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Curse Eternal

Studio: Wicked Pictures » Review by Dr. Jay » Review Date: 9/17/10

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Genre: Feature
Director: Brad Armstrong
Cast: Alyssa Knight, Barrett Blade, Brad Armstrong, Chris Cannon, Eric Masterson, Eva Angelina, Gia Jordan, Ice LaFox, jessica drake, Joey Ray, Kaylani Lei, Kelly Kline, Keri Sable, Kris Knight, Lezley Zen, Randy Spears, Tiffany Taylor, Tory Lane. 
Must-See Girls in Cast: Eva Angelinajessica drakeTory Lane.
Length: 02:34
Condoms: Yes.
Bonus: One bonus star for the cast, which includes Dr. Jay's Must-See Girls Eva Angelina, jessica drake, and Tory Lane.


Curse Eternal is an extremely well-made motion picture that chronicles the life, death, and rebirth of Egyptian Queen Neferkala. In 21st-dynasty Egypt, Neferkala, convincingly portrayed by Kaylani Lei, was the wife of a pharaoh who neglected her and, instead, preferred to spend his time with concubines and lesbians. So, unfulfilled, Neferkala took a lover named Nomron, played by Eric Masterson. Of course, the pharaoh's men soon discovered Neferkala's transgression and immediately put Nomron to death. However, Neferkala was spared because she was, after all, the queen. Eventually, after Neferkala exacted her revenge on her cheating royal husband by taking his life, she, too, was put to death.

Neferkala's body was mummified according to the customs of her time and was buried with all the pomp and circumstance due a royal queen. Thousands of years later, in the 1980's, an archeologist, superbly portrayed by Randy Spears, discovered her tomb. Excited by his find, Randy opened the sarcophagus and released ancient magic that resulted in Neferkala's rebirth. Unfortunately, Neferkala had been buried under a curse that requires Neferkala to kill anyone who opens her tomb. On the other hand, she was intensely pleased to be awakened from her millennia-long slumber. What to do? Kill her savior or reward him? She chose to do both--fuck him royally and then kill him. Meanwhile, Randy's Egyptian assistant, terrified of the released curse, resealed the tomb using dynamite so that both Neferkala could not escape.

Twenty years later, in the present time, Randy's daughter Samantha, superbly played by jessica drake, reopens Neferkala's tomb. However, instead of immediately opening the sarcophagus, Samantha ships it to her office in Los Angeles. In due course, Samantha opens the sarcophagus under the brilliant light of her lab and, along with her assistant, marvels at the magnificence of not only the body but also of its adornments. Later that day, after Samantha shuts off the lights and leaves for the day, Neferkala arises from the dead, fucks--and kills--the night watchman, and then makes her way through the Los Angeles streets (encountering bums, bright lights, and bouncers) until she comes across a club in which Samantha's assistant is partying. After overpowering the bouncer's will with her stunning semi-clad body and with her magic, Neferkala walks to the head of the line and into the club. She dances erotically with several girls, making quite an impression with her attire, as Samantha's assistant watches with increasing trepidation. Neferkala soon finds the restroom (how she knows what to do with a restroom is beyond me!) and watches Keri Sable give Barrett Blade a blowjob. Neferkala is intrigued and decides she wants a bit of Keri's delightful ass for herself.

Meanwhile, Samantha's assistant frantically calls her to warn her that Neferkala has come back from the dead. After a little convincing, Samantha rushes off to the club and discovers that Neferkala has, indeed, resurrected. Neferkala soon learns that Samantha is the daughter of the man who originally awakened her twenty years earlier. So, instead of killing Samantha, as the curse requires, Neferkala spares her life. Together, Neferkala and Samantha set out to find Neferkala's reincarnated true love, Nomron. But, before they leave the club, Neferkala casts a spell on the club to turn it into a massive orgy while simultaneously conjuring up the reenactment of an orgy that once occurred in ancient Egypt. Curiously, due to reincarnation, several of the participants in the ancient orgy (jessica, Ice LaFox, and Brad Armstrong) also partake in the modern-day sex-fest.

After the orgies, Samantha helps Neferkala search for her reincarnated lover. Meanwhile, Neferkala confesses the circumstances of her lover's death and the decadence of her royal husband. It seems that the pharaoh liked to sponsor lesbian love fests (I like him!), including a threeway featuring Alyssa Knight, Tiffany Taylor, and Tory Lane. Unfortunately, Neferkala was so incensed when she watched her husband reveling in the girls' lust that she killed him. Of course, the penalty for killing the pharaoh was her own death.

