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Members Only

Studio: Twistys » Review by Dr. Jay » Review Date: 10/6/10

XCritic's Advice: Watch On Demand

Genre: All sex.
Director: Kory Fame.
Cast: Courtney Cummz, Alan Stafford, Kagney Linn Karter, T.J. Cummings, Kiara Diane, Bill Bailey, Sophie Dee, Jack Spade, Carla Cox, Steve Q.
Must-See Girls in Cast: Kagney Linn Karter.
Length: 02:24
Condoms: None.
Bonus:Two bonus points: one for condom-free sex and the second for Kagney Linn Karter, who is a 2010 recipient of a Dr. Jay's Must-See Girl Award.


Members Only is a five-scene boy/girl all-sex movie that appears to be a collection of scenes captured for the Twistys.com website. Twistys is a very popular site that offers its members a wide variety of still photos and sex scenes featuring some of the prettiest girls (they call their models Twistys Treats) you'll ever see. My guess is that these five scenes were heretofore available only to the site's members. Hence, the name Members Only.

Truth be told, I asked to review this movie because it features one of the hottest girls to ever grace the porn screen--and my Must-See Girls list--Kagney Linn Karter. As always, her scene is nearly breathtaking. Oh, that all of us could experience a ride as good as she gives! Frankly, even though her performance in Members Only really rocks, I was a bit disappointed because she spat out T.J. Cummings' semen at the end of the scene. I find that to be very disrespectful and wish porn stars would refrain from doing it.

Speaking of spitting...Courtney Cummz and Carla Cox do it, too. Remember girls, "Taste it, but don't waste it."
Members Only features four girls besides Kagney, and they're all very sweet eye candy. Chief among them is Sophie Dee. Seldom have I seen a finer body! Courtney Cummz, who's never really been high on my radar, really opened my eyes with a rollicking scene with Alan Stafford. Hardbodied Kiara Diane looks especially delectable in her outdoor scene with Bill Bailey. And, finally, Euro-chick Carla Cox is a real Twisty's Treat in Scene Five.
I hope that, in the future, Twistys will remember a couple of "Dr. Jay's Rules." In particular, everybody in a sex scene should climax. This includes both Sophie and Kiara, who never reached the big "O" during their scenes. Second, porn videoisms (twisting the camera this way and that, unrealistic camera angles, poor lighting, and jerky camera movements) are not at all welcome in this age of high-quality digital video. Finally, spitting of semen is a major no-no. If Twistys remembers these three rules, they will certainly earn scores higher than "Rent It" from me in the future.
Check out some photos of the girls in Members Only here. Pay particular attention to the stunning blowjob shots of Carla Cox and Kiara Diane as well as the photos of the incomparable Kagney Linn Karter, busty brunette Sophie Dee, and bad-girl Courtney Cummz! Enjoy!


Note to readers: My reviews are provided in two parts. This web page provides you with an overview of the scene's setup and action as well as my ratings for sex, video, audio, and production values. A separate Word document checklist details the foreplay activities, positions, pops, and features of each scene...as well as the calculation of each scene's ratings. The checklist for Members Only can be downloaded here. You'll need a password. It's drjay2010.

Look for scenes and movies with a 4.5 or higher (A) sex rating and at least 4.0 (B) in video, audio, and production values. Those are my favorite scenes and I'm quite certain that you'll like them, too.

