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UK Streetwalkers

Studio: Other » Review by Vincent Pierce » Review Date: 8/10/10

XCritic's Advice: XCritic Pick

Genre: All Sex, Foreign, Prostitutes

Director: Unspecified

Cast: Michelle Moist, Delta White, Jools Brooke, Jennifer Keelings, Tia Layne, Tigerr Benson, Victoria Brown

Date of Production: July 2010

Length: 138 mins.

Audio/Video: The audio in the scenes is crystal clear, and the DVD is shot in HD. The video althogh it is shot in HD, has the looks/quality of a show on the BBC (British Broadcasting Channel). I believe that the video quality it suits the UK theme very well. The scenes are in a widescreen ratio.

Overview: This DVD delivers what the title suggests, UK streetwalkers getting paid to have sex. It also includes some rather sexy British ladies who know how to get it on! With several UK girls performing for cash, and your viewing pleasure, this DVD is sure to hold your undivided attention.

Scene 1: Michelle Moist

The scene starts off with a jazzy intro including a tune about streetwalkers playing in the background as the camera follows a particular lady of the night. This very sexy lady of the night happens to be the snazzy Michelle Moist, an blonde haired girl decked out in the sexiest night wear, and awaiting her next customer. This customer happens to know exactly what he's looking for and heads directly into Michelle's working area. After the quickly work out a price (which I can't tell due to the fact it's in British monatary value) the two head to Michelle's 'place' where they get it on!! Michelle wastes no time and starts the show by suckingon the guy's cock. From there on the scene is filled with 'randy' sex that includes doggystyle, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, and missionary sex positions. All the while Michelle compliments the scene with dirty talk for the cameraman filming, and for the guy who's pounding away at her. When the guy reaches his peak, he shoots his wad all in, and around Michelle's lovely mouth. To top that off the guy also stuffs some more cash into her cum filled mouth ... so sexy hot!!! This is the first British porn I have had the pleasure to view, and I have to say that I'm highly impressed with this first scene!!!

Scene 2: Delta White

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Delta White looks like a Playboy Bunny. As the cameraman follows her down the street, you can notice the Playboy Logo on her black tank top. Later on you can also see that she has a Playboy Bunny tattoo on her right breast! Her outfit totally appears 'streetwalker' quality. Her fur coat along with her tight black shorts, and neon read stockings says it all. Not far into the scene a muscular guy makes a proposition for sex with the lovely lady of the night. To start off with Delta does a not so impressive blow job on the guys massive cock. In a way I guess it was kind of kinky. They did throw in a bit of the smoking fetish in the scene having Delta puff the smoke from a cigarette onto the guys cock (I'm not really a smoking fetish fan though ...). The rest of the scene consisted of mainly riding, and one instance of doggystyle. I enjoyed the finish though (except for the fact that the guy had to whack of for a few minutes before he shot his wad!!). Delta got a very nice facial in which part of it was almost shot up her nostril!! Overall it was a good scene, and I'm still quite impressed!!

Scene 3: Jools Brooke

So far Jools Brooke is the only girl that seems, and looks like a genuine streetwalker on this DVD (I'm not saying that's a bad thing though). Jools is a 'bad girl' type who is a down to the point lady of the night. She seems to like to take the cash, and get the job done. I kind of felt sorry for the guy who paid for the service. She talked to him like he was a dog. I was surprised he could even finish with her saucy attitude. Anyways ... the scene started off with a blowjob just as the previous scenes did. For some reason I can't comprehend the ladies of the night in these scenes don't seem to want to go deep on the guys' cocks. In fact it's almost a solid handjob with a bit of licking, and a tiny bit of sucking ... As the scene goes on there is the usual riding, and doggystyle that seems to be a trend in the scenes on this DVD. The end cumshot was kind of sad ... I would have loved to have seen that massive/thick cumshot to have gone into that streetwalkers mouth. That my friend would have been an awesome finish. Still, with all the criticism I applied to this scene, It was still quite enjoyable.

Scene 4: Jennifer Keelings

Let me start by saying "Wow!!!" ... this scene was all kinds of hot, and so was Jennifer Keelings!!! Jennifer is the first black haired girl on this DVD, and she has the perfect body as well!!! Her breasts are huge, and her body has the perfect curves ... *drool* ... To start of with we find her hanging out by a lamp post wearing a hot pink out fit which consisted of a tight one piece dress, and matching high heeled boots. To be honest her seen didn't play out like a genuine streetwalker scene (I'm definitely not complaining though). It played out more like a regular porn scene. After the lamp post bit,  the scene jumps to Jennifer modeling for a cameraman with her clothes on, and off. It was like a photo shoot for a model. The next thing you know Jennifer gets blessed with two guys' cocks. She can suck better than the previous ladies of the night. In fact, she goes much deeper on the blowjobs!! The sex includes some spooning, riding, doggystyle, and DP. The first guy who cums gets it in her mouth, and she plays with it a bit before the next guy gets ready to cum. Right before the last guy shoots his load, she says something to the effect that she wants his spunk. The way she says it just makes my blood boil!!! This is by far the best scene on the DVD (so far ...)!!!

