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Way of the Dragon

Studio: Digital Playground » Review by Dr. Jay » Review Date: 10/30/10

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Genre: All sex.
Director: Celeste
Cast: Ben English, Bobbi Blair, Celeste Star, Charmane Star, Jamie Huxley, Jamie Lynn, Janine, Jerry, Lorraine Spaughton, Marie Luv, Marlena, Penny Flame, Sara Stone, Scott Nail,s Sophia Santi.
Must-See Girls in Cast: Sophia Santi.
Length: Length
Condoms: Condoms
Bonus: One bonus star for condom-free sex and a second for the incomparably beautiful Sophia Santi, a 2009 winner of a Dr. Jay's Must-See Girl Award.


Way of the Dragon is a celebration of the phenomenal beauty of Sophia Santi (formerly known as Natalie Cruz). Really, Sophia has got to be one of the most enchanting women ever. Her exotic features combined with her luscious and womanly curves, full natural breasts, ethereal smile, and intricate dragon tattoo (six years in the making) literally take my breath away.

It's obvious that Sophia made a huge impression on Celeste, who directed this release, and Robby Dallas, the director of photography, because the camera metaphorically drools over Sophia's body as it pans up and down her flesh while she masturbates, is dominated, or fucks another girl. I started to drool, too.

Even though she's bisexual in her private life and enjoys sex with guys off screen, Sophia is, at this time, a girl/girl-only performer. In Way of the Dragon, Sophia takes on multiple girls including Marlena, Janine, Lorraine Spaughton (who dominates Sophia), and Bobby Blair. Sophia also appears in many cameo roles between scenes as she poses provocatively, masturbates, or wields a sword.

Way of the Dragon has a distinctive Asian flair...the girls' costumes, the locations and sets, and background music are all distinctly Asian. Sophia is not Asian--she has mixed ethnic backgrounds including Romanian, Black Irish, German, and Cherokee. However, made up as she is in Way of the Dragon, Sophia does appear to be a very well endowed and quite gracious geisha.

Way of the Dragon is another of director Celeste's works of art that is accompanied only by superbly-chosen music and is dialog-free. In addition, the entire movie is shown in slight slow motion. The slow motion is not so noticeable as to make the performers appear lethargic. However, it is just slow enough to highlight the stunning beauty of Sophia's body as it is overcome with sexual pleasure. Personally, I truly enjoy watching the performers' bodies in slight slow motion as they move during sex. The decreased speed accentuates the body's musculature and particularly emphasizes big and full breasts.

In my opinion, the combination of astonishingly gorgeous women, effective music, and slight slow motion results in an experience of overwhelming beauty.

I suppose that if you don't like beautiful things you won't like Way of the Dragon. JUST KIDDING!

Seriously, if your taste leads more to very hard-core sex--double penetrations, extensive ass-to-mouth, cum consumption, cum swapping, and so on--you may find Way of the Dragon a bit mild for your taste.

Also, if you absolutely must have the sounds of sex to be satisfied, you probably won't like Way of the Dragon. Of course, if that's the case you probably won't like any of Celeste's movies.

If you read my reviews, you know that I enjoy super-hard and edgy sex, like that found in the Teen America or Grudgefuck series'. However, I also enjoy the finer things in life, like Celeste's movies.

Check out some photos of the girls in Way of the Dragon here. Pay particular attention to the dozens of amazing photos of gorgeous Sophia Santi and the numerous shots of beautiful girls bound in rope! Enjoy!


Way of the Dragon
is composed of ten scenes. Sophia Santi appears in four girl/girl scenes, during one of which she is dominated by Lorraine Spaughton. In addition, there are four boy/girl scenes (one is b/g/g) and two solo masturbation sequences.

