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Teen Glazing

Studio: Vince Vouyer Unleashed » Review by Bill The Hobbyist » Review Date: 7/7/10

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

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Teen Glazing by Vince Vouyer Unleashed

Running Time: 2:22

Condoms: None

Director: Vince Vouyer

Genre: Teen, All Sex, Faciles

Release Date: July 1, 2010

Cast: Lexi Belle, Kimberly Gates, Parker Page, Dani Jensen & Gracie Glam

The Movie

If you love hot sex with cute girls getting their faces fucked and plastered with cum, then "Teen Glazing" is well worth watching. This DVD brings you five ladies in various situations that will account for a total of thirteen faciles. Each scene also gives a very entertaining and sometimes funny skit with it. This is where girls are taught what "Teen Glazing" is and you will be too.

Scene 1 - Lexi Belle

We see our sweetheart Lexi Belle on the phone with a friend telling her that she is hearing all about this teen glazing thing and isn't sure what it is all about. But, since everyone else is doing it, she wants to give it a try. As she is waits for a few guys to come over so she can find out more, there is a great segment of her dancing. Once her friends come over, she asks them what exactly is it. Of course the guys tell her that it is hard to explain and better to show her (umm, that line never works for me). Lexi is very excited and eager to learn and willingly agrees. As they pull out their cocks, she asks "Is this teen glazing" and the guys tell her no, but they're getting there. Lexi goes to town sucking the two guys and does it so well. Some girls when giving head find it hard to focus on two cocks at the same time, but Lexi manages them both so well. While on all fours, she takes a nice finger fuck and ass licking, with some great views of her fantastic pussy lips. Riding cowgirl we all get that enjoyable sight of watching her sweet ass bounce up and down as she takes charge. Lexi, always takes one hell of a ride and damn, it has to feel fucking great. In the entire fucking segment, Lexi takes a hard slamming and as always responds so well in actions, expressions and sounds. When asked if she is ready for the glazing, she tells the guys, I want it, but still don't know what it is. They then plaster her face from her forehead to her chin with two big loads that has her at one point yelling out "enough already". With a cum covered face, she asks for her phone, calls her friend to tell her all about it. As they guys leave they tell her that she must let it dry for the glazing to set it.

Positions: Oral, Doggie, Cowgirl, Reverse Cowgirl, Missionary

Scene 2 - Kimberly Gates

This is the second time I have reviewed Kimberly and she was as pleasant to watch in this DVD as she was in Teen Babysitters. Here we find two older alumni guys sitting in a locker room, discouraged that because of their age they did not make the team this year. They sit in their sorrows, as Kimberly enters just as discouraged. We find that she was kicked off the cheer-leading squad for not wearing panties and explained that she is more comfortable without any on. When Kimberly asks, since they were no good at football, was there anything else they were good at, the response of course was teen glazing. Not knowing what it was, the guys begin to show her. When she begins to suck their cocks, she takes both so well and uses allot of spit. Once again we see her in some great oral positions that she has seemed to master. Kimberly, I would love for you to try a few of them on me. She provides lots of good ball sucking that goes with her talented dick sucking and I loved watching her being fucked missionary while the other guy tea-bags her. Her nipples perk up as hey are being sucked and watching her long black hair sway as she fucks with her silky smooth nicely trimmed pussy hair, well it's what I call, boner time. Her facial expressions are strong and realistic and when she yells out "fuck my teen pussy" well, you wouldn't have to ask me twice. There are a couple of nut buster shots of her standing up while being fuck and begging for more. As she receives her teen glazing she shouts out, I Love It, I Love It. Well Kimberly, I loved watching it too. I feel that Kimberly will be bringing us many more great scenes and fans will fall in love with her very quickly. I know I have. By the way Kimberly since you don't wear your panties, can I have them please?

Positions: Oral, Missionary, Reverse Cowgirl, Doggie

Scene 3 - Parker Page

Parker Page like the others plays her scene out very well, but this one was certainly made for her as she fit it perfect. Some guys are waiting for one guys sisters friend to show up and with sister not at home, they have some plans of their own. Parker shows up confused, hesitant and nervous. They push to see if they could get into some glazing action with her. Well, she slowly comes around with her own stipulations. She first explains she will not have sex with all three of them. When they ask how she is going to decide, she has them pull out their cocks and does a detailed evaluation. It was fun to watch and listen to her as she says, "This ones to big, This ones not hard enough and this one is just right". Sucking begins on her choice as she continues to push the other two away when trying to cop a feel. Discouraged, off they go to play some video games. Parker has a hot little body with very nice breast that have some excellent round nipples. Taking some great finger fucking she enhances it with her sounds and facial expressions. As she begins fucking, she takes it slow and shows that pain to pleasure of a big dick going inside of her and adds the perfect whimpers and moans. Not only is Parker a hot little fuck, but I loved all the talking she added to her fucking, like " Is my nice teen pussy tight and wet", Do you like my nice pussy", "Your'e gonna make me cum" "Faster, faster" and lots more. OK Parker, I think I just made a mess typing that part, thank you sweetie. While watching her fuck doggie and that OMG ass spread open wide the other guys come back. She stops everything and says "OK you can all cum on my face, but you two no touching". One at a time she gets her layer of glaze and ends with saying, "I can't open my eyes".