Scene 5: Tia Layne

Tia Layne strikes me as the MILF type. She has a soft spoken, and seductive voice. Like one of the other blondes on this DVD she is wearing a short cut fur coat. Underneath she is wearing a leather vest, and a short blue jean skirt. What I really liked about Tia is the fact that she gave a blowjob better than any of the previous ladies. In fact she deepthroated a lot!!! There was a good amount of gagging during the blowjob part which I rather enjoyed. She definitely has some skills in that area!! After the intenst throat banging, Tia bent over fro some doggystyle, rode the guy cowgirls style, and even did some missionary style. In the end the guy shot 'most' of his thick load right into Tia's open mouth. She acted like she was going to swallow, but spit it all out and let it run down in between her large breasts. I actually enjoyed this scene greatly. Other than Tia being the 'Milf' type (which is not my favorite type of female performer) I saw nothing wrong with this scene. It was very enjoyable indeed!!!

Scene 6: Tigerr Benson

To my surprise Tigerr Benson is an Asian with a british accent. When the scene first started I was thinking "What's an Asian doing in British Porn!?", but I'm truly glad she was in it. Tigerr started her scene off practically nude!! She wore a mini fur coat thingy, a pink mesh see through top (and you could see her massive tits!!!), a mini skirt (which was hiked up far enough where you could see she had no panties on). After a bit of haggling with the customer, Tia and the guy travel to a room together. She began by giving the guy a handjob, and then did a little deepthroat. After that Tia and the guy were joined by another guy. The scene was now a threesome. The sex was pretty intense with a lot of doggystyle, and some missionary. There was also a lot of oral sex in the mix as well. The scene ended well, with the two guys emptying their loads on tia's face, and in her mouth. She was one lovely mess!!! It was an excellent scene, and with two guys it made it a good bit better.

Scene 7: Victoria Brown

Gentlemen, I do believe they saved the sexiest lady for last!!! Victoria Brown looked like a super sexy female spy from a british espionage film!!! She wore a bright orange vinyl jacket, and a silk oriental mini skirt of the same color, all owhich was covering a see through one piece body stocking ... so HOT!!! I also forgot to mention that she is one of the only few black haired streetwalkers on the DVD. She starts her scene by going up to this guy's very nice sports car and asking him if he'd like a little action (... well she didn't actually say it in those words). After Victoria puts on a little more make-up the two go to a room where she gives the guy a blowjob. I can understand why Victoria didn't go deep (cause the guy's cock was enormous!!!), but I still don't excuse the other ladies ... When she was done sucking the guy returned the favor by licking her pussy a bit. Basically the whole scene only consisted of tit fucking, and oral sex (I'm not complaining ^.^). The only thing that bothere me was when the guy shot his spunk (hehe, I wanted to use 'spunk' in the final scene review ... sounds so naughty) on her tits instead of her face ... Still it was a solid scene, and a great way to finish a DVD.

Extras: The only extras on this DVD were 'Trailers' which shows 6 previews of other DVDs.

Final Thoughts: I've gotta say "Wow!". I wasn't expecting this to be so good. When I looked at the package I honestly thought it was going to be a poorly produced adult DVD, but I admit I was bad wrong. Upon viewing the first scene I was amazed at how it captured such a real look at the ladies of the night. Although I'm pretty sure the scenes themselves were staged, they still had a realism about them that made the DVD totally enjoyable. When you have a bunch of sexy British ladies with sexy accents you can't lose. One other thing that kept my undivided attention was that it felt like I was a part of the UK nightlife from a voyeur standpoint. All of the ladies were amazing, and their portrayal of the stereotypes of the ladies of the night seemed to be right on. This is one of those titles most would pass by just because of the cover, but trust me when I tell you it is one of those hidden gems of adult entertainment. I have to say this is worthy of 'Xcritic Pick' status due to it's unique take on porn, and well directed scenes.

Final Rating: Xcritic Pick!!!

"I'm the man who coined the phrase "Same Sex Different Dame". If you're gonna produce porn PLEASE go all out, and don't fall victim to retro ruination. Innovation is king!"

- Vincent Pierce 2014 A.D.

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