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Janine and Jessica's Dirty Desires

Studio: Other » Review by Apache Warrior » Review Date: 8/8/10

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Genre: Lesbians, Vignette 2-disc set

Director: Oren Cohen

Cast: Janine Lindemulder, Jessica Jaymes, Dylan Ryder, Sandee Westgate

Length: 93 minutes

Date of Production: 4/6/2010

Extras: The bonus features are on the second disc. The best parts are the three bonus sex scenes from two Low Art Films productions and the Behind the Scenes (BTS) segment. The first one comes from Soaking Wet Mess and it lasts over twenty-five minutes in length. It is a girl-girl scene. The second one is from Dripping Inside. It lasts over twenty-one minutes. It's a boy-girl performance. The final scene appears in Soaking Wet Mess. It is under twenty minutes and it's a girl-girl scene. The entertaining BTS footage lasts almost thirty minutes. Some of the highlights has Jessica Jaymes driving to the studio and talking at the camera.  She gets her make-up done and poses at the camera. We also get to see Janine asleep as well as posing at the camera. She also gets to see her play around with Jessica under a shower. Furthermore, Jessica and Dylan are talking.  Trailers are also provided. They are Dripping Inside, Fuck Myself, Janine & Jessica's Dirty Desires, Soaking Wet Mess, and Surreal Sex. 

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: The audio and video quality are solid.

Overview: Dirty Desires is an all-girl release by the studio Low Art Films. It is directed by the leader and founder of this company Oren Cohen. It's full title is Janine and Jessica's Dirty Desires. In an article published on AVN's website on May 20th 2010, Mr. Cohen mentions his vision for Low Art Films. He states that "Low Art is all about making the woman look as sexual and attractive as possible. I want the performer and the viewer to be dying to have sex by the time it occurs on screen." As to Dirty Desires, this studio really made a coup when they were the first studio to film legendary performer Janine Lindemulder in 2010. Her personal life and tribulations are well documented in the media. It is only appropriate to see her make her comeback in a very stylish and beautifully shot production. Some other studios would had probably used her in a demeaning manner just so they could say that they had her first. This superstar, who I consider the real Queen of Porn, deserves our support and Low Art Films made her feel right at home. Other ladies who are in this movie are her co-star Jessica Jaymes, Dylan Ryder, and Playboy hottie Sandee Westgate.

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Scene One: Jessica Jaymes is sitting in a chair with a black rose in her mouth while biting on it's stem. The brunette siren is wearing black gloves and black fishnet stockings. She gazes at the camera and feels her body. Suddenly, Janine Lindemulder appears and teases her briefly with her mouth. The blond temptress removes the flower and continues to tease Jessica. The close-up shots of this activity create a very sensual atmosphere. My body temperature rose. Meanwhile, Janine runs her fingers along the woman's upper body and caresses her face gently. Afterwards, the woman in control works over the dark-haired lady's gemstone with good effort. Momentarily, the intensity rises as Janine grinds her own ass on the woman's lap. The blond beauty is really giving Jessica a good workout as she energetically applies solid stimulant on her muffin both orally and manually. Later, Janine licks her mouth and rips the lady's nylons. More of Janine's stimulative behavior is applied onto Jessica's gemstone. The brunette moans loudly and Janine spanks her ass and sex mound. This rough play continues while Jessica sucks the blond's tits. The very heated atmosphere dies down a bit when she eats Janine's sex spot. As a matter of fact, the mood becomes sensual briefly before Janine shoves and rubs Jessica's mouth deeper onto it. It is evident that the brunette is enjoying herself quite well in pleasuring Janine's vaginal plaything. The fingerfucking moments create more passion. It is also noticeable during the humping action by Jessica that both women are enjoying their performance with each other. On a side note, I did not even notice Janine's tattoos that much. She and Jessica's solid workout shows the industry and her fans that Janine is back in form.
Scene Two: Janine is on a mattress, wearing glasses, and teases the camera. The blond cutie looks like a sexy teacher. She rubs her ass and feels her tailbone. Later, Ms. Lindemulder continues to show off her flexibility as the camera zooms in for some tight shots of her toes and ass. When the lady removes her glasses, she sucks the stem and plays with her pussy lips briefly. Meanwhile, the camera action and her panties create good anticipation of making the viewers go wild in wanting to see her pussy very badly. When we do, the audience marvels at it's beauty. Later, Janine fingers her asshole briefly and licks her newly scented fingers. Then, she tastes her pussy-scented panties. Next, she rubs her womanhood with solid effort and three fingers it. Her technique creates good heat and it also gets her off quite nicely. I really enjoyed watching Janine squirm. Overall, it's a nice showcase of Janine pleasuring herself which in turn gets the viewer turned-on as well. It is no where near as heated as the first scene, but it is still a nice looking solo performance by Janine. The only problem was the many camera movements.
Scene Three: In a shower, Janine licks Jessica's toes. Soon, they are kissing in a sensual manner. The close-up shots of this action enhance their chemistry. Their lip lock activity along with Janine's lip biting play is very hot. My body temperature rose and I was not even wearing a shirt. While the wet-haired blond sucks on her tits, Janine has her fingers in the dark-haired lady's mouth. So far, the most memorable moments are the continual kissing activity. Their bodies are wet. The mood feels personal and intimate. It does not feel that they only got to be paired up for the first time on this movie. Once the background music ended, the intensity factor rose immensely. Janine sucks her pussy and fingers her asshole. She also spanks her ass several times. Janine's face looks very happy as she stares into the camera. Then, Jessica sucks her womanhood with good effort as Janine rocks her head to get the full effect of her mouth on her feminine plaything. Then, she manually works over the blond's beauty spot with good energy. However, the intensity factor rises greatly again when Jessica is sitting on Janine's mouth as she feel the blond starlet's pussy stimulating behavior underneath her. She really gets into it even more when Jessica is in the mish position. However, both women take turns in providing total effort in working over the other's juiceboxes and tasting every drop of female nectar. This performance is a very worthy follow-up to their earlier incredible match-up.
Scene Four: Immediately, Jessica Jaymes and shorter-haired Dylan Ryder are aware of the camera. Nevertheless, the atmosphere feels sexy and steamy. Jessica caresses the woman's upper body especially her bosoms. She licks her mouth several times as she stares and smiles at the camera. Then, the woman sucks her breast and acts very infatuated towards Ms. Ryder. There is some good eye contact between them. Dylan takes the whole thing in as her body temperature rises from the anticipation of the woman's upcoming actions. Their mouth-to-mouth activity heats up the scene as the slow pace also adds to this mood. Jessica rubs her panty-covered sex spot in a gentle and caring fashion and focuses on her tits. It helps create more inner sensations inside Dylan's body as her facial expressions relay that fact to the viewer.Their kissing moments look sexy. As soon as the dark-haired lady fingers Dylan's sex tunnel, the intensity increases. The background music has also stopped. Their heated affair continues even throughout Dylan's own personal oral application on Jessica's jewel. Their moans make their performance more exciting. These women know how to orally attack the pussy well to get their partner satisfied. Afterwards, the latter moments feel more personal and intimate. It's a very complementary scene to this film.

