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Smiths (Blu-Ray), The

Studio: Digital Playground » Review by The Mooninite » Review Date: 7/4/10

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The Movie:

Shot in high definition by Digital Playground's workhorse director, Robby D., The Smiths is the studio's latest porno with a plot and a starring vehicle for contract girl KAyden Kross. Ms. Kross has earned herself a fairly strong fan base as of late, and her sultry good looks and nice, curvy body prove she deserves it, and the film pairs her up with a few other hotties of note - namely Riley Steele, Jennifer White, and Kortney Kane.

The story concerns a married couple, Dick and Jane Smith, who seem to be happily married until Dick starts wondering why his wife isn't nearly as interested in him as she once was. Has the spark gone out of their marriage for good? Is she getting some on the side? Dick's loyal sister decides to take it upon herself to figure out what's going on here while Dick decides he needs some release of his own, whether Jane wants to give it to him or not. Melodrama and mediocre acting ensue.

Here's a rundown of who fucks who and who they do it:

Scene 1 - Kortney Kane And Scott Nails: The opening scene stars gorgeous dark haired Kortney Kane who we meet in a bathroom stall where she's got Scott's cock crammed comfortably down her throat. She gives him champion head and then he gives her some less energetic oral reciprocation. After he's chomped her box, she gives him head once again before climbing up on top of him and slipping it in from all the requisite angles - cowgirl, reverse, etc.. He pulls out and shoots his load onto her face and she laps up his jizz to end the scene. This is a pretty mediocre opening. Kortney is easy on the eyes despite the fact that her tits are definitely fake. She's definitely into things more than Mr. Nails seems to be and as such, the scene never really lights up the way that you'd want it to. Next!

Scene 2 - Jennifer White And Mick Blue: Lovely dark haired Jennifer is a stone cold fox, you'll notice that right away when this scene starts as she bends over in the office to let Mick Blue eat her ass and pussy from behind. She turns tables on him and strokes him/sucks him until he's ready to go, which understandably is sooner rather than later. From there they get to fucking properly, with Mick elaborating on his earlier ass eating antics by spreading her cheeks and letting himself in through the back door. He never really hammers her too much, and she seems pretty into things if her convincing words of encouragement and sultry sexy moans are anything to go by. From there, Mick exits and pops a shot onto her tits. Now this is more like it! Jennifer and Mick look good together and actually seem really into fucking one another. This obviously lends the scene a whole lot more heat and the anal angle gives the scene a bit more kink than the vanilla opener.

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Scene 3 - Kayden Kross And Tommy Gunn: Cover girl Kayden gets her time in the spotlight midway through the movie. She teases him briefly, showing off the goods through a slinky body stocking before dropping to her knees and sucking Tommy's cock. Tommy responds in kind and slips his tongue through her pussy lips with a moderate amount of enthusiasm which she seems to appreciate. He doesn't waste much time with the oral, however, preferring to slip it to her sooner rather than later. She starts to buck as he gets her going missionary style and by the time he's flipped her over to fuck her from behind, her ass is grinding into him pretty appreciatively. The scene is one of moderate heat as it finishes when Tommy pulls out and blows a load on her ass. Kayden shows only moderate enthusiasm here, and Tommy as well. It's not a bad scene and the camera really does love Ms. Kross, but you can't help but feeling that these two are, well, acting, rather than really and truly into it.

Scene 4 - Kayden Kross And Manuel Ferrera: Kayden moves from one man to the next as we cut to the next scene where we see her in bed with Manuel who, after a brief kissing stint, heads south and goes down on her. She gets down on all fours and gives him some pretty vivacious oral sex, showing off that sterling ass and gobbling him a fair ways down her throat though never quite entirely all the way. They move into a sixty-nine for a few minutes before she rides him from a few different angles. Oddly enough, the oral here is far more passionate than the actual vaginal sex. Tommy pulls out of her twat and shoots his goop onto her face after she diddles herself and he chokes her briefly. While this isn't a bad scene, it comes too soon. Since the oral was more enthusiastic and interesting, maybe it should have just stayed an oral scene rather than have gone the way it did, which was into another standard vanilla sex routine (the mild choking adding only a minor degree of kink).

Scene 5 - Riley Steele And Manuel Ferrera: Last but not least, comes Riley Steele, the foxy blonde sharing the cover with Ms. Kross, who we spot on the couch with Kayden's most recent playmate. They kiss a fair bit and seem honestly into each other here, particularly when Manuel goes down and lavishes some oral excitement on lovely little Riley. He fingers her ass and she goes down on him and it all ends before you know it when she finishes him off with her feet before sucking him to a facial finish. Another mediocre scene, this one never quite finds its pace, which is a shame as Riley is hotter than a two dollar pistol. Though not for lack of trying on the part of the two performers, this one just doesn't quite gel the way you'd want it to and it finishes the film on the same sort of mediocre note that it started on.

While there's nothing really terrible about The Smiths, there's really only one stand out scene (the second one) to make it matter much. The story is sufficient enough to string the sex scenes together but more often than not you get the impression that most of the people involved here are really just going through the motions. The production values are nice in the typical Digital Playground way, but that can't hide the lack of enthusiasm that plagues a large part of the production. As a couples film it might work, it's fairly safe and fairly inoffensive in that regard, but Digital Playground definitely offers better titles than this one.



The Smiths looks okay in this 1080p AVC 1.78.1 anamorphic widescreen transfer. Robby D. has opted for style over substance here, using a lot of lighting tweaks and filters to give the movie a certain look and feel. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. If you want really natural looking skin tones you're not going to get them as frequently as you might want, and this saps out some of the detail as well. It's not a bad transfer and it probably looks like Mr. D wanted it to, but it isn't the most natural looking high definition transfer on the market. That said, despite the tweaking color looks good, it's well replicated, and the black levels are fairly strong. Expect a lot of soft focus photography and dimly light ambient scenes. The movie is pretty in that regard.


The sole audio track on this Blu-ray release is a 48 kHz 448 kbps Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound mix in English. The audio on this release is fine but it isn't as impressive as the transfer is and it'd be nice to see Digital Playground embrace lossless audio on their Blu-ray releases. Dialogue and music both stay clean and clear throughout and the levels are all properly balanced. The score's resonance and bounce sounds good and there aren't any problems with background hiss or distortion at all. The audio here won't blow you away but it certainly won't disappoint you either even if there isn't a whole lot of rear channel action worth noting.


As seems to be the norm with their Blu-ray releases, Digital Playground has supplied only one real extra and it's one of their standard behind the scenes pieces that features some interviews with the cast and some random behind the scenes footage. It's not very deep, nor is it very interesting, but it's better than nothing and it runs about ten minutes long. Motion menus, a bunch of Digital Playground trailers (in HD), a still gallery, contact info, and scene selection round out the supplements on this release.

Final Thoughts:

The Smiths is nicely lensed and shows some great production values. It's also got an attractive cast and some nice locations. Unfortunately, somewhere along the way, it lost whatever heat it was starting to generate. The sex is okay, it's not horrible but neither is it all that impressive, and the story really isn't particularly interesting. It makes an okay couples movie if you're wanting to watch something that doesn't get into rough and tumble territory and which is plot based, but it's not something you'll need to see over and over again. Rent it.

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