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F-ing Teens

Studio: Venom » Review by Dr. Jay » Review Date: 8/13/10

XCritic's Advice: Watch On Demand

Genre: All sex.
Director: Jordan Septo.
Cast: Bailey, Karina Kay, Kinzie Kenner, Lain Oi, Lee Stone, Marcos Leon, Sascha, Tina Fine, Tyce Bune.
Must-See Girls in Cast: None.
Length: 01:17
Condoms: None.
Bonus: Absolutely no condoms were used in the production of this movie. One bonus star!


 Director Jordan Septo, behind the camera, introduces us to five very young women (supposedly in their teens, but who knows?). He chats them up, has them strip for the camera, and then brings in a guy to pound her to a pulp.

No, this is definitely not a feature. It's good to outstanding sex augmented by some insight into each girl's personality. In fact, Jordan does a great job drawing-out each girl's persona...at times, their conversations are very funny! A stimulating conversation plus red-hot sex: sounds like a winner to me!

Lain Oi and Tyce Bune give, in my opinion, the best performance of this movie. It's fucking awesome and, alone, is worth the price of renting or buying this movie.

That's not to say the other scenes are sub par, because they're not. All in all, this is a very respectable sex flick and is worth watching.

Check out some photos of the girls in  F-ing Teens here. Enjoy!


Scene One

Director Jordan Septo introduces us to 18-year-old Karina Kay (the box-cover girl) in Scene One. Cute-as-can-be brunette Karina--dressed in schoolgirl pigtails, blue-plaid bra and matching skirt, black panties, and high-heels--is sitting on a white twin bed when the scene begins. Immediately, Jordan moves the camera in to look up Karina's skirt, a move that she encourages with giggles and by moving her panties to the side. Wow, her pink pussy is gorgeous! Karina knows we want to see her play with herself. So, she licks her finger and then uses it to tease her clit. Soon, Jordan talks Karina out of her bra so that she can show us her very big all-natural tits. Then, after moving into the doggie position, Karina shows us her fine round ass and spreads her pussy wide. Believe me, Karina's a knockout! After admitting that she likes it rough--and that, if it's rough enough, she'll squirt--Jordan has Sascha join her to spank and choke her to orgasm. Karina is delighted! Sascha begins by fondling her big tits, fingering her pussy, kissing her mouth, and choking her throat. However, Karina isn't interested in petting: she wants cock! So, she yanks down his pants and gasps with delight when she sees his mammoth erection: "nice and thick like I want it, baby!" She immediately takes him into her mouth and sucks him greedily as he uses her pigtails to guide her head back and forth on his cock (great eye contact with us). The fellatio is excellent: she can even lick his balls while deep-throating him! When it's time for sex, Sascha has Karina stand and turn so her ass faces him. He spanks her butt sharply and then tugs off her skirt and panties. Once she's bare-assed naked, he bends her down, doggie style, spits on her pussy, and multiple-finger-fucks her while she pants and groans with pleasure. As soon as Sascha is satisfied that Karina's vagina is ready to accept him, he has her straddle him, cowgirl style, and then inserts his cock into her (nice insertion sequence). Once he's all the way inside, Karina begins to violently hurl herself up and down on his cock to "stretch that 18-year-old pussy" (her abundant juices make his cock gleam!) while he squeezes and spanks her fine ass cheeks. Karina quickly makes herself cum: "Oh, my GOD! That feels SO good!" Afterward, Sascha lifts Karina and sets her onto the bed missionary style and fucks her with long deep strokes while she fingers her clit and screams out with pleasure. Meanwhile, Sascha clasps his right hand around Karina's throat to choke her (she said she wanted it rough!). Sascha makes Karina cum again--harder than the first time--and keeps the pleasure flowing by continuing to pound her hard. Later, he gives her his cock to suck clean and then continues to fuck her missionary style. As the scene continues, Sascha fucks Karina's pussy doggie style (great camerawork). She likes it and cries out, "Oh, my God. That feels so fucking good!" After a bit more fellatio, to clean her juices off of his cock, Karina mounts Sascha reverse cowgirl style so they can fuck each other with high-energy strokes (truthfully, Karina does most of the work, using very sexy and erotic moves to fuck him). Meanwhile, Sascha reaches around to tease her clit with his fingers or to choke her throat with his hand. She pounds him harder and harder until she cums again--and squirts, too! Karina is insatiable. So, as soon as her stream of ejaculate stops, she continues to pound him hard with very effective and sexy moves. Later, they transition to the spoon position and, as Sascha fucks her pussy, Karina's big boobs bounce delightfully. Delighted, she cries out, "God, I love your cock!" To finish up, Sascha pounds her at redline speed until he's ready to pop. When he does, he shoots his load all over her pretty face, onto her hair, and into her wide-open mouth. After she vacuums him dry, she squeegees his cum off her face and into her mouth, shows us her full mouth, and then swallows. Five stars.

