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Asian Mouth Club 5

Studio: Madness Pictures » Review by Vincent Pierce » Review Date: 8/11/10

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Genre: Point Of View, Asian, Blowjobs

Director: MO

Cast: Asia Zo, Beti Hana, Carmina Kai, Kita Zen, Yuki Mori

Date of Production: 12/30/09, 1/19/10, 1/21/10, 1/29/10, & 2/6/10

Length: 2 hrs. 27 mins.

Audio/Video: The audio is excellent, and almost sounds digital. The video is clear, and seems to be shot in HD. The scenes are all shown in a widescreen ratio.

Overview: This is a POV (Point of View) blowjob DVD that is Asian oriented. Each scene is complimented by an interview of the girl, as well as a striptease and masturbation part. This DVD allows you to get to know the girls' stories, and witness their blowjob skills making it a more personal experience for the viewer. In essence it gives you (the viewer) a chance to know more about the female performers who's talent graces this DVD.

Scene 1: Kita Zen

When the scene starts, we find Kita Zen reclining on a large leather chair. she is sharing her story with the cameraman. She tells how she is the 'epitome of rebel', that she spent most of her teenage years rebelling against her parents, and others. She also tells of the time she lost her virginity at the age of 14!! Kita is a very lively, and energetic Asian-American girl who speaks english without an accent. In this scene she is wearing a black, and pink silk bustier with a pair of black panties. After the rather lengthy interview (about 15 minutes in length ...) Kita does a striptease which is followed by her masturbating, and playing with a glass dildo. When the actual oral sex part starts, Kita gives a very sloppy/wet blowjob. She often gags to the extreme, spewing major loads of slobber onto the guy's massive cock. The blowjob is actually very short, and ends with Kita getting a mouthfull of cum which she about chokes on, and spits back up all over the guy's cock ... Even with the short length of the actual blowjob, it was still intense enough to be good. I also liked getting to know about Kita during her interview. It was a very nice touch, and made the scene more personal.

Scene 2: Yuki Mori

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Yuki Mori is a very attractive, and very interesting Japanese girl. In this scene she is wearing a black see through nightgown, and has pigtails. The scene follows the same pattern as the previous one. It has a lengthy interview, a masturbation scene, and finishes with the blowjob. I really enjoyed the interview in this scene. Yuki told some things about Japan that I had no clue about, like the fact that sex is taught in schools over there, or even by the parents. She also mentioned that the Japanese girls don't use 'toys'. Yuki said she had lost her virginity at 13 years old with a 13 year old boy, and that it was very awkward. She has only been her in the states for 4 years, and does this kind of work for the money. Suprisingly in this scene was the first time Yuki had used a dildo, but you could tell she really enjoyed it. She even came a bit after using it. Her blowjob skills were quite impressive, and she went deep on the guy's cock. She also used a double handjob technique every once in a while. It takes a bit, but Yuki finally gets a mouthfull of cum which she spits back out. This was another informative look at the life, and culture of an Asian female performer which was really enjoyable.

Scene 3: Carmina Kai

I've gotta say that Carmina Kai is my favorite (so far ...). I really like her personality. In her interview she's not afraid to talk about anything related to her Vietnamese heritage. Not only that she is super sexy, sporting a school girl uniform. In her interview, Carmina speaks of how she used to sneak and watch her parent's DVD porn collection!! She also mentions how her mother is over protective of Carmina losing her virginity, and has her cut up her bananas because it looks like a penis, lol!! After the interview she does a very sexy striptease, and masturbation. Watching her do the blowjob got my own blood boiling. It was sexy in all  kinds of ways, and in the end she swallowed half of the guy's cum. I almost forgot to mention ... Carmina actually incuded some cowgirl, and reverse cowgirl riding in the scene. I guess it didn't hurt to have a little sex mixed in the blowjob scene. This was a great scene throughout, and Carmina was an excellent performer!!

Scene 4: Asia Zo

The lovely Mostly Chinese, part Japanese Asia Zo tells all in here quite revealing interview. among the good tibits she tells how she was first exposed to porn at age 11 when she watched her Daddy's Hentai (Me being an Otaku, I also love Hentai, which is basically Adult cartoons/anime ^.~*). She also goes over the different stereotype associated with asian people, like do Asian guys have small penis's? (she answers yes, even comapred american guys), Are Asian people bad drivers (which she also replies yes ... mostly 30 to 40 year olds, though). asia also says that she compares sucking cock to sucking on a large lollypop, which sh really likes!!  ... After the very interesting, and quite fun interview, Asia does a striptease, and masturbates as well using a glass dildo. The guy's cock that Asia is sucking is quite big for her mouth, but I think she does a good job. She also throws in some ball sucking to her very nice blowjob. In the end Asia gets a mouthfull of cum which she spits back onto the guy's swollen rod!! Like the scene before, I enjoyed the interview. I think getting to know Asia made the scene much more enjoyable. Awesome scene!!!

Scene 5: Beti Hana

By far, Beti Hana is the beauty of this DVD!! Unfortunately her Interview was the shortest of all of the girls. In the Interview she tells the cameraman that she is a 30 year old Korean girl who has been living in Hawaii until recently. Let me just say that she looks a lot younger than 30 years old, and the interviewer makes a similar comment stating that he heard that Asian women hardly age (and that she is a testament to that). During the interview she says that she lost her virginity at age 16 to her boyfriend at the time. Other than those few facts, there wasn't much more to the interview. Beti Hana's striptease, and masturbation took place in a bathroom, unlike the other girls' scenes which all took place in the same bedroom area. Even the blowjob takes place in the bathroom. I think it's a nice change of scenery. Beti's blowjob is sexy, but she doesn't go very deep (but I can't blame her, the guy's cock is enormous!!). The scene ended with Beti recieving a huge load in her mouth which she spit back up all over the guy's cock. After that she waves bye to the viewer, and the screen fades on the final scene ... It was a really good scene, I just wish they would have gave Beti a good interview like the other Asian girls ...

Extras: The extras include 'BTS' which is a behind-the-scenes look at the performers in the scenes on this DVD ... 'Photo' which is a picture slideshow of the the Asian girls on this DVD ... and 'Trailers' which show 5 video previews of other titles available by 'Madness Pictures'.

Final Thoughts: Out of all of the blowjob DVDs I've reviewed this has something more special about it ... a deeper look at what makes the girls who they are. I greatly enjoyed the interviews. I think I may have complained in one scene's review about the length of them, but looking back I think the interviews are what made this DVD so solid. Even though I'm into the Japanese culture (since I'm an Otaku ^.~*), I can't honestly say I'm into Asian girls. That being said, by the time this DVD was through I really liked the girls and felt I understood them better. Overall this was a great, and like I mentioned before, a very solid DVD. It is definitely worthy of a high recommendation!!!

Final Rating:  Highly Recommended!!!

"I'm the man who coined the phrase "Same Sex Different Dame". If you're gonna produce porn PLEASE go all out, and don't fall victim to retro ruination. Innovation is king!"

- Vincent Pierce 2014 A.D.

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