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Thug Home Invasion

Studio: Combat Zone » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 7/19/10

XCritic's Advice: Watch On Demand

Production Date: February 2010

Directed By: The Combat Zone


Billy DeWitt, Cash Montague, Jay Cruz, Sean Bay, Kamrun, Kelly Taylor, Jack Spade, and Marc Williams

Runtime N Rubbers: 2 Hours and 2 Minutes Yes.

Scene One:

Horny thug Cash Montague (wearing sunglasses and a black sock cap/chubby build) is on the prowl to "get some money and get some ass." Unsuspecting preppy boy Billy DeWitt (cute with brown hair and a slender/smooth body) is lounging on his couch reading "Roots" (!) when Cash breaks in and confronts him. Cash pulls his large 'n stiff clipped cock out and forces Billy to go down. Preppy gives some good head sliding his mouth up 'n down the throbbing ebony man-meat as Cash repeatedly orders, "suck that dick!" Between Billy's cries, whimpers, 'n gulping noises and Cash's constant stream of consciousness sex talk, this scene hits the mark for movie's title. Billy strips down showing off his shortly trimmed pubes and cut dick before chowing back down on Cash's tool. There are plenty of nice camera shots of the cock sucking. Switching up the action, Billy plays a game of the ol' sink/bounce riding that turgid tube steak fast 'n hard with hot penetration shots from the front.

Billy has his tight shaved hole filled while yanking on his own hard cock and crying out "Oh, big dick!"Changing to doggy-style, Cash drills Billy's butt from behind. Billy continues to make all sorts of whiney/hilarious noises leading Cash to threaten, "Shut the fuck up or I'll break your arm!" The penetration shots during this position start off simply okay from the side/slightly above but then change to excellent from behind leaving absolutely nothing to the imagination. "Face down ass up, motherfucker!" To finish up, the dudes find themselves in the missionary position (no penetration shots) where Billy wildly jacks off shooting a thick load of cock snot on his stomach. Cash pulls out, yanks the rubber off, and dumps a small load on Billy's fist and inside thigh. Cash Montague is a natural in front of the camera and is quite good with improvising dialogue.

Scene Two:

Jay Cruz (good-looking with a shaved head and muscular/toned/smooth body) easily makes his way into Sean Bay's (cute twink type with longish blond hair and a slender/smooth body) home through an unlocked door. "Ah. There's my way in. This should be fun!" Frankly, Sean doesn't put up a very convincing fight and is soon sucking Jay's hard uncut cock 'n giving some nice head. "Act like you like it and then you will like it! Tell me you like it!" Hmmm. I think someone may need some therapy. Perhaps Dr. Sweets from "Bones" is available for counseling. Ha! Yikes! Jay is fucking bossy! There are nice camera shots of the cock sucking provided here. Dude makes Sean undress revealing his shaved pubes and clipped dick. Satisfied with the blow job, Jay is now ready for other things. "Why don't you show me your ass? Let me see your little white ass."  Dude fucks twink-boy from behind cramming his fat unclipped tool up that tight shaved bunghole. "Oh! It's so fuckin' big!"

The penetration shots are okay from the side but clearly nothing to brag about. Sean cries out, "Stretch out my asshole so much!" It would be nice to actually get a good view instead of two bit side shots. Switching up, Sean sits on Jay's cock allowing his pal to thrust upward to fuck him fast 'n hard with some nice penetration shots from the front but no close-ups! What the heck!?! Then the camera moves to the side where the viewer cannot see anything. Switching to the missionary position, Jay continues to screw his twinky pal with mediocre penetration shots from the side. By the way, Sean's dick is limp throughout all the butt-sex. Finally, there are some pretty good penetration shots from above of that big flesh-club sliding in 'n outta that hole. Sean finally gets a hard-on and shoots a generous load of love juice on her stomach. Jay dumps a big load on Sean's shaved pubic area.

Scene Three:

Kamrun (good-looking with short black hair and a toned/smooth body) is walkin' around looking for a house to break into. "If I can't rob it maybe I can rape it! There must be some cute white bootie in there!" Dude sneaks in surprising Kelly Taylor (good-looking with longish brown hair and a toned/smooth body) who's busy watching television. "What are you doin' in here? This is my house!" "Well, this is my house now!" Heavy drama, I tells ya! Ha! Kamrun man-handles the snobby dude and Kelly is soon chowing down on that big black unclipped cock cramming his mouth full and getting a good face fucking. He turns out to be starved for ebony dong and devours it with his hungry lips 'n gullet jacking 'n sucking up a storm, baby! "Come on, lick on those balls!" Kelly is soon naked sucking them balls while Kamrun pats his new pal's tight hairy asshole and plays with his cut dick.

