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Diabolical Amateurs #2

Studio: Diabolic » Review by Bill The Hobbyist » Review Date: 7/29/10

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Diabolic Amateurs #2

Running Time: 2:32

Condoms: None

Genre: Teen, All Sex, Anal, Newcomers

Director: Mick Blue

Release Date: July 13, 2010

Cast: Adelyn Ames, Amy Anderson, Eve Evans, Kaylee Maze, Skyla Paris

The Movie

Diabolic Amateurs #2 brings five different ladies to this DVD. For some it is their very first scene and others only one or two previous scenes. You will see some great newcomers like Adelyn Ames and Kaylee Maze, who will certainly climb to the top of other newcomers if they continue to provide scenes as they did in this dvd. However, with newcomers, you always take the chance of getting scenes where the girls performance doesn't even give or provide an exciting amateur fuck or the girl is not into it. You may even get one that thinks she is miss queen porn star right from the start. All of this you will see in some of the scenes too. There are pretty nice interviews with each of the girls by Director, Mick Blue and a few that are really enjoyable. So let's take a look at Diabolic Amateurs #2 and the ladies that perform in it.

Scene 1 - Adelyn Ames

Adelyn is one I am quickly falling in love with as a newcomer and I know as you watch more and more of her, you will too. What I love about Adelyn is that no matter what she does from interviews to cum shots, she comes across so natural. She is what I refer to as a "Natural Fuck", meaning it is truly her having sex on camera, with no faking, no bullshit and very exciting to watch. She doesn't try to play someone she is not and it starts right off in the interview with the director. She has a great body, cute face with a very pretty smile, nice perky boobs with dynamite nipples that one would love to suck on. I certainly would I love too! Her interview prior to the scene is well worth watching as you will learn and get turned as she shares with the viewers some of her sexual enjoyment and tallents. The scene starts off with some kissing and sucking her titties as he rubs her pussy through her panties. Umm, bet they got nice and wet, maybe they should be sent to me just to be sure. I really like watching Adelyn give head. In her pre-scene interview with the director she mentioned she likes sucking cock and it shows in her scene as she works her partners dick over with her mouth and hands. There is lots of licking, teasing, stroking, slapping it on her tongue and some slurping too. The moment she takes her partners cock into her lovely pussy there is great natural responses from sounds, expressions and body movements and it continues throughout the entire scene. Watching Adelyn, well she has to be a fantastic fuck and enjoys every moment. At times you will see her face explode with pleasure, hear whimpering moans, short breaths, a red face and gripping the sheets that will lead into busting your nut as you watch. Trust me, I know, cause I busted mine several times watching this girl. During all of this, you will also be treated to some very nice closeups of her nice round nipples that have constant erection to them, a adorable pussy and a sweet asshole anyone would love to tongue fuck. After a great fuck, Adelyn takes a nice facial and wipes her face, then tastes the cum off her fingers and has that perfect just fucked look as it ends. The only caution I would give viewers with this scene is to be sure you have a full bottle of lube and box of tissues before you even start, cause hell I used them both all up while watching it. Plus you'll need more when you watch it a second and third time, since the scene has very strong replay value to it. I see Adelyn working her way to the top of newcomers very soon. I look forward to more of her natural and exciting sex she strongly delivers.

Positions: Oral, Doggie, Reverse Cowgirl, Cowgirl, Missionary, Facial

Scene 2 - Amy Anderson

I saw and reviewed Amy in Diabolic Young Amateurs and it was a great scene, but here in this movie its like a 360. We start off with a very cute interview, sweet, innocent and when she shows her sweet boobies you will get some real great close ups. Everything was going great right up through taking all her clothes off and then, bam, it was all pretty much down hill from there. The director asks them to start off by kissing and shes blurts out, no. OK, if you do't want to kiss in your scenes, that is fine, but get it out of the way before the scene or don't make it so obvious during it. As her partner reached down to play with her pussy, she pushes his hand away, which again was just too obvious. After giving some quick head, the fucking begins or maybe I should say an attempt at fucking begins. As she took it missionary, her face at first looked like she really didn't want it, but then as he went inside, she had this painful look on her face. I'm thinking that this sweetie must be tight as hell, cause her face really showed it during most of the fucking segments. There was just nothing exciting at all watching her in this scene. There were several good close ups during the scene, but there were also some terrible cuts made too. As she took the pop shot onto her tits there was no interest or facial expressions at all. Again, almost like she did not want it. The director tells her to lick it and with the very tip of her tongue she touches the head of his dick and backs right off and you can easily tell by her face, she did not like it at all. I think Amy has potential from the first time I saw her, but this is not a scene that will move her up the ranks.

