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Where The Boys Aren't #17

Studio: Vivid » Review by Dr. Jay » Review Date: 8/29/10

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Genre: Feature
Director: Chi Chi La Rue
Cast: Briana Banks, Chloe Jones, Dasha, Jenna Jameson, Kira Kenner, Mercedez, Savanna Samson, Sunrise Adams, Taya. 
Must-See Girls in Cast: None
Length: 01:20
Condoms: NA.
Bonus: None.


In Where the Girls Aren't 17, a wealthy socialite, played by Jenna Jameson, takes several of her best girl-pals (Savannah Sampson, Mercedez, Taya, and the late Chloe Jones) on a vacation in a chartered first-class jet. Of course, Jenna and her girls fuck each other--that's to be expected in any all-girl porn flick. However, the girls also manage to fuck the pilot (Dasha), the co-pilot (Briana Banks), and the cabin attendants (Sunrise Adams and Kira Kenner). There's even an eight-girl orgy!

The girls in the cast are extraordinarily beautiful...Jenna, Briana, Dasha, Sunrise...there's not a B-list girl among them. The sex scenes were filmed in a very realistic airplane set and the perfectly made-up girls were imaginatively dressed in distinctively 1960's attire. In addition, the sexual scenarios (g/g, g/g/g, and all-girl orgy) and the settings (cockpit, the lavatory, first-class as well as the dreaded "coach" sections, and galley) are quite inventive.

However, even a cast as superb as this, nice wardrobe, and creative settings do not necessarily result in white-hot sex--even if the concluding scene is an eight-girl fuck fest.

In fact, I'm a little disappointed in four of the five scenes in WTBA 17. I used to be among the first to buy each episode of WTBA. If you read my reviews, you know I'm a sucker for all-girl sex. I learned to enjoy all-girl sex by watching Janine in, among other things, WTBA movies. So, WTBA episodes were, so to speak, the breasts on which I nurtured my girl/girl lust.

That's why I'm sad to report some of the girl/girl sex in this movie is somewhat mechanical and passionless. It really feels to me to be "fucking for the buck" instead of "fucking for the fuck." It's like the director said to six of the stunning women in the cast, "go through the motions, but don't cum."

The girls do all the right things, things that look damned good on screen. However, they don't cum (except in Scene Three). That's why I'm disappointed...I really like to see girls cum.

The best sex in Where the Boys Aren't 17 is in Scene Three featuring Dasha, Briana Banks, and Chloe. It's a great scene during which everybody has fun...and cums! 

Check out some photos of the girls in Where the Boys Aren't 17 here. Pay particular attention to the photos of the incomparable Jenna Jameson! The group shots are pretty hot, too. Enjoy!


Before getting to the movie, you will be virtually forced to sit through more than five minutes of commercials (although you can fast-forward, you cannot jump to the menu). I hate this and I'm going to subtract a point in the Intangibles section for this outrage. I don't want to watch this shit. Especially when the video is, at best, VHS-like.

When the interminable commercials finally grind to a stop, there's another 30 seconds of disclaimers, studio logo, and other crap. Eventually, you'll see the opening menu. This is supposed to be a DVD, not a linear VHS tape. Why do the producers treat us as if we're watching a tape or sitting in a fucking multiplex theatre?

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Once you finally get into the movie, you'll see a decidedly 1960's all female crew prepare their jet to receive Jenna and her entourage. When Jenna and her girls arrive, it's as if celebrities are arriving: paparazzi even snap pictures as the babes strut into the plane (Jenna looks awesome!). While the cabin attendant get their passengers squared away, the pilot and co-pilot (Dasha and Briana Banks) chat about the wealth of their customer: "she must be doing OK, chartering the entire plane." "That's the only way she travels!" 

