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Behind The Sex

Studio: Red Light District Video » Review by Vincent Pierce » Review Date: 7/23/10

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Genre: Compilation

Director: Unspecified/Various

Cast: Unspecified/Jesse J, ...

Date of Production: 2010

Length: 3 hrs. 49 mins.

Audio/Video: The Audio isn't balanced well. When the disc first starts the volume of the girl in the menu who is talking is extremely loud. When you play the actual scenes the sound is a good bit lower. The video is clear, and is displayed in a fullscreen ratio.

Overview: This is a compilation of the 'Behind the scene' bloopers that take place during an adult film shoot. It includes some well known female/male performers as well as some that may not be as well known to viewers. The scenes are shot from cameras on the scene of the video and photo shoots, so it kind of feels like you're right there in person with the performers. This DVD shows the sometimes humerous side of the porn industry, and lets the viewer see a more personal side to their favorite performers.

Gangbang #1:

To begin with, theses scenes are titled, and divided by the DVDs which the bloopers came from. This one came from Gangbang #1/vol.1 ...

The scene starts off with a brunette female performer getting make-up done for a photo shoot. There wasn't anything really funny about it, but she did look quite rough before the make-up. After the make-up session the cameras follower throughout the scene set-up showing her naked, and half naked at times. At this point I was wondering if there was going to be any actual bloopers in this scene, and then it happened!! One of the black male performers on the st decided to pretend his cock was a baseball bat, and spin it around and swing it, LMAO!!! He did this about three times in front of the camera!! After the baseball incident, and the brunette female performer telling about how she screwed an entire baseball team from her hometown, the scene switches to the lovely Jesse J. Her half of the scene was more enjoyable, because of her playful attitude towards the whole ordeal. The only blooper I saw in Jesse J's half of the scene was when she was getting DP'd, and was making exaggerated faces for the photographer. Overall it was an ok scene, not quite what I had expected though.

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Two in the Seat #1:

This scene actually had a lot of random activity. It show a lot of half naked performers, and a lot of bare female asses. There was one point where a brunette performer was trying to walk down the hall with high heels on, and a part where she couldn't quite remove her panties right that was mildly humerous. The best part of this scene were the two bonus blooper scenes. The first one involved a younger looking brunette female performer sucking a guys cock on a bed. She complaind a lot about how she couldn't suck properly in certain positions in the middle of the video being shot, and the poor guy had to reposition himself a few times. The second bonus scene involved a female asian performer giving a blowjob. The only thing I could find funny about this was when she got the cumshot in her mouth, and made a disgusted sound. The main part of this scene was not so good, but the two bonus blowjob scenes made up for it.

Throat Gaggers #2:

The scene starts off with a few random sex shots that really had no blooper material in them. There was a quick clip of a female performer getting anal, and another of a female performer getting her pussy licked on a couch. The main focus was of on red headed female performer with pigtails who was surrounded by three naked guys. I believe they were having a photo shoot. From what I gathered by watching the girl's facial expressions was that she really wasn't happy to be there. She was either bored, or sick of the shoot. What made it so funny was that all the guys were joking around and having fun while they hung their cocks in her face. The only problem with the scene was that they focused on the pigtailed performer to much with too little variation in what she was doing. This just wasn't a good scene for me ...

110% Natural #5:

Basically this was an all (straight) sex behind the scene blooper look at all natural girls. All of the female performers that were shown were foreign, and most seemed to be European. In one part of the scene there was a busty female performer that sounded as if she had a russian accent. She was lying on a couch while one guy did anal on her. The whole time this was going on she was laughing, and joking with another male performer, and a cameraman. Another part had a red haired foreign girl screwing two guys on a couch while a black male performer watched, and joked around a bit. I'd have to say the best blooper was when one of the foreign female performers got two guys cumshots shot in her mouth. She immediately went to the changing/restroom, gagged, and I believe threw up a bit. The cameraman followed her and asked her if she had ever tasted anything like that before, and she replied "No ...". This is my favorite scene so far. I love to see adverse reactions when a female performer gets cum on her face or in her mouth.

Brand New #2:

The scene starts off with a sub-scene called 'Boner Footage'. Basically it consists of a Female performer who is new to the porn industry giving two guys a blowjob. After the first guy cums in her mouth she makes a disgusted look, and backs a way a bit. She the lies down on a couch where this really skinny guy starts to hump her missionary style. I guess you could call that a blooper in itself, because it looked really awkward ... when the guy cums he shoots some on her mouth, and some up her nose. She lets the cameraman know this in a serious tone which was also kind of comical in a way. The second sub-scene was titled 'Behind-the-Scenes'. It included mostly humerous conversations with the new girls during their make-up sessions. There was one of the new girls that had had her first DP, and anal. She jokingly had the cameraman check out her pussy, and asshole to make sure they were alright. The final girl they showed told about how she had had sex during a movie, and the cameraman had asked her if it was during Shrek ... If you saw the girl you'd understand, she looked very young ... This scene was more interesting than it was humerous ... I enjoyed seeing the make-up transformation of the last girl. To begin with she wasn't very attractive, but when the make-up artist got through with her she was HOT!!! Overall it was an ok scene. I did like the blooper in the 'Boner Footage'.

Extras: The only extra was a link to the Red Light District website.

Final Thoughts: This was just an ok, but very interesting DVD. I thought it was neat that Red Light District decided to pull together some of their blooper footage and make a DVD compilation of it. I felt as though I understood more of what goes on behind the scenes of a porn shoot when I finished watching this DVD. I thoroughly enjoyed the lighter side of the adult film industry, and the performers seem more human to me now. In that sense I think this DVD is really good, and very much worth the asking price. The Extras may seem a bit lacking, but one has to consider that this is basically a set of extras itself. Considering the contents of the whole package, I can honestly recommend this DVD.

Final Rating: Recommended

"I'm the man who coined the phrase "Same Sex Different Dame". If you're gonna produce porn PLEASE go all out, and don't fall victim to retro ruination. Innovation is king!"

- Vincent Pierce 2014 A.D.

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