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Girls Of Red Light District, The: Tori Black

Studio: Red Light District Video » Review by Sean DPS » Review Date: 8/6/10

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

The Girls of Red Light District: Tori Black
Red Light District

Running Time: 2hrs and 35 minutes
Type: Compilation

Technical Stats: (from PS3 display)

Dolby Digital
48 kHz
192 kbps
3.9-6.2 Mbps

Special Features:

Interactive Menus
Chapter Selection
Web Site Info


Tori Black
Mark Wood
Mr Pete
Brian Pumper
Jean-Claude Batiste
Lee Bangs

Overall Thoughts:

So for all those fans of Tori Black, this seems to be a collection of some of her earlier scenes that she has done. You can tell even when she was starting the potential she had, and how she gives her all in every scene. You get a variety of scenes in this compilation: numerous threesome, and a lot of interracial action. So if you are a fan of Tori, and who isn't, this is most likely in your collection, unless you already bought all of the movies that this compilation makes up. But I have to say that for such a low price, I think this is a pretty good movie to add to your collection. It's some early stuff from her career (it all was shot in 07), and I think she has improved since then, but she still makes every scene pretty hot, and always seems to enjoy what she is doing. I am going to give this a RECOMMEND rating, yes I know it's full of scenes with her in it, but there is a huge difference between this and Tori Black is Pretty Filthy, which I think is the bar that we should judge all movies with Tori Black in them. Plus with very little in the special features department, I feel that rating is pretty justified. The audio has some leveling issues, as it gets really loud when the camera is up close to the performers. And the video quality is nothing to brag about, it's not horrible, but it seems to fluctuate during the scenes. You also get the blurry look around the edges of the scene. Like I said before, it's not horrible, but you notice it sometimes.

Scene One: Tori Black, Mark Wood and Jean Claude Batiste from Don't Let Daddy Know #4

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She starts off by showing her pussy to Mark, and he starts to play with it a bit. He tells her that he has a friend here and Jean Claude walks in and joins in the fun. But they have to promise not to tell her dad. The guys open their pants and she starts off by jerking each of the guys off. But when she focuses on Jean Claude, Mark takes his turn fucking her from behind, as he moves her panties just enough so he can slide his cock in. He gets to pull on her hair a bit as he continues to fuck her. The guys switch positions, and then she ends up on Mark for some cowgirl as she continues to suck on Jean Claude's cock, which she seems to choke on for a second or two. We get some nice shots of her ass, and even a few ass slaps in before she ends up on her back and Jean Claude takes a crack at her pussy. But soon Mark is back to fucking her pussy. She then is on her knees working on both guys cocks' , but then goes for a ride on Jean Claude in some reverse cowgirl, but she still keeps working on Mark so that no one is left out. Mark even tries to shove his whole hand in her mouth, she is getting fucked. She goes back to Mark, and scream as she ends up cumming on his dick. She stands and then gets it from Jean Claude from behind as she gets face fucked by Mark. She may have a cock in her mouth but she still is purring with excitement. She ends up on the couch once again and each guy takes his turn fucking her in some doggy style action. They keep taking turns with her and she ends up on her knees and works on both guys until they cum on her face and in her mouth.

Scene Two: Tori Black and Lee Bangs from Dark Meat White Treat #3

Tori is wearing some purple thong underwear and a purple mesh top, as she starts off this scene by showing off her goods. She climbs on the railing and begins to grind away on it, before she plays with her pussy some more. She says that she needs some big black cock and she goes downstairs and find Lee on the couch waiting for her. She pulls his pants down and begins to work on his cock almost immediately. Just like to point out that at this point in the scene, he doesn't seem really excited about this scene. I am assuming that will change. He grabs a hold of her fair and get some deep face fucking in, as she pretty much takes all of him inside her mouth. He helps take her clothes off and then she climbs on top for some cowgirl as we get some nice close ups of her ass and she bounces up and down on him. With those amazing eyes, she seems to add some sexual heat to this scene. She ends up on her back while he continues to fuck her pussy, but then slips in behind her for some spoon action. She ends up once again on top of him, for some reverse cowgirl, as she begs more and more for his dick. She continues with some more oral and slaps her face with his cock, before she is on top of him once again, but then mentions some doggy, and guess where they end up. A brief doggy style session leads into some more spoon action, but she is soon back to having her face down and ass up, I think that was the name of a 2 Live Crew song. The scene ends as he cums in her mouth, and she swallows it all.

