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Naughty Cheerleaders

Studio: Combat Zone » Review by Bill The Hobbyist » Review Date: 7/9/10

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Naughty Cheerleaders

Running Time: 1:49

Condoms: None

Director: Unknown

Release Date: July 19, 2010

Cast: Ally Kay, Ivy Winters, Lizz Tayler, Natalie, Daniel Hunter, Mark Wood, Michael Stefano & Rollin J

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The Movie

Combat Zone brings us that fantasy we all have of boffing a few sweet cheerleaders. There are some great fucks in it and some not so great fucks. You will see newcomer greats like Ivy Winters and Ally Kay bring scenes that prove why they are climbing to the top of the ranks so fast. You will also see two fairly newbies, Lizz Tayler and Natalie, who show their newness in their scenes and like many newbies have a way to go before they can start climbing with the others.

Scene 1 - Ivy Winters and Michael Stefano


When ever I know a scene of Ivy's is coming up, I get a instant woody before it even starts and this one is no different. We find Ivy out practicing her cheers and a guy brings over Michael Stefano the porn actor who she is dying to meet and wants to fuck so bad. Wish it was me she wanted to fuck so bad, oh well. Ivy has very good acting skills and knows how to use those adorable eyes and sweet smile so well. She can tease and melt you at the same time with them. Back at the house she begins to play with herself for Michael. He then takes the handle of her pom pom and puts it deep inside of her (can i lick the pom pom please). When Ivy sucks cock, she does it in such a way with these sexy, excitable, natural licks, sucks and cute slurping sounds. Sucking cock, we get some close ups of the pom pom handle inside or her and when it is pulled out a fantastic close up of her pussy, a sight to behold. Lets spend just a minute on Ivy's lovely pussy. There are girls with innie pussies and some with outie pussy lips. All are great and I love them all. But Ivy, well like only a few others have these cute, tiny outie lips that are perfect, sweet and shaped like little pair butterfly wings. She has a pussy and lips that I am sure you would agree that one could go down on and not come up for air for a week. You will get some great shots of this asset she has and rub off to them too, as I did. When the fucking begins, we get a great fuck from her, great views and lots of action in all positions. When Ivy fucks like when sucking cock, she has those fucking hot little chirping sounds that will bring a rise to you. At one point while being fucked doggie by the window she turns back, says "You know what I like"? "I like my hair pulled". Stefano is like "fuck yeah". As he pulls her hair while fucking her and throws in some choking that she responded to both so well. Add in some ass licking, a little more choking, her sweet 34B boobies, suckable nipples, a great tan and you got a fucking great scene. Without any hesitation, Ivy takes the load and licks his cock clean with a smile. Ivy brings you a scene in this dvd that will leave you with your own mess to clean up at the end. Oh and Ivy, A Happy Belated Birthday!

Positions: Oral, Missionary, Cowgirl, Reverse Cowgirl, Doggie, Facial

Scene 2 - Ally Kay and Mark Wood

How can one not continue to love Ally Kay, she is that girl we all wish we went out with in high school, you know the one who fucks like a wild cat. Even though this is the first time I am reviewing Ally, I've pretty much have seen everyone of her scenes including her first. Every time, she comes on screen with so much enthusiasm and excitement. This scene opens with a theme of champions doing cheers to music and a champion she is. There is no doubt in my mind that Ally had to be a real cheerleader in high school for the moves she has mastered. After finishing her cheer workout and I my hand workout. We find Alley going over the athletic directors house to talk about some disciplinary problems. He discussed with her the inappropriate things she was doing with boys under the bleachers and the fact that she is cheering without wearing any underwear. STOP! Umm, Ally, if you don't wear your underwear, well then I guess you don't need them, so umm, well, umm, I'll take them! OK, back to the scene, sorry got side tracked, but with Ally, I am sure you understand. To get into good graces with the director, she seduces him and as he resists, she works harder and easily wins him over. Ally's oral skills are complete. She takes charge and gobbles a dick up, licks the shaft, gives some great deep throating, ball licking, spits and in a second segment in the scene she yells out "I want you to fuck my face" and takes a nice face fucking. The great part is that Ally does all of this with enthusiasm, excitement, sounds and facial expressions that says I Love Sucking Cock! When Ally moves from sucking to fucking, she doesn't stop for one second. Reverse cowgirl she rides hard, no, I would say she slams hard. Watching her ride and and grabbing hold of her sweet little boobies with those tiny button nipples we all love, is a sweet sight. You will see Ally in all positions loving every minute of it and you will get some great closeups of her sweet pussy lips and butt. With her flexibility you will see some dynamite fucking. All of this great sex wraps up with her taking a a pop shot with her tongue laid out and mouth wide open. With a smile she licks every drop clean. Ally has to be exhausted after her scenes and must just collapse. I know I did. Be sure to have plenty of lube and tissues when you watch this one. Oh, and don't forget the band aids for the blisters you will have on you hands from jerking off so much during it. You should see mine. Great scene Ally and as always look forward to more.

