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Teagan: Erotique

Studio: Digital Playground » Review by Dr. Jay » Review Date: 11/5/10

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Genre: All sex.
Director: Celeste
Cast: Jamie Lynn, Jayna Oso, Jean Val Jean, Jesse Jane, Keri Sable, Mick Blue, Nautica Thorn, Sandra Shine, Sativa Rose, Scott Nails, Teagan Presley
Must-See Girls in Cast: MSGs
Length: Length
Condoms: Condoms
Bonus: Two bonus star: one for condom-free sex and the second for Jesse Jane and Teagan Presley, who are both 2007 Dr. Jay's Must-See Girls.


Teagan: Erotique was director Celeste's third movie, following on the heels of her previous triumphs Devon: Erotique and Story of J. Through these movies, Celeste truly established herself as one of the most imaginative and inventive director in porn. She definitely has a way of combining hard-core sex with vibrant and gripping visuals that capture the attention of the viewer's mind--as well as his or her genitals!

Teagan: Erotique is composed of ten scenes, some of which are conventional boy/girl or girl/girl. Others are solo masturbation scenes or even non-sex scenes that are, nonetheless, very sexy and very stimulating. To explain, there is one scene in Teagan: Erotique in which Jesse Jane and Teagan--provocatively clad, but still dressed--cavort with hula-hoops. There's no sex, except for a very short masturbation sequence. Yet, the effect is very sensual and erotic.

Celeste always seems to push the envelope. For example, she has certainly expanded my idea of porn movie wardrobe (wait until you see Nautica Thorn's outfit!). And, make-up in a Celeste movie is much more than covering a blemish or two. One look at Jamie Lynn in her solo scene will convince you of that! And, the sexual scenarios in Celeste's movies go far beyond the "let's have a drink and then fuck" paradigm. In addition, the obvious thought that goes into choosing music to accompany each of Celeste's sex scenes is commendable.

In Teagan: Erotique, Celeste pushes the envelope so far in the scene featuring Keri Sable and Jean Val Jean that you'll say to yourself "how the hell did they get away with that." Just wait until you see the surprise twist at the end of the scene!

The soundtrack of Teagan: Erotique is composed solely of music; there are no moans and groans. Frankly, even though I understand and respect the aesthetic reasons for music-only soundtracks, I do not like them. I think that enjoying sex is about both what you hear as well as what you see. Therefore, even though I find Teagan: Erotique to be a work of Celeste's genius, I hope I don't get lots of negative e-mail scolding me for approving a movie in which the sounds of sex have been eliminated. On the plus side, the music-only format does force me to pay more attention to the girls' motions and expressions so I can see if they cum. Frankly, I did enjoy the benefits this extra effort provided. However, when I watched footage of some of Teagan's sex scenes in the Behind the Scenes feature--during which only natural sounds are audible--I enjoyed the action much more.

Teagan: Erotique is suited to couples viewing if the couple is somewhat experienced with porn. Teagan is, by nature, a somewhat edgy girl sexually and that is obvious in her performances--especially during anal sex. Also, some of the scenarios may be a bit much for new-to-porn couples. In particular, Scene Four (Keri Sable and Jean Val Jean) really does push the envelope. However, the majority of the movie is couples friendly.

Check out some photos of the girls in Teagan Erotique here. Pay particular attention to the numerous photos of the incomparable Teagan Presley and the shots of superstar Jesse Jane! There are also some nice images of adorable Keri Sable who, unfortunately, retired way to soon. Enjoy!