Scene One

Sophia begins to share her beauty with us in Scene One. In it, she takes on one of my all-time favorite performers, Janine, in a scene that is extraordinarily beautiful, albeit slightly tamer than I'd expect for Janine. As the scene opens, Sophia is seated in a transparent open-sided sphere that is suspended in mid-air and is rotating slowly. As the camera zooms out, Janine becomes visible as she reaches out to touch Sophia's absolutely astonishing breasts (both women are topless and are dressed in brief bright red outfits that cover only their abdomens). Damn, I wish I were the one who was able to reach out and touch such beauty. Alas, I'll have to live vicariously through Janine's touch. Soon, Sophia steps out of the sphere and bends over, doggie style, so that Janine can feast on her pussy from behind. Janine soon guides Sophia to her feet so that she can caress and fondle all of Sophia's superlative flesh while Sophia undulates her body erotically. As the scene continues, Janine performs sensual cunnilingus on Sophia's pussy missionary style and rims her asshole in the piledriver position. Janine also grabs handfuls of Sophia's ass and finger-fucks her pussy. Later, Janine straddles Sophia missionary style and fucks her using man-like motions. In due course, the women switch roles so that Sophia can pleasure Janine. Sophia licks Janine's shapely legs and greedily suckles her high heels before burying her tongue in Janine's vagina (Janine fucks Sophia's face during this segment). To finish up, the girls kiss with a sweet--yet passionate--kiss. Three and one-half stars. 

Scene Two

After some very brief samurai swordplay by Sophia, the video cuts to an awesome threeway kiss shared by Charmane Star, Jamie Huxley, and Scott Nails. The girls are both dark haired and very attractive. Wow, I'd like to be in the middle of that! Soon, Charmane separates from the kiss and squats down so that she can spread apart the blue ropes that comprise Jamie's outfit (Jamie's outfit is definitely bone-stiffening or pussy-wetting!) and then use her long and luscious tongue to tease Jamie's well-manicured pussy (great video). Meanwhile, Scott steps behind Jamie so he can squeeze her medium-sized boobs and caress her curves while kissing her deeply. In milliseconds, Scott's cock is rigid and throbbing. So, he uses it to slap Jamie's clit and then lets Charmane lick it. Jamie, too, wants her share of Scott's dick. So, she drops to her knees so that both she and Charmane can take turns servicing Scott's lucky rod with their tongues and mouths. Actually, both girls are able to get their mouths and/or tongues on his rod at once--what a life Scott leads! As the fellatio continues, Charmane takes over control of Scott's cock while Jamie suckles Charmane's erect and aching nipples. Then, the trio forms a pleasure train: Scott fucks Jamie's pussy in the doggie position (the slow-motion video superbly captures the beauty of Jamie's ass as it jiggles every time Scott rams his body against her). Meanwhile Jamie eats Charmane's pussy missionary style until she screams through an orgasm. Charmane keeps herself busy by squeezing her own superb and hugely engorged nipples. Later, the girls eat each other in the 69 position while Scott fucks Charmane doggie style. During this sequence, Jamie licks Scott's cock and balls as he thrusts his rod in and out of Charmane's pussy. And, on repeated occasions, Jamie sucks Scott's dick clean when he momentarily removes it from Charmane's pussy. Charmane loves being fucked by Scott...one look at her blissful face tells the tale. In fact, it appears as if Charmane cums for the second time while Scott is fucking her. In due course, the girls transition again: Jamie straddles Charmane missionary style and, as the girls kiss, Scott takes turn fucking each of the inviting pussies from behind. To finish up, both girls kneel at Scott's feet as he jacks off all over their smiling faces and into their wide-open mouths. Charmane catches most of the load, but then generously shares it with Jamie as the girls cum swap. Four and one-half stars.

