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Easy Prey #2

Studio: Smash Pictures » Review by Dr. Jay » Review Date: 10/1/10

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Genre: All sex.
Director: Dan Silver.
Cast: Alex Rox, Brian Surewood, Eva Angelina, Jessica Sweet, Justin Magnum, Kat, Kurt Lockwood, Nick Manning, Tina Fine, Vanessa Michaels. 
Must-See Girls in Cast: Eva Angelina.
Length: 01:51
Condoms: None.
Bonus: Bonus


Eighteen- and nineteen-year-old girls just wanna fuck. At least, that's the theme behind this wall-to-wall sex flick that features girls just old enough to get what they want. In particular, they seek out sex from the guys they want rather than waiting to be seduced. It's a lot of fun and worth a watch.

Check out some photos of the girls in Easy Prey 2 here. Pay particular attention to the photos of the incomparable Eva Angelina and sweet-looking--yet not so innocent--Kat! Enjoy!


Scene One

When Scene One fades in, Justin Magnum is teaching voluptuous, shapely, blond and cute 19-year-old Vanessa Michaels to play tennis. In a voice-over, Vanessa confesses "I've always had the hots for my tennis instructor. Ever since I was a little girl, Sven taught me the fundamentals of his game: how to properly stroke the ball." Listen, Vanessa, you can stroke my balls any time! "Now that I'm 19, I have always wanted to teach him a thing or two about the fundamentals of my game, how I can properly stroke his balls!" Oh, yeah! Immediately, she begins to rub her tight ass against his crotch and then bends over to give him a great view of her tattooed tailbone and virginal white panties. Vanessa does a great job of teasing him so that he really gets the idea of what's on her mind. They start by kissing deeply while Vanessa strokes his rapidly growing cock through his shorts. Meanwhile, he nibbles on her neck and squeezes the nipples that crown her bountiful natural-looking boobs and handfuls of her ripe, perfectly shaped ass. Soon, she grabs him by the hand and leads him inside to a stylish living room appointed with tan leather couch and chair. They kiss more as he peels off her top and again fondles her awesome breasts as the camera pans up and down her glorious body (I really like her ass!). Soon, she drops to her knees and enthusiastically spits on, blows, and strokes Justin's engorged dick (great camera angles accentuate her to-die-for tits). She also gobbles his balls. Meanwhile, Justin lovingly strokes her long blond hair. When it's time for sex, Justin bends her over, atop the couch, tugs off her skirt and spreads her ass cheeks so she can show us her bejeweled pussy and pierced clit hood. After spitting on her genitals, Justin plays eagerly with her pussy with his fingers, tugs on her clit-hood ring, and spreads her wide open for our viewing pleasure. Then, Justin slips his cock inside and reams her spit-lubricated cunt with deep, long strokes that accelerate over time. And, to increase her excitement, Justin often sharply spanks her perfect ass cheeks. Vanessa shouts out her pleasure and her big boobs look SO nice as they dance for joy in sync with Justin's strokes. During this doggie segment, Justin often pulls out of Vanessa long enough to fondle her bald-shaven pussy and clit and to spread her open so that both he and we can appreciate her glorious hole. Later, they transition to reverse cowgirl. Vanessa's body--especially her boobs--present super eye candy as she joyously bounces up and down on Justin's girl-juice-lubricated dick while fingering her own clit. Vanessa's high-energy moves bring her lots of pleasure as evidenced by her increasingly passionate shouts. Later, Vanessa pauses to suck and lick her juices off Justin's dick and then mounts him vaginally in the cowgirl position. While she, again, shows off her high-intensity moves, I enjoyed the sight of her tailbone tattoo and her bouncing tits. In due course, they transition to the spoon position, an excellent position to highlight Vanessa's voluptuous body while Justin pistons in and out of her pussy at redline speed, squeezes her delightful breasts, and bites her flesh. Meanwhile, Vanessa's breathing becomes increasingly labored as her passion inexorably builds. Then, after Justin strokes Vanessa's feet with his cock and suckles her toes, he forcefully fucks her missionary style (nice gapes) while she fingers her clit. Eventually, Vanessa declares, "I want your cum all over my 19-year-old face!" Justin complies by fucking her faster, ramping up to an orgasm. When he cums, he plasters her pretty boobs, but gets very little on her greedy face. Obviously disappointed, Vanessa nonetheless vacuums and strokes his dick until it's empty. I really like Vanessa's body and her moves. Too bad she didn't appear to have cum. Four stars.