Scene Two

Eighteen-year-old Lain Oi and veteran stud Tyce Bune give such an outstanding performance in Scene Two that I strongly suggest you watch it for yourself. Lain is a very cute girl-next-door blond with huge (34D) and magnificent natural boobs, a bubbly attitude, a very attractive body, a heart-shaped bubble butt, and an absolutely insatiable lust for sex. Suffice it to say that Tyce plays Lain's body like a virtuoso violinist would play a Stradivarius. She, in turn, cums so often that I lost count--and her orgasms are the stuff that makes sex (and maybe life itself) worthwhile. And, she loves it when he chokes her, gags her with his cock, slaps her tits and ass, spits in her mouth, and fills her pussy with a warm cream pie (he scoops it out and feeds it to her so she can swallow it). Five stars.

Scene Three

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Teena Fine and Lee Stone are featured in Scene Three. While director Jordan Septo interviews adorable blue-eyed, blond pig-tailed, and 18-year-old Teena, she teases us by pulling aside her top and panties and masturbating while murmuring: "I know my body...I know what people like!" She also multiple-finger-fucks her asshole to prepare it for anal sex (she licks her fingers clean). Then, Lee joins her, kisses her mouth, and rips aside her top while she fondles his cock through his jeans. Soon, Lee has her completely naked so that he can spit on and lick her pussy and ass while she bends over doggie style: "Lick my fuckin' ass!" While Lee rims her asshole and finger-fucks her pussy, Teena spanks her own butt. After a couple of minutes, Teena repays Lee's oral favors by licking, sucking, and deep-throating his humongous curved cock to attention and by gobbling and squeezing his balls. Meanwhile, he finger-fucks her asshole. Sex begins cowgirl style: Teena lowers her tight and wet pussy down onto Lee's cock and then pounds him hard while he squeezes her ass cheeks (nice moves, Teena!). Soon, Lee stands up so that they can fuck in his trademark--and very difficult--standing position (great camerawork). Lee embraces Teena's body with his powerful arms and tosses it up and down, forcing his cock deeper and deeper into her pussy. Teena loves it: she sweats profusely, screams, and babbles incoherently as pleasure courses through her. Then, after Teena sucks her juices off Lee's cock, he tosses her onto a white leather couch so he can fuck her missionary style. After reaming her pussy for a very short while, he spits on her asshole and then slowly inches his cock past her sphincter (great close-ups). Once he's inside, he fucks her slowly with increasingly deep strokes until she accepts almost all of his big cock. Then, he gradually increases his speed, taking occasional breaks to gape her beautiful hole. As the scene continues, Lee, without letting his cock slip out of her ass, lifts Teena into the reverse cowgirl position and, missing nary a stroke, continues to fuck her tight anus: "That feels fucking good right now!" Thoughtfully, Lee repeatedly pulls out so we can savor her gape. During this segment, Lee and Teena take a few breaks for nasty ass-to-mouth (ATM) action. And, Lee makes her cum by fucking her ass with his cock and her pussy with three of her fingers. Afterward, Teena turns around so they can anally fuck in the cowgirl position. Sweat-drenched Lee fucks her hard and frenzied. Then, after taking a break for ATM, they transition to the doggie position: "Stick it up my fuckin' ass! I love the way your fuckin' cock feels!" Again, Lee repeatedly gapes her for our viewing pleasure (great camerawork). To finish up, Teena hurls her body back and forth--anally fucking Lee balls-deep--until he can no longer hold back. When she begs, "I want your fuckin' cum," he pulls out and explodes all over her face and into her mouth. She swallows every drop. Four and one-half stars!

