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Loading Zone

Studio: Hot House » Review by Guybrush » Review Date: 7/3/10

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Date of Production: 2009

Length: 130 minutes

Director: Steven Scarborough

Cast: Craig Reynolds, Kyle King, Vince Ferelli, Rick Van Sant, Andreas Cavalli, Johnny Gunn, Arpad Miklos, and Drew Cutler

Body Types: Chiseled men, big dicks, hunky daddies

Condoms: yes

Things to See
: outdoor sex

Plot: These guys are willing to unload just about anything in these back alleys.

The Movie:

Loading Zoneis a film set in (you guessed it) loading zones.  While the title left me less than enthusiastic, the gritty sets used in the film, including darkened alley ways and moody garages, brought me into this seedy world of (literally) backdoor sex.  The hidden alleyways aren't sprinkled with homeless people or junkies (thankfully) but supremely hot men of the rough and burly kind.  They are the type of man who would move your furniture, mow your lawn, and then let you suck on their sweaty cock if you're lucky.  Take for example, model Arpad Miklos.  His body is the apex of perfection with incredible muscle tone, natural body hair, and a huge uncut dick.  He is simply an incredible specimen of manhood, and looks like a modern day incarnation of a Greek gladiator.  Watching him thrust and shove his cock into Craig Reynold's bulbous ass cheeks, on top of some makeshift shipping crates, made for quite a memorable scene. 

Of course, Loading Zone also boasts two of the best bottoming talents at Hot House: Kyle King and Johnny Gunn.  Both models bring their expert ass techniques to the table, and make each scene incredibly hot and worthwhile.  These guys are consistently good performers because they are able to have their hole stretched by a big dick, they can glide down a long shaft without hesitation, and they always maintain their perfectly hard cocks.  Watching those boys in action is always a pleasure!  The rest of the scenes are good, except for the film's tendency to linger a bit long on some shots, leading to monotony (the Ferelli and Cavalli scene).  However the film was still a fun experience of smutty, darkly lit sex shared between rough and ready burly men. 

Scene One: Kyle King and Drew Cutler

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Two muscular jocks unload some old barrels from their truck.  Drew (a brunette with a small, muscular frame and some facial stubble) admires Kyle's ass when he bends over.  Drew reaches over and starts to grope Kyle's perfect ass.  Kyle (sporting a goatee and looking even buffer than before) tells Drew that he can have fun with his hole, but first he wants some cock stuffed into his mouth.  Kyle yanks Drew's hard member out from his tight jeans and inhales it without hesitation.   He slathers Drew's cock head with saliva, making it look tasty and moist.  Kyle then climbs onto the truck bed and tilts his oh-so-perfect ass up into the air as an invitation.  Drew licks, spits in it, and fingers Kyle's hole rather nicely.  Kyle then climbs on top in a hot straddle fuck.  Kyle bounces his ass up and down while he rides Drew's cock.  When Drew eventually starts to jack-hammer fuck Kyle from below, Kyle's hard cock starts to bounce around like a dog wagging its tail.

Kyle then dismounts from Drew's cock and tells his truck buddy that he wants to fuck his ass now.  Pressed against the truck bed, Kyle rams his pole into Drew's shaved hole.  Kyle's pumping is rough and forceful, making Drew's cock look like it will explode at any minute.  The guys then switch positions so that Drew lies on his back, with one leg held up in the air.  Kyle eventually busts out his load onto Drew's chest below, and Drew concludes by adding his own jizz to the cum pile.