Eventually, Neferkala finds her lover who has been reincarnated into Samantha's boyfriend's body (Eric Masterson). Through the use of Neferkala's magic, she, Samantha, and Eric share a threesome in ancient Egypt and then Eric, as Nomron, remains with Neferkala. Meanwhile, Eric, in his current body, returns to the present with Samantha.

From this plot overview, I hope you get the feel for the depth and breadth of this movie's storyline. Curse Eternal would be a very entertaining movie even if there were no sex scenes in it! The locations, sets, and costumes are very credible and believable. No expense was spared during the filming of Curse Eternal! Notice I said "filming." Yes, in a day in which digital camcorders are the norm, director Brad Armstrong used film!

I am particularly pleased with the locations and props. Camels, desert vehicles, mummies, Egyptian artifacts, and magnificent jewelry are just a few of the props. In addition, sets included a dance club, credible Egyptian temples, cave-like tombs, and sophisticated labs. Wow! It's not often that a porn movie has such production values. Kudos to Wicked, director Brad Armstrong, to the cast, and to the crew for an award-worthy release.

Check out some photos of the girls in Curse Eternal here. Pay particular attention to the photos of the incomparable jessica drake and adorable Keri Sable as well as the numerous orgy shots. Enjoy!


Curse Eternal is composed of nine couples-friendly scenes that include a blowjob, four boy/girl, one girl/girl, one boy/girl orgy, one girl/girl orgy, and b/g/g threeway.

Scene One

Scene One features Randy Spears and Kaylani Lei and occurs moments after archeologist Randy unseals Neferkala's (Kaylani's) sarcophagus. Randy begins to pay homage to his "queen" by eagerly eating her tasty, pink, slippery, and cleanly shaven pussy while Kaylani groans in ecstasy and undulates her body provocatively as her eyes roll back in her head. Soon, Randy works his fingers deep into Kaylani's cunt, which, as you might expect, causes her to shout for joy. Once Kaylani's queenly juices are flowing as abundantly as the river Nile, she pleases Randy's cock by sucking it to full mast with her tender--yet demanding--mouth while stroking it with her skillful fingers. Kaylani uses lots of her spit to lubricate the works and establishes lots of intense eye contact with Randy to make his blood boil (superb photography and use of shadows). Meanwhile, she uses her long and manicured fingernails to scratch his bare flesh. And, she deep-throats his entire rod and gobbles his balls, too! Sex begins in the reverse cowgirl position as the camera zooms in tight to capture the in-and-out action. Kaylani, who's wearing a brief skirt made, it appears, from gold coins fastened to a belt that encircles her waist, looks fucking awesome as she enthusiastically bounces up and down on Randy's curiously condom-sheathed cock. Actually, Kaylani's erotic moves are quite stunning, especially when she undulates her body while Randy's cock is deep inside her vagina. Later, they transition to doggie. Kaylani bends over what appears to be a treasure chest and presents her royal--and very wet--pussy to Randy. He, of course, slips his cock inside and pounds her with long and increasingly intense strokes while she murmurs her appreciation (magnificent photography!). Randy, thankfully, repeatedly pulls out so that we can get an eyeful of Kaylani's oh-so-sweet and oh-so-wet tunnel of delight. Randy's cock soon reaches the point of no return. So, as he rips off his condom, Kaylani drops to her knees so that he can explode onto her tongue and into her wide-open mouth. Kaylani lets Randy's semen slip off her tongue and onto her boobs and then sucks his cock dry. Then, of course, she kills him because he dared to open her tomb. This is a beautifully shot yet curiously unfulfilling scene that contains only two sexual positions and doesn't result in a "royal" orgasm. Three and one-half stars.