Scene Four

Blond, cute, voluptuous, and slightly chubby (Don't take this wrong--she's not fat. Rather, she's more than a bag full of bones!) 18-year-old Bailey is up next. During her interview with director Jordan, she admits that she's "most definitely" ready for anal sex and that she likes rough sex. When she begins to strip, we are treated to yet another outstanding pair of humongous boobs (Jordan did a great job finding very busty teens for this movie). Eventually, as she sheds more and more of her clothing, we are treated to a beautiful bubble butt, bald puffy pussy, and a soft, very feminine body. Believe me, Bailey is made for comfort! In due course, Bailey spreads her pussy wide, inserts some fingers, and tastes her sweet juices. Soon, Marcos Leon joins her: he's shirtless and his oh-so-excited cock is peeking out of the waistband of his jeans! Bailey is fascinated with his dick and quickly pulls down his zipper so she can eagerly stroke it, lick it with her pierced tongue, and suck it. She also lets him fuck her throat. Meanwhile, she fingers her clit and he fondles her inviting breasts. After fellatio, Macros fucks her big soft tits with his cock--as his tip passes through her boobs, she licks it! Foregoing vaginal sex, they begin the in-and-out action anally in the spoon position: "Stick that fuckin' cock in my ass!" Marcos pistons in and out of her with increasing rage while she fingers her clit and pussy and cries out with pleasure. Soon, they transition to missionary and Marcos pounds her ass so hard that Bailey's big boobs dance uncontrollably and waves of pleasure flow through her body. As the scene continues, they fuck anally in the reverse cowgirl position (Marcos takes advantage of the position to fondle Bailey's big bouncing boobs) and, after some ATM, cowgirl style (Marcos sharply spanks Bailey's ass cheeks, chokes her throat, and pulls on her hair). During a final ATM segment, Bailey sucks and strokes Marcos' cock and he fucks her mouth until he is about ready to pop. Then, he jacks himself off directly into her wide-open and voracious mouth. Although Bailey repeatedly talks about cumming, I saw no evidence that she did. Pity. And, I think this scene went on a bit too long: too much of the same, especially during cowgirl. Three and one-half stars.

