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Studio: Wicked Pictures » Review by Sean DPS » Review Date: 7/28/10

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Wicked Pictures

Directed by Brad Armstrong
Running Time: 2hrs and 2 min
Condoms: Yes

Technical Specs:
(from the PS3)

Dolby Digital
5.1 channel
Mpeg 2
3.8 Mbps

Special Features:

Trailer for Dreamgirl
Motion Menus
Bonus Sex Scene: Alektra Blue and Mick Blue from Studio 69
Photo Gallery
Trailers (6)
Promo Reel
Phone Sex Ads
And 3 more exclusive scenes are available if you call a 900 number


Alektra Blue
Briana Blair
Francesca Le
Mariah Milano
Mason Moore
Brad Armstrong
Danny Mountain
Kris Slater
Randy Spears
Seth Gamble

Overall Thoughts:

Like most Wicked Pictures movies, we get a few trailers before we get to the main menu. This one includes trailers for Sex Therapy and 3 Days in June.

There is also the PSA about pirating movies, I haven't seen this on any other studios movies yet, hopefully you will.

On to the movie, so as we get things going, there is the opening scene with it's elaborate and very pink set design, which matches her lingerie. Nice attention to details. Something that I have noticed lately, girls giving blowjobs while the guys are wearing condoms, seems really weird to me. I guess it's easier that way instead of having to take it off and put it back on again. I have to say that the 3rd scene during the massage was pretty hot, the foreplay really added something to the scene. I also have to say that it's great that already only 3 scenes into the movie and we already have two of the featuring Alektra, which is never a bad thing if you ask me. I also have to say that the limo scene was also very hot, so at this point, I like scenes with sex during a massage and in a limo, for those keeping track at home. And plus we get yet another scene with Alektra in it. I really thought this was going to be more of a rom-com judging from the cover, but it's more a serious romantic movie, but not too serious, it's not an indy romance movie. And for those fans of oral sex, pretty much every girl in this movie, spends a lot of time working the oral for your pleasure. No issues with video or audio quality, but I think I would be surprised if there was. Brad Armstrong once again proves why he is one of the best directors out there with yet another strong release. And plus when you have 4 out of 7 scenes with Alektra in them, that really makes this a great title. But I do want to point out that I may be saying a lot about Alektra in this review, I do believe the other ladies in this film, also do a great job, and they add their mark to this movie. For me, it's always nice to Briana Blair in a movie. The special features are average, an extra scene with Alektra is nice, but there was no BTS and I am not sure how I feel about calling a 900 number to access a few more scenes. But overall I am going to give this our HIGHLY RECOMMEND rating, another great title from Brad Armstrong and Wicked Pictures.

Scene One: Alektra Blue and Kris Slater

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So things get going right away, as we see the two of them just starting to get things going during the opening credits. After some deep kissing, he starts playing with her tits, while rubbing her pussy with his fingers. But she decides to take control as she takes off his underwear and begins giving him a blowjob. So there is a little tease of a possible 69 position, but she ends up on top of him, for some reverse cowgirl action. They eventually switch to some doggy style, as she screams for him to fuck her. And then she lets him go for the ass, as we get some anal action and more in the spoon position. She tells him not to stop as she is getting ready to cum. He continues to fuck her until he pulls out and cums pretty much all over her and even some on that pink couch. But wait, we find out it was all just a dream. Kind of ironic since I recently saw Inception twice. So anyways, he wakes up and we see that he is an uber fan of hers, as posters of her are all over his walls. Back at the office we see that he is on the verge on being a stalker fan. Luckily he has to stay late at work. His boss talks to the secretary and she follows him into his office.

Scene Two: Randy Spears and Francesca Le

So she starts off by giving him a blowjob at his desk, and after a brief interruption, she continues to work on his cock, but also gives his balls some attention too. She begins to take her clothes off for him and gives us a view of her ass, while she continues with the oral. He soon has his face buried in her tits, as he licks them, but then he is quickly finger fucking her pussy. Even quicker, he has a condom on and is fucking her doggystyle, that was very quick. He moves to the seat and she rides him in some reverse cowgirl action, but first he must play with her feet for a little bit. Foot fetish people, there you go, a little something for you to enjoy. She continues to ride him while rubbing her pussy, but it seems like they keeping moving slightly during this position trying to find something that works right. But apparently, her lying on her back, on the desk is a much easier position for them. She seems to like it so much that she is left speechless from the excitement. The scene ends as he pulls out and cums over her somewhat untrimmed pussy. Kris barges in and takes a few pics to use as blackmail, so he can leave early tonight.

