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Raw 4

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 7/26/10

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

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Raw 4: Special Set

Evil Angel/Manuel Ferrara Productions

Genre: Gonzo

Director: Manuel Ferrara

Cast: Amy Brooke, Manuel Ferrara, Phoenix Marie, Samantha Ryan, Samantha 38G

Length: 290:40 minutes (151:07 minutes & 139:33 minutes)

Amy Brooke

Date of Production: 2010

Extras: The extras were minimal and limited to the second disc of the set, amounting to four photogalleries, six trailers, a helpful cast list, some filmographies, and a popshot recap on the two discs.

Condoms: None

Phoenix Marie

Audio/Video Quality: Raw 4: Special Set was presented in a nice 1.78:1 anamorphic widescreen color as shot by director Manuel Ferrara for Evil Angel using the MPEG-2 codec for the standard definition release with 480p resolution. The colors were accurate in most cases but the footage was shot by Manuel himself (sometimes in POV while other times by setting the camera on a table), giving it a home movie look at times but serving to elevate the chemistry between the couples on display, no one else getting in the way to weaken the bonds. So while there was grain, weird camera work and angles at times, and perhaps lots of opportunities to polish up the raw footage, the title speaks volumes as to what was supposed to happen here and I have to respect the dynamic as advertised. The video bitrate hovered on the low end, often in the 4.3 Mbps area or so, the show pretty solid considering the circumstance. The audio was presented in the usual 2.0 Dolby Digital English using the 192 Kbps and 48 kHz sampling rate; sounding average at best compared to the video as all the gals could be heard (though the lack of separation and limited dynamic range could also be worked on) but it certainly could have been louder.

Samantha Ryan

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Body of Review: Raw 3 was a big favorite earlier this year, the movie a hit thanks to the chemistry woven by director Manuel Ferrara and the ladies for Evil Angel. Say what you will about lack of quality extras or technical values, the man delivered in spades the kind of heated fuck flick most of his peers can only dream about offering, the sheer quantity also helping to push it over the proverbial edge. With that, I approached reviewing Raw 4: Special Set with the concern that it couldn't possibly be as good, Manuel opening up his private vaults to showcase some of his most precious memories with attractive ladies of all sorts, ladies that were dripping wet to hook up with the guy. Each was given the camera to play with for awhile, getting all juiced up before encountering Manuel, the buildup tease and solo footage enhancing the final outcome. My favorite lady this time was clearly Phoenix Marie, her presence without makeup a decidedly different approach that I found appealing, Amy Brooke and Samantha Ryan also adding some value more than the chubby chaser scene with Samantha 38G did (though in fairness, my toy testing pal Nadine liked that Manuel was willing to showcase ladies from all walks of life, making that her favorite after Phoenix's exceptional scene).

Samantha 38G

The company website described the flick like this: "For those horny souls who would rather watch naturalistic, real life fucking than standard, contrived, porn-style sex, Manuel Ferrara's Raw videos are the ultimate. They present his private stock of long, minimally edited sessions with the genuinely lustful girls he prefers; there's no camera man, lighting crew, costumes or scenery, just Manuel and a girl, unrushed, getting their rocks off their own way. He sometimes holds the camera himself, for POV-style shots, but mostly leaves it shooting from across the room to capture a voyeuristic view that approximates what a peeping Tom might see if he knew where to look. Raw 4 contains four such scenes on a luxuriously long double-DVD. Amazing, young Amy Brooke, the up-and-coming starlet whose uninhibited, anal-oriented sexuality is as striking as her impossibly round ass, backs up her flirty, filthy talk. Their date shows how powerful anal sex can be when a girl legitimately gets off on it. She clearly loves everything anal, like sucking his ass and tasting her own on his fat cock. Manuel's intent to work out with healthy, almost muscular Phoenix Marie degenerates into another anal adventure right in her real life home. Her widely gaping asshole is eye-catching, and their friendly, casual demeanor rings real as their sexual satisfaction. Manuel joins Samantha 38G, a BBW Internet star with heavy, massive bosoms, for a sex photo shoot. Afterwards they do lunch, and then the eating and fucking get serious in a hotel room. Samantha Ryan is a young cutie with interests and talent beyond sex video; a day in her busy life shows her to be a talented singer/songwriter/pianist, but when Manuel arrives at her real life home, it's his organ that gets played, and her "Raw" orgasms show just how vocal she can be." Here's a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:

Scene One: Amy Brooke, a young blond woman listed as the featured act of the show, was up first as she spoke with Manuel Ferrara as they drove down a major city street. As they chatted, she felt up his package underneath his pants, also giving a peek at her panties. The couple moved to a motel room where she began to tease in her tank top and white shorts, Manuel fingering her before she began slobbing his knob. This was done in POV fashion as usual for the series, Amy playing with his feet and rimming him before he set the camera on the table for the couple to actively fuck in lots of vaginal positions. He eased his fingers into her ass at times but she wanted to impale herself soundly, the couple kissing at length while all this was going on. They then fucked anally and she made repeated attempts to stay as active, some lengthy bouts of taste testing and more penetration leading to her facial around the 51 minute mark. She even went back for more but after a brief session of teasing, the camera faded to the next scene.

