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Diabolic Young Amateurs

Studio: Diabolic » Review by Bill The Hobbyist » Review Date: 7/2/10

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Diabolic Young Amateurs by Diabolic

Running Time: 2:19

Condoms: None

Genre: Teen, All Sex, Newcomers

Director: Mick Blue

Release Date: March 30, 2010

Cast: Adelyn Ames, Amy Anderson, Eve Evans, Lexi Brooks & Roxy Rox

The Movie

Diabolic brings us another movie that introduces some industry newcomers. A few in this movie you will love and some you might wish they used someone else. Either way you will get a first had look at some girls who are shooting in some cases their very first scene ever.

Scene 1 - Adelyn Ames

Adelyn's scene starts off pool side where a guy comes over and introduces himself and a friend who sits next to her. They are asked if they would have sex on camera and he would pay them both for doing it. Both easily agree and the fun begins with lots of making out and groping each other. Adelyn brings a great first scene that will have you screaming for more. She is a very pretty girl, with a smile and eyes that melted me right down from the start. She has a cute, sweet, body, one you just want to umm, you know. She has on a pair of black panties one would love to get their hands on, worn of course, I know I would. On screen she looks to have very soft skin (I think I should rub her down, just to verify it though). Adelyn has perfect size 34B breast with nice round nipples that look so suckulant. I personally would love to suck on them, but even better they look like boobies that would make a fantastic titty fuck that I wouldn't hesitate to do (dreaming). Her butt is just perfect for cowgirl riding as you watch it slap against her partner. At last but not least a unbeliveble pretty pussy that hell if I had the chance would go down on her and not come up for air for at least a few weeks.

When she sucks cock lots of great teasing and with the look on her face, those eyes and smile, you know she is loving every second of it. Doggie is the first position we see her in. I would say Adelyn is very tight just watching how slow it took to get in, by the expression on her face and the sweet sounds she made. Once inside watching her ass smack against her partner and and her perky breast hanging so sweet, makes you wanna jump right in. Cowgirl, she takes charge and you get a great look at her ass spread wide open and a sweet asshole that just has to be great to stick your tongue into. Hell is was so inviting, I even tried, but couldn't get my tongue through the screen, didn't work, damn it! Reverse cowgirl she stumbled a bit, but still came through well. Adelyn takes a facial with excitement, a smile and finishes with her tongue grabbing the last dippings and licking her fingers clean. Take all of this and add her moans of pleasure, heavy breathing and great smile, you have a fantastic newcomer fuck scene. Can't wait to see more. Adelyn is another real keeper.

Positions: Oral, Doggie, Cowgirl, Missionary, Reverse Cowgirl, Facial

Scene 2 - Amy Anderson

Amy Anderson's begins where she is riding with her boyfriend to collect some money. As we watch the scene unfold we see this shy, sweet young girl with one of the sweetest smiles. Of course the guy they were looking for wasn't home, but his friend offered to pay them the amount if he could tape them having sex. Her boyfriend was OK, let's do it, but you see this innocent, shy hesattion from Amy. During the entire scene she plays out little miss innocent so well and has the perfect facial features, smile, innocent eyes, cute short hair and hot little body that fits it perfect. She has great little boobies with nice erect nipples, a very cute booty, a very lovely pussy and super tan lines. Take this knockout little lady in a nice natural sex scene in her shy little way and you think of that cute girl next door and get an instant boner. They first start with her riding cowgirl and you see her booty bounce very nice and slap against her boyfriend. All of her fucking shots were more of a slow sensual fuck that worked very well in this particular scene and had me grabbing the lube and slowly stroking along. Amy has fantastic sensual lips, the ones you would love to have wrapped around your dick (I know I would). When she sucks cock she does it ever so slowly and gives nice licking to go along with it. As she continued to fuck in doggie and cowgirl with that slow hot fuck. At times you could see in her facial expression that a cock this size was a bit tight for her and she was having some enjoyable pain. As she went to take the pop shot, she was oh so ready with her sweet mouth wide open, but her boyfriend missed the mark completely (I got a good aim). This is one of the two strong scenes on the DVD. I look forward to more scenes from this sweet oh so innocent girl. A great newbie to the business.

On another note one thing was rather disappointing and it is no fault of the actors. This particluar scene was mostly shot at a distance with very few good close ups. Watching it, at times felt like I was standing at a window looking it. Some more close up of Amy Anderson would have been oh so nice.