Scene One

Scene One features Teagan Presley and Scott Nails. If any scene in this movie exemplifies creative wardrobe, this is it! Teagan is dressed in thigh-high latex-looking stockings, black electrician's tape to cover her nipples, and a black choker. In addition, her boobs and upper torso are wrapped in plastic wrap. Meanwhile, Scott Nails is dressed in a latex angle-length apron. Scott eyes Teagan from across the room, panning his eager eyes up and down her glorious body while stroking his cock through the apron. She, in turn, keeps her eyes focused on his rapidly expanding dick. Unable to keep her hands off his penis, she sits on the edge of a bed and gropes him through the apron while he uses her choker to draw her body close to him. As his cock swells, Teagan reaches under the apron and squeezes him until his dick stands at full attention while maintaining intense eye contact with him. When she finally frees Scott's dick from the confinement of the apron, she discovers that it's dressed in a black latex condom. Intrigued, she opens her mouth and takes the shiny black rod deeply inside. After tenderly stroking and sucking his rock-hard cock for a couple of minutes, she strips off the black condom-like sheath and lets him fuck her throat, causing her to gag as she deep-throats his length. Meanwhile, she fingers her own clit as the camera zooms in on her superb body (a little more light would have been appropriate). Once Scott's blood is boiling, Teagan lies back on the bed and spreads her legs wide so that Scott can eagerly devour her pussy. Teagan arches her back and throws back her head as pleasure flows through her--especially when Scott licks her hugely engorged clit while finger-fucking her pussy. High-energy sex begins in the reverse cowgirl position as Teagan heaves her body up and down on Scott's dick while he, in turn, plunges ever deeper into her hole. Teagan screams out in ecstasy (too bad we can't hear her) as Scott reams her pussy. Then, she grabs his dick, pulls it out of her pussy, and, in one smooth stroke, shoves it completely up her ass. Then, Teagan erotically undulates her body so that Scott's cock slides in and out of her anus. Meanwhile, the camera captures effective close- and long-shots of the action (I really wish I could hear Teagan's screams!). Watching Teagan's facial and oral expressions, it's quite obvious that she has an outrageous ass-gasm. Nevertheless, she keeps fucking him with insatiable zeal while fingering her clit and probing her pussy with her fingers. To finish up, Scott jacks off into Teagan's wide-open mouth and onto her chin and boobs while she looks intently at you and me through the camera lens. She licks his dick, rolls his cum around in her mouth, and spits it out (don't worry, she'll swallow in a later scene). Five stars.

Scene Two

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Scene Two begins with an erotic dance by Asian beauty Nautica Thorn who, to begin the scene, is dressed in a flowing oriental robe with sash and scarf. She is soon joined by Jean Val Jean, who kneels in front of her so that he can caress and feel her body through the robe. Nautica opens the front of her robe so that Jean can lick her firm thighs and touch and probe her sweet pussy. As the scene continues, Jean unwraps Nautica's sash so that he can completely remove her robe to reveal yet another gown (this one is virginal white). Wow, it's like Nautica is a present inside a package that's inside a package! When, at last, both robes have been discarded, Nautica is dressed in an extremely sexy knotted-red-rope outfit that really makes me pant with lust. Scott grabs and squeezes her boobs that peek through openings in the rope. And, he sensuously kisses her neck while rubbing her pussy and clit with his fingers. Meanwhile, lusty Nautica looks like she's in heaven! After Jean spends a bit more time caressing, licking, and suckling most every square inch of Nautica's body, Nautica drops to her knees, opens his pants, and gives him a hand job while she sucks on his thumb. Of course, his spit-soaked dick soon finds its way into her mouth and, more specifically, down her throat. Nautica also strokes his cock with her hands and gobbles his balls. Later, Jean lies back on a bed so that Nautica can straddle him and take his cock into her pussy reverse cowgirl style. Once he's inside, Nautica frantically bounces up and down on him causing her pretty boobs to bounce joyfully (the red-rope outfit nicely accentuates her pussy during this segment). Later, they energetically fuck vaginally in the cowgirl position (her ass flesh jiggles uncontrollably as he pounds her pussy). Then, Nautica moves into the doggie position so Scott can fuck her asshole from behind. Too soon, it's time for Scott to pop. While she kneels in front of him, he shoots for her open mouth. But, the velocity of his semen is insufficient for much to actually pass through her lips--most falls to her chest. After sucking him dry, she spits his cum onto his dick. This is a pretty pedestrian scene brightened primarily by Nautica's outfit. Three and one-half stars. 

Scene Three

Scene Three is a very sexy tease/masturbation scene featuring Jesse Jane, Sandra Shine, and Teagan Presley. Believe it or not, most of the time during this very scintillating scene involves Teagan, Sandra, and Jesse Jane demonstrating their hula-hoop skills. The girls are both dressed in very provocative stripper-like outfits (pasties with gyrating tassels, sparkling and frilly bikini bottoms, and so forth). Remarkably, watching a semi-clad woman swivel her hips to propel a hula-hoop is really very erotic and stimulating--especially when the hula-hoop rides up the girl's body and compresses her bountiful boobs. Jesse Jane proves to be a champion hula-hooper--she can expertly control three rings at a time. On the other hand, Teagan, as she confesses in the Behind the Scenes feature, has never played with a hula-hoop before. That fact notwithstanding, her body looks damned fine ringed by the rotating toy. After teasing us for several minutes with their undulating bodies, Jesse Jane and Sandra sit down and whip out their vibrators. The girls then masturbate, plunging the toys in and out of their pussies with knowing skill until each one appears to cum (the damned obfuscating music covers up their carnal shouts). Personally, I think far too little time was spent on masturbation during this otherwise arousing scene. Pity. Three and one-half stars. 