Dudes get down in a sixty nine leading the thug to suck Kelly's cock giving some good head. Changing up the action, Kelly is now laying back with legs spread and playing with his butthole. While we can see his hole, there are no close-ups. "Come on, boy. Open it up! Hell, yeah! That's right. Get it nice and open!" Watching Kelly moan 'n play with his bunghole as well as the interaction between Kelly and Kamrun is pretty darn hot. These two are clearly into each other and the action. Kamrun sucks Kelly's cock some more, grabs both dicks and rubs/jacks them together, and then begins slapping his hard cock against Kelly's butthole. "Yeah, spanking my little asshole with your big black cock!" Dude then munches down on Kelly's pucker giving him one heck of a rimming with some okay camera shots. Kamrun slowly slides his cock into that tight chute and fucks his pal fast 'n smooth leading Kelly to make all sorts of lusty noises.

"Fuck! Your big dick is in my white little ass!" "What if you would have robbed a fat person?" (!) Kelly is a damn trip! It takes a little while but there are some excellent penetration shots from behind of that big black dong sliding in 'n outta that hole. "It's so fuckin' deep!" Switching to doggy-style, Kamrun continues to bang that hole fast, smooth, 'n hard with some okay penetration shots from the side and then better ones from above. "Take it! Take it! "I'm trying!" "Oh fuck! Pull my hair! Harder!" After a little game of the ol' sink/bounce, it's onto some missionary. To finish up, the dudes beat that meat with Kamrun busting a big nut on his stomach and Kelly screaming "I'm gonna cum too! I'm gonna cum too!" (Including a wild high-pitched squeal!). I think Kelly fakes his cum shot because I didn't see one bit of man juice. Ha!

Scene Four:

Jack Spade (good-looking with black hair and a toned/smooth body) is studying biology the back yard when hunky Marc Williams (handsome with a shaved head and smooth muscle-bound body) approaches the student complete with tight blue jeans, 1970s shades and a black leather cap! Marc takes charge rubbing Jack's body leading Jack to chow down on that big fat clipped ebony meat. Dude gives a good blowjob sliding his hungry mouth up 'n down and filling his throat full. Marc digs the head and pinches his own hard nipples while being serviced orally. Returning the favor, Marc chows down on Jack's cut dick and pinching his buddy's hard nipples. Marc clearly knows his way around a cock. Jack then strips down, takes a quick dip in the swimming pool, and then shows off his tight lightly hairy asshole to tease his buddy.

Although the viewer will be able to see Jack's hole, bad lighting and no close-ups do not help the situation. Moving their party inside, Jack sucks Marc's big business with some groovy deep throat, gets face fucked, and then it's on to the butt-sex, baby! Marc crams his chubby thang in from behind and fucks Jack fast 'n smooth with absolutely no decent penetration shots. Jack is definitely balancing pleasure and pain here as that fat cock slices though his tight little chute like a hot knife through butter. Switching to the side/missionary position, there are finally some good penetration shots as Marc continues to bust the heck outta Jack's asshole. Marc pulls out, off with the condom, and shoots a nice thick load of jizz on Jack's hand and inside thigh. Jacks dumps a tasty thick load on his own fist.


The movie is shot on high quality video and presented in wide screen with an aspect ratio of 16:9. The image sharp and clean.


The sound is clear allowing the viewer to hear all the hot 'n telling improved stream-of-consciousness dialogue along with lusty man-sex noises and groovy 1970s-esque funk instrumental music.


The disc includes an interactive menu, scene selection, chapter stops, a cum shot compilation, website information, a photo gallery of high quality action shots from each scene, and previews for Violation of Hairy First Timer: Andrea Kelly (straight with a little lezzie), Black Iz Beautiful 4 (straight), The Girl Next Door Volume 10 (straight), Relax He's My Step Dad (straight), What Can Brown Do For You? (straight), and Wanna Fuck Me? Gotta Fuck Him (bisexual).


Hmmmm. Combat Zone's Thug Home Invasion is an uneven movie. There is at least one missing cum shot, some of the butt-sex penetration shots are not good while others are excellent, and the cock sucking camera shots are strong. On the plus side, the dudes in scenes one and three really throw down with sizzling improvisational stream-of-consciousness dialogue that one can tell is completely real. To witness such honesty is a huge turn-on! The extremely hot on-screen chemistry between Billy DeWitt/Cash Montague and Kamrun/Kelly Taylor is mind blowing! That said scenes two and four are simply mediocre. The movie is definitely worth a rental for scenes one and three! Rent It.

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