Scene One  

The first coupling features Jenna and Savannah when they head to the lavatory to "freshen up." Once inside the tiny space, the girls give a definite female spin to the old "mile high" club routine. The girls caress each other and get turned on by watching their reflection in the mirror. Jenna, of course, takes the lead and pops Savanah's boobs out of her dress so that she can squeeze and admire their pierced nipples. While the girls rub their bodies together, Jenna's hands move southward toward Savannah's pussy while Savannah shoves a finger or two up Jenna's perfectly manicured vagina. Savannah soon manages to squat down in the confined space so that she can lick Jenna's perfect clit and probe her labia with her tongue (superb close-ups). Jenna, in a rather mechanical way (knowing her true passionate nature), groans and undulates her body while Savannah eats her. Jenna also enjoys watching herself get tongue fucked by admiring her reflection in the mirror. And, she multiple-finger-fucks her own pussy while Savannah licks her clit. Without benefit of orgasm, the girls switch roles...Jenna suckles and bites Savannah's pierced nipples and massages her panty-less pussy through her shear pantsuit fabric. Then, in the best part of an otherwise uninspiring scene, topless Jenna (love her tits!) bends naked Savannah over the sink and squats beneath her so that she can rim Savannah's asshole and lick her bejeweled puffy pussy (fantastic close-ups). In addition, Jenna multiple-finger-fucks Savannah's pussy and shoves a thumb up her spit-lubricated asshole (beautiful video!). Meanwhile, Savannah jacks her own clit. Eventually, Savannah stands with her foot atop the lavatory sink so that the camera operator can get superb shot-from-below footage of Jenna's tongue-to-clit technique. And, Savannah takes advantage of the position to fuck Jenna's face. Savannah does seem to get somewhat hot-and-bothered. However, I don't think she came--at least there wasn't any passion. Instead, she bends down and kisses Jenna as the scene fades to black. This scene has everything going for it--two gorgeous women and great videography--except for passion. It's just too emotionless for me. Nobody came! Three and one-half stars.

Scene Two

In Scene Two, Sunrise Adams and Kira Kenner, the cabin attendants, meet in the galley and discuss the amorous proclivities of their passengers, "It looks like these girls know how to have fun!" Sunrise agrees, reaches over to Kira, hikes up her stewardess skirt, and begins to fondle her clean-shaven pussy. Of course, Kira reciprocates and the girls share a little mutual masturbation fun. Then, Kira bends over the aircraft's spiral staircase and puts her left leg over the handrail while helping free Sunrise's perfectly enhanced tits from the bondage of her bra. Soon, Kira is squeezing Sunrise's big boobs while Sunrise rubs her nipples against Kira's naked ass. Later, Sunrise drops to her knees and then reaches up her mouth so that she can feast on the bounty of Kira's pretty pussy. Sunrise slaps and rapidly fingers Kira's clit and tongue-fucks her spread-wide pussy (excellent close-ups of Kira's superb pussy). Meanwhile, Kira pulls her gigantic tits out of her own bra and lovingly fondles and squeezes them. Eventually, Sunrise works her fingers into Kira's pussy and fucks her frantically. Later, the girls spend some sweet time kissing while rubbing their magnificent tits together. Then, it's Sunrise's turn to become the center of attention: Kira suckles Sunrise's breasts and then kisses down her abdomen until her tongue finds refuge in her bald-shaven pussy. Kira suckles Sunrise's labia, licks her swollen clit, and tongue-fucks her pussy. Sunrise even pleasures her own pussy: "Smack my clit while I fuck myself!" And, she licks her fingers clean. In due course, Sunrise takes over completely and makes herself cum as Kira watches approvingly. To finish up, the girls stand tit-to-tit and kiss. Four stars.

Scene Three

In Scene Three, Chloe Jones, one of Jenna's entourage, goes into the cockpit to see how much longer the flight will last. When Chloe arrives up front, she finds co-pilot Briana Banks relaxing while pilot Dasha mans the controls. Chloe asks Briana, "Are you feeling lucky?" Without saying a word, Briana motions for Chloe to come closer. As Chloe approaches, Briana spreads her legs wide so Chloe can have good access to her panty-less pussy. Pilot Dasha can't help but watch (and fondle herself) as Chloe suckles Briana's huge clit (I haven't seen Briana in action for a long time and have really missed her extraordinary clit), licks her nicely cropped genitals, and greedily tongue-fucks her vagina as Briana holds her own labia wide open. Chloe also rims Briana's asshole. Briana soon opens her blouse to reveal her super-sized boobs. Of course, Chloe reaches up and grabs an oversized handful of breast flesh. And, Briana fills her mouth with her own tits. Meanwhile, Dasha turns the controls over to autopilot and frantically finger fucks herself (be sure to watch Dasha's eyes and motions while she masturbates because that's the most passion you'll see during this entire movie). As the scene continues, the girls transition so that Briana can eat Dasha's spit-soaked pussy. Meanwhile, Chloe strips and masturbates in the co-pilot's seat (she goes nuts while pulling firmly on her own pubic hair) and shouts encouragement to Dasha and Briana. Briana tongue- and finger-fucks, slaps, and licks Dasha's pussy (excellent video and close-ups) while Dasha squeezes her own boobs. And, to heighten her own pleasure, Dasha three-finger-fucks herself while Briana licks and fingers her asshole. Throughout this entire segment, Dasha reacts as I wish all the girls in this movie would--with real passion. She even cums hard by Briana's touch. As the scene progresses, the girls again transition: this time Dasha goes after Chloe. Dasha begins by sucking Chloe's ripe boobs and licking her black-stocking-clad legs. Soon, Dasha is madly licking, sucking, and fingering Chloe's clit (great close-ups). Later, Dasha finger-fucks Chloe's pussy with one hand while stroking her clit with another. During his sequence, Dasha feeds her girl-juice-soaked fingers to Chloe. Of course, Chloe groans ecstatically in reaction to Dasha's touch. While Dasha pleases Chloe, Briana reclines in the pilot's chair and masturbates vigorously, sharply spanking her own pussy to increase her pleasure until her body convulses with an orgasm. Great scene. In fact, it's the only five-star scene in the movie! 