Positions: Oral, Missionary, Cowgirl, Reverse Cowgirl, Spooning,

Scene 3 - Kaylee Maze

I will start right off by saying, from what I saw in this scene, I am excited to see even more scenes of Kaylee. In her interview, she is very relaxed, comfortable and brings a cute face, very nice smile and a touch of bad girl as you watch her closely. The scene starts off with her and her partner kissing and then shes off to sucking cock. After teasing the head, she licks down the shaft, then sucks on his balls and back up taking his cock in for some great deep throating. Simply put, yes I would love a blow job from Kaylee, cause her blow jobs are truly look like a nut buster. After mounting cowgirl there are some great shots of her ass and sweet asshole for all to enjoy. Seeing her ass slap against him and watching her nice tits bounce as she grabs them, is a great site to behold. She jumps off, gives some more head and then mounts up again in reverse cowgirl. During this ride, for some reason she was looking off in the wrong direction, but hell even with that, the ride was worth it. As they move from the chair to the bed, she jumps on for some more cowgirl and gets herself off while taking it cowgirl and masturbating at the same time. In this position there were some great views of her ass and right down to her asshole which looks so hot to tongue. While she fucks, she delivers great moans, whimpers, gripping of the sheets and even some dirty talk. Taking it doggie style, you can see how she really enjoys it, but when she turned her head and asked her partner "Wanna fuck my ass", well I am not sure what he said, cause I yelled out "Hell Yes" so loud, I couldn't hear what he said. As they start anal in doggie, she tells him to go slow cause its been a while and you could see the tightness from the expressions on her face as her entered her from behind. Once in, she gave a great anal fuck with great close up and views. Reverse cowgirl she took it up the ass while up on all fours. When she climbed off she went ass to mouth with his cock with no hesitations and sucked his shaft all the way down her hot mouth. On her knees, she looks up and says "cum in my mouth", holds out her tongue and takes a load splattered on her tongue and face. She then takes and sucks him dry, getting every drop left, wipes her face and licks her fingers clean. A excellent nut buster scene with strong playback value was delivered by Kaylee and busted my nut several times over. Another scene to have the lube ready for. Can't wait to see more of this sexy, hot girl.

Positions: Oral, Cowgirl, Reverse Cowgirl, Doggie, Anal, Cum In Mouth

Scene 4 - Skyla Paris

During, Skala's interview she was more obsessed with her tits that the interview itself. Her constant pushing of her chest out and gently wiggling them during the interview and at times in the scene actually got irritating. Skyla, starts off with her partner and a dildo, but while he went down on her at the same time as the dildo inside her, it was kind of boring as she laid there with her leg lifted high and no reaction at first and then did some fake moaning. She did a good job giving head, with sensual sucking, licking and using her hands, but that's about it for this scene. As they moved onto the bed, she climbed on cowgirl and I though the frigging bed was going to break with all the creaking and cracking the entire time they were fucking. The fucking across the board did not have any excitement at all to watch. There was too much fake moaning and way to much "Oh Baby, Oh Baby", to the point I wanted to yell Oh Baby, Fast Froward Please! The pop shot was a wasted load of cum as she takes the shot off to the side of her ass. Like wow, he came on her leg. She reaches back and plays with her pussy, but never touches the cum or responds to it in any way. I have watched some fantastic MILF's who bust my nut every time, but Skyla doesn't even come close to giving me an erection.

Positions: Dildo, Oral, Cowgirl, Doggie, Spooning, Missionary

Scene 5 - Eve Evans

This is second time I have seen and reviewed Eve and still I'm not getting that needed boner that tells me the scene is good. The thing is with Eve, she is a very pretty girl, has a cute ass and sweet boobies with very suckable semi puffy nipples. But all that alone isn't going to get me to bust a nut watching her if she doesn't deliver in the scene. After her interview was over, she gets right down to sucking cock with some spitting and sucking combined. They only thing is that while she was sucking him, she was more worried abut the camera than she was on going down on the dude. On top of that he has this blank look on his face, like it was doing nothing for him. When he went down on her and fingered her pussy there was not much of a response from her at all. As she went through the various positions, the only one that was strong was as she pumped cowgirl, but the other positions did not have the same response. While she was being fucked missionary her facial expressions were like, Oh well I am getting fucked and I am hot so I don't have to respond. Pretty much we get allot of fake moans and no body movement, expressions or responses. All of this is not a complete waste, cause there were some nice close ups to enjoy of her. To wrap the scene up, she takes a cum shot on her ass with a bored look just laying there waiting for it and when it hit her ass, there was no facial, verbile or body response. Eve just needs to get into her scenes more than she has in the first two I have seen.

Positions: Oral, Doggie, Spooning, Cowgirl, Missionary

Extras: Behind the Scenes, Photo Gallery, Pop Shot Recap

Audio and Video: I would put both the audio and video of this dvd at average. A few times the picture wasn't a clear and crisp that one would like to see and the audio had some ups and downs in volume.

My Final Thoughts

Wrapping up and giving an overall rating of this DVD is a challenge. You get some great scenes from Adelyn Ames and Kaylee Maze. But then some so, so to poor ones from the other ladies. The DVD is like a roller coaster with the different levels of scenes and performances. The overall rating for a dvd is based on more than just performance. I don't want to give viewers a misleading rating, but at the same time, I don't want a few great ladies to get lost, especially as a new comer. I see to often strong newcomers get buried in a poorer dvd and not move up the ranks as they should because the dvd as a whole is not in demand enough because of the over all rating. Across the board, I have been teetering between "Recommend" and "Rent It".

If I would break down and rate the performance only of each scene, here is what I come up with. Adelyn Ames and Kaylee Maze, "Highly Recommend". They are fantastic newcomer scenes and those scenes have excellent replay value to them. They gave very strong, exciting and hot performances and I would keep a close eye on them. I sure plan too. Amy Anderson and Eve Evans, well even though they were pretty lame, they did have a few moments and they both have smoking hot bodies and features, which you get some close ups of. For them I would go with "Rent It". Like give it a one time view, but that's about it. For Skyla Paris scene, that one is easy, it gets a "Skip It" rating. Just to lame, fake, boring. Get the point? It's not worth even watching. With that in mind and taking into consideration the entire dvd and all its content, including audio, video, extras and performances, my overall rating has to be "Rent It". But, if you want to watch over and over and hang on to a copy of newcomer dvd's of Adelyn Ames and Kaylee Maze, then I would recommend to buy it, just for these two.


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