Scene 1

Scene Type: Boy/girl.
Performers: Courtney Cummz, Alan Stafford

Scene Set-up/Plot/Scenario: Courtney Cummz plays a television sports reporter who invades a men's locker room to interview Alan Stafford, the "star" of a just-concluded college basketball game. After a brief and perfunctory interview, Courtney dismisses her videographer and instructs him to get her a coffee and wait in the van. As you might expect, Courtney uses her "alone" time with Alan to seduce him while simultaneously stripping off layers of her clothes to inflame his lust. The brazen bitch even grabs his cock and squeezes it through his sweats (she's my kind of girl!). Of course, Alan doesn't need much encouragement and is soon tugging off her clothes, kissing her open mouth, suckling her tits, licking her flesh, and spanking her ass cheeks. Meanwhile, Courtney caresses Alan's muscular body and encourages him with naughty words, coos of delight, and sexy movements. Soon, foreplay intensifies as they use their hands and fingers to briefly stroke each other's genitals (Alan's cock only needs a few of Courtney's expert squeezes and strokes to swell to full mast) before Alan drops to his knees and greedily eats Courtney's tasty pierced twat while she lies back on a bench. Courtney loves the feel of Alan's tongue and, in response, arches her back in ecstasy and whispers, "You know how to make love to that pussy...don't you?...with your tongue! You dirty boy!" Encouraged, Alan adds his fingers to the mix so that he can finger-fuck her while she shouts for joy, fucks back, and strokes and spanks her clit. Before they move on to sex, Courtney gives Alan a superb blowjob that features lots of gagging, slobber, deep-throating, stringers, jawbreakers, and balls gobbling. And, she uses her hands to milk his lucky rod, too. As the scene unfolds, Courtney dares Alan: "You ready to fuck me?" As you might expect, he enthusiastically replies, "Fuck, yeah!" So, she kneels on one of the locker room benches and invites Alan to ream her from behind, in doggie. Courtney is not content with just getting fucked. So, she matches his strokes with hers and the two become a well-synchronized fucking machine. And, she shouts at the top of her lungs: "FUCK ME HARD!" In due course, Courtney and Alan make superb use of reverse cowgirl (Courtney's moves are oh-so-erotic and her bejeweled pussy is oh-so-wet!), cowgirl, and missionary (randy Courtney cums...or maybe I should say cummz!). No matter which position they use, Courtney is always enthusiastic, always nasty, always ready to show off her awesome moves, and always ready to suck her girl juice--and Alan's pre-cum--off of Alan's lucky spit-lubricated penis. To finish up the scene, Courtney insists that Alan "Work that cum out of those fucking nuts" and squirt it all over her big bouncing tits. So, he does just that by pounding her vagina in mish until he's on the brink. At just the last second, he pulls out and splatters her chest, face, and mouth with his bounty. Then, she sucks and milks him dry, blows bubbles with his semen, and spits it out. For the most part, I really enjoyed this scene. Had Courtney refrained from spitting, the scene would have earned a solid five-star score.

Foreplay: Mutual stripping, kissing, spanking, tit sucking and squeezing, caressing, hair pulling, handjob, fellatio (very slobbery!), deep-throat, jaw breakers, stringers, balls gobbling. cunnilingus, finger-fucking, two-finger-fucking, clit jacking, clit spanking.
Vaginal Positions: Missionary, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, kneeling doggie, standing doggie.
Anal Positions: None.
Girl cums: Yes, during mish.
Pop: External: tits; she sucks him dry and then spits.

Sex rating: 4.50
Video rating: 4.00
Audio rating: 4.00
Production values rating: 3.70

What I Liked Most:

  • Even though it's an all-sex scene, Courtney does a nice job keeping us involved--she gives us lots of eye contact.
  • I really like Courtney's clit-hood ring. Her nicely-enhanced tits are mesmerizing and I like the extensive colorful tattoo on her back, too.
  • Courtney, playing a sports reporter, is agreeably aggressive in convincing Alan to fuck her.
  • Alan does a very nice job delivering his lines. He's a believable jock!
  • I like the locker room location. Although not exactly unusual, it is so much more interesting to watch people fuck in a locker room than atop a nondescript couch in a nondescript living room.
  • Courtney gives Alan an outstanding blowjob. Wait until you see her show off her gag, slobber, deep-throat, stringer, jawbreaker, and balls gobbling techniques...both during foreplay and during pussy-to-mouth! And, her handjob skills her phenomenal, too.
  • Courtney has a masterful command of nasty vocabulary. She always says just the right naughty words to keep Alan--and us--inflamed.
  • Courtney's big boobs dance and gyrate delightfully in response to Alan's balls-deep thrusts and to her own wildly-enthusiastic moves.
  • Courtney's moves are great in reverse cowgirl and cowgirl. I sure as hell wish she was dancing on my cock right now! Her moves are also hot and sexy in doggie, too.
  • Courtney and Alan swap spit during reverse.
  • Alan indulges his foot fetish by sucking Courtney's toes and licking her feet while he fucks her in missionary.
  • Courtney cums (cummz?) like a volcano during missionary. She demands that Alan keep fucking her so that pleasure will continue to course through her body.
  • Alan takes an opportunity to eat Courtney's pussy during brief breaks in the in-and-out action.

What Could Have Been Better:

  • There is an excessive use of oblique camera angles. This effect, which is rare in mainstream, occurs when the videographer turns the camera this way and that during filming so that there is no consistent horizontal or vertical axis in the image. The effect causes the performers to appear as if they will slide off the edge of the screen.
  • The camera movements are often jerky rather than smooth and fluid.

What I Didn't Like:

  • Courtney spits out Alan's semen at the end of the scene. To me, spitting out cum is extremely disrespectful and should never be done. Girls, if you don't want to swallow, have you guy pop anywhere besides your month.