Scene Three: Tori Black, Brian Pumper and Mr Pete from Cum Coat Your Throat #4

The scene starts off with Tori wearing a very skimpy pink swimsuit and I use that term very loosely. She walks down the stairs and begins to rub her pussy and play with her boobs, and all of this seems to be shot in a fast forward speed. But things slow down to normal pace as the two men enter the scene and she begins working the oral on both of them, and she even fits both of them in her mouth. Brian makes his way under Tori, and pulls her bottoms aside and enters her pussy, while she continues to work on Pete. But he wants a crack at her, so she lays in front of him on the couch as he enters her from behind in the spoon position. After that she is picked by Brian and he fucks away at her while she hangs out with excitement. After the ride is over she hop on Pete for some more cowgirl, but she leans over enough that she can still reach Brian's cock. And we get a few fingers in the ass from Mr. Pete, does this more is to come soon. Pete picks her up and gives her a ride much like Brian did, but she ends up on her back and Brian fucking her from above, as she opens her pussy and ass up. And for those that like the rough stuff there is some slight choking from Pete as he fucks her hard. Next up each guy takes their turn with her in some pile driver action, before she is back to the cowgirl. She may spend a lot of time in the cowgirl, but at least we get to see the booty shake every once in awhile. The guys continue to take turns with her until the cum in her mouth, after she gives them a little help by playing with their balls. And actually they both cum in her mouth numerous time, oh wait maybe not, it looks like they have a group of guys waiting to cum in her mouth. I guess they fooled me. Either way she gets loaded up with cum and swallows it all.

Scene Four: Tori Black and John Strong from Fucking Around in South Beach #2

Well it's a rainy day in South Beach, but Tori has her mind on other things. She is on the bed giving John a blowjob. After some heavy kissing and a few ass slaps, her underwear comes off and she climbs on top on slowly begins to ride him, and once again, we get some booty bounce, with some ass grabbing and slapping mixed in. We follow that up with some missionary, followed by some doggy. They make sure and use as much of the furniture in this hotel room, as they move the action from the bed to the chair. After a few slight position changes on the chair, they are back to the ole bed for some reverse cowgirl as she scream as she is about to cum. They spend a good portion of the scene in the spoon and some slight variations of that position until she opens her mouth and he gives her some cum. They both seem to really work up a sweat during this scene, and I can only hope that the hotel has some thick walls, otherwise I am sure a few people heard them

Scene Five: Tori Black, Mr Pete and John Strong from Just Over 18 #19

The scene starts with Tori dressed as a naughty school girl with some a plaid skirt, undies and top, and wearing some knee high white stockings. She teases the camera with ass and tits, while the cameraman gets her to suck on his fingers. She finds out that he has more than one dick for her today and she seems to be very happy about it. She gets down on all fours and begins to crawl to the camera, while getting a few sexy pouts and licks in. She goes over to the couch and John is naked waiting for her. She starts off with some oral on him as Pete directs them what to do. John grabs her hair and begins to face fuck her, as she keeps glancing at the camera, maybe she wonders when Pete is going to join in. But soon enough her panties are off and she is getting fucked from behind while she starts giving Pete a blowjob, which turns into some more face fucking. She climbs on top of Pete and rides him as he slaps her ass, and she continues to swallow all of John. I have to say that I love the fact that so far into the scene, she is still wearing the stockings and her skirt is still around her waist. There is just something so sexy about that, I can't figure out why. She next goes for a ride on John while she continues to work on Pete's cock. The guys to take turns fucking her in various positions, but she always makes sure that both guys are getting her attention. She literally almost gags on Pete's hand as he shoves it in her mouth. She tries to make her squirt, but he gives up pretty quickly. They continue to take turns fucking her, until she is on her knees sucking and jerking them both off and then they get one last crack at her with some spoon and doggy before they cum in her mouth. But after John cums in her mouth, Pete fucks her a little more while she still has John's juice in her mouth.

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