Scene Two

Eighteen-year-old Tina Fine welcomes Alex Rox, who plays a Russian foreign-exchange student, into her home in Scene Two. Tina's a bit taken aback because she expected the student to be a girl. Tina likes Alex's looks and, after only a tiny bit of thought, opens the door wide and lets him come in. Lusty Tina immediately invites Alex to take a tour of her expansive home, starting upstairs (we know what she has in mind!). They don't even make it halfway up the stairs before she starts ripping off his clothes and kissing him deeply. Tina truly is a wild animal and immediately takes control, attacking his chest with her tongue, greedily kissing his mouth, probing his navel with her tongue, and, of course, wrapping her 18-year-old lips around his cock. Of course, red-blooded Alex doesn't remain aloof: he tears off her top, fondles her natural small boobs, fingers her "American pussy" through her pants, and spanks her teenaged ass. Tina's spirited fellatio technique soon causes Alex's flaccid dick to swell to mammoth proportions. As soon as he's stiff, she lifts her leg up (she's stilling standing on the stairs) so Alex can drop to his knees and tongue-fuck her clean-shaven and oh-so-pink pussy and bite her clit. After a bit more fellatio and ball-gobbling action, during which the camera lovingly pans up and down Tina's youthful body, she straddles him reverse cowgirl style so he can immediately shove his dick up her ass. Her teenaged sphincter must be used to such reaming because it immediately opens wide, allowing him to piston in and out of her. "How does my ass feel?" she inquires. "Ah!" is all he can say. "FUCK MY ASS! It feels so fuckin' good. HARDER! I want it ALL THE WAY inside me!" Meanwhile, she fingers her clit, squeezes her nipples, and slaps her own ass to increase her pleasure. "Will you let me taste it?" she begs. Of course he will. "It tastes so good!" After his cock and balls have been sucked clean, she asks, "You want some pussy?" So, he lies back on the stairs so she can mount him cowgirl style and vaginally fuck the shit out of him. Tina, however, is a nasty bitch and prefers anal. So, she stands, bends over, doggie style, and presents her ass to him to fuck from behind. As the camera captures excellent footage of the initial penetration and subsequent anal reaming, jubilant Tina watches the action and exclaims, "Look at you fucking my ass! Oh my God, my pussy is so fuckin' wet!" Tina doesn't neglect her pussy and repeatedly fingers it while Alex reams her anus. And, she shows she's really a slut by performing ass-to-mouth (ATM) on his lucky cock. After a somewhat abrupt edit, Alex fucks her pussy missionary style while she sits on the stairs and holds on to the banister for support. As the scene continues, they enjoy some hot piledriver vaginal and anal sex (nasty ass-to-pussy action). To finish up, they move down the stairs and continue anal and vaginal sex (ass-to-pussy) on the entryway floor in the missionary and spoon positions (she fingers her clit and finger-fucks her vagina when he fucks her ass). Then, Tina exclaims, "I want some cum. I wanna taste YOUR cum! I want your cum in my mouth." Alex obliges and, as Tina looks triumphantly into the camera, he fills her mouth with his semen. She shows us her full mouth and then swallows. "Welcome to America!" Four stars. 