Scene 2

Scene Type: Boy/girl.
Performers: Kagney Linn Karter, T.J. Cummings

Scene Set-up/Plot/Scenario: T.J. Cummings arrives at Kagney Linn Karter's palatial home, climbs the steps to her entryway, and knocks. Kagney, dressed in a prom dress that barely contains her astounding boobs, notes his arrival: "Oh, my God! The hottest guy at Twisty's High School!" She bounds down the stairs, opens the door, kisses and embraces T.J., admits him to her home, and then walks with him, hand-in-hand, to her living room. After noting that nobody else is home, T.J. begins the not-so-arduous task of getting into Kagney's panties (actually, she's not even wearing any!). First, he explains that he's going to be the Prom King. It's a "foregone conclusion" since he is, after all, the quarterback. Then, he continues: "That means we don't have to get to the dance early...I'm going to win...I thought maybe we could hang out a bit." Not exactly smooth, is he? Even Kagney's skeptical: "But, what is that going to do for me?" T.J. does score a home run when he promises that he can make her--a mere freshman--prom queen. "So, you're saying...if I have a little fun with you before prom that you can make me prom queen?" T.J. answers in the affirmative and Kagney immediately becomes putty in his hands: "Make me prom queen!" She then leans in to kiss and caress him and soon the two are stripping off each other's clothes (Kagney's not wearing any panties!) and fondling each other. T.J.'s lucky mouth soon gets a workout when he licks and spanks her gorgeous ass cheeks, suckles and squeezes her ripe and perky breasts, and kisses her sweet mouth. Once Kagney is delightfully nude, she helps T.J. out of his clothes ("Your body is amazing!") and then drops to her knees to give him an off-the-charts blowjob that includes delightful gags, globs of spit, and balls-deep deep-throating. Once T.J.'s cock is titanium hard, Kagney sits on a couch, spits on her own pussy, lies back, and gives him--and us--a little masturbation show as she strokes her clit and pierced labia. Then, T.J. kneels between her legs and gently blows on her soaking wet pussy...it drives her wild with anticipation. So, she's more than ready when his tongue gently grazes her oh-so-sensitive clit. "That's SO good," she coos. T.J. soon gives Kagney her first of many orgasms during the scene as her magnificent body trembles with untold pleasure: "Oh, it feels so good...I'm SO ready to fuck you!" Of course, T.J.'s been anxiously anticipating those words. So, as she spreads her legs super wide and beams of ecstasy brighten her face, T.J. slips his rod inside her accommodating cunt and pounds it fast and furious in missionary and as she lies on her side. Meanwhile, Kagney displays her trademark vocalizations...she's loud, enthusiastic, and naughty and she makes sure you know she's having the time of her life. As the scene continues to unfold, Kagney shows off her fucking fantastic moves in reverse cowgirl, and then kneels on the couch in doggie so that T.J. can spank her butt, massage her asshole, and fuck her through at least two volcanic orgasms from behind (her whole body quivers). Most girls would be completely worn out by now. But, not Kagney...who's beyond insatiable. Indeed, before the scene comes to an end, she and T.J. fuck ferociously in spoon so she can have more world-class orgasms. During spoon, T.J.begs, "Tell me you'll let me cum on your face!" "Cum all over my fucking face!" she ecstatically replies. So, T.J. does the lady's bidding by standing above her and jacking his cock while encouraging her to masturbate: "I'm not cumming until you cum again!" So, she frantically strokes her clit and labia until she convulses through yet another amazing orgasm. Her ultimate pleasure pushes him over the top as torrents of his semen spew out of his cock and into her wide-open mouth. Up to this point, Kagney has proved, throughout the scene, that she's worthy of the title, "Must-See Girl!" But, she blows it at the last minute when she spits out T.J.'s cum onto her tits. I must admit, however, that her gorgeous breasts look especially nice covered with semen.

Foreplay: Mutual stripping, kissing, body licking, masturbation, spanking, tit sucking and squeezing (Kagney suckles her own nipples), caressing, hair pulling, handjob, fellatio, deep-throat, cunnilingus, clit jacking, T.J. blows air on Kagney's wet pussy.

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Vaginal Positions: Missionary, reverse cowgirl, kneeling doggie, spoon, on-her-side.
Anal Positions: None.
Girl cums: Repeatedly: during kneeling doggie and spoon, while she masturbates, and while T.J. eats her pussy.
Pop: Open mouth; she spits.