Scene Four

In Scene Four, Stewardess Taya and Jenna's groupie Mercedez introduce rich-bitch Jenna to the coach section of the aircraft. Jenna follows the girls to the "poor-girls" section and, without further ado, goes down on Kira's pussy while she reclines across three of the "cheap" seats. Meanwhile, sexy Mercedez pulls up Taya's blouse and kisses and squeezes her tits. Taya's body undulates erotically as Jenna licks her pussy and clit. And, Taya can't help but grope Mercedez' big tits as soon as they're released from confinement. In due course, both Mercedez and Jenna share Taya's pussy with their hands and fingers...Mercedez licks her clit while Jenna finger-fucks her pussy and licks her labia (great close-ups). Meanwhile, Jenna fingers her own pussy and Taya giggles delightfully. After the only abrupt edit that I noticed in the movie, Mercedez has replaced Taya as the center of attention: Jenna eats Mercedez' pussy while Taya feasts on Mercedez' enormous breasts. Taya, too, gets a chance to devour Mercedez' tasty juices when Jenna moves away so she can remove her clothes and, thus, allow Taya to spend some quality time between Mercedez' legs. As soon as Jenna is naked, she works her fingers into Mercedez' pussy while Taya continues to pleasure Mercedez' clit with tongue and fingers. Later, Mercedez and Taya sit side-by-side on the seats and lift their legs high in the air so that Jenna can eat each pussy in round-robin fashion. Jenna's long and pointy tongue looks amazing as she alternatingly licks and tongue-fucks Mercedez and Taya. And, the girls' spread-wide pussies look damned nice, too. During the last few minutes of the scene, Jenna turns her complete attention to Mercedez. Mercedez lays pile-driver style on the airplane seats so Jenna can eat, rim, and tongue-fuck her from above. And, Jenna also multiple-finger-fucks Mercedez' pussy (I think she'd eagerly fist Mercedez if it were legal!). While Jenna eats her, Mercedez suckles her own enormous boobs. Meanwhile, Taya masturbates and lends a helping hand wherever possible. Although Mercedez appears to come close to orgasm, nobody actually cums in this too-mechanical scene. And, Jenna never gets fucked! Three and one-half stars! 