Positions: Cowgirl, Missionary, Oral, Doggie, Reverse Cowgirl, Almost A Facial

Scene 3 - Roxy Rox

Here we have a young couple playing tennis and arguing. Our buddy from all the scenes comes over and talks with them and gets them to come to his room so he can put them on his camera having sex. Once in the room, he actually begins by interviewing them. Not only was this interview drug out entirely to long, but some of the answers were more of a turn off, than turn on. One example is, when talking about masturbation Roxy snaps up and says very boldly, "NO I DON'T MASTERBATE", umm OK. Roxy, gives a C- strip scene, not much of a response from her when fucking and allot of just laying there. I didn't really catch anywhere that she put and effort in it at all. From the looks on her face at times, one would very easily get the impression that she would have rather been somewhere else. Roxy, gives average head with no enthusiasm and most of us would go soft if this is the way she has sex with any of us. Roxy does have nice rounded breast and there were some very good close ups of her round ass and hole. When it came time for her to take her partners load, well the best way I can describe it was, like miss prissy, letting him cum on her tits and by her position wanted it no place else. It's a shame this scene was so weak, cause she is a hottie that would be great to watch really getting it on. This was certainly not a nut buster scene, hell not only did this scene not bust my nut, heck I did even open the lube.

Positions: Oral, Missionary, Cowgirl, Doggie, Spooning

Scene 4 - Lexi Brooks

Here is a couple on vacation at the docks and approached by our friend from all the other scenes for them to do the nasty on camera for him. We find out they are only friends and have never had sex together but always wanted to. This entire scene from non sex to sex was just entirely to fake. First they role play as friends and just too quick to agree to jump in and do it without hesitation at all. She give a fairly decent lap dance, but the fuck scene did nothing for me. Her sounds, her face and her actions reminded me of some of the real low budget porn movies with terrible girls in from the 60's. If I wasn't reviewing this DVD, I certainly would have hit the good old fast forward button for sure. Let's be real, we know most movies are adult entertainment and many are fake fucks, but that isn't what we want in our minds. You can easily fake fucking without it looking fake. Lexi does have some nice small pointy hard nipples and you get some great close up shots of them in the scene. She deeps throats well and I will give credit where due and that is her reverse cowgirl did seem a bit more real than all the other positions. She takes a pop shot on her stomach and sucks the guy dry, but even with those few things, they was no hand action going on from me while watching it at all. Somebody hit the fast forward please!

Positions: Oral, Missionary, Doggie, Cowgirl, Reverse Cowgirl

Scene 5 - Eve Evans

Eve' scene plays in where they are staying in a room at some house. They come back to the place arguing, because her boyfriend didn't like the way she dressed in public, which he thought was like a slut. In the beginning she played out this role so well. Now of course, there is a guy sitting down stairs who once again asks if the would like make some money if he could shoot them with his camera while they have sex. Of course they agree and head up stairs where Eve begins with a little dancing for the camera. Eve brings some great physical assets to the screen. Super nice breast with big round nipples, very sexy dark meaty pussy lips that are pierced, a hole that stays open when the guy pulls out and a great ass. Even with those great quality's, the scene once the sex started was a let down. When you see this great opening with her and that slutty bitch she played so well in the beginning. You would expect that same girl to follow this all through in the sex scene. But it didn't just happen. It just wasn't that I'm going to fuck the shit out of you performance you would have thought of from the way it all began. The sex was more like some everyday basic sex that didn't even have a good flow to it. Several times she just laid there in total boredom. There were more whimpers than hot sex screams, sounds and words. The scene wasn't working for me really at all and really lost it when in the middle of the sex scene she decided to take off her socks and shoes, in a way, like hang on let me get these off. On top of it it took awhile for her to do. Eve does suck cock nicely with spitting to keep it wet, plays with her pussy lips well and watching that hole stay open is hot to see. But, that is about all it brings. The pop shot even sucked in this scene and her face showed mixed of wanting it or not wanting it and giving that oh, side cheek turn. She did recover from it some as she does lick a little off him when done. When a role starts off in one aspect and especially if you get excited to see the sex part in that role and it does almost a 360, well so do I from hard to limp in a New York minute.

Positions: Oral, Doggie, Missionary, Cowgirl, Reverse Cowgirl

Extras: BTS, Gallery, Trailers

Audio & Video: Video and audio both were good quality.

Final Thoughts

To start with, even though only two of the five scenes were hot, the DVD is still worth watching. I don't think I would buy a copy, but its worth a few dollars to rent, especially to see Adelyn Ames and Amy Anderson, cause I think they are both well worth keeping an eye on as they shoot more scenes. Both are great newbies and you will certainly use up some lube and tissues watching their scenes. I have seen allot of Mick Blues work and even though I wouldn't call this his worst he ever directed, but it is not his best either. I have seen some really excellent movies from Mick and know there will be plenty more. First impressions mean allot to many fans, it is what they see so many times in the first scene they watch a young lady that determines if the will follow as a fan, keep a close eye on or never care if the see a girl again. Well if I look at it all in that aspect as I do, then my recap of these five girls would be: I have become an immediate fan of Adelyn Ames and who wouldn't. Keep my eye very closely on Amy Anderson, cause I feel she has a very strong potential to bring us allot more great scenes. The other three, I might watch them again it they were on a DVD I rented to see someone else in it.


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