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Secretary's Day 4

Studio: Smash Pictures » Review by Sean DPS » Review Date: 7/31/10

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Secretary's Day 4
Smash Pictures

Directed by Jim Powers
Running Time: 1hr and 48 minutes

Technical Stats:

Shot in HD
Dolby Digital
2 Channel
48 kHz
224 kbps
6-7 Mbps

Special Features:

Choose 2 Story Line- Dialogue or All Sex (1hr and 8 minute cut)
Interactive Menus
Behind the Scenes (21 minute feature, which starts off with a very long intro by Evan, followed by interviews with the ladies, where we learn what the ladies were doing before porn.)
Photo Slide Show
Sneak Previews (8 trailers)
Playable Worldwide
Pick a Position (choose a position and they give you a scene)
Tease (footage of the girls as they tease before the sex begins)


Asa Akira (main cover girl)
Katie Kox
Darcy Tyler
Andy San Dimas
Allie Haze
McKenzie Miles
Evan Stone
Christian XXX
Otto Bauer
Kris Slater
Jack Vegas

Overall Thoughts:

Asa Akira once again shows why she is one of the ladies on my favorites list in this movie. She brings with her some great sexual energy in her scene. I also have to say that the phone sex scene with Darcy was also pretty hot. I also have to point out that Evan also brings the funny, that man is a comedy genius. I also need to point out the two lovely ladies in the last scene made the end of the movie end with a very big bang. There was a minor issue with the sound quality, as it would change drastically when they move from a far away shot to a close up, it needed to be balanced a bit more. Sometimes the dialogue is drowned out by the sounds of the bodies in motion. A few things I would like to point out on the video part, I thought the camera zoom cuts were distracting, especially when it seems to happen every few minutes. It also seems like we are missing a lot of the action as it seems to quickly cut to new positions in the movie. Maybe that is for the all sex version of the film, we shall see. I guess not, the all sex version was just shorter. I have to say I was thinking this was going to be a rental rating at first, but I have to say that with 3 memorable scenes I am going to bump it up to RECOMMEND. Another reason I was going to bump it up, the special features were above average from most of the movies that I have reviewed lately.

Scene One: McKenzie Miles and Christian XXX

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Another day begins at the office, McKenzie arrives late once again to work. Her boss comes in and tells her that they are going to start taking money out of her check to payback the cash advance that they give her. He hints there are other ways she can pay it back. So she thinks about it and then goes into his office and pulls up her skirt and bends over, and tell him to just do it. He gives her ass a few slaps and grabs. He begins to tell her that he has been waiting for this day for a long time, and she seems to eventually play along with him. She climbs on his desk and she begins to undress for him, so he can see her pussy and tits. She begins to please her pussy as he undresses and she takes a hold of his cock and begins to stroke it before she puts it in her mouth. They get things started with some missionary while she is on her back on the desk. She then climbs on top for some cowgirl action, as he takes a turn laying on the desk. We get a brief POV sequence, before he is fucking her from behind, it what I think is some anal action, can't tell at first from this angle. After a quick position change, it does look like there is anal action going on, plus she makes a comment too, thanks for the help. The anal continues with some more doggy as she is bent over the table, and we get to see it from a few different angles. The anal continues with some reverse cowgirl, as she continues to scream with excitement and how deep and big he is. The fucking continues until he pulls out and cums in her mouth. She asks if they are even, but he doesn't answer.

Scene Two: Asa Akira and Otto Bauer

She works as a secretary for a big music executive, and of course she wants him to listen to her boyfriend's band. He goes off on her and tells her to be more creative next time. She sees the walls of records and decides she knows what she needs to do. So she goes into his office and climbs on his desk and begins to show off her goods to him. She slowly opens her shirt to show off her tits, and she pulls him closer as she begins to play with her pussy. The blurring of the stuff on the wall distracts you for a little bit, but then you realize what she is doing, so you forget about it. She leads his fingers to pussy, as he begins to play with it, while grabbing a breast here and there. He ends up with his pants off and she begins to give him a blowjob, as he begins to face fuck her, while she has her hands behind her back. She goes for some deep throat as she gags on his cock. She lays on the desk and he enters her for some missionary action. We get a nice view of her ass, during one of the different angles we get. She flips around and bends over the desk as he continues to fuck her from behind. After some brief face fucking, she is on top riding him for some reverse cowgirl action., but quickly leads into some spoon action. He pulls out and cums in her mouth.