Sex rating: 4.50
Video rating: 3.50
Audio rating: 4.00
Production values rating: 4.00

What I Liked Most:

  • Kagney is one of the finest looking girls to ever grace the porn screen. I love everything about her superb body, especially her fine tits and uniquely-pierced vagina. Kagney knows how mesmerizing her pussy is...she even tugs on her pierced labia to literally force us to pay attention to her delicious hole.
  • The wardrobe, makeup, location, and sets used in this scene are top notch.
  • I love Kagney's sounds, words, facial expressions, body language, and giggles. She makes sex look and sound so fucking fun!
  • Really excellent chemistry develops between Kagney and T.J. There's no doubt that they're having the time of their lives while they fuck.
  • T.J.'s cunnilingus skills are fucking phenomenal. First, he uses he breath to blow air on her slippery hole. Then, he eats her through her first orgasm...during foreplay!
  • Kagney's oral skills are also off the charts. Wait until you see her blow T.J.'s lucky cock. Believe me, you'll wish that your dick would be so fortunate!
  • Kagney never forgets that we're part of the scene and often turns her mesmerizing and lust-filled eyes toward us. Some of the footage was even shot in POV...especially the fellatio sequences.
  • Kagney is a very enthusiastic and vocal fuck. And, her command of naughty vocabulary is first-rate. She's definitely one of the very best girls in porn right now.
  • Kagney's big boobs look fucking fantastic when they bounce and dance in response to her hot and sexy moves.
  • Kagney's fucking/grinding moves in reverse are outstanding!
  • During reverse, Kagney lifts herself off of T.J.'s cock and then drives him out of his mind by tugging on her labia ring and by spreading those lips wide. Sweet!
  • T.J. fucks her in an awesome way in kneeling doggie...fast and furious...makes her cum and keeps pounding her while she screams with delight through a second orgasm. Afterward, her well-used pussy gapes beautifully.
  • T.J. takes time between positions to eat Kagney's girl juice out of her pussy and to rim her sweet asshole.
  • Kagney and T.J. kiss repeatedly during the scene. And, they both lick her nipples at the same time!
  • Kagney makes herself cum by masturbating while T.J. jacks off into her mouth.

What Could Have Been Better:

  • There is an excessive use of oblique camera angles. This effect, which is rare in mainstream, occurs when the videographer turns the camera this way and that during filming so that there is no consistent horizontal or vertical axis in the image. The effect causes the performers to appear as if they will slide off the edge of the screen.
  • The camera movements are often jerky rather than smooth and fluid.
  • There is missing transitioning footage between sexual positions. The couples "jump" from one position to another.

What I Didn't Like:

  • Kagney spits out T.J.'s semen at the end of the scene. To me, spitting out cum is extremely disrespectful and should never be done. Girls, if you don't want to swallow, have you guy pop anywhere besides your month.
  • The scenatio is quite implausible. It's hard to imagine either Kagney or T.J. as high-school students. It's even more unlikely that Kagney could be a freshman!

Scene 3

Scene Type: Boy/girl.
Performers: Kiara Diane, Bill Bailey.

Scene Set-up/Plot/Scenario: Bill Bailey, playing a chauffeur, drives a stretch Lincoln Towncar up to an office building, steps out of the car, and opens the door for his passenger, the lovely fiancee (Kiara Diane) of his politician boss. Kiara steps into the car and makes herself comfortable before asking Bill to take her home to her Beverly Hills mansion. Bill quickly notices that Kiara is not quite herself...she seems so quiet and distant. Kiara soon confesses that she just found out that her fiancee is cheating on her. Bill and Kiara chat for a while about her predicament and, during their conversation, Bill expresses his admiration of Kiara. Kiara responds by telling Bill that her fiancee hasn't fucked her in a week and that she's "kinda horny." Bill, realizing his job is on the line, initially refuses Kiara's advances. But, she gradually tears down his defenses by insisting that she'll never tell her fiancee. Eventually, Bill succumbs to her pleas and pulls the car into an alley so they can fuck in semi-private. Once he stops the car, Bill gets out, opens the back door, and takes luscious Kiara into his arms for some hot kissing and nuzzling. As you might expect, their passion builds quickly and Kiara is soon attacking Bill's belt and zipper with her insatiable hands. Once his huge dick springs free, she gives him a brief handjob while he suckles and fondles her tits. Then, she drops to her knees and attacks his cock and balls with her greedy mouth. While Kiara sucks and strokes Bill's rod, he tugs on her long blond hair and inflames her lust with his appreciative words. After a while, Bill strips off Kiara's clothes, exposing her beautiful and nicely-inked and pierced body. Then, while Kiara leans against the car and spreads her legs, Bill drops to his knees so he can voraciously eat and finger her succulent pussy (nice close-ups). Meanwhile, Kiara coos with pleasure and pulls on Bill's hair. As the scene continues to unfold, Kiara whispers, "I want you to fuck me now." So, while Kiara continues to lean against the car, Bill slips his cock into her pussy and fucks her while they standing face-to-face. He even lifts her off her feet while he reams her! Meanwhile, Kiara coos ecstatically, strokes her clit (nice close-ups), and encourages Bill with naughty words. Later, Bill gets to ream Kiara's sweet vagina and spank her pretty ass cheeks in standing doggie (oddly, the audio is out of sync with the video during this segment) and then gets to sit back and enjoy the ride when she mounts and fucks the shit out of him in reverse cowgirl. Before Bill's pleasure escalates to the point of no return, they spend some time in a modified standing doggie position in which Bill holds Kiara's right leg aloft while he fucks her. This position allows us to really savor Kiara's muscular body. The scene draws to a close when Bill pulls out of Kiara's vagina and, after she drops to her knees in front of him, shoots a high velocity and voluminous load of semen all over Kiara's pretty tits. His load is so generous that it literally flows down her chest and belly! She sucks and milks him dry while promising that her fiancee will give him a raise. Both Kiara and Bill are very attractive people. But, they didn't really connect during the scene...no intense chemistry really developed. And, Kiara never came close to orgasm during the scene. Pity.

