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Nymphomaniac: Tori Black

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by Sean DPS » Review Date: 7/13/10

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Tori Black: Nymphomaniac
Harmony Pictures

Directed by Gazzman
Running Time: 3hrs and 16 minutes

Special Features:

Behind the Scenes (a 23 minute feature, featuring footage of the photo shoots, some more interviews, and of course some BTS of the shooting of the sex, and all seem to be hosted by Tori, which we get a little more insight into her)
Cum Shot Recap
Photo Gallery
Trailers (6)
Shot in HD


Tori Black
Aleska Diamond
Michelle Moist
Vallery Summer

Overall Thoughts:

So after reviewing another Harmony Pictures films, I was looking forward to checking out another release by them, especially when Tori Black is the cover girl for the movie. I have to make one statement before I go too far into this review. If you were expecting a movie with Tori in all the scenes, this is not that movie. If that is what you were expecting, might I suggest Tori Black is Pretty Filthy. But I would like to say that she is in two of the scenes, and she once again proves why she has won so many awards. But I do need to point out that the other ladies in this movie were also very good, each bringing their A game in each of the scenes. I had no idea who most of the ladies were before watching the movie, but after watching it, I will be looking forward to seeing more of the them. There is a variety of sex in this movie, so no matter what you are into, there is a good chance that it's in this film. The movie was shot in HD, and it looked very good, except I did notice that the light from the camera would really make all the performers look very pale at close up. No issues to report when it comes to the audio, the movie does a good job and making sure you hear every moan of excitement. The special features were good, the BTS had some more sexy interviews and voice over from Tori throughout, although some of it kind of reminded me of the same stuff from Tori Black is Pretty Filthy. So I think I am going to give this a HIGHLY RECOMMEND rating, another solid overall release from Harmony Pictures and Gazzman, so far they have yet to disappoint me. The mix of great sex and the very sexy voice-overs and interviews from Tori throughout the movie.

Scene One: Tori Black and Steve Holmes and Jazz Duro

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The film starts with a nice intro video that gives you a little tease of what you are going to see, and then we get an interview with Tori, where she explains what Tori Black is in her mind. It's an extension of her sexual identity. She goes into a whole thing about anal and how she wants to share her ass with two guys at once. She throws one of the guys onto the couch, he plays with her tits, while the other guy stuff his face into her ass. She begins to give one of them a blowjob, while the other plays with her pussy. But soon both guys have their cocks out and she is working on both of them. One guy starts fucking her pussy while she continues to jerk off the other guy. After some finger play in her ass, she is bent over getting fucked from behind in her pussy, her ass isn't quite ready yet. The guys switch positions and the fucking continues until her ass is finally entered. Slow at first as she pleads and cries with excitement. After one guys gets a crack at her ass, it's only fair that the other guys does too. Tori once again shows that she is in charge when it comes to the sex, as she makes the guy beg to fuck her ass some more. She eventually lets him, as she climbs on top and goes for a ride. But like a true naughty girl, she makes sure the other guy is always included in the fun. She gives both guys equal amount of time fucking her ass. For a brief moment, you almost think a DP is going to happen, but maybe some other time. We also get some awesome booty bouncing and slapping as she is riding one of the guys. She screams that she is about to cum, but the guys do their best to try to get her to hold it in, but she can't. She cums a few times as she let's each guy take their turn with her ass. For you foot fans out there, she jerks off one of the guys with her feet. The scene comes to a close as each guy cums on her pussy

Scene Two: Amabella and Steve Holmes

After a short clip of Tori talking about the first time you see someone your gonna fuck, we cut to Amabella asleep on the bed. Tori does a good job of showing how sexy she is, as we get a look over Amabella in her pink lingerie. Tori continues to do a voice over about the intensity of a one on one sexual encounter. Amabella gets things started with a blowjob, while she plays with her pussy. He spins her over and begins to showcase her ass, and even pours some honey on her ass. He gets a little play in her ass, before he takes her finger and lets her play with it. He slowly sticks his cock in her pussy and she immediately scream with excitement. After that she flips around on the bed and he gets to face fuck her, and she even sucks on his balls a bit. But she is soon back to having her ass in the air, and this time, he slowly enters her ass, and she once again is showing her excitement. He pours some more liquid over her ass, to help things out a bit, as he sticks a few fingers in at first, but they are soon replaced with his cock. There is a brief ass to moth moment, before he is once again back in her ass. After a brief break, she is leaning up against the bed post and he is once again inside her ass. She follows that up with a long oral session before she climbs on top once again for some reverse cowgirl action in....her ass, what a surprise. So basically the easiest way for me to describe the rest of the scene, is some hot anal sex in various positions until he cums in her ass, but he jerks himself out until he cums a little more on the side of her face.