Scene Three: Darcy Tyler and Kris Slater

Darcy, hard at work, early in the morning, her boss arrives and she has his coffee all ready for him. She gets a call from her boyfriend and they begin to talk about the great time they had last night. She finds out that he is jerking himself off while he is on the phone. The phone sex gets her all hot and bothered, as she begins to play with her tits before she heads south and begins to play with her pussy. We quickly cut to her boss, and he is having some issues in his office, while you can sort of hear her talking in the background. She licks and sucks on her fingers, pretending it's his cock and then fingers her pussy. He leaves his office and sees her playing with her pussy, and he begins to get turned on, so he opens his pants and pulls out his cock. She sees him and goes along with it, pretending he is her boyfriend on the phone. She sucks his cock and continues to talk to her boyfriend on the phone. You would think he would catch on to what she is doing, or maybe he is really into jerking himself off on the phone. She plays with his balls as she continues with the blowjob, until he takes her into his office and begins to play with her pussy as she lays on the desk. He takes off her panties and begins to fuck her. She flips over, bends over the desk and he continues to fuck her from behind, as she continues to let her boyfriend know via the phone how she feels. She ends up on top of him, as they continue to fuck on the very noisy chair. They continue until he literally cums all over her face, he grabs the phone and tells her boyfriend that she needs to get back to work.

Scene Four: Katie Kox and Jack Vegas

Jack is showing Katie around the studio, showing her all the studios and trying to impress her with all the clients they have. You can tell he is really trying to impress her, and she seems to be flirting just as much with him. They go inside his studio and he gets a call, which he has to take. So leaves and she begins to get turned on by all the equipment. She takes her huge tits (which are pierced) out of her bra, begins to play with them, before fingering her pussy. Who knew girls got turned on by studio equipment. Time to go shopping. Anyway, she continues to please herself until her boss sees what she is doing and enters the studio, and she asks not to be fired. So he begins to play with her tits before she takes a shot at her pussy. I think her job security is pretty good. He uses his fingers and tongue on her until he opens his pants and she begins to work on his cock. She tells him to bend her over the sound board and fuck her where all those famous people made their music. She screams how much she loves this job, as he continues to fuck her. Some more oral by her follows, before she is on top of him, as her big tits bounce up and down, which after awhile doesn't seem that all sexy. Luckily after awhile he grabs a hold of them. His cock seems to slip out for a second, but you see a little liquid coming from her pussy, so it just shows how much she is really enjoying this, if you can't tell from what she is saying. They move to the sound board as they continue fucking missionary before he cums in her pussy, and I mean it literally drips out of her at first.

Scene Five: Allie Haze, Andy San Dimas and Evan Stone

So things seem to be not going good for Andy , she is supposed to be going to a wine event, but she finds out the guy has been cheating on her. Allie realizes that she was supposed to go Evan. She tries to make her feel better about herself. Stupid offices romances never end up well. But Allie does her best to make sure she doesn't leave. She rubs her shoulders and gets a quick glance at her boobs. So Allie goes to her boss and tells him what has been going on. Apparently Evan has a problem and seems to fuck pretty much any lady that works in the building. He tells her that he will have a talk with him. Evan comes in for a meeting, and he tries to explain himself. Apparently these guys are the office whores, fucking all of the ladies at work. We meet up with the girls as Andy is pouring out her heart, while Allie listens on (both of these ladies look amazing, by the way, can't wait to see where this goes). Allie kisses Andy and soon the ladies are getting into it. Allie rubs Andy's pussy, before she dives face first into her pussy. Evan walks by and hears the ladies, and he wants to see what is going on. He walks in and the ladies stop for a brief second, and then Andy kisses Evan, and Allie goes back to eating her pussy. Evan grabs Allie and puts her on his lap and fucks her pussy, as Andy eggs him on. But she gets more involved as she sucks on his balls, while Allie continues to ride him. But its soon Andy's turn as she is bent over the desk and he fucks her from behind. These two ladies bring on the heat with their dirty talk as each of them are getting fucked. Andy flips over and continues to take Evan inside her as Allie licks and plays with tits. Another quick side note, I love the stockings that Andy is wearing, very yummy indeed. Allie climbs on top of Andy, and briefly gets fucked by Evan, before we cut to the ladies double teaming his cock. Allie gets some more of Evan, as she lays on the desk, and Andy gets Evan's fingers in her pussy. See no girl is left behind when Evan is around. But the train continues as Evan fucks Andy doggy style while she has her face in Allie's pussy. Andy begs for him to cum all over her, but he makes her cum first. He ends up cumming in her eye and their boss walks in on them, and they all play stupid and blame each other.

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