Scene Four

I'm not going to tell you about Scene Four. Celeste really pushes the envelope with Keri Sable and Jean Val Jean's performances (watch the Behind the Scenes AFTER you watch the scene). If you're an experienced porn aficionado, you really owe it to yourself to see this scene. And, if you've never seen Keri Sable, you ought to see this scorchingly-beautiful newcomer perform as often as possible (she's so hot that Wicked recently gave her an exclusive contract). Four stars.

Scene Five  

Scene Five is a solo masturbation scene featuring Jamie Lynn. Jamie is adorned with a huge white wig--reminiscent of something Elton John might wear--and is wearing only outrageous intense makeup. She shows off her magnificent body (her outstanding natural-looking boobs are highlighted with nipples reddened by rouge) and jewels (necklaces, rings, pierced navel). She eventually sits on the edge of a bathtub and begins to dribble water over her voluptuous body as the camera lovingly pans up and down her flesh. Jamie enjoys her own touch, and her face beams with lust as she knowingly caresses and rubs all the right parts. In due course, Jamie plunges into the bubbly bath water and spends a few delicious minutes caressing, squeezing, and washing her big boobs and ripe ass cheeks. Of course, her practiced fingers soon find their way into her squeaky-clean pussy. Jamie also makes use of the bubbly water to tickle her clit and labia. The highlight of the scene occurs when Jamie uses her fingers to spread her labia and then massages her hugely engorged clit with her fingertips (nice camera work). Jamie continues to slowly please herself--and tease us--for a few more minutes. Then, she sits on the edge of the tub and finger-fucks her pussy while groping her boobs (she licks her girl-juice off her fingers). This otherwise erotic scene never climaxes (she never makes herself cum) and just sort of fades away. Three and one-half stars. 

Scene Six

Teagan is the center of attention once again in Scene Six. As we watch from behind some billowing curtains (we're real peeping Toms!), Teagan, topless but sporting frilly accessories, is kneeling atop an elegant bed and kissing Mick Blue as he bends over her. Mick bends even further down and suckles her newly enlarged boobs. Eager to dominate, Teagan has Mick lie face up on the bed and straddles him, forcing her pussy onto his mouth. While Mick eats her, Teagan rocks her hips back and forth to increase her pleasure (she laughs with delight). By all indications, Mick makes Teagan cum volcanically (the music overpowers Teagan's shouts) using his capable and experienced tongue-to-clit actions. Afterward, they change foreplay positions so that Teagan can lovingly and tenderly suck and stroke Mick's huge and rigid cock while he thrusts his hips and, in essence, fucks her mouth. Sex begins spoon style. Teagan holds her right leg erect so that the camera can capture her tight hard body as Mick's cock slips in and out of her warm and accommodating pussy (nice close-ups). Again, Teagan's facial expressions lead me to believe that she came hard at least once during this in-and-out action. As the scene continues, Teagan mounts Mick reverse cowgirl style, guides his big cock into her tight and wet pussy, and rides him like a prize-winning cowgirl as he pistons in and out. Of course, Teagan likes to dominate. So, she soon begins to match his thrusts by powerfully plunging herself up and down on his cock (her new big boobs bounce delightfully). To finish up, Teagan takes almost all of Mick's cum on her tongue. Then--and I've been awaiting this for an hour now--she purposefully swallows the whole load. Naughty Mick then kisses her still-cum-coated lips. Five stars. 