Scene Three

-- sponsored by --

Sophia's back for another girl/girl romp--this time with Marlena--in Scene Three. Even though Sophia's definitely the more beautiful of the women (11+ on a 10 pt scale), Marlena is very close behind. They're that gorgeous. Marlena, dressed in bright red pantyhose that cover none of her superb ass, stands in front of seated Sophia. As Marlena's sumptuous ass cheeks face the camera, Sophia reaches around to knead them with impeccably manicured fingers (damn, I nearly came!). Soon, the camera begins a slow and sensual pan up Marlena's nude back until it highlights her very pretty face. As the camera continues its erotic journey, Sophia begins to rip off Marlena's pantyhose so that even more of her legs are bared, Then, Sophia turns her hands' attention to Marlena's soft and bouncy mid-sized breasts while Marlena, in turn, playfully jiggles Sophia's boobs (this is a perfect example of how slow-motion video increases the eroticism of Sophia's body). By this time, Marlena has become the aggressor and moves her nicely manicured hands down toward Sophia's impeccably groomed pussy. After briefly teasing Sophia's labia, Marlena lets Sophia lick her fingers before plunging them into Sophia's oh-so-ready vagina. Meanwhile, Sophia erotically undulates her back and hips. Later, the action cuts to fellatio: Sophia lovingly licks, suckles, and deep-throats a huge strap-on that Marlena generously provides. Once the toy cock is super-wet, Sophia bends over doggie style and helps Marlena guide the cock into her impatient pussy. As Marlena pounds her with man-like thrusting moves, Sophia fucks her back with strong and confident thrusts until she's screaming in ecstasy. After Sophia appears to cum (can't tell for sure because of the music-only soundtrack), Sophia assumes the dominant role. After making Marlena suck and lick a dildo, Sophia slaps the toy against Marlena's boobs. Marlena soon learns to love plastic meat and, after grabbing it away from Sophia, uses it to fuck her own throat. Meanwhile, Sophia fondles Marlena's pretty medium-sized breasts. Then, to finish up, the girls share a kiss (Marlena never gets fucked). Four stars.

Scene Four

Celeste Star masturbates for us in Scene Four. While dressed in an elegant, black, and see-through outfit, Celeste moves erotically for the camera while suckling the tips of a pair of pitchfork-shaped swords. She slowly and erotically slides the sword shafts between her buttocks and uses them to squeeze her boobs while looking provocatively at us trough the camera's lens. Eventually, Celeste casts aside the props and, as the camera longingly pans down her back, uses her hands to spread her ass cheeks wide open so that we get a front-row look at her inviting pussy and asshole. As Celeste continues to please herself and tease us, she sits on the floor, spreads her legs wide, and begins to masturbate in earnest. To share her pleasure with us, she often makes lusty eye contact with us as she knowingly fingers her flesh. In fact, Celeste feels so much pleasure that white girl juice drips from her pussy! Of course, she doesn't want to waste a drop. So, she greedily licks it from her fingers. As her body continues to benefit from her lust, Celeste works multiple fingers into her commodious vagina (beautiful video). She then finger-fucks herself until she cums and then she rolls over into the doggie position, erotically rocks her hips (I almost came again!), and then shoves a finger back into her insatiable hole. While holding her finger still, Celeste then fucks her finger by moving her body back and forth on her extended digit. In due course, Celeste kneels on the floor and, while undulating her body using some of the sweetest moves you'll ever see, she uses both hands to please her pussy until she screams through a body-shaking orgasm. Four and one-half stars! 

Scene Five

Scene Five is the most bizarre in the movie. While Sophia is lying on the floor wrapped--like a mummy--in a gauze bag and hogtied with bright blue rope, busty and voluptuous Sara Stone fucks Ben English on a nearby bed. Not only is Sophia encased in gauze, but Sara's eyes are also covered with a gauzy white blindfold. When the scene fades in, the camera pans across Sophia's bound and bagged body and then moves across the room to where Sara, blindfolded and dressed only in blue rope, is lying on her side. Meanwhile, Ben gently caresses and squeezes Sara's arms, thighs, buttocks, and magnificent breasts. Merely touching Sara's magnificent body is enough to make Ben want much more. So, he rolls Sara over onto her back (Sara looks marvelous!), spreads her legs, and after grabbing additional overflowing handfuls of breast flesh, begins to tease and please her genitals with skillful hands. He soon spreads Sara's labia wide with his fingers so he can finger-fuck her. As soon as his fingers penetrate Sara, her body nearly leaps for joy. Once his fingers are dripping with her juices, he lets her suck his fingers clean. Then, Sara gets to orally enjoy something else--Ben's king-sized dick as she energetically strokes, sucks, licks, and deep-throats his shaft. Sara lubricates the works with loads of her spit...so much that rivers of it flow off his dick. In due course, sex begins in the reverse position--a position that really highlights Sara's voluptuous, curvy, and well-endowed body. Sara literally hurls herself up and down on Ben's dick, forcing it balls-deep into her pussy while he matches her thrusts with his own and, of course, grabs handfuls of her superb breasts. As they continue to please each other, they fuck in the cowgirl position (again, Sara's moves are both sizzling as well as energetic) until they're both drenched with sweat. As always, the slow-motion video really accentuates the beauty of the sex. To finish up, Sara, still blindfolded, lies on her back and jacks Ben's cock until he's ready to explode. Then, he takes over and plasters her superb tits with a voluminous load of his red-hot semen while she shouts for joy and undulates her body appreciatively. Then, he shoves his cock into her mouth so that she can suck him dry. Three and one-half stars.