Scene Two: Vince Ferelli and Andreas Cavalli

Vince (an incredibly buff, tanned skin, dark haired brunette) arrives to meet his secret fuck buddy.  Andreas (really tall European guy with beard and a thick cock) is annoyed that Vince was late, so Vince decides to make the wait worthwhile; he's ready to offer up his ass.  Vince gets on his knees, pulls out Andreas' large cock from his tight jeans, and begins to suck away.  Vince truly worships Andreas' cock and Andreas likes to talk dirty to him, telling Vince what a good job he's doing (in his thick European, almost Borat, accent).  Vince then spreads his muscular cheeks wide open for Andreas to lick and taste.  As soon as his hole is lubed and stretched, Vince is fucked from behind while he holds onto a pile of tires for support.  Vince takes most of Andreas' big dick without a hitch.  The guys then switch positions, where they fuck on their sides.  Vince doesn't remain all too hard from this maneuver, so they switch back to some more doggy style action; this time with Andreas fucking him hard from above.  Eventually, Andreas jacks off his load onto Vince down below.  Vince delivers a nice cum shot onto his own chest.

Scene Three: Johnny Gunn and Rick Van Sant

Outside a nightclub, Johnny (bearded brunette with some tattoos) is stopped from entering the club by a tall and menacing bouncer (Rick Van Sant).  Rick tells him that he will let him in, but first he needs to demonstrate if he's "worthy."  Johnny instantly gets onto his knees and sucks Rick's curved cock through his jeans.  Johnny takes nearly all Rick's cock into his mouth (an impressive feat!).  Johnny sucks away with glee, looking like a baby in need of some fresh milk. 

Rick starts to get a bit rough when he rips into Johnny's underwear, revealing a pair of perky ass cheeks.  Rick sticks his big dick into Johnny's ass and fucks him from behind.  With some poking and stretching, Johnny's hole finally relaxes enough for Rick to shove his entire cock all the way into his ass.  Rick then proceeds to fuck him hard and deep while Johnny reaches behind for passionate kissing.  The guys then head over to some crates for some intense straddle fucking.  Johnny is fucked facing Rick, then sideways, and finally, with his back facing Rick.  Because Johnny is such a limber performer with an accommodating ass, Rick continues to fuck him into oblivion, and Johnny remains rock hard throughout.  Finally the guys jack off together, with all of the jizz landing on Rick's muscular chest.

Scene Four: Arpad Miklos and Craig Reynolds

Arpad (very buff and very hot) finds a cock hungry lad (Craig) in an alleyway.  Arpad has some time to kill while he waits for the store to open, so he motions for Craig to come over and explore his nether regions.  Craig (brunette with mostly smooth body) reaches into Arpad's jeans and licks his hairy chest.  Arpad's uncut monster eventually springs forth from his jeans and Craig is eager to place his lips around it.  Craig demonstrates his expert cock-sucking skills since he's able to deepthroat Arpad's dick, right down to the pubes.  Arpad grunts with pleasure as he face-fucks Craig and lets him nibble on his foreskin. 

Craig then lowers his pants and tilts his ass into the air for Arpad to lick out his hole.  With his hole full of saliva, Arpad plunges his big member into Craig from behind.  At first, Arpad screws Craig with forceful and deep thrusts but then he picks up the pace and fucks him like a jackrabbit in heat.  Arpad ends up fucking Craig so hard that Craig's entire body bounces around as if he were throbbing to techno music.  The guys then switch so that Craig rests on his back (and can look into Arpad's eyes).  Craig moans a ton while being fucked, and at one point he squeals so loudly that he sounded as if he were giving birth.  Finally, Arpad strokes his cock off onto Craig's chest, leaving a sticky mess.

The DVD:


Presented in full frame, the image was surprisingly colorful given the dark lighting used in most scenes.  The image was sharp and looked really good. 


The audio mix was consistent.  All of the action can be heard and the music doesn't drown out the model's moans and groans.


The menus are static, circa 1999.  Extras consist of scene selection, cumshot and a "fucking" selection (too bad it's not interactive!). 

Final Thoughts

Loading Zonemight tickle your sleaze meter if you're looking for representations of alleyway sex without the homeless people and dirty syringes.  The models are consistently hot and most of the sex is passionate and intense.  If you are looking for a fun, little diversion down a dark and perverted alley way, then Loading Zone might just be for you.  Recommended.

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