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Scene Three

Scene Three begins outdoors as cute and blond Jessica Sweet suns herself while Brian Surewood cleans her pool. Horny Jessica slathers herself with sunscreen to capture his attention. She even asks him to apply the lotion for her--even though he's twice her age. She really likes the feel of his rough skin on her silky flesh. So, once she makes sure that he knows that her husband is away, she invites Brian inside for some refreshment. Foregoing drinks, Jessica shoves Brian down on a couch so he can pull up her bikini top and fondle and greedily suckle her generous and drop-dead-gorgeous natural-looking boobs. In due course, he strips off all her clothes and diverts his attention away from her tits to her plump pretty ass cheeks. He then tosses her onto the couch, spreads her legs wide, and "barks" to make her giggle like a schoolgirl. After kissing her smiling face, he then hungrily devours her pussy as she squirms with delight. Too soon, I think, they switch oral positions so that she can gobble his hugely engorged cock. Jessica has a hell of a good time stroking, slurping, swallowing, and choking on its spit-lubricated length while excellent camera angles capture her bouncing boobs and cock-filled mouth. Meanwhile, he fondles and squeezes her ripe butt cheeks. Brian wants more: "I'm gonna fuck you!" So, he sits on a comfortable chair and has her straddle him cowgirl style. Brian aligns his cock to her pussy and then shoves it deep inside her (his cock is so big that it bottoms out in her!). As soon as he's inside, lusty Jessica begins to hurl her body up ad down on him, forcing his dick further and further inside while shouting for joy. Jessica's high-energy and forceful motions cause her big boobs to bounce joyfully and her body to redden with sex flush. And, to increase our viewing pleasure, she uses her hands to spread her ass cheeks wide so we can savor her tiny pussy as it gets stuffed. Jessica fucks him so powerfully that she soon causes herself to cum volcanically (GREAT moves, Jessica!). After she sucks her cum off his dick, she mounts him reverse cowgirl style and continues her high-intensity fucking actions (great shots of her world-class boobs and bald-shaved pussy). As Jessica pounds him hard, he, too, gets in on the fun and thrusts in and out of her in sync with her moves. They're GREAT together! Jessica makes herself cum again and then sucks her second batch of cum off his dick. Then, she bends over, doggie style, so Brian can fuck her white-girl-juice-soaked pussy from behind with balls-deep strokes (great camera angles) while she fingers and slaps her clit. Jessica's body really enjoys the pounding and turns brighter and brighter red as he fucks her harder and faster: "Yeah, fuck me really good! Fuck this 19-year-old pussy!" Again, Jessica sucks his dick clean and then begs, "I want you to put it in my ass!" Brian then sits back on the chair and inches his cock up her ass as Jessica slowly lowers her body onto him (great video). As soon as he's cleared her sphincter, Jessica begins to fuck him, hurling her ass up and down on his cock with increasing fervor while fingering her clit to increase her pleasure (her bouncing boobs look wonderful). Later, they continue anal sex in the doggie (during which she chants "Yeah, fuck my ass!") and reverse cowgirl positions (great camera angles and close-ups). To finish up, Brian blasts a violently forceful and generous load all over her bright and shining face: "Keep it coming!" When he finally finishes ejaculating, she sucks his cock clean. Jessica is an outstanding performer and great fuck, is cute as can be, and has a great rack of Grade-A boobs. Five stars.

Scene Four

Kurt Lockwood plays a handyman hired by 18-year-old Kat and her roommates to keep things working around the house they share while in college. One day, unbeknownst to Kat, Kurt is working on her bathroom sink. Unaware of his presence, she walks into the bathroom--clad only in a bathrobe--to take a shower. Unaffected by Kurt's presence, Kat drops her bathrobe to the floor and rushes to assist him when he bangs his head on the underside of the counter. "Whoa! You're fuckin' naked!" Kat ministers to him, especially after he, knowing a good thing when he sees it, feigns lightheadedness. And, when she opens her mouth to kiss him, he eagerly responds--even though, at first, he's worried about losing his job. Eventually, Kat gets Kurt to his feet and kisses him some more while he caresses her tight body and finger-fucks her pussy. "I gotta taste some 18-year-old pussy!" So, he lifts her up on the counter and, while the camera captures the action with the skillful use of the bathroom mirror, he kisses her body while she strips off his shirt. His kisses quickly lead him to his destination: her gorgeous pink pussy. He spreads her wide, spits on her vagina, tickles her clit, and probes her depths with his tongue and fingers. Meanwhile, passionate Kat screams out her appreciation. Kurt, too, is thankful: "Your pussy tastes so fuckin' good!" He even gives her his girl-juice-soaked fingers to lick and then rims her asshole with his tongue: "Yeah, eat my ass! That tongue in my ass feels SO good!" While Kurt pleases her asshole, Kat rapidly fingers her clit. Then, Kurt stuffs his fingers up both her holes and fucks them furiously: "Oh fuck," she exclaims. "That's so good." After she cums, Kurt lets her lick his ass- and pussy-covered fingers clean. After they check to make sure nobody's coming, it's Kat's turn to suck Kurt's dick. Kurt gently sets Kat onto the floor and she immediately drops to her knees, unzips his jeans, and gorges on his achingly hard cock using her hands and mouth. Kurt then grabs Kat's hands and holds them behind her head so that he can slap her face with his penis without the protection of her hands. Then, while holding her hands at bay with one hand and choking her throat with the other, he frantically fucks her throat as she chokes on his shaft (Kat is awesome!). "Oh," she coos, "I LOVE your cock!" As Kat frantically rubs her clit, Kurt pulls his dick out of her mouth and rivers of her drool flow out. Kurt then accompanies Kat to the hot tub and fucks her throat some more (fuckin' incredible footage). Later, she eagerly rims his asshole before they transition to reverse cowgirl for some spirited 18-year-old vaginal sex. Kat goes nuts, hurling her body up and down on his cock while simultaneously rubbing her clit and screaming her lust: "I LOVE YOUR COCK!" Taking a break, Kat lifts herself off Kurt's dick and sucks it clean while shoving her ass high in the air so he can lick her pussy. After a bit more reverse cowgirl vaginal sex, Kat bends over the edge of the hot tub, doggie style, so Kurt can fuck her tight teenaged ass from behind. 'Do you like getting that ass fucked?" "OH, YES...OH FUCK YES!" Kurt fucks her deep and fast, encouraging her lust with nasty talk. In due course, they transition back to reverse cowgirl for more anal sex during which Kat multiple-finger-fucks her pussy (in essence, she double penetrates herself). When Kat gets dangerously close to an orgasm, Kurt sharply spanks her ass to send her over the cliff. Afterward, they kiss briefly and then transition to cowgirl. Kat grabs his cock, willingly shoves it deep into her ass, and then fucks him enthusiastically: "I love it!" Meanwhile, she jacks her own clit. To conclude their scene, Kurt fucks Kat's ass missionary style until he's ready to explode. When he does, he plasters her teen face, eyes, and chest with his goo. Four and one-half stars! 