Scene Six

I think that I enjoyed Scene Six, featuring Sophia Santi and the entrancing Bobbi Blair, more than any of the other girl/girl scenes. Even though both girls are dressed in captivating Asian attire, their bodies contrast nicely. Sophia is soft, curvy, and very womanly. In contract, Bobbi is definitely more "buff" and has a hard muscular body that is absolutely stunning. When the scene opens, Sophia is reclining on a couch while her servant girl (Bobbi) stands behind her. Bobbi delights her mistress by fanning her body and by gently caressing her naked breasts and belly. Meanwhile, sensuous Sophia pleases herself by gently stroking her own pussy, by licking her girl-juice-soaked fingers clean, and by suckling her own nipples. Sophia is soon heaving with pleasure as her body undulates erotically. Eventually, Bobbi simply must touch her mistress' body with more than her hands. So, she bends down and begins to ravenously lick Sophia's breasts while gently rubbing her clit with her fingers (both Sophia and Bobbi rub Sophia's pussy at the same time). After sharing an intimate and open-mouthed kiss, Bobbi dons a black strap-on and invites Sophia to suckle it. Both Sophia and Bobbi really get into the fellatio: Sophia eagerly suckles the dick while Bobbi thrusts her hips back and forth to cause the toy to fuck Sophia's mouth. And, Bobbi very knowingly strokes the plastic dick as if it were her own penis (outstanding video!). Damn, Bobbi must give outstanding hand jobs! When it's time for sex, Bobbi lies back on the couch, her dick vertical and rigid, so that Sophia can fuck her reverse cowgirl style. Although most girls looks good while fucking in reverse cowgirl, no words can to justice to Sophia's stunning attractiveness during this segment. In fact, Bobbi likes what she sees so much that her eyes truly betray her volcanic lust. Sophia pounds Bobbi with ever increasing intensity (her gyrating boobs are a sight to see!) while Bobbi reaches around to finger Sophia's clit and rub her puffy labia. After Bobbi transitions to piledriver, Sophia bends over her to fuck her (Sophia's dangling tits are stunning!). Then, Sophia eagerly uses the strap-on dick (she removed the dick from it's strap) to fuck Bobbi's oh-so-happy vagina with long, slow, and deep strokes while simultaneously using her long tongue to please her clit (Bobbi's juices literally soak the toy!). Sophia also takes advantage of the position to spank Bobbi's tight and hard ass cheeks. Judging from Bobbi's facial expressions and body movements, Sophia's knowing technique causes Bobbi to scream through an orgasm. Five stars. 

