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Destroy My Hole

Studio: Marina Pacific Distributors » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 7/30/10

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Production Dates: November-December 2008

Directed By: Saint Cyre


Jose Manuel, David Loft, Jirka, Lucky Look, Tom Ortiz, Kee, Sebastian De Long, Christophe, Brany, and Rasty Shut

Runtime N Rubbers: 1 Hour and 56 Minutes. No (bareback)

Scene One:

Jose Manuel (cute with a punky blond 'n brown haircut and slender/smooth body) is relaxing on the sofa by sucking on a long black double headed dildo and rubbing his crotch. Well, we all have various ways of relaxing! Ha! Jose's buddy cute twinky David Loft (short dark hair and a slender/smooth body) enters the room wearing only a red towel as Jose wags that fake phallus around like he's twirling a baton for a parade. The horny duo is soon kissing with deep wet tongues leading David to offer up his tight little shaved bunghole for some fun. Jose teases that twitching pucker with the dildo's knob and then slowly slides it on home with excellent penetration shots. David obviously digs being fucked with that rubber dong and fills the room with loud moans and eager/lusty pouts.

 Jose gives his buddy a good "scrubbing"! David becomes so turned on that he grabs Jose's big uncut cock and crams it down his gullet wildly sliding his mouth up 'n down. There are plenty of mouth-watering close-ups of the dick sucking. David then jumps on his pal and plays an intense game of the ol' sink/bounce with excellent penetration shots of that chubby pork sliding in 'n outta that tight shaved bunghole. Switching to the missionary position, the blond horn-dog continues to drill his buddy fast, smooth 'n hard with more hot penetration shots. These two twinks are definitely into each other and the sex! David is still making all sorts of wild out-of-control noises as he frantically jacks his unclipped member and shoots a thick load of cock snot on his stomach. Jose pulls out and busts a big nut on David's hole then slides his tool back in.

Scene Two:

Lucky Look (cute with spiked light brown hair and a slender/smooth body) is more interested in turning around 'n smiling at his buddy Jirka (cute 'n androgynous with a cool brown 'n blond hair cut and skinny/smooth body) than tending to the rising flames in his fireplace. Silly twinks!  Naturally, Lucky's blue jeans are down far enough to show a bit of butt crack to tease his pal and the viewer.  Jirka sure likes what he sees and quickly has his hard unclipped prick out playing with it. Lucky moseys on over to the couch and the dudes make out leading dude to chow down Jirka's big throbbing piece of twink-gristle giving excellent head.  Jirka clearly loves to have is knob slobbered on while his friend's fist slides up 'n down working the foreskin. Wanting a taste, Jirka gets Lucky's hard uncut cock outta those jeans and blow that meat, baby! Changing up the action, Lucky eats the slender fem-boy's tight shaved asshole with some crummy camera shots where you can't see a fucking thing.  

There are some hot close-ups of the finger fucking that kind of makes up for it, though. Tom Ortiz (cute with dark brown hair and a slender/smooth body) ambles into the action with the cheap excuse of bringing in more firewood and immediately joins in without even asking. How rude! Ha! Dude slips outta his blue jeans fast showing off his shaved pubes and unclipped dick before sliding into Jirka's hole from behind with nice penetration shots from above. Frankly, Tom is kind of a "quick draw" and soon pulls out, strokes off, and squirts a thick load all over Jirka's back. This starts a domino effect leading Lucky to wildly beat his pork and dump some cum on his face. At the same time, Tom busts another load on the other side of Jirka's face.  Not to be left out, Jirka yanks his meat 'n cumming on Lucky's cute puss (and then licking it up 'n eating that twink juice!) the scene ends with a spermy kiss between Jirka and Lucky.

Scene Three:

Poolroom orgy! Lucky Look and Jirka (both from scene two) are going at it on the sofa kissing and rubbing private parts while the other dudes shoots pool. The pool-playing guys soon get in on the action and before long everyone is naked with their hard unclipped cocks on display kissing, licking, and fondling. Jirka pulls Lucky's uncut dick out and begins chowing down as the other guys begin sucking cock slurping up 'n down those pulsing unclipped tube steaks. The other four dudes are all cute with dark hair and slender or toned 'n smooth bodies. There are a lot of nice close-ups of the cock sucking here. Tasty! The boys on the couch are now in kind of slouchy side sixty-nine with Lucky sucking on Jirka's large uncut tool.

