet. And predictably, once he does get hard, she only gets about halfway. She's still putting forth effort though and doesn't come across as cheating. The guy forces her head down a bit, which is nice.

Some regular sex and some doggie style sex, and it's OK. He fucks her pretty well, and she doesn't make too many goofy faces. He cums on her pussy and she rubs it around a little bit. Natalia rubs her fingers in it and puts them in her mouth, but that's the extent of the cum eating. And extreeeeeeme close up.


Gioia Biel

Gioia has kind of an odd face, ugly underwear, and a soul patch on her pussy. She also has some big dangly pussy lips.

She does a little cocksucking with very little effort, but then the guy takes control and shoves her face down on his cock. I like that. Suddenly she's doing better. Expectations and all that... hmm. :)

You can't tell, but he's got a fistful of her hair and shoved her down there
after some initially poor cocksucking. I cheered! :D

The dude starts licking her pussy and then... starts sucking on and pulling her pussy lips out while he fingers her ass. That was... a little weird. She does go ass to mouth on his fingers though. Some doggie style anal, and her pussy lips are like a floppy curtain. So if you don't like that sort of thing, don't watch this one.

Well that's, uh... interesting.

She does some enthusiastic ass to mouth, which is quite good. She then actually licks up the cum, but again, the camera zooms in way too close on her face.

EVERY scene ends this way.
Why would you do that?!

Special Features

Chapter selection
Pop shots (not in the same order as the movie)
Behind the scenes (random video of photo shoots, the girls getting ready, outtakes, etc). There's also a hilarious outtake where Courtney is actually having an orgasm and yells at the guy when he stops fucking her and hits him, and then he forces his cock back down her throat. Awesome.

There are some other outtakes but hers is the best, kind of like the actual sex scenes in the movie.


The hits: Mostly good sex, and Courtney is absolutely wonderful, charming, hilarious, sexy and everything a porn star should be. The other girls should take lessons.

The misses: Well, the other girls should take lessons from Courtney. The super-OHMYGODIT'SCOMINGRIGHTFORME-closeup pans at the end of every scene and weak cumshots. Also Gioia's huge dangly pussy lips might be a turn-off to some.

Final grade: B

I'm going to call this one decent couples porn. There's some good blowjob action, enthusiastic sex, and some light dom/sub moments.

Courtney Cummz is worth the price of admission alone, though. I think I'm a fan. :)

And Courtney totally deserves this:

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