Scene Seven

Celeste again pushes the envelope in Scene Seven, featuring Sativa Rose and Scott Nails. When the scene begins, Sativa is nude and presented like a roasted hog--complete with an apple in her mouth--and positioned atop a serving platter waiting to be carved up (I've never seen anything like it before!). Damn, she literally looks good enough to eat! Soon, Scott joins her (wait until you see his outrageous costume) and begins to rub her sweet curves, spending lots of attention on her tattooed tailbone and meaty ass cheeks. He also lifts her slightly off the table so that he can fondle her delectable breasts. Sativa, who's certainly alive and not cooked to perfection, responds immediately to his touch, kneeling up on the serving platter so he can have better access to her body. While Sativa squeezes her tits and licks Scott's chest to inflame his lust, he loosens and drops his pants so that she can, in due course, gobble and stroke his rapidly swelling and huge dick. As Scott's passion builds, he becomes more animated and fucks her mouth and throat with long strokes. After Scott's dick is as huge as it can be. Sativa lies back atop the table so that Scott can do an absolutely superb job of cunnilingus on her tasty pussy while the camera pans across her succulent body. Sativa cries out in ecstasy as waves of pleasure flood through her body. Then, Scott replaces his tongue with his cock, inching his mammoth rod into her pussy as far as it will go before beginning to ream her with frenzied strokes (her bouncing boobs are very pleasing). Meanwhile, she fingers her clit as her lust-fired body begins to glisten with sweat and her eyes become as wild as a cougar's. As the scene continues, Sativa and Scott fuck for a while in the doggie position. Sativa's girl-juice-soaked pussy looks fabulous as Scott's big dick disappears inside it. And, her ass jiggles delightfully as Scott pounds her. The scene concludes with a facial: most of Scott's semen lands in her wide-open mouth. Then, after sucking his dick dry, she swallows. As the scene fades out, Scott grabs an apple from the serving tray and feeds it to her cum-covered mouth. Four stars. 

Scene Eight

Although not exactly envelope pushing, Scene Eight is quite hot. It's a girl/girl scene featuring Sandra Shine as a dominant and Teagan as her slave. When the scene begins, Sandra walks toward the camera and unzips her black dress to reveal her stunning nude body. Continuing to walk toward the camera, she caresses her own curves and then disappears off camera. When next we see Sandra, she's using a transparent hole-drilled paddle to subdue blindfolded Teagan. Keeping Teagan under control with the paddle, Sandra voraciously licks Teagan's face. Then, after forcing Teagan to stand, Sandra uses the paddle to spank Teagan's thighs, boobs, ass, and belly and to tickle her pussy through her panties. Sandra also uses her hands and tongue to stroke and squeeze Teagan's spank-reddened flesh--especially her ass and boobs. She also makes Teagan lick the paddle. After this rather mild--yet titillating--spanking and domination session, Sandra drops to her knees to reward Teagan's acquiescence by rubbing and probing her pussy with fingers, tongue, and mouth as Teagan reclines and later kneels on a couch. Teagan, already horny because of Sandra's domination, cums almost immediately. After a bit more girl/girl action, Sandra takes on a more submissive role and allows Teagan--still blindfolded--to caress her flesh and eat her pussy (it's amazing how Teagan is able to find her way around Sandra's body without being able to see). Sandra really likes the attention her slave provides: she grinds her pussy into Teagan's face as Teagan eagerly gobbles and multiple-finger-fucks her pussy. Four and one-half stars.

Scene Nine  

Scene Nine is a hot solo scene featuring Teagan. Teagan, a golden-haired goddess, is dressed in gold clothing, wears gold jewelry, has gold glitter applied to her flesh, and pleases her pussy with a gold-plated handgun! as she lies atop a plush white fur-covered couch. Teagan looks extraordinarily fine--and acts so sensuously--as she licks the barrel of the handgun before using it to--rub her immediately-wet pussy and pretty boobs (no, she doesn't fuck herself with the gun--that would hurt!). Teagan's always-short orgasm fuse is extraordinarily short in this scene and she cums within minutes. Afterward, she continues to use the toy to stimulate her hot spots so that pleasure continues to flow through her body. Four stars.