Scene Seven

Scene Seven is a boy/girl interracial encounter that features African-American goddess Marie Luv and Jerry (a very white guy). It is definitely the most edgy of all ten scenes in Way of the Dragon. While twirling a red Japanese umbrella, Marie boldly approaches Jerry. As soon as she gets within grasping distance, Jerry grabs Marie by her shapely butt cheeks and pulls her tight so that he can nuzzle her belly and pull her teal swimsuit-like outfit tightly between her ass cheeks. Soon, Marie is naked, and her rich milk-chocolate breasts, adorned by a long jeweled necklace, find themselves cupped by Jerry's greedy hands. Marie and Jerry work together to remove her clothes while the camera pans longingly down her muscular and very desirable body. As the camera slowly moves back up from her feet, voracious Jerry already has his face buried between Marie's legs. Jerry then licks up her abdomen, kisses her mouth, and suckles her breasts. All the while, Jerry grabs handfuls of Marie's butt and squeezes approvingly. Soon, Marie is gobbling Jerry's dick using a combination stroking/sucking technique that is superb. As his dick swells even larger, Jerry begins to fuck her throat by thrusting his hips back and forth. She rewards him by tickling his rod's tip with her tongue and by deep-throating him balls-deep. Foregoing vaginal sex, Marie mounts Jerry reverse cowgirl style and immediately begins to fuck him anally. While Jerry remains mostly still and enjoys the ride, Marie fucks him passionately, forcing his cock completely inside her commodious asshole. Meanwhile, she fingers her own clit, multiple-finger-fucks her vagina, and opens her labia so we can enjoy her pink. Marie really enjoys fucking Jerry and screams for joy as she pounds him ferociously. Eventually, Jerry begins to match her moves stroke-for-stroke as they work together to fuck the shit out of each other. After a while, they transition to doggie for some more hot anal sex. Marie looks very hot in the doggie position, especially when she reaches back to jack her clit and spread her labia wide while Jerry reams her asshole. Of course, the highlight for Marie occurs when Jerry reaches down to squeeze her tits while he continues to frantically fuck her ass--she cums almost immediately! After she cums, it's his turn. So, she drops to her knees and opens her mouth wide so that he can fill it with his semen. She likes it so much that she licks her lips to make sure that she gets it all! When he stops spasming, she takes his rod into her mouth and sucks him dry. Four and one-half stars. 

Scene Eight

Next up is another Asian-themed solo masturbation scene featuring Jamie Lynn. Dressed in a red and white Kimono, Jamie wields multiple swords, taking aim directly at you and me through the camera lens. Soon, thoughts of a more amorous nature begin to invade her psyche as her gown opens and her breasts bound free. Little by little, Jamie shares more of her body with us until it's completely visible for our pleasure. She then squeezes, licks, and cups her big all-natural boobs. Jamie also strokes her womanly belly and suckles two chopsticks (wait until you see what she does to her tongue with the chopsticks!). Eventually, the chopsticks are put to even better use as she squeezes her erect nipples and puffy labia between them. In due course, Jamie reclines on her back, spreads her legs and pussy lips wide, and enjoys some very pleasurable self-loving. Soon, Jamie's contentedly jacking her clit and probing her pussy with her well-practiced fingers. Jamie continues to please herself while kneeling doggie style, standing, and squatting. Meanwhile, the camera lovingly pans up and down her shapely and inviting flesh (she has great boobs!). The scene fades to black just as her body contorts through an orgasm. Four stars. 

Scene Nine

In Scene Nine, Penny Flame shows Scott Nails just how hot of a lover she can be. (Penny is one of those girls who always gives a great performance. It's a shame that she hasn't been more recognized by awards and the like). When the scene begins, the camera pans down Sophia's luscious body clad only with natural brown rope. When the camera reaches the cleft between Sophia's legs, we see Penny's face, from behind, gazing in wonder at Sophia's beauty. Then, the focus shifts to Penny as Scott releases her fine body from its cloth prison. Little-by-little, Scott pulls aside her dress so they can both suckle her breasts. Then, Scott kisses Penny deeply while mildly choking her throat with both hands. Scott soon returns his attention to her boobs, which he slaps, squeezes, licks, and suckles like a ravenous babe. Of course, one of Scott's hands soon moves southward so that he can stroke her clit. Then, he bends Penny over, doggie style, so that he can spank, squeeze, kiss, and lick her fine ass cheeks. Scott soon becomes frustrated with Penny's panties. So, off they come! Now, at last, Scott can enjoy unencumbered access to her ass and pussy! He responds by eagerly licking and tongue-fucking her pussy and by rimming her asshole. He also finger-fucks her vagina. Then, after a brief kiss, it's Penny's turn to please Scott orally. Penny gives him a very erotic and sensual blowjob, expertly using her spit-lubricated hand to stroke his super-long shaft and squeeze his balls while using her mouth to please his tip. In gratitude, he uses his titanium-hard cock to slap her boobs and to fuck her throat (he grabs handfuls of her hair to control her as he throat-fucks her). Eventually, Penny has expended so much of her saliva on Scott's cock that it literally flows off of his shaft and onto her tits. Very pretty vaginal sex begins in the reverse cowgirl position. As Penny reclines on Scott's chest, he uses his cock to slap her clit and labia. Then, impatient Penny shoves his cock into her pussy. Of course, they immediately start to fuck each other with long, sensuous, and super-deep strokes (very pretty video!). As is Penny's modus operandi, she soon takes over and does most of the thrusting while Scott lays back and enjoys the ride. Later, Scott gets to do his share of the work when he pounds her furiously in the spoon position (more awesome video highlight her gyrating boobs and ass cheeks). As Scott fucks her wildly, he reaches up and grabs her throat to choke her. Her body immediately rewards her with ecstatic pleasure. After a bit of sensual pussy-to-mouth fellatio (lots of deep-throat action), they transition to doggie so Scott can ream her from behind (again, the slow-motion video really highlights the beauty of Penny's body, especially her breasts). Penny becomes so hot-and-bothered that she soon takes control of Scott's cock and literally pounds him with high-intensity and powerful strokes (the video is SUPERB) until she cums. Even after her orgasm, Penny keeps on pounding Scott until he's ready to explode. Then, he stands and she kneels so he can fill her mouth with sperm. After taking most of his cum into her mouth, she spits it out onto her luscious tits. Four and one-half stars. 