Positions: Oral, Reverse Cowgirl, Spooning, Doggie,

Scene 4 - Dani Jensen

Here we find Dani in jail for having unpaid tickets. How lucky she is to be in the same cell with two guys who were locked up for attempted teenage glazing. Confused to exactly what that was she is then surprised by one of the guys cock. Quickly she yells out, "I think I want my phone call now". When asked what she is open too, she explains no tickling, but informs them she never had her insides tickled, so not sure about that. As he entered her tight little pussy, she asks, "Will it hurt", "Will it fit" followed by "Ah Oh My God" as the cock slowly enters her. With some doggie style fucking on to a great job of sucking cock on the other guy. I love watching Dani suck cock, but watching her suck mine would be even more fun! There is lots of spit and drooling with her and watching the spit rubbed on her oh so cute tiny, loveable titties is fucking hot. You see some face fucking as one guy pushes her on the other guys dick, which results in some cute little gagging. As they have moved around in several positions, she pauses and asks "What you wanna do now"? With that, she is spun (and yes she is a hot little spinner if I say so myself) into reverse cowgirl, then into cowgirl with her ass spread nice and wide by the other guy. Riding cowgirl she fucks hard and watching that sexy butt giggle is a very nice site to see. As they have her get on her knees, she asks, "Is this where I get glazed"? And glazed she gets, making great comments during the entire time and ending with "Was I a good glazer"? Dani you were a fantastic fucking glazer. With a face full of cum, the guys are released leaving her again asking for a phone call. She is called over to the cell bars and there awaits another guy, who she sucks and fucks through the bars with all the previous cum still on her face, layering it with a third load. Alone, she yells out "I need a paper towel please." Allot of great action from a sweet little lady. All the scenes were great, but this one with Dani is my favorite on this DVD.

Positions: Oral, Doggie, Spooning, Reverse Cowgirl, Cowgirl,

Scene 5 - Gracie Glam


Gracie always plays her scenes so well and this one is no exception. There are three high school guys sitting in detention. As Gracie enters, you can see how she is not happy to be there at all. Well three very horny guys and one very sexy girl in detention, puts all the focus on her. They begin by maneuvering to get a better look at her and eventually gets her talking. After she tells them why she is there, she asks them why they got detention. What would you guess their answer was, yep, for teen glazing. When she asks what it is, two go watch the door and one starts in. Gracie begins with some great dick sucking action, lots of spit, ball licking, face fucking and some deep throating too. She certainly covers all bases when she sucks. As we know Gracie has some nice round lovely nipples and we get some great shots of those beauties during the scene. One great moment is when on top of a desk, laying on her side, we get a great view breast and of her being fuck and a finger in her ass at the same time. I enjoy listen to Gracie while she fucks, her sweet sounds are ones I could listen to all nite long. Once the other 2 guys come over to join, she drops to her knees and works on sucking all three together and very well if I do say so. No dick was left alone. As she continues to work them over with enthusiasm and excitement they begin to glaze her face and she wants it so bad and takes it openly. Once the guys drop their load, they look at the clock, realize detention is over and split. Leaving her with a face full of cum and eyes covered, the scene is comical as it wraps up. You see Gracie stumbling around the room walking into stuff, cause she can't see for all the cum. This is certainly a very enjoyable scene. Be sure to watch as they credits role as her can't seeing with a face full of cum continues to play out.

Positions: Oral, Doggie, Missionary, Great Triple Facial

Extras: Slide Show, Trailers, Behind The Scenes, Cum Shot Recap, Bonus Scene
Audio & Video: Both were of very good quality and consistent throughout the entire DVD.

Final Thoughts

I wouldn't really call each segment a scene, but more of a great skit, that is well acted out and well written. Not only is the sex great, but the skits are enjoyable as well. It is always nice to watch some porn, where it dosen't start off right with fucking, but actually has a little plot behind each one. Most are comical in their own way and will bring a smile or chuckle to you as you watch them. From beginning to end there are many funny and cute lines that enhance this DVD and show creativity. Oh, and for the sex in this DVD, great and the faciles were fabulous. Very good replay value not only for the sex, but as I watched it a second time I caught a few good things I missed the first time. Some people have asked me how and why I came up with "Bill The Hobbyist" as my signature. Well, I've had it for years and because I love anything related to sex, It's my hobby. Thanks to these sweet ladies, an excellent cast of guys and Vince Vouyer, you have helped add another hobby to my list and that is Teen Glazing!


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