Foreplay: Mutual stripping, kissing, body licking, tit sucking and squeezing, hair pulling, caressing, handjob, fellatio, balls gobbling, cunnilingus.
Vaginal Positions: Reverse cowgirl, standing doggie, standing cowgirl, standing face-to-face.
Anal Positions: None.
Girl cums: No.
Pop: External: tits and belly.

Sex rating: 3.50
Video rating: 3.00
Audio rating: 3.00
Production values rating: 3.80

What I Liked Most:

  • Kiara Diana, who plays the "wronged" fiancee of a rich politician, is delightfully aggressive in convincing Bill, her fiancee's limo driver, to fuck her.
  • I like Kiara's body. She has hypnotic eyes, very pretty all-natural titties that bounce so beautifully, and a hard flat belly that's accentuated by an attractive navel ring. I particularly enjoyed watching her beautiful body fuck and grind when she takes over the fucking in reverse cowgirl.
  • The scene was shot in a somewhat "risky" environment...outdoors on a side street in and around a limousine.
  • Never has a Lincoln Towncar been put to better use!
  • There's great kissing during foreplay.
  • Kiara does a very nice job sucking Bill's balls while she sucks his dick.
  • Kiara masturbates during fellatio.
  • Bill and Kiara kiss quite a bit during the scene. And, he worships her titties and the flesh of her neck with his mouth on several occasions, too.
  • Kiara and Bill both minister to Kiara's clit by stroking it while they fuck.
  • I really enjoyed watching Kiara and Bill fuck in a modified standing doggie position toward the end of the scene.
  • Bill's pop, at the end of the scene, is voluminous!
  • There are quite a few very nice close-ups of the in-and-out action during the scene.

What Could Have Been Better:

  • Kiara doesn't cum during the scene.
  • There's a loss of continuity when Bill kneels down to eat Kiara's pussy during foreplay...an abrupt edit makes me think I missed something important. There are other abrupt and jarring edits throughout the scene, too.
  • The audio is out of sync with the video.
  • There is a great deal of annoying and loud ambient noise. 
  • There is an excessive use of oblique camera angles. This effect, which is rare in mainstream, occurs when the videographer turns the camera this way and that during filming so that there is no consistent horizontal or vertical axis in the image. The effect causes the performers to appear as if they will slide off the edge of the screen.
  • The camera movements are often jerky rather than smooth and fluid.
  • Much of the lighting is inadequate.
  • There is lens flare during the outdoors footage.