Scene Three: Alektra Blue and Danny Mountain

He shows up at the line, and finds out that he is too late, and the line has been cut off. As he leaves, he happens to run into her as she is having a smoke break. He lights her cigarette and they begin to chit chat. She talks about her crazy stalker fans and he tries to act all smooth and cool around her. She seems to buy it. She asks for his number and soon leaves with her manager, who tells him that she won't even remember who he is in a few minutes, and I guess he is right. We cut to Alektra getting a massage, but it's not long before the guy giving it to her is really getting horny as he is fingering her pussy. But he goes a little further as he licks her ass, while giving it a few slaps. She seems really into this massage and is hoping for a happy ending. He works some more on her pussy with his tongue, and then she decides it's only fair if she returns the favor. I am starting to see why she is usually nominated for her oral scenes in movies now. She lays on her back and he face fucks her a little bit,, while she plays with her pussy. Next we get some missionary as she continues to lay on the massage table. The fucking continues as he fucks her from behind with some doggy and she continues to keep the heat going with some dirty talk as he slaps her ass. She even puts a few fingers in her ass while he is fucking her pussy. He takes a lay down on the table and she climbs on top for some cowgirl as she bounces up and down on his cock, and he continues to give her ass a few slaps here and there, and one again she has a finger in her ass, she must really like the feeling of something in her ass. The scene ends as he cums in her mouth, and she cleans off his cock. But once again, we see that was all just part of his imagination.

Scene Four: Alektra Blue and Kris Slater

But he soon gets a call from her and she wants him to show him around the area for some food. They find some food and they get some playful flirting and then the date is over and he drops her off, and she gives him a good night kiss. The next day at her signing he skips by the line and he stands off to the side as she finishes up her signing. After some mean looks from her manager , they end up sneaking off in her limo. They get all hot and heavy with kissing and then she is once again working on another blowjob. But he gets to play with her tits for a bit, before she is back to his cock. She looks amazing in that dress, too bad it won't be on her for long. After a long oral session he cums on her face and hair, hopefully that will wash out.

Scene Five: Mason Moore and Brad Armstrong

They finally head back to her place and her manager is waiting for them. He attacks him and Alektra gets so pissed off that she tells him that she is done with him, and they leave. Back at his apartment, he still can't believe he is fired, but luckily Mason is there to make sure he forgets all about it. After some foreplay with her tits, she opens his pants and starts to give him a blowjob. For those fans of girls with tattoos, this scene is for you, plus the long black hair and big tits doesn't hurt either. Some more kissing leads to him with his face deep in her pussy, as he tongues her pussy, and adds a little 3 finger action to the mix too. And with her legs by her head, she continues to scream for him not to stop, and they switch to some doggy style There is a brief moment where the amount of noise coming from her, doesn't exactly match the amount of effort he is putting into the sex, just a minor detail I noticed. After that we get some more oral from her, as she works on his cock and balls, before she is on top of him with her ass facing the camera. She bounces on him as he gets a few slaps to the ass and even for a brief moment a few fingers in her ass. They move to some missionary as she plays with her tits as he continues to fuck her, and she continues to scream with delight. He continues to work on her until he cums in her mouth. She asks if he feels better, but he doesn't, he got too many things on his mind.

Scene Six: Alektra Blue and Kris Slater

Back to the new couple, he takes her to his place, but before she can enter, he calls his buddy to take down all the posters of her on his walls. He gets them all and his roomate can't believe that he is dating her. In his bedroom she makes a comment about how a big picture of her on his wall would look nice, irony, right. Her agent calls and she brushes him off as they continue to kiss, and she throws him down on the bed and is on top of him riding him. He opens up her shirt and starts playing with her tits Once again, gotta point out how hot she looks in those pants, this lady really knows how to dress. Speaking of pants, his are soon off and she is once again working his cock, but she pulls her pants down just far enough that he can play with her pussy. Fast forward a bit and she is on top riding him for some cowgirl action, and he really seems to be giving his all to her. They switch up to some doggy style, which seems to be working ok, with a few times he ends up slipping out of her pussy. She screams with excitement as she cums and then they keep things going with some missionary action. There is a brief shot of the roommate listening in, really thought he was going to walk in on them. But they continue to fuck with no interruption and the scene ends as he cums pretty much all over. She cleans off his cock and falls back with excitement.

Scene Seven: Briana Blair, Mariah Milano and Seth Gamble

So the manager shows up at the apartment with two ladies, and we get the big your nothing without me speech and she knees him in the balls and they leave. His roommate offers the ladies a drink, and we see that he really meant sex. The take turns working on his cock, while showing off their asses to the camera, a win for us. The clothes start to come off, but the girls spend as much time on each other as they do on him, to make sure no one is left out in this threesome. He fingers Briana as Mariah is working on his cock. These guys have got to be the two luckiest roommates in the world at this point. Back to the action, Briana goes for a ride on Seth as Mariah waits for her chance to clean the pussy juice off his cock. But soon Seth is back to pounding away on Briana, and Mariah seems to be there to do cleanup duties. But Seth finally gets a crack at her, as he fucks her from behind as she plays with Briana's pussy. But not too long and he is back to working on Briana for some missionary on the couch. I have to say that it seems kind of creepy that I don't think he says a single thing during the whole scene until he spreads his cum over the two ladies. I am sure he was trying to concentrate so he didn't end the scene too early.

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