Scene Two

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Scene Two, set in the present day, features jessica drake and Eric Masterson. Eric and jessica fight because she decides to go to Egypt to search for Neferkala's--and her father's--tomb. Of course, Eric, like any red-blooded male, doesn't want a woman of jessica's obvious value to leave him--even for a short time or for a worthy cause. To placate Eric, jessica suggests that they "play nice." Then, she reaches down to kiss him deeply as he sits back on a comfy white leather couch. "That's better," they agree. Soon, jessica falls into Eric's arms and, as they continue to kiss, he unbuttons her blouse so that he can savor and kiss her gorgeous breasts and nuzzle her neck. Soon, jessica's pleasure engine ignites. So, she squirms with delight when Eric starts to remove her dress slacks. As jessica's body is slowly revealed, I couldn't help but think how fucking beautiful she is. Damn! Hard, muscular abs and thighs, medium-sized beautiful boobs, long pretty legs, flowing curly blond hair, perfect feet and toes, inviting bald-shaven pussy, and a studious looking face...what more could a man--or woman, for that matter--want? Eric reacts in much the same way I would--he immediately buries his face between jessica's legs and pleases her sensitive labia, clitoris, and asshole with his tongue and multiple fingers. Eric even lets jessica suck his girl-juice covered fingers clean! Meanwhile, jessica undulates her perfect body, squeezes her boobs, and pants pleasurably. Later, as is often the case, jessica responds orally by kissing, sucking, licking, swallowing, and stroking Eric's slobbery-wet cock. Damn, jessica really knows how to swallow a dick! And, she does a damned fine job suckling and licking his balls, too! When it's time for sex, jessica mounts Eric cowgirl style and slowly slides his condom-protected erect shaft up her tight, pink, and wet hole. Damn, jessica's perfect ass looks so fine as she slides her pussy up and down on his rod. Soon, jessica's pussy has relaxed so that it can consume every inch of Eric's lucky rod. Then, she begins to piston up and down, oh-so-erotically, as rivers of white juice flow out of her vagina and down his cock. Like every part of jessica's body, her pussy is absolutely outstanding! Soon, both Eric and jessica are thrusting happily, effectively matching each others' strokes like a well-engineered fucking machine. During this cowgirl segment, jessica takes an occasional time-out to suck Eric's cock clean while three-finger-fucking her superb asshole with spit-lubricated digits. Of course, she squeals with delight as pleasure envelops her body. As the scene continues, jessica and Eric transition to doggie so that he can pound her from behind while grabbing handfuls of her hard and perfectly-toned flesh. Meanwhile, jessica helps out by finger-fucking her asshole, spreading her butt-cheeks wide, and by talking nasty. Soon, jessica is rewarded with a very sweet orgasm. Eric wants jessica's orgasm to continue to flow. So, he continues to fuck her as obvious pleasure surges through her flesh. Eventually, however, Eric can no longer contain himself. So, jessica drops to her knees and prepares to capture his load with her mouth as he tears off his condom and jacks himself off. After Eric's spasms subside, jessica sucks every last drop out of his rod while letting his slippery semen slide out of her mouth. Four and one-half stars.

Several minutes of superb mainstream-quality plot development follow. During this time, archeologist Samantha (jessica) re-opens Neferkala's tomb and relates the legend of how Neferkala's tryst with Nomron resulted in his execution.

Scene Three

In Scene Three, Queen Neferkala (Kaylani Lei) rides a camel to a remote deserted location to meet Eric--in his Egyptian persona (Nomron) instead of his present-day self--for a little afternoon delight. Once Kaylani arrives--on a camel, no less--they kiss passionately and fondle each others' horny bodies. Kaylani quickly drops to her knees so that she can feast on Eric's bountiful penis. Kaylani looks super fine as her barely-there Egyptian style gold metal outfit flutters here-and-there to reveal her hard body and perky tits. Kaylani establishes mesmerizing eye contact with Eric as she uses skillful mouth and hand techniques to please his cock. Meanwhile, Eric grabs handfuls of Kaylani's long black hair and pulls it tight. As Kaylani's camel watches dispassionately, Eric lies back on blanket-covered sand so that Kaylani can fuck him reverse cowgirl style. As Kaylani slides her pussy up and down on Eric's condom-covered shaft, she uses her fingers to spread her labia wide open for our enjoyment (damned pretty fingernails!) and to jack her clit. Kaylani soon gets quite passionate as she bounces up and down--her gold-coin-like skirt jangles delightfully in response to her energetic thrusts (stunning photography--long shots as well as close-ups). Her body reveals her pleasure in numerous ways...she pants and gasps for air, her pert little nipples swell huge and hard, and her body quivers with delight. When Kaylani senses that Eric is getting too-close-to-an-orgasm-for-comfort, she lifts herself off his cock and gently sucks off her juices. In due course, Kaylani and Eric transition to doggie. At first, both Kaylani and Eric move together, matching each others' thrusts. However, as Eric gets further inflamed he begins to pound her with increasing strength as she erotically undulates her body, murmurs words of affection, and enjoys being fucked. Sadly, just as Kaylani is ramping up to an orgasm, Eric loses control. Kaylani quickly drops to her knees and opens her mouth so that Eric can feed his cum to her. She then spits his semen onto his shaft and affectionately licks his quivering rod. Three and one-half stars.