Scene 4

Scene Type: Boy/girl.
Performers: Sophie Dee, Jack Spade

Scene Set-up/Plot/Scenario: When the scene begins, amazingly voluptuous Sophie Dee arrives at Jack Spade's home/studio for a photo shoot. She knocks on Jack's door and, after she's admitted, Jack escorts her to his photoshoot "set" and explains that he's going to be shooting dressed and nude photos of her. Sophie joyously proclaims: "I'm ready!" Jack shoots a series of hot photos of Sophie, who's dressed in a very sexy and revealing outfit. He even shows her his photos, using the LCD screen on his camera, to prove how great she looks. "You take really good pictures!" she observes. In due course, he begins to coax her out of her clothes. Believe me, you'll shout for joy when you first see her amazing tits and to-die-for voluptuous--and nicely inked and pierced--body. Without a body, I want her! You will too! But, Sophie thinks that Jack is moving too fast and starts to get a bit apprehensive. She gets even more concerned when Jack starts to get a little "touchy-feely" with her. She even calls him a pervert. Jack continues to shoot shot after shot. But, it's obvious that his mind is moving on to other things. After all, wouldn't you want to fuck this? I know that my dick would be exploding out of my pants! Jack knows that he has to promise something big if he's going to get into her pants. So, he offers her a huge incentive...to be the Twisty's Treat of the Month! Sophie knows all about the financial and other perks that come with the Treat of the Month title. Jack explains: "We have to spend just a few minutes alone--over there on the couch." Jack "pinkie promises" Sophie that all her Twistys dreams will come true and then he gets to have his way with amazing her. Hot damn! Sophie and Jack run across the room to the couch and then immediately start to make out by kissing and by caressing each other. Jack's hands are soon full of Sophie's bountiful boobs. And he gets to ravenously suckle her nipples, too. Sophie, with the Treat of the Month dollar signs dancing in her head, lets Jack do anything he wants with his hands and mouth. Even better, she starts to really enjoy herself: "That feels nice!" Encouraged, Jack soon gets to feast on Sophie's pussy as she coos with pleasure and lets him know--without any uncertain terms--how much she likes it. She even holds her labia open for him and lets him finger-fuck her. And, she gleefully "fucks" his face when she wraps her magnificent mams around it! After a while, Sophie asks, "Do you want me to do something for you?" Of course he does. She responds, "Do you know what I like to do? Stand over here and I'll show you!" Sophie makes good on her promise and, as Jack strips off his clothes, she compliments his body and licks his belly. Once his cock is free from the bondage of his pants, she gives Jack an awesome and very slobbery combination hand/blowjob (wait until you see how she enthusiastically and noisily worships it!) while simultaneously stroking her own clit. She even giggles: "I can reach the bottom" as she deep-throats him balls-deep! And, she lets him fuck her mammoth breasts with his cock, too. After such excellent fellatio, it almost seems anti-climactic when they move on to sex. They begin the in-and-out action when Sophie kneels on the couch and coyly shakes and jiggles her bountiful ass cheeks for Jack (and us). Then, Jack slides into her pussy from behind and fucks her balls-deep in doggie while she moans with pleasure, talks nasty ("You gotta nice cock!"), watches the action intently, invites him to play with her boobies, and fucks back. After a bit of pussy-to-mouth, Sophie discovers her aggressive side, tosses Jack onto the couch, mounts him in cowgirl, and fucks him gleefully and erotically while he lies back and enjoys the ride (nice close-ups). Later on, Sophie really shows off her moves and her body when she gives him a once-in-a-lifetime ride in reverse cowgirl. Believe me, you've gotta see this girl fuck! In fact, Jack likes her moves so much that he fucks her at redline speed. Jack gets to take command again when Sophie lies on her back and enjoys a thorough pounding as Jack thrusts in-and-out of her in missionary. "Go nice and deep!" she begs as she intently watches her cunt swallow every centimeter of Jack's dick. Jack pounds Sophie's cunt until he passes the point of no return and then pulls out and splatters his load all over her magnificent breasts while she giggles with delight. I truly enjoyed Sophie and Jack's coupling...except for one thing. Sadly, Sophie doesn't appear to climax at any time during the scene. Not sure why. She surely enjoyed herself!

Foreplay: Stripping (during photo shoot); mutual stripping; kissing; body licking; tit sucking, squeezing, and fucking; she fucks his face with her tits; hair pulling; caressing; fellatio; deep-throat; stringers; cunnilingus; finger-fucking; clit jacking; 69; ass jiggling.
Vaginal Positions: Missionary, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, kneeling doggie.
Anal Positions: None.
Girl cums: No.
Pop: External: tits.

Sex rating: 3.80
Video rating: 4.50
Audio rating: 3.50
Production values rating: 3.90

What I Liked Most:

  • Sophie is gorgeous! Click the links to check out her magnificent tits, voluptuous hourglass figure, and mesmerizing eyes!
  • I really enjoyed this scene's set up and scenario. I can SO easily imagine myself in Jack's lucky shoes. And, Sophie is absolutely adorable throughout the set up.
  • The location and the scene's use of the available sets and props is very nice...so much better than the run-of-the-mill locations and sets used in most sex scenes.
  • Sophie gives a very slurpy, noisy, and absolutely outstanding blowjob to Jack during foreplay. Some of the blowjob footage is in our point-of-view (POV). She connects with us intimately by looking deeply into our eyes while she blows our surrogate's (Jack's) dick. Nice.
  • Very nice chemistry develops between Sophie and Jack. Jack begins to stoke her fires during the photoshoot and keeps it raging throughout the scene. Sophie's bubbly and enthusiastic attitude makes their chemistry even hotter.
  • Sophie's ass cheeks bounce and jiggle delightfully when Jack slams his body into them while reaming her in doggie.
  • Sophie is a VERY enthusiastic--and gleeful--fuck. After her initial apprehensiveness, she discovers her aggressive inner "whore" and gives Jack everything she's got.
  • Sophie's fucking moves are extremely hot and sexy in cowgirl and reverse cowgirl.
  • Sophie's bouncing tits are so fine that they completely defy words. Not only do both she and Jack play with them, but she also licks and suckles them by herself!
  • Jack pumps a noteworthy amount of semen all over Sophie's tits at the end of the scene. Seldom have I seen a prettier sight!
  • The close-ups, throughout the scene, are excellent.