Scene Two: Phoenix Marie, a popular extreme queen known for her anal antics and voracious sexual appetite, was up next wearing a green tank top and black shorts, Manuel Ferrara meeting her in the park. They played around as if she was going to train him, the stretching showing just how flexible she could be. There was more driving and a few flashes of nudity on the stairwell, my appreciation that she wasn't covered in tons of makeup making the scene work even more for me than usual. The couple engaged in some heated tease in the living room but the allure of his pecker was too much for her to resist, Phoenix wrapping her lips and hands around his shaft to give him a wonderful blowjob. The levels of chemistry and passion were higher this time, Phoenix channeling some unseen force inside of her to enhance the coupling, Manuel placing the camera on a nearby table so he could sample her orally before they began to bone enthusiastically. She jerked him off in POV and sucked him dry of genetic juice early on too, fans appreciating that she gave herself an eye pop before some additional tease, a showering session (yum!), and more public play. They had a bite to eat while he recharged his batteries, moving back to a low-end room for a second round where she blew him in POV, her driven nature demanding more of him than ever before, both ass and pussy pounded in numerous positions when he put the camera down. I believe there was no doubt that she got off more than once, more oral and penetration leading to her rimming him silly when he pushed her head down to his ass. This led to another wad of population pudding going to her face, some shower tease again fleshing out the strokability offered up. It was different seeing how rough she looked at the end but it was the "good" kind of rough of a gal that had given her all while enjoying every moment of it, Manuel one of the few men in porn that could give her any kind of run for the money.

Scene Three: Samantha Ryan, a cute gal that I've seen many times in the past, was up next as the first scene on the second disc, half asleep in bed as her cat sat checking out the camera. She looked nothing like the heavily made up performer most of us are acquainted with, the clock showing it was far too early for commercial endeavors such as her getting physical with Manuel Ferrara. She cleaned up in the shower and put makeup on, transforming herself into the gal the world knows, soon driving as she made her video journal, going through her usual day with various errands and working out, another cat looking at her as if wanting some attention. She tried one of those free fall chambers that use high powered fans to bounce you around in a chamber too, giving a musical interlude before Manuel came over in person to have some fun. They embraced, kissed, and he went down on her in the laundry room before she gave a solo masturbation show in the bed. Her flimsy pink outfit let him shoot lots of upskirt shots and then he put the camera down to go after her. They snuggled in bed and took off their clothing, vaginally screwing in several positions with intermittent oral where her blowjob skills showed her to be far better than most scenes show. This was a vaginal scene but his cock was so big compared to her pussy that it might as well have been anal, her oral on his rod showing their relative size differences. Samantha pushed her limits and ended the session with a hearty hummer, sucking his seed out thanks to her dedicated and chemistry filled oral skills.

Scene Four: Samantha 38G, the fluffy sized woman whose tits were on the center of the front cover, was up last as she met Manuel Ferrara in a colorfully decorated Polynesian room (it was set up for a luau party). He was impressed by the size of her rack and she was delighted that he could appreciate her chunky chick size, the couple kissing and exchanging verbal pleasantries before the show went to full speed. They had a separate cameraman here to shoot footage, the primary camera for the scene displayed on the DVD being set on the table much of the time while she blew him and they banged vaginally. As hefty as she was, Samantha was a ton of fun built for comfort over speed, Manuel showing he likes women of all sizes given the mannerisms he put on during the shoot. He gave her a facial of semen but they continued with more, breaking for dinner before their second round of the tryst showed just how much she dug him orally. She sucked his cock, balls, and ass from the looks of it, giving a titty fuck or three in the generic room for the second half. Samantha was not as active as the others when it came to the penetrative sex but she showed some excellent oral skills, her tits coming in handy repeatedly and ended it with another hummer (taking the wad of spunk to her mouth). I thought she adored him and her energy levels showed best when she was doing her oral or titty fucking tricks.

Summary: Raw 4: Special Set by director Manuel Ferrara for Evil Angel might not have been quite as solid as the last volume in the series but I had no doubt that people sick & tired of formulaic porn would appreciate this for the quality and quantity all the same. Further, the raw energy and passion exhibited by all the players here (none were on auto pilot) gave it great replay value and strokability, the fun factor high enough to earn a rating of Highly Recommended. In short then, Raw 4: Special Set, like Raw 3 before it, was a tribute to just how well some ladies respond to the strongest current male performer in the porn industry, the ladies singing his praises as they earned accolades themselves. Good work!

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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