Between Scenes Three and Four, Nomron is apprehended as he and Neferkala bask in an after-sex glow. In addition, Samantha arranges for transport of Neferkala's sarcophagus back to her lab, inspects and opens the casket when it arrives, and catalogs its contents. After Samantha spends a day working on the mummy and sarcophagus, she turns off her lab's lights and leaves. Darkness is needed for Neferkala to be reborn. So, she soon awakens, senses the life of a security guard (Chris Cannon), and then draws him to her as she arises from her coffin. Of course, she fucks him--and then kills him--in Scene Four. 

Scene Four

Scene Four begins as Kaylani grabs Chris Cannon by the neck and announces that he must sacrifice himself to her. For this selfless act, Chris (like Randy 20 years previously) will be rewarded with a royal fucking. She then pushes Chris to his knees and then shoves his face between her legs for a little long-awaited cunnilingus. Chris makes Kaylani very happy with his world-class pussy-licking and probing technique. So much so, in fact, that Kaylani is soon grinding his face while moaning with intense pleasure. And, her entire body heaves and quivers, especially when he shoves his fingers deep inside her cunt as he eagerly licks her clit (great moves, Kaylani!). As the scene continues, Kaylani gives Chris a well-appreciated blowjob. Chris so enjoys the fellatio that he's soon pistoning his rod deep down her accommodating throat as her hands and lips clamp down tightly. Then, Kaylani bends over her sarcophagus doggie style so that Chris can deeply fuck her from behind. Meanwhile, Kaylani turns her head around and gazes into Chris' eyes in a way that would melt the coldest heart. And, she increases her pleasure by jacking her clit as Chris plows her vagina. Later, Kaylani straddles Chris, reverse cowgirl style, uses both hands to spread her labia super wide, and then inches her tight pussy down around Chris' twitching and achingly-hard shaft. Then, as Chris grabs handfuls of her fine butt cheeks and breast flesh, Kaylani pounds his cock with long and powerful strokes as her metallic-coin skirt jangles delightfully. Kaylani fucks him with such energy and strength that both she and Chris are soon drenched with sweat. To finish up, Chris quenches his queen's thirst when he shoots his (minimal) load into her mouth. Three and one-half stars.

Neferkala escapes from Samantha's lab and, after combing LA's streets, finds herself in a club (damn, Kaylani sure knows how to walk in a very erotic fashion!). After dancing with some of the patrons (her barely-there outfit makes her the center of everyone's attention), she finds her way to the restroom where she encounters Keri Sable giving Barrett Blade a blowjob.

Scene Five

Every time I think of Keri Sable I become a bit melancholy. She retired too fucking soon! When I think of all the pleasure I could have had in the future had she remained in the business, well, I get the blues. That's why I'm so disappointed by Scene Five. It's just a blowjob! Given that it's Keri who's doing the sucking, it is a damned fine blowjob! And, it was very nicely filmed. However, it's just fellatio. No fucking, no anal sex (for which Keri is superbly adept), no earth shattering female orgasm. On the other hand, Barrett obviously cums--all over Keri's face, hair, and eyes. Scene Five is such a waste of Keri's amazing talents. Three stars. 