Scene Ten

I think Scene Ten is the highlight of the entire movie (other than the provocativeness of Scene Four). Teagan and Jayna Oso take on Mick Blue in this scorching threeway. I think what intrigues me most about this scene is the wardrobe: both girls are "dressed" with torn scraps of Digital Playground posters and boxcovers. In particular, Teagan's body is adorned with several marketing pieces that feature either her name or her image. Pretty hot idea, Celeste. When the scene begins, Mick is standing, fully dressed, between both girls, who are kneeling at his feet. They simultaneously rub the humongous bulge in his pants while he pats them on their heads (like good pets!). Jayna is the more aggressive and soon reaches up to kiss his mouth while Teagan continues to stroke his penis. However, Teagan takes the lead when it comes to unzipping his pants and releasing his mammoth cock from confinement. She then grabs Mick's shaft, pulls back his foreskin, and shoves his rod into Jayna's eager mouth (isn't it nice how the girls share?). Jayna immediately begins to blow Mick's cock. Then, Teagan joins the fun and, in one of the prettiest sequences you'll ever see, both girls slide their slippery mouths across the opposite sides of his shaft. Don't you just love it when two girls share the same cock? Then, after the girls take turns blowing him, Teagan climbs aboard him, allows Jayna to guide Mick's cock into her tight pussy, and fucks the shit out of him in the reverse cowgirl position. While Teagan hurls her body up and down on Mick's cock, Jayna helps out by suckling Teagan's nipples, by squeezing Teagan's boobs, and by massaging Mick's balls. Eager to share Mick's bounty, Teagan pulls his dick out of her and allows Jayna to suck it clean. Jayna's turn to get fucked comes next: she assumes the doggie position so Mick can pound her soaking-wet pussy from behind. Meanwhile, Teagan climbs on top of Jayna's back so she can get an up-close-and-personal view of the action. Teagan's position also allows her easy access to suck Mick's cock when he pulls out of Jayna (nice camera angles and close-ups). Mick pounds Jayna until she screams through an orgasm. Then, he shifts his gargantuan cock from her pussy into her ass and reams it to a huge diameter while she fingers her cunt. Unbelievably, Jayna's ass takes Mick's entire dick! During this sequence, Teagan proves she's a nasty slut by sucking Jayna's ass off of Mick's shaft. To finish up, both girls kneel cheek-to-cheek in front of as he jacks off a substantial load. Mick tries to distribute his bounty between the girls. Greedy Jayna immediately swallows her share while smiling triumphantly. Teagan is magnanimous, however, and shares her portion of Mick's semen by open-mouth cum swapping with Jayna. Five stars.


DVD Perspectives

Video (technical):
In comparison to other Digital Playground movies--and those directed by Celeste in particular--I find the video to be a bit dark and too yellowish and orangeish. I appreciate the many moods that are enhanced by the lighting in the scenes. However, there are times when some of the action that we want to see is obscured. Be that as it may, the camera angles and editing are superb and there are no grain or video compression issues. So, the wide-format video is sharp and clear. In addition, the movie was shot using High Definition (HD) cameras. Three and one-half stars.

Audio (technical): The 5.1 Dolby Digital Audio is superb. The music feels so fine as it surrounds and envelops the listener. Other than the fact that I don't like porn movies in which the sounds of sex are masked by music, the audio is very respectable. Four stars.

Extras: There's a 15-minute Behind the Scenes look at the naughtiness that occurred during the capture of Teagan: Erotique. In particular, you'll get to see how they managed the nastiness in Scene Four (Keri Sable and Jean Val Jean). There are also text and photo biographies of Teagan and Jesse Jane, an auto-play or manually operated Photo Gallery, and Trailers. There's a full-motion chapter selection and, of course, the interactive menus you would expect on a contemporary DVD. This collection of extras is appreciated but somewhat below standards set by both Digital Playground and other studios. Three and one-half stars.

Aesthetics: Superb. Celeste must have spent an inordinate amount of time planning sexual scenarios, wardrobe, and make-up as well as choosing locations. Although the music chosen for each scene is first-class and must have taken a great deal of planning, I wasn't as impressed with it as I was with the music in Devon: Erotique Nonetheless, the music is still superb. Five stars.

Final Thoughts


Average sex rating: 4.20
Average video rating: 3.50
Average audio rating: 4.00
Average production values rating: 5.00
Extras rating: 3.50
Bonus point(s): 2.00
Overall rating: 4.44

X Critic Pick (4.5+ sex; 4.0+ production values; 4.5+ overall)
Highly Recommended (4.5+ sex; 4.0+ overall)
Recommended (4.0+ sex; 4.0+ overall)
Rent It (<4.00 sex; <4.00 overall)
Skip It (<3.50 sex; <4.00 overall)

Dr. Jay

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