Scene Five: Shorter-haired Sandee Westgate is holding some jewelry in her teeth as Jessica Jaymes runs her hand along her face. Soon, she removes the bling and sticks her finger in her cute mouth. Then, she runs her hand onto the woman's breast. Next, the brunette pours oil on Ms. Westgate's legs and womanhood. She rubs the wetness on her and she is soaked. The oil is glistening and her pussy is very oily. Soon, Jessica pours oil on the rest of the lady's body. Some very brief mouth-on-mouth action follows and Sandee sucks her wet finger. The slow pace continues as Jessica sucks the lady's tits. Some kissing moments occur. Later, Miss Jaymes rubs Sandee's sexual plaything as she fondles her. The sexy mood continues as the other woman has her turn to orally pleasure Jessica. When the music ends, the action between them moves quicker. All of a sudden, the kept-in passion for each other is allowed to be expressed. Sandee's face looks joyous as Jessica pleasures her. The chemistry between them gets to flourish as their performance lingers on. They become playful. The mutual titty play raises the heat and personal levels. But, it will always be the muffin pleasuring moments that will be the most memorable between them and the ones that will get the viewer the most excited. As a matter of fact, it leaves the audience wanting more.

Scene Six: Jessica Jaymes stares at the camera beside a window. Moments later, she sucks her finger and runs her fingers down her body until she reaches her sexual playground. Later, the brunette shows off her breasts and caresses her body in a sensual manner. The lady rubs her womanhood softly and intimately. Her facial expression shows good stimulative emotion as her solo play becomes more enthusiastic. Once again, it begins when the music had ended. However, Jessica's antics do not make her moan loudly. She keeps it all in which is a bit of a let down.
Final Thoughts: Fans of Janine Lindemulder will not be disappointed in seeing their Queen return to the screen. Her two erotic-gonzo appearances with Jessica Jaymes are by far the best performances in this film. She still has what it takes to command the attention of the audience. Her behind the scenes moments should be viewed as well. As for Jessica Jaymes, she gives a very worthy outing in five of the six scenes. However, it's no doubt that people are going to check out Dirty Desires for the reemergence of Janine. They won't be disappointed. Since this film is so artistic and erotic with some wet scenes, it may not be for everyone. Nevertheless, I highly recommend this production based on hot lesbian sex and the replay quality of seeing Janine's amazing return.  It's important to note that there is one boy-girl scene and it appears on the second disc.                 

Apache Warrior

Apache W
[email protected]     

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