Scene Six

Immediately after Keri finishes with Barrett, she comes upon Kaylani, who is primping herself in front of the restroom mirror. The girls admire each others' outfits and tattoos and then Kaylani lovingly strokes Keri's pretty face with her knowing hands. Soon, they're sharing an open-mouthed kiss as they gently caress each other, pull aside each others' tops, and grab handfuls of all-natural breast. Kaylani quickly increases the heat when she tenderly licks Keri's flesh and suckles her pert nipples. In contrast to her previous scenes, during which Kaylani forces the guys to first go down on her royal pussy, Kaylani soon drops to her knees and spreads Keri's labia wide open for a little greedy cunnilingus (Keri's pussy is incredibly inviting!). Keri enjoys the feel of Kaylani's wet tongue and is soon whimpering and panting in ecstasy as she leans against the washroom sink. And, Keri's face beams pure bliss when Kaylani uses her hands to gently slap and stroke her pussy. After Kaylani gets her fill of Keri's sweet girl-juice, she multiple-finger-fucks Keri's cunt while using the fingers on her other hand to tightly squeeze Keri's clit. And, Kaylani even suckles Keri's labia while doing all of the above! Of course, Keri's body burns with pleasure. Later, Kaylani bends Keri over the sink, doggie style, so that she can rim her asshole from behind (Keri's butt cheeks are superb!). Kaylani, her face beaming with joy, also licks and tongue- and multiple-finger-fucks Keri's pussy. Of course, Keri shouts out her approval (fantastic photography). After Keri cums, she stands up straight and faces Kaylani. Then, evil bitch that she is, Kaylani extracts Keri's life force from her soon-dead body. Four stars!

Immediately after (Neferkala) Kaylani "finishes off" Keri, she steals Keri's clothes and then walks out onto the dance floor. Meanwhile, archeologist Samantha (jessica drake) arrives to discover that her "mummy" is really alive and well. Neferkala soon realizes that Samantha is the daughter of Randy (from Scene One). Therefore, Neferkala spares Samantha's life. Neferkala soon relates the tale about her slain lover Nomron and how she has returned to life to seek his soul in a reincarnated man.

Scene Seven

Using her magic, Kaylani causes an orgy to break out among the revelers--a "gift" to jessica that she truly enjoys . Not only does a seven-person orgy break out in the present time, but concurrently (as if Kaylani's magic disrupted the space-time continuum), a six-person orgy in ancient Egypt is reenacted. What's even more remarkable is that three of the participants--Brad Armstrong, jessica drake, and Ice LaFox--get to fuck both in antiquity as well as in the present!

As is always the case, it's really hard to give a blow-by-blow (pun intended) description of an orgy. So, it's even worse when there are two concurrent orgies going on at the same time--albeit separated by millennia. So, here are just a few highlights.1) I really like the female-male ratio in both orgies. In the present time, Brad Armstrong and Kris Knight get to fuck jessica drake, Lezley Zen, Kelly Kline, Gia Jordan, and Ice LaFox. That's five girls to two guys...talk about great odds! In ancient Egypt, Brad (lucky sucker) and Joey Ray get to have their way with jessica, Ice LaFox, and my current favorite girl, Eva Angelina. That's three to two! Of course, that means lots of action for each guy. However, it also provides lots of time for sweet girl/girl sex. And, while one girl services a guy, another girl can pleasure that girl. Wow! These are the orgies of dreams! 2) jessica drake takes it up the ass in her ancient Egyptian persona. Her pussy looks magnificent as it winks open and closed as Brad's cock slides in and out of her asshole. 3) Before the orgy begins in ancient Egypt, Brad and Joey are treated to a fine female tease during which magnificent Eva really shines (wait until you see the ancient girls' outfits!). 4) There are lots of very erotic foreplay activities employed: one, two or three girls performing fellatio on a single cock (with lots of spit employed!); one girl sucking cock while another girl fucks the same guy's face; Eva and jessica doing absolutely superb blowjobs that include lots of deep-throat action; and Eva gobbling jessica's pussy while jessica, in turn, deep throats Joey's cock. 5) During sex, the guys get to pound the girls in gorgeous-looking positions: doggie (Lezley Zen's ass looking fucking outstanding in doggie), piledriver (jessica looks awesome in this position), and reverse cowgirl (Eva does a superb job in reverse). Even better, each guy gets his turn with each girl! 7) Whenever a girl isn't getting fucked, she's busy multiple-finger-fucking, eating, or licking another girl (lots of 69) or helping another girl please a guy--especially by sucking the girl's juices off the guy's dick. In other words, all the girls work together as a huge well-designed fucking machine! 8) Brad positions jessica and Kelly Kline next to each other in the doggie position so that he can take turns fucking one pussy after another, round-robin style. God, what a life! 9) Several of the girls cum--and cum hard! 10) The cumshots are superb! Multiple girls gather around each exploding cock and then the guy generously shoots some of his semen into each wide-open mouth. Several of the girls swallow or cum swap. Five stars!