Scene Five

Scene Five, which eventually becomes an eight-girl orgy, begins when Savannah and Chloe start getting frisky as they sit next to each other in first class. The girls caress and kiss each other as they strip off Savannah's clothes. Once Savannah's naked, Chloe first turns her tongue's attention to Savannah's pierced nipples and then to her bejeweled pussy. Savannah undulates her body erotically as Chloe eagerly eats her pussy and tenderly rims her asshole. While sharing a brief kiss, Savannah disrobes Chloe and licks her rapidly-swelling boobs. However, Chloe wants more of Savannah's pussy. So, she has Chloe recline on one of the seats and raise her legs high to provide 100% access for lots of tongue-to-pussy action. Stewardesses Sunrise and Kira soon notice the shenanigans going on up front and come to join in on the fun. Kira zeroes in on Savannah and lustily rubs her naked flesh. Simultaneously, Sunrise strips off her own clothes and helps Chloe out of all but her undies. Soon, Chloe, Savannah, and Kira are a threesome, pleasing each other with tongue, pussy, and tit. In one particular pretty segment, Kira licks Savannah's clit while Chloe rims Savannah's asshole. Damn, don't you love what girls will do to each other? Meanwhile, Sunrise squeezes Chloe's perfect butt, pulls aside her panties, and buries her tongue between Chloe's cheeks (lots of nasty rimming). In due course, the girls pair off...Chloe fucks Sunrise's dripping pussy with a rotating knobby toy on one side of the aircraft (delicious nasty talk) while Savannah performs cunnilingus on Kira. About this time, the pilot and co-pilot (Dasha and Briana) walk in on the action. They really like what they see and are soon naked and ready to participate in the estrogen-charged fucking. Dasha immediately joins Mercedez and Savannah while Briana completes a threesome with Sunrise and Chloe. So much happens during the next few minutes that it's impossible to describe. Suffice it to say that no pussy, asshole, ass, breast, or mouth goes unpleasured! Damn, it is SO pretty...there are SO many gorgeous girls all engaged in heated lust...the estrogen literally supercharges the air! To complete the eight-way orgy, Taya and Mercedez eventually walk into the cabin and, within seconds, are full-on participants in action. As the roomful of girls continue to please themselves and each other, numerous toys are added to the arsenal of tongues and fingers. Believe me, so much fucking happens that you won't want to blink. However, the cameraman and editor did a good job keeping you in the midst of everything. As in the orgy in Scene Three, Dasha is by far the most passionate performer. Even though this scene is extremely beautiful (how can a scene with eight gorgeous girls not be beautiful), I was disappointed because not one girl came. Four stars. By the way, in case you're wondering where Jenna was during all this fucking...flying the plane, of course.

DVD Perspectives

Video (technical): Overall, the video is good, but not especially noteworthy. There are some color balance changes from scene to scene and some of the shots are a little too dark. On the positive side, the editing and use of special effects (especially during the credits and transitions) are effective. I also think the camera angles are worth mentioning: even in tight surroundings (the aircraft lavatory, for example) the cameraman shows us exactly what we want to see. In addition, the video of the concluding orgy allows the viewer to see the whole picture (nothing like filling your eyes with eight-girls worth of eye candy) as well as close-ups of the action. Four stars.

Audio (technical): Good, but not great. In some cases, the audio is not synched to the video...the motion of a girl's mouth does not correspond to the sounds/words in the audio. Well-chosen music accompanies the action, but never overpowers. The girls' conversations and moans and groans are always audible. Four stars.

Extras: Where the Boys Aren't #17 boasts an above-average list of extras. In addition to the ubiquitous full-motion chapter selector (by scene), there's a "Positions" room that, due to the girl/girl-only nature of the movie, includes only "Pussy Eating." More importantly, there are five explosive full-length all-girl scenes from Where the Boys Aren't 9, 11, 12, 13 and 15. Actually, the bonus scenes are, in my opinion, much hotter than four of the new scenes in Where the Girls Aren't 17. And, there's a 15-minute Behind the Scenes featurette that allows you to watch the girls being made-up for their scenes, see them pose for still shots, listen to the director blocking out the scenes, watch the movie being shot, and listen to impromptu interviews. I particularly enjoyed watching one of the crewmembers spray Mercedez' fine body with lotion and use his lucky hands to rub it in. To round out the extras, there are phone sex ads, a promo for Vivid products, website info, two self-running slide shows (one of Vivid girls in general and a second devoted to shots of Where the Boys Aren't 17), and previews of Desperate, The New Devil in Miss Jones, Fade to Black II, and To Die For. Four stars.

Aesthetics: Extremely nice. The airplane set is a welcome change from the customary "let's fuck on somebody's couch" routine that most porn directors use. In addition, the use of various portions of the plane---ranging from lavatory to galley to cockpit--for sex is imaginative. There are only two misuses of the set: during "flight," the plane never rocks and there is no sky outside the windows of the cockpit. The vintage 1960's stewardess outfits, the girls' outrageous 60's make-up and hairstyles, and the cheesy 60's travelogue-like music are just perfect to complete our 40-year excursion into the past. Director Chi Chi La Rue did a very nice job aesthetically speaking. Five stars.

Final Thoughts 

Average sex rating: 4.00
Average video rating: 4.00
Average audio rating: 4.00
Average production values rating: 5.00
Extras rating: 4.50
Bonus point(s): 0.00
Overall rating: 4.30

X Critic Pick (4.5+ sex; 4.0+ production values; 4.5+ overall)
Highly Recommended (4.5+ sex; 4.0+ overall)
Recommended (4.0+ sex; 4.0+ overall)
Rent It (<4.00 sex; <4.00 overall)
Skip It (<3.50 sex; <4.00 overall)

Dr. Jay

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