Scene Five

Kinzie Kenner and Lee Stone finish up the movie in Scene Five. An abbreviated interview is highlighted by a very effective strip tease during which she shows off her long legs, pretty jiggly ass, nicely shaven and cropped pussy (she has a triangle of hair pointing toward her clit), brunette hair, angelic face, and bejeweled navel. Too soon, I think, Lee Stone joins her and immediately goes down on her pretty and pink pussy. Kinzie's face beams with ecstasy as Lee expertly teases her clit and probes her pussy: "You like licking that little pussy?" Who the hell wouldn't? Lee soon removes Kinzie's blouse and ravenously suckles and squeezes her all-natural tiny tits. When Kinzie notices the bulge in his pants, she exclaims, "What are you hiding from me?" Like an excited schoolgirl, Kinzie has to see for herself. So, she sucks and strokes his cock through his jeans while he does his best to quickly remove them! "You're hiding something good, I see!" Smiling broadly, Kinzie takes that "something good" into her greedy mouth and sucks it until it becomes titanium hard. Although she tries desperately, she cannot swallow Lee's entire length. However, she makes up for it with LOTS of enthusiasm, drool, watering eyes, and choking/gurgling sounds. She also uses globs of her spit to lubricate her pussy. Nice job, Kinzie! Too soon, because the fellatio is excellent, they transition to cowgirl for vaginal sex. Lee spanks her ass cheeks hard. Then, smiling angelically, Kinzie grabs Lee's throbbing cock and guides it into her accommodating pussy. Once he's all the way inside, Kinzie vigorously bounces up and down while screaming out with pleasure: "You like the way that feels on your cock?" As rivers of Kinzie's milky-white girl juice flow down his cock, Lee keeps himself busy by repeatedly spanking and squeezing her perfect ass and by encouraging her with nasty talk. Kinzie loves the action and screams out: "Yeah, spank me good!" Later, Lee lifts and moves Kinzie into the spoon position and fucks her pussy as pleasure envelops her: "You like to fuck that little pussy? Yeah, that pussy loves to be fucked like she's a dirty little fucking slut! Yeah, fuck her!" Kinzie's "dirty little fucking slut" pussy soon rewards her with a back-arching orgasm. Immediately afterward, Lee lifts Kinzie into a standing reverse cowgirl position and tosses her body up and down so hard that her shoes fall off: "Can you fuck my shoes right off me?" Later, Lee tosses Kinzie onto a couch and, while fucking her missionary style, spits a giant load of saliva into her wide-open and willing mouth. As Lee reams her hard, Kinzie cries out, "Fuck yeah! I love how your hard cock feels in my twat! Fuck me like I'm a dirty girl!" Later, Lee chokes her throat and then she screams out: "You gonna make that cock shoot off a bunch of hot cum? You gonna give me some milk for my fucking cookies? I wanna taste that fuckin' hot cum!" With encouragement like that, who could say no? So Lee gives the lady what she wants, a load on her tongue. While she sucks him dry, she asks, "Was I good pussy?" Damn right. Kinzie, I love you! Four and one-half stars.

DVD Perspectives

Video (technical): The video is very good: it is clear, razor-sharp, well lit, and properly color balanced. In fact, I'd say it's among the best video work I've seen in a gonzo-type wall-to-wall sex flick. The videographer always shows us what we want to see and makes sure that the action is well lit. However, there are a few jerky camera movements. There are very few edits (only a couple of abrupt ones) and those don't leave the viewer with the impression that something important was missed. Kudos. Four and one-half stars.

Audio (technical): Most of the audio is well captured, especially during the sex scenes. However, some of the interview dialog is somewhat hard to understand because it often too quiet and it echoes (Jordan's voice, closer to the microphone is clear while the girl's voice echoes). There is no intrusive musical soundtrack to overpower the sounds of sex. However, some ambient noise (airplane engines) does spoil the mood on some occasions. Three and one-half stars.

Extras: The Extras are about average and consist of the usual things (full-motion chapter selector by girl and by sexual position, trailers, and a self-running slide show) plus a very entertaining 29-minute Behind the Scenes featurette that contains some photoshoot, interview, and extra sex footage as well as BTS foolishness (Lain Oi's discussion of an Asian sex-movie tour she did was quite interesting. And, watching Bailey's and her director choose her outfit is a real treat!). There's also a three plus minute cumshot compilation. Three and one-half stars.

The locations where the scenes were shot are reasonably nice. The girls' make-up and wardrobe are OK, although not noteworthy. Their hair is done in such a way to make them look very young. There is no musical soundtrack to evaluate. Three stars.

Final Thoughts

Average sex rating: 4.50
Average video rating: 4.50
Average audio rating: 3.50
Average production values rating: 3.00
Extras rating: 3.00
Bonus point(s): 1.00
Overall rating: 3.90

X Critic Pick (4.5+ sex; 4.0+ production values; 4.5+ overall)
Highly Recommended (4.5+ sex; 4.0+ overall)
Recommended (4.0+ sex; 4.0+ overall)
Rent It (<4.00 sex; <4.00 overall)
Skip It (<3.50 sex; <4.00 overall)

Dr. Jay

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