After the orgy, Samantha (jessica) and Neferkala (Kaylani) set out to find the reincarnated Nomron. As they drive through the city, Neferkala tells Samantha how she came to murder her unfaithful husband, the pharaoh. The last straw came when Neferkala found him enjoying the favors of three hot girls (Alyssa Knight, Tiffany Taylor, and Tory Lane) as they perform an incendiary three-way lesbian love fest for his enjoyment.

Scene Eight

Atop a barge on a lake-like setting, the Pharaoh watches as Alyssa, Tiffany, and Tory begin by kissing deeply while stroking each others' bodies with knowing hands. Soon, the slight amount of clothing covering their breasts (the costumes are fantastic!) is torn away so that the girls can ravenously feast on each others' alluring nipples. Soon, the lure of Tory's pussy becomes so strong that Alyssa and Tiffany simply must go down on it to lick and probe her sweet hole. Within minutes, the action morphs into a no-holes-barred lick fest, each girl gorging herself on another girl's tasty juices. And, a lot of multiple-finger-fucking and asshole rimming occurs, too! Of course, all the girls enjoy the lesbian loving. So, they are soon panting and heaving with lust. During the action, two girls occasionally break away from the group to enjoy a little on-on-one action. When that happens, the other girl vigorously masturbates while watching the debauchery unfold before her. In particular, Tory does a superb job of fucking herself--and eating her own cum! In due course, Tory grabs two ornate (and slightly incongruous) glass dildos and uses them to simultaneously fuck both Tiffany's and Alyssa's soaking-wet pussies. Tory uses a pussy-pleasing twisting motion as she thrusts the toys in and out. And, she uses her tongue to keep each of the two clits--and both sets of boobs--happy, dividing her time equally between Tiffany and Alyssa. Meanwhile, astute Tory repeatedly turns her head toward the pharaoh to make sure he's enjoying himself. Tory's actions pay off when the girls cum and she gets to lick their juices off of each of the dildos. Afterwards, it's Tory's turn to be the center of attention. So, while Tory lies on her side, the other two girls fuck her asshole with the dildo while licking her clit and probing her pussy with their tongues. Even better, the girls double-fuck Tory's pussy and asshole with the two queen-sized dildos while feeding her their tits (outstanding photography)! Then, as the scene begins to wind down, Tory does the nastiest move in the whole movie...she tugs the dildo out of her ass and sucks it clean. Then, Alyssa and Tiffany make Tory cum by reaming her asshole with a dildo and by licking her cunt. Tory explodes with a rage of lust and then again sucks the ass-covered dildo clean. Five stars!

As Samantha and Neferkala continue to drive through LA's streets, Neferkala senses Nomron's presence...in Samantha's house, no less. Samantha's boyfriend Adam is Nomron incarnated! It turns out that Samantha's and Neferkala's lives have been intertwined for all eternity--and their taste in men has stayed the same. Of course, Neferkala wants Nomron back. However, she's deeply indebted to Samantha. So, to reward Samantha's assistance, Neferkala allows all three of them to enjoy a celebratory threeway. 

Scene Nine

Kaylani (Neferkala) and jessica (Samantha) surprise Eric Masterson as he walks naked and dripping wet out of the shower. Kaylani recognizes his inner essence at once. So, she embraces him possessively--much to Eric's consternation. Soon, however, Eric falls under her spell and is content to let Kaylani take him back to ancient Egypt with her. jessica begs for a reprieve--and Kaylani grants it. After hypnotizing both jessica and Eric with an amulet, they and Kaylani find themselves walking hand-in-hand in the Nile River. They soon find a secluded site so that Eric can pull aside his robe and let Kaylani suckle his cock--a cock she has awaited for millennia. She really worships his shaft with her tongue, mouth, and hands and revels when he slaps her tongue with his rod. As the scene continues, jessica, too, gets her chance to lick, suckle, and swallow Eric's lucky rod. The girls continue to take turns blowing Eric's cock for a few minutes--they both look stunning and perform fellatio with lust and skill. Interestingly, the queen allows jessica to be the first to fuck Eric's cock--in the reverse cowgirl position. Jessica looks better than words can describe as she forcefully and boisterously hurls her pussy up and down on Eric's shaft while fingering her own clit. Eric, too, gets in on the action and pistons his dick in-and-out of jessica and near redline speed while suckling jessica's bountiful boobs. After a while, jessica steps off Eric's cock, sucks it clean, and gives Kaylani her first chance--in over 3,000 years!--to fuck Eric's cock. As Kaylani bends over doggie style (she looks magnificent), Eric pounds her super-saturated and dripping pussy with long and fervent strokes (great camera angles and close-ups). Meanwhile, jessica uses her hands to stroke Eric's rippling muscles. To finish up, Kaylani and jessica share Eric's cock, licking it in unison with both of their tongues (God, I love it when two girls share a cock!). Eric looks down in wonder as the girls work together to lick, suck, and stroke his shaft. Of course, his excitement eventually gets the better of him when he fills both of their mouths with his cum. With their semen-filled mouths, the girls then kiss each other to cum-swap and lick every drop off his twitching rod. Four stars!