Kee (good-looking with brown hair) is up on the pool table offering his tight shaved asshole to Sebastian (cute with short black hair) to munch down with no good camera shots of the butt eating. Sebastian is soon fucking Kee from behind while Jirka screws Christophe (cute with short brown hair), Lucky eats Chsristophe's bunghole, and David (cute with black hair) is sucking Lucky's tool. I'm surprised the pool table doesn't collapse with six guys on it fuckin' and suckin'! The camera covers the action well with some tasty close-ups of the butt-sex penetration of cocks sliding in 'n outta tight holes as the room fills with loud moaning and moans of pleasure. As the sexual tension mounts, one-by-one, the dudes shoot their pent-up loads on each other's faces 'n bodies.

Scene Four:

Brany (cute with short brown hair and a skinny/smooth body) and Tom Ortiz (scene Three) are fully clothed and in the middle of a make-out session when the scene begins. These dudes are hot-to-trot feeling each other up and licking nipples while filling the air with heavy breathing. Brany pulls Tom's uncut cock out and sucks that tasty meat jacking the shaft and sliding his mouth up 'n down and making oral love to those beautiful plump balls. The guys are soon naked with Brany showing off his own stiff unclipped piece of pork leading to a sixty-nine (Brany on top) where they both gorge on throbbing dongs.

 Changing the action up for some butt-sex, Tom slides into Brany's tight hairy asshole doggy-style and fucks him quick 'n smooth with some okay penetration shots from the side and some hot ones from above. Ha! Once again, Tom is a "quick draw" just like in scene three and shoots a thick load on Brany's back. He then licks up his own love pudding and slides back in for more screwing. Eventually, Tom pulls out again, strokes off and dumps thick jizz on his fist. There's a tasty close-up of his cum-filled foreskin. Standing over Tom, Brany pulls his big pud and cuts loose with a large thick load all over his pal's face. He then licks it up and kisses Tom long 'n deep.

Scene Five:

Jose Manuel (scene one) and Rasty Shutt (very cute with dark brown hair and a skinny/smooth body) are kissing up a storm while Rasty's hands roam all over his pal's body. The dudes yank off their clothing showing those hard uncut cocks leading Jose to chow down on Rasty giving some excellent head as his hot mouth slides up 'n down playing a groovy tune on that skin flute. Rasty digs the blowjob filling the air with low moans and growls of desire. Jose climbs onto the couch offering up his tight hairy hole leading Rasty to spit on the pucker (in hot close-up) and then slide in from behind and fuck long 'n quick with excellent penetration close-ups from above and behind/below.

The viewer will also be able to see Rasty's hairy gooch, butt crack and swinging plump balls as he screws his buddy. Mouth-watering! Switching up, Jose plays a fun game of the ol' sink/bounce riding that big dick as his own large beef stick jumps around. Once again, there are plenty of excellent penetration shots of that cock sliding in 'n outta that hairy hole. Jose jerks off while riding that thang and shoots a nice load on his stomach and brown pubes. Dude rubs the love-balm into his skin and then licks his fingers. Rasty stands up, beats off, and busts a thick nut all over Jose's face. He then slides his cock back into Jose's warm mouth.


The move is shot directly on high quality digital video and presented in full screen. The picture quality is sharp 'n clean.


The stereo sound is clear allowing the viewer to hear all the wild sex noises as these guys get down for some lusty fun.


The disc includes an interactive menu, scene selections, chapter stops, cumshot "festival", a slide show of high quality publicity photos, and previews for Seeding Farmers (featuring a cucumber up the ass!), Load My Ass, Breeding Time, Seeding Fuckholes (what a title!), Cumholes, Bare Twinks, Seed My Hole, Seed My Hole 2, Holes 4 Seed (see a trend here? Ha!), Fill Me Up, Breed Me Bitch, and Indecent Boys.


First off, please always practice safe sex! Always use a rubber! I do not condone bareback sex but did not let my personal beliefs cloud my review. Destroy My Hole is a hot little European movie with a misleading title. Frankly, I know of no one who would actually want his hole to be destroyed. The sex isn't rough so the title is a head scratcher. That said the guys are all very cute, give energetic performances, and look to really dig one another and the action. For the most part the videography is strong although some of the ass-eating could have been shot better. There are plenty of mouth-watering shots of the kissing, cock sucking, and butt-sex penetration to please everyone. I love previews and this contains a nice collection of twelve. I Recommend.

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