Scene Ten

I simply don't understand Scene Ten. In it, Sophia, naked except for her panties, is tied to a vertical post and her mouth is gagged. Lorraine Spaughton then spends about nine minutes dominating Sophia, choking her throat, roughly slapping and harshly squeezing her perfect breasts, scratching her flesh, callously pinching her nipples and tongue with chopsticks, and appearing to make her as uncomfortable as possible. Other than the fact that both girls are mostly naked, I see nothing sexy at all about this scene. I could understand it if appeared as if Sophia enjoyed what was going on. However, throughout the whole scene, it appears as if Sophia is close to tears. She even tries to resist Lorraine's movements and fights against her restraints. Only Lorraine seems to get off by her actions. Indeed, she passionately rubs her body against Sophia's, jacks her own clit vigorously, and slaps her pussy forcefully in reaction to Sophia's discomfort. Eventually, Lorraine releases Sophia from her restraints and tries to make it up to her by gently stroking her flesh--like an abuser after a rape. This sort of thing does nothing for me. Actually, it does. It turns me off. One star.


DVD Perspectives

Video (technical):
As is always the case in Celeste releases, the wide-screen video is as near perfect as mere mortal porn lovers can expect. The lighting, color balance, camera angles, and editing are all virtually flawless. Five stars.

Audio (technical): The 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround sound is superb. The music is so well recorded and so well suited to each scene that it is hard to imagine the scene without it. Go ahead; crank up the volume as the soundtrack fills your home with Asian harmonies. Nobody will ever know you're watching sex! Of course, Celeste's movies never have dialog or moans and groans. So, you won't hear them. Five stars.

Extras: The Extras are about average in today's market and include a five-minute Behind the Scenes featurette (mostly impromptu interviews and photo shoot video), Trailers, Slide Show, and Photo Gallery (same pictures...the Slide Show is self-running while you can control when you advance to the next photo in the Photo Gallery). Of course, there is the standard full-motion chapter selector and interactive menus. Three stars.

Aesthetics: A masterpiece. Sets, costumes, make-up, props, music--all works of art. Five stars.

Final Thoughts

Average sex rating: 4.00
Average video rating: 5.00
Average audio rating: 5.00
Average production values rating: 5.00
Extras rating: 3.00
Bonus point(s): 2.00
Overall rating: 4.80

X Critic Pick (4.5+ sex; 4.0+ production values; 4.5+ overall)
Highly Recommended (4.5+ sex; 4.0+ overall)
Recommended (4.0+ sex; 4.0+ overall)
Rent It (<4.00 sex; <4.00 overall)
Skip It (<3.50 sex; <4.00 overall)

Dr. Jay

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