What Could Have Been Better:

  • Sophie doesn't climax during the scene. She comes very close in mish, but I never saw her cum.
  • There is an excessive use of oblique camera angles. This effect, which is rare in mainstream, occurs when the videographer turns the camera this way and that during filming so that there is no consistent horizontal or vertical axis in the image. The effect causes the performers to appear as if they will slide off the edge of the screen.
  • The camera movements are often jerky rather than smooth and fluid.
  • There's some rather annoying ambient noise throughout much of the scene.

Scene 5

Scene Type: Boy/girl.
Performers: Carla Cox, Steve Q.

Scene Set-up/Plot/Scenario: Scene Five has no scene set-up. Instead, gorgeous Carla and Steve are already making out when the scene fades in. They start by caressing, fondling, and spanking each other's fully clothed body. Soon, Steve takes the initiative and tugs down Carla's blouse so that he can feast on her drop-dead-beautiful breasts. Before moving on to outstanding oral sex, the two kiss erotically and tenderly while continuing to grope each other. In due course, Carla sits on Steve's lap. Of course, he takes advantage of the situation to tug aside her panties, spread her labia, stroke her clit, finger-fuck her pussy, and feed her his girl-juice-covered fingers while she arches her back and coos ecstatically. Steve asks Carla to remove her panties--which she does without reservation--and then he slides under her so that she can straddle and fuck his face with her gorgeous cunt (I love her chevron-shaped pubic hair) and spank her perfect ass cheeks. Of course, no good foreplay is compete without fellatio. So, Carla helps Steve out of his pants and literally attacks his rod with her practiced hands, talented mouth, and lots of spit. Steve likes Carla's ministrations so much that he simply cannot hold back--he thrusts in-and-out of her accommodating mouth and throat with unbridled passion. By now, most couples would move on to sex. Not Steve and Carla, however. Steve is inescapably drawn to her gorgeous pussy...like a moth to a flame (damn, I like how he thinks!). So, he goes down on her again and does such a fine job of cunnilingus and multiple-finger-fucking that he makes her cum! Awesome job, Steve. This is my kind of sex. I endeavor to always make my woman cum during foreplay so that she'll cum often and hard while I fuck her. After Carla's climax subsides, Steve slips his cock into her still-tingling pussy and fucks her frantically in missionary while he fine all-natural tits bounce with delight. After a break for stringer- and deep-throat-intensive pussy-to-mouth, Carla straddles Steve in reverse cowgirl, gently inches his cock into her vagina, and then dances erotically and happily on his lucky cock (nice close-ups) while groaning with pleasure. After quite a long and energetic ride, Carla lifts herself off of Steve's cock, sucks it clean, and then mounts him in cowgirl for some of the most enthusiastic sex I've seen in a long time. Wow! What energy! Perhaps the most attractive position comes next when Steve slides behind Carla and fucks her in spoon while gently choking her throat to increase her pleasure. During this segment, Carla's fine bouncing boobs look too good for words! After taking a brief respite for ravenous cunnilingus, Steve rolls Carla onto her side and then pounds her relentlessly, while pleasuring her feet with his mouth, through a very fulfilling orgasm. Afterward, Carla drops to her knees and greedily sucks and strokes Steve's cock until he's close to orgasm. Then, he takes over and jacks off into Carla's mouth and onto her face. Sadly, she demeans what would otherwise have been an "A+" scene by spitting out his semen onto her tits.

Foreplay: Stripping, mutual stripping, body licking, spanking, tit sucking and squeezing, caressing, hair pulling, handjob, fellatio, he fucks her mouth, stringers, balls gobbling, cunnilingus, finger-fucking, two-finger-fucking, clit jacking, ass jiggling.
Vaginal Positions: Missionary, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, spoon, on-her-side.
Anal Positions: None.
Girl cums: Repeatedly, during cunnilingus and on-her-side sex.
Pop: Open mouth; she spits.