Scene Three: Aleska Diamond and unknown male

After another short voice over montage with Tori, talking about rituals and restraint. We see Aleska is tied to a table and suddenly a man appears and begins to kiss and play with her while she is tied up. After some foreplay with a rose, she begins to suck on his cock, After we see that her legs are tied and braced together, he lifts her legs and begins to enter her pussy. But as the restraints come off the fucking continues in the spoon position. But she is soon on all four getting fucked in the ass, doggy style. After that we get an oral session followed by her back on all fours getting fucked in the ass again, with a few thrusts in her pussy too. The anal (with some pussy play too) sex continues with some cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, spoon, and we end with some missionary until he cums in her mouth and she licks his cock clean.

Scene Four: Aliz and two unknown males

After a short tease video of Aliz and Tori, she talks about what it is like to give her body to two guys at once. And we see that Aliz is ready for them, as she starts off by licking each of their cocks before giving them a blowjob. Suddenly the guys clothes are all off and she climbs on one guy for some reverse cowgirl anal action, but that soon quickly turns into a DP which makes her moan with delight as she screams for them to fuck her. After a short oral session, she is once again back to the receiving end of another DP. It looks like one of the guys may have cummed in her ass at one point during this scene. You know in the last scene I said it was a lot of anal in numerous positions, well this seems to be about the same, a whole lotta DP in the cowgirl and reverse cowgirl positions. The scene ends with both guys cumming in her mouth and face.

Scene Five: Michelle Moist and unknown male

The next discussion from Tori is about dominating someone, and we see Michelle Moist is about to dominate this guy. After some teasing with a whip, she starts to take off straps and leathers and then stuff his face into her pussy. She gives him instructions as he is eating out her pussy. She decides that she wants a piece of the action as she begins to give him a blowjob. After she is done, she tells him that he is going to be her bitch as she climbs on the table and instructs him to start fucking her. After some missionary, he starts licking her ass, until he starts fucking her pussy in some doggy. She follows that up, by climbing on top and goes for a ride in some reverse cowgirl. To spice things up a bit, she tells him to give her ass a few spanks. And apparently she also likes getting her hair pulled, as she instructs him to do while they are in the spoon position. A few things to point out, she seems to have a very large piercing on her tongue, must be for the oral, and two, I really love those stocking she is wearing during this scene. And guess what, she gives him some oral, and he seems to enjoy it. She climbs on top once again and rides him in some cowgirl. After some hard thrusts from him in the missionary position, they end up back in the spoon, until he pops out and cums on her pussy area.

Scene Six: Vallery Summer, Tori Black and Steve Holmes

She explains how everyone has a little Tori Black in them and that they all have a little sexual energy in them and that she wants to show the world hers. We see her teasing Vallery, whose nipples are bedazzled and she is wearing some sexy white sleeve gloves. Tori is eating out her pussy while playing with her huge breasts. Vallery begins to take off Tori's sexy bra and panties, while she begins to return the favor. But as the voice over states, Tori loves threesome, and what do you know, a man has entered the scene. The girls start off by double teaming his cock, then Vallery sits on his face as Tori continues to work on his cock. Vallery backs up and goes for a ride, but it soon is Tori's turn in the spoon position. After a quick break in the action, she lick Tori's ass, but then Tori wants to ride him. So she climbs on top as Vallery sits on his face, just shows that both girls are getting equal attention at all times. Vallery goes for another ride, but Tori wants to see her titties bounce as she is getting fucked. He instructs the girls to lay on top of each other and uses this as a chance to easily switch back and forth between fucking both of the girls. The girls get a little adventurous as Vallery works on his cock and Tori licks his ass. The girls continue to take turns with him, but they always make sure that no one is left out. For an example the girls get into a 69 position, while he fucks Vallery. The fucking continues until Tori tells him he can cum, so he does all over Vallery's pussy area, which Tori cleans up.

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