Afterward, as Neferkala and Nomron walk hand-in-hand into their future, jessica finds herself back in the 21st century with her boyfriend Adam. All's well that ends well.

DVD Perspectives

Video (technical): The original wide-screen image was captured on film instead of through the use of a digital video camcorder. Therefore, the image is very rich, natural looking, and appealing. Much of the footage was captured in subdued lighting circumstances. However, the action we want to see is always visible--we can always see the pussies! Since film was used, there is a bit of grain, especially in the shadows during low-light scenes. However, the richness of the image more than makes up for this naturally occurring phenomenon. All other video perspectives, include editing, are equally as effective as the photography itself. I must also mention the special effects. Without being trite or clichéd, the judicious use of special effects (such as visual effect when Kaylani extracts the life force from her victims) adds real professionalism and credibility to the story. Excellent. Five stars.

Audio (technical): Perfect. The dialog and the sweet sounds of sex are always audible and the volume level remains steady and appropriate throughout the feature. The superb musical soundtrack supports rather than overpowers the sounds of passion. I particularly enjoyed how, through special effects or natural occurrence, the cast members' voices echo in the tombs. Even better, you can watch the movie with dialog in English, Spanish, and German; with commentary; or with music only. Every detail was considered in Curse Eternal. Nothing was left to chance. Everything, including the audio, works--and works perfectly. This is a superb feature. Five stars.

Extras: Nobody does Extras better than Wicked! And, Curse Eternal is no exception. In fact, there's a second disk chock full of goodies. Disk One contains the main feature. It has interactive menus, a full-motion chapter selector, the trailer for Curse Eternal, and a setup menu that allows you to choose from six different soundtracks: normal 5.1 Dolby (music and dialog), music only, dialog only, Spanish audio, German audio, or commentary. Wow! Disk Two contains three full bonus sex scenes (jessica drake, Keri Sable, and Brad Armstrong from Sold; Kaylani Lei and Manuel Ferrara from Erotik; and Kaylani Lei, jessica drake, and Chris Evans from Perfect Life); a 42-minute Behind-the-Scenes feature; a Blooper Reel; video of the boxcover-shoot; a self-running slide show of Curse Eternal-specific photos (excellent images!); star-specific self-running slide shows for Kaylani Lei, jessica drake, Keri Sable, Kelly Kline, Ice LaFox, Gia Gordan, Eva Angelina, Tory Lane, Tiffany Taylor, and Alyssa Knight; text biographies of Kaylani, jessica, Keri, and Lezley; slide shows organized by sex scene; an interview with Director Brad Armstrong; trailers; promo materials; extras specifically for DVD-ROM computer users; a catalog of Wicked DVDs; and phone sex ads. Five stars!

Aesthetics: Stunning. Superb. Equal to--or better than--mainstream. The locations, sets, costumes, props, and makeup particularly impressed me. In addition, the musical soundtrack is absolutely appropriate. It's the kind of music that contributes to the overall impact of each and every sex scene as well as the plot-related footage. The music is Egyptian when it should be, modern when it's appropriate, and spooky when something sinister is going on. EXCELLENT! On the other hand, I just can't help mentioning two things that I found quite incongruent. In the ancient Egyptian desert scene (Kaylani and Eric), there are scores of motorcycle tracks all over the desert sand nearby. Why did Kaylani have to ride a camel to their hideaway if she could have ridden a motorcycle? Also, I really don't think that the ancient Egyptians had condoms. Five stars.

Dr. Jay

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Gangbang Creampie: Spunk'd Spinners
Anal Newbies #7
The Set Up

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