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Hot House Backroom 18

Studio: Hot House » Review by Guybrush » Review Date: 7/5/10

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Date of Production: 2007 and 2009

Length: 90 minutes

Director: Robert Drake

Cast: Johnny Gunn, Ross Hurston, Derreck Diamond, Criss Strokes, Rod Daily, Tim Kruger, Conner Habib, Ludovic Canot, and Josh West

Body Types: big dicks, muscular guys

Condoms: yes

Things to See
: naughty medical exams, locker room fun, solos

Plot: no plot

The Movie:

Hot House editors have assembled their 18th Backroom compilation DVD.  Similar to past entries, the series features a variety of sex scenes packaged up into a compilation of hunky man-on-man sex.  This DVD includes two locker-room scenarios, one solo, and two naughty medical exams.  While the two locker room scenes are above average, I found the medical scenes to be both convincing and quite erotic.  These scenes feature male nurses who get carried away with their jobs, leading to "inappropriate" touching.  The male nurses are played convincingly by Ross Hurston and Josh West.  They both look the part and act like real nurses (except for the whole sucking off a patient part).  Fans of naughty physical exams will be very pleased with these scenes.  Finally, and certainly not least, the DVD includes a lovely solo with a hunky athlete.  Fans of Michael Phelps will appreciate this dude's impressive athletic body as well as his glorious cock.  Overall, this compilation contains enough hot scenes for you to return to time and time again. 

Scene One: Rod Daily and Ross Hurston

Rod, a muscular college age dude, comes in for a semen sample.  The male nurse named Ross (beefy Australian daddy) runs a few tests on Rod before the sample extraction.  As he checks Rod's heartbeat, he gets a little carried away with his fingers.  He gently massages Rod and checks to see if anything hurts.  Eventually Ross tells the patient that he needs to inspect his testicles.  Ross gently touches them and checks to make sure that Rod's penis functions normally.

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At this point, Rod is rock hard so Ross says "let's see if we can extract some semen out of you."  Ross plants his eager mouth around Rod's cock and sucks away, while he continues to massage and rub Rod's balls.  Ross then lubricates Rod's hole with his fingers.  He shoves them in so that his hole will be properly loosened.  Ross says "I think you're going to need something bigger to stimulate this."  Ross then forces his cock into Rod's well-lubed hole.  Ross fucks his patient well and tells his that he's going to get a good sample out of him now.  Rod then tilts his legs up in the air where he is fucked some more.  Sure enough, Ross makes Rod spurt out a load while being fucked.  Ross finishes up by shooting out his load onto Rod's chest.  Ross then takes a plastic syringe and attempts to collect some of the sample. 

Scene Two: Johnny Gunn and Tim Kruger

Alone in the locker room, two hunky guys decide to mess around with each other.  Tim Kruger is a tall guy with a big dick, who looks like he just stepped off of a Norwegian sailing boat.  Johnny, on the other hand, is shorter, tanner, and has a tight and muscular body.  Johnny immediately gets on his knees and starts to worship Tim's massively fat cock.  Johnny is quite the capable cock sucker, making Tim moan and thrust down Johnny's throat.  Tim also shares in on the oral pleasures, deep-throating Johnny rather effortlessly. 

The gym bunnies then sit down on the changing bench for a a special type of "squat."  Johnny lowers his bulbous ass down onto Tim's cock and starts to bob up and down.  Johnny clearly enjoys Tim's dick up his ass because he is rock hard and looks ready to shoot at any moment.  Johnny is then screwed some more from behind.  Tim fucks the hell out of Johnny's ass, where he occasionally pulls out to take a peek at Johnny's gaping hole.  After the fucking, Tim shoves his cock into Johnny's mouth while Johnny strokes off a load onto his own chest.  Tim concludes by tossing out his spunk onto Johnny's muscular chest.

Scene Three: Criss Strokes

Talk about a nice first shot!  The camera zooms in on a gigantic hard cock, seen through shimmery red basketball shorts.  Chris is a young man with a glorious body.  He is rather tall and has a very nice smooth, muscular body; it's obvious that he plays sports.  He teases the camera by rubbing his long cock through his shorts, until finally he pulls that monster out for us all to enjoy.  His cock is long, thick, and cut.  He uses some of his spit as lube, getting his cock even harder.  Eventually the shorts come off and he plays with his cock some more.  He stimulates his hairy taint and then starts to rub his cock against the side of the couch.  From this angle, we get to see all of Chriss's perfect ass and thick, muscular thighs.  Finally, he climbs onto the couch and strokes away.  When he gets close to cumming, his abs tighten and then he busts his nut, plastering his smooth chest with cum.

Scene Four: Conner Habib and Derreck Diamond

Conner (dark hair and a hairy chest) shoves a nubile brunette (Derreck Diamond) against some lockers, where he proceeds to kiss and lick him passionately.  Conner goes a bit "nuts" with Derreck's body as he literally licks all over the place before his lips land around Derreck's tasty dick.  The guys then move to the changing bench where they proceed to "special number 69."  Derreck's tongue eventually drifts towards Conner's crack, which he probes and prods thoroughly. 

Conner clearly wants Derreck's cock inside him, so he climbs aboard for a straddle fuck on the bench.  Conner shoves his ass down onto Derreck's cock rather forcefully, but he seems to genuinely enjoy himself.  Derreck then jack-hammers Conner's ass from behind, though Conner looses his woody.  Finally, Derreck power slams his cock into Conner's ass on the floor.  It doesn't take long for Derreck to spurt out a load that lands all over Conner's hairy chest.  Conner jacks off his own dick as well.

Scene Five: Josh West and Ludovic Canot

Hunky Frenchman Ludovic comes into the doctor's office for a check-up.  The beefy nurse (Josh West) asks him some questions before he asks Ludovic to take his pants off.  Ludovic explains that he suffers from some leg cramps, so Josh starts to touch and massage areas of his leg, "checking" to see where it hurts.  Ludovic is easily turned on by the rubbing sensations, so his fingers drift down to Josh's crotch.  Josh goes along with the flow, so he pulls out Ludovic's lovely uncut cock.  

Josh takes the plunge and starts to suck on Ludovic's cock, and then he gently teases Ludovic's low hanging balls.  Josh continues the "thorough" exam, so he tilts Ludovic's ass up in the air and starts to rim and finger his tight hole.  Ludovic is then fucked from behind, while he holds onto the exam table.  Even though Josh's cock is huge, Ludovic continues to remain quite hard.  The guys then shift so that Ludovic lies on the exam table, looking directly into Josh's eyes.  Ludovic looks so darn hot from this angle; his dick is hard and he looks like he's having one hell of a good time.  Eventually, Ludovic strokes out a wad onto his own chest.  Josh then finishes up, unleashing his load onto Ludovic's chest.

The DVD:


The full frame transfer was colorful, bright, and very sharp.  There is literally nothing to complain about.


The audio mix was consistently good.  I could hear all of the action without a hitch.


Extras are sparse, consisting of scene selection and some trailers.

Final Thoughts:

Woof!  There are some tasty men in this fuck compilation.  If hunky athletes and naughty male nurses are your thing, then Hot House Backroom 18 is a must buy.  Highly Recommended!

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