Scene Five

In Scene Five, drop-dead gorgeous 19-year-old Eva Angelina opens her door (and her pussy) to a "cable guy" played by Nick Manning. "Where's the problem?" he asks. So, she leads him upstairs to fix her TV and, in a voice-over, declares, "I felt my panties get moist the minute he entered my room!" Nick gets right to work on her cable connection while she jumps on her bed and begins to finger her already-moist hole through her cotton panties while longingly watching Nick's every move (she's SO fuckin' cute!). As she pulls out her gorgeous and voluptuous boobs, she, in another voice-over, coos, "I gave him some subtle hints about my availability, but nothing I did seemed to get my message across." Hell, girl, I'VE got the message. Of course, he eventually comes to his senses: "May I help you?" "Yes, please!" So, he walks over to Eva's bed and kisses her wide-open mouth, their tongues dueling for superiority. He soon begins to kiss down her neck until his mouth finds her oh-so-inviting nipples. After spending a few minutes suckling from her bountiful and magnificent breasts, he strips off her remaining clothes and plants his eager tongue between the folds of her labia. Believe me, gorgeous Eva looks SO fine as Nick tickles her protruding and engorged clit with his tongue and probes her pink pussy with tongue and fingers. Eva loves his attention and giggles sweetly. She also screams and pants as her passion quickly builds to the boiling point. Meanwhile, Eva squeezes her own cantaloupe-sized boobs while Nick inflames her lust with nasty talk. Eva soon has a back arching orgasm, screaming and giggling with delight as pleasure envelops her. Guys, giving a girl pleasure like that makes being a man the most wonderful thing in the world! Afterward, Nick shoves his cock into her mouth, slaps her cunt, and, his mouth no longer occupied with cunnilingus, really pours fuel on her flames by talking extremely nasty to her (Nick really has a way of igniting girls' fire!). Eva, her body pink with lust, really enjoys Nick's nasty treatment and giggles with delight as her hurls invective to her. She also does a first-class job of fellatio and delightfully chokes on his dick as she swallows it whole. When it's time for Nick to "bury my bone in your backyard, you bitch," he slips his shaft into her pussy missionary style as her hugely engorged clit stands guard and observes all the action. Nick plows her pussy with long and increasingly frantic strokes while she squeezes her big boobs and screams in ecstasy. "Look at your eyes light up when you're getting fucked!" (It's comments like this that make me really appreciate Nick Manning as a porn stud.) In response, Eva giggles and replies, "Oh, yes they do!" The chemistry between these two is awesome! Insatiable Eva cums again. Then, Nick pulls out his dick and slaps her pussy with it before resuming increasingly intense vaginal missionary-style sex: "Just like that, baby...OH GOD! I'm gonna cum all over your fuckin cock!" Her subsequent orgasm is stunning. Afterward, Nick lets her calm down a bit by reaming her very slowly. However, Nick doesn't let her come all the way back to earth: instead, his strokes become more fervent until she has yet another volcanic, scream-at-the-top-of-her-lungs orgasm. Later, she sucks her cum off his dick and then, after he sharply spanks her ass cheeks ("that's all you got?) they transition to doggie for more white-hot vaginal sex: "I WANT MORE!" While Nick ferociously pounds her pussy, he grabs handfuls of her hair and pulls hard. In addition, he squeezes tightly on her boobs to increase her pleasure. "Fuck me back," Nick commands. So