Positions: Oral, Reverse Cowgirl, Cowgirl, Doggie, Spooning,

Scene 3 - Lizz Tayler

Lizz is a fairly newcomer to the industry and this is not only the first time I have reviewed her, but the first time I have seen her perform. In this scene she just got home and without any delay, heads upstairs lays back and begins to masturbate. It is a fairly short masturbation scene and really doesn't show much at all. Playing with herself a young guys walks in watches her from a distance, then sneaks up and touches her. She is startled, but with a blink of an eye, she starts having sex with him. Lizz is a pretty girl with long brown hair, pretty eyes, lovely natural 34D's and a nice round ass. She certainly brings some good assets to her scene. Her friend begins by going down on her that she did show some good body and facial response to, but when she returned the favor, well to be blunt, her cock sucking was pretty boring. No technice with just her lips wrapped around the cock doing the basic slide in and out of her mouth. This segment was cut short and I was glad, cause I started to fall asleep. In the fucking segment, there was more arousal and excitement from her and it really looked like she was enjoying a good fucking. Missionary gives some great views of her tight looking pussy being drilled and seeing her large breast bouncing was a nice treat. Cowgirl gave some nice close up shots of her round bottom bouncing against her partner and a few great ass spread wide open shoots. Then bang, just as I was getting a good hard on, they throw in a clip of her giving that non exciting head and limp I went. With some quick doggie here comes the pop shot and it was mix, as she took the initial hit, she had the look of not really wanting it, then once her face was splattered, she sucked him dry and with her fingers cleaned her face and licked them. For my first impression of Lizz from this scene I would say she likes to fuck, hates to suck and needs some blow job training. But, only future scenes of hers will prove me right or wrong.

Positions: Oral, Missionary, Cowgirl, Doggie, Facial

Scene 4 - Natalie

In scene four Combat Zone introduces us to Natalie. We find her seducing her step brother. Being not blood related, they take their fun to the next level. As her pussy is eaten, there is very little if any response from her at all and certainly no excitement. As she returns the favor to him and she does have some excellent deep throating skills, but just doesn't't show enough cock sucking energy that you want to see. Her fucking segments improved as they went along and you could hear a increase in her breathing. Outside of her breathing there were no other vocal indications of pleasure and her facil expression pretty much did not show and excitement or pleasure throughout the scene. She has nice nice little bobbies with soft looking nipples that giggle when being fucked and form that nice cone shape when in the doggie positions. You will get some nice close ups of her ass and pussy as she takes it cowgirl. Laying on her back, on comes the pop shot with a jump on the first hit and the remaining in her mouth and sucks her partner dry. Again, there were no facil expressions to enhance this segment. You can certainly see the newness in this scene and areas that need some attention, but they all have to start somewhere. I personally would have not put this scene as the closing act for the DVD. I think Natalie has the potential to bring some great scenes to us, but you could really see the newness and sometimes nervousness throughout.

Positions: Oral, Cowgirl, Reverse Cowgirl, Doggie, Missionary, Facil

Extras: Behind The Scenes, Photo Gallery, Cum Shot Recap

Audio & Video: The audio and video were of good quality.

Final Thoughts

Sometimes, I wonder if there is enough thought put into the order of the scenes. I see it oh to often. When you put two very strong scenes as the 1st two and then the next two decline from the nut buster opening, it really takes allot away from the DVD. Ivy and Ally were certainly the two anchor scenes for this DVD and should have opened and closed out the DVD. Having them as the first two scenes and with the strength of those scenes, built up allot of expectations of what was to come, but were only let down by two poorer scenes. Not every girl is always going to deliver the best scene, but let's not ruin the grand finale with giving the viewers a limp dick. If the last two scenes were the only two in this dvd, I would recommend to skip it. If Ally's and Ivy's were the only two scenes, I would highly recommend it. So my rating and recommendation has to average the two and that is, because of the strength of the first two I would still recommend watching it, for Ally and Ivy are well worth it. With all of that said, I am off to see if I can convince Ivy and Ally to come give me a special cheer!


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