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Lies (Blu-Ray)

Studio: Digital Playground » Review by Harry Johnson » Review Date: 7/7/10

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Genre: Gonzo

Cast: Kagney Linn Karter, Sara Stone, Angelina Armani, and Vanessa Leon

Director: Robby D.

Length: 1 hr 50 min


Lies features the traditional supplemental offerings from Digital Playground. Basically you can find a photo gallery, trailers, and a nine minute behind the scene feature. The BTS feature is entertaining and features plenty of candid moments with the cast and crew.


Lies is presented on Blu-ray with a  1.85:1 aspect ratio, full 1080p HD, and AVC codec. The film looks fantastic with sharp details, bright colors, and a great all around level of clarity. It's on par with expectations set by other Digital Playground titles, and the transfer here rivals many mainstream film presentations. From the smallest hair growing around a shaving pussy to beads of sweat on the guy's brow as he pumps away, there's some remarkable detail here. Likewise the sound presentation hits with a 5.1 Dolby Digital track that is better than most. The audio quality is sharp and offers a clean experience, though overall I felt the track was a little softer than it should have been.


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Lies is the latest release from Robby D. to hit Blu-ray. Like most other Robby D. captures, Lies takes a sordid tale and script, and attempts to make something better than the average porno. More often than not he's successful to this end, though I must say that Lies was kind of a letdown to that end. The story never really takes off and in this case it feels like the script gets in the way of the sex. The action that's here is good, but not great, and frankly there just wasn't quite enough of it. The cast is decent, and the sex that's really good stands out for its quality. Unfortunately this one isn't as solid an outing as some of the other ventures we've seen from Robby and Digital Playground.

Lies opens up with Angelina Armani and Sara Stone talking with Mick Blue. Eventually the rest of the cast is introduced and after a while we get to some action. One of the first bits we get to explore is the scene between James Deen and Vanessa Leon. This really set the bar of expectations as the performers totally got into the sex and truly heated up the scene. Many highlights were here, though the best part was easily the point where James pinned Vanessa down to the sofa and let her have it.

While James and Vanessa are doing their thing, Lies skips over to Angelina's scene, and then on to Sara's. The film attempts to balance the action between all three, but in the end it feels like a poorly edited montage that never delivers completely on the goods. This experience may have been better if the film focused on one at a time and quite honestly just as things would start to heat up, it would swap to the sex in another room. Piece them together and you have three great scenes, watch them as they were intended to be seen and you have one long nicely shot, yet poorly edited, trio of sexual encounters.

After an hour of this cover girl Kagney Linn Karter finally gets her share of the spotlight. Honestly, she is one of the reasons I was interested in this title in the first place. She is a bombshell who has become one of my favorite performers in recent months. Her scene here was great, and frankly was the best that Lies had to offer. She spends most of her time in this scene on her knees taking her partner from behind, but the way it was shot and acted really heighten the experience. It's downright hot, and if you check out this release you might as well just skip to this scene first. In the time that's left in Lies, the film puts out another Angelina scene that is decent, but not great. There's very little chemistry here and the sex is kind of bland.
One thing I don't quite understand about Lies is the fact that it has Kagney's name over the top and features her prominently on the cover. You'd think she'd be featured more, and yet she's only here for one scene. Sure it's a great scene, but it's not quite enough to deliver the goods that were promised. I suppose in the end I felt short-changed with Lies, though I guess in that sense the film lives up to its namesake.


Lies really only has three scenes to call its own: The opening montage, Kagney, and the final bit with Angelina. Peppered in between is some great sex, but a messy plot and vanilla encounters don't necessarily heat things up. Ultimately this release fizzles and it's one of Robby D.'s sloppiest efforts. Hopefully it's a fluke and the next one will be up to snuff. The best I could muster for Lies is a rental.

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