Sex rating: 4.30
Video rating: 4.50
Audio rating: 4.00
Production values rating: 2.90

What I Liked Most:

  • Carla is a very pretty girl. She has a very pretty face, bright blue eyes (which she often turns toward us), and golden blond hair. I particularly like how she grooms her pubic hair like a v-shaped chevron. And, I really like her pretty natural tits, especially when they bounce delightfully while she fucks...especially in spoon.
  • Really explosive chemistry develops between Carla and Steve. They have a very good time together.
  • Carla looks fucking fine when she gives Steve a spirited blowjob. Just look at this photo! Have you ever seen anything sweeter? Her pussy-to-mouth technique is just as fine!
  • Steve makes Carla cum during cunnilingus. Damn, Steve really knows how to eat pussy! He even makes stringers from his mouth to her vagina!
  • Steve fucks Carla's compliant and oh-so-willing pussy with unmitigated delight in missionary. Carla's pretty all-natural boobs bounce delightfully.
  • Carla shows off her outstanding high-energy moves in cowgirl. Her moves are incredible! Her moves in reverse are almost as hot.
  • Carla's pussy liberally drenches Steve's cock with juice in cowgirl. No lube necessary!
  • Steve takes several opportunities to suckle Carl's tits and to eat her pussy during the scene.
  • The close-ups, throughout the scene, are really quite good.

What Could Have Been Better:

  • There is an excessive use of oblique camera angles. This effect, which is rare in mainstream, occurs when the videographer turns the camera this way and that during filming so that there is no consistent horizontal or vertical axis in the image. The effect causes the performers to appear as if they will slide off the edge of the screen.
  • The camera movements are often jerky rather than smooth and fluid.

What I Didn't Like:

  • Carla spits out T.J.'s semen at the end of the scene. To me, spitting out cum is extremely disrespectful and should never be done. Girls, if you don't want to swallow, have you guy pop anywhere besides your month.
  • There is no scene set-up whatsoever. Compared to the previous four scenes, each of which unfolds in a rather elaborate scenario, that's a great disappointment. The couple is already making out when the scene begins. So, the "scenario" is really just two people fucking out of context.


The DVD-9 disc that I reviewed contains a full motion chapter selector organized by girl; multiple chapters per sex scene; a three-minute self-running slide show of hard and soft production photos; a four and one-half minute behind the scenes (BTS) featurette; and a five-minute popshot reel. The short BTS features bloopers and outtakes from Scenes Two, Three, and Four as well as some additional footage from the sex scenes. This selection of extras is below average in today's marketplace. Two and one-half stars.


Final Thoughts

The best things about Members Only include:
  • Kagney Linn Karter. She is, in my opinion, one of the best things to happen to porn in a long time. There's no wonder she's a Dr. Jay's Must-See Girl!
  • Courtney Cummz. To tell you the truth, I have never been a huge fan of Courtney's. But, her scene in Members Only opened my eyes.
  • Sophie Dee's body. Whew. I want it! Her enthusiasm is damned endearing, too.
  • The scene set-ups in Scenes One, Two, Three, and Four. A great deal of time, effort, and funding went in to making those set-ups so much better than the typical "let's fuck on somebody's couch" routine that's so prevalent in (low budget) porn.
  • Every guy in Members Only did a fine job of cunnilingus. I wish that I could say the same for all sex scenes in all porn movies!

Members Only could have been better if:

  • Sophie and Kiara had climaxed during their scenes. Sex is supposed to include orgasms for both the guy and the girl. Something's so missing when only the guy cums.
  • the videographer had avoided the "pornisms" of oblique camera angles and jerky camera movements.
  • the editing had been a little smoother.

Things I didn't like about Members Only include:

  • Scene Five, which is quite good from a sexual perspective, had no scene set-up whatsoever. It's like the old TV saying "we join this scene already in progress."
  • Courtney, Kagney, and Carlo spit out their guys' semen at the end of their scenes. To me, spitting out cum is extremely disrespectful and should never be done. Girls, if you don't want to swallow, have you guy pop anywhere besides your month.
  • The audio is way out of sync with the video in Scene Three. This is inexcusable.

Average sex rating: 4.12
Average video rating: 3.90
Average audio rating: 3.70
Average production values rating: 3.66
Extras rating: 2.50
Bonus point(s): 2.00
Overall rating: 3.98

X Critic Pick (4.5+ sex; 4.0+ production values; 4.5+ overall)
Highly Recommended (4.5+ sex; 4.0+ overall)
Recommended (4.0+ sex; 4.0+ overall)
Rent It (<4.00 sex; <4.00 overall)
Skip It (<3.50 sex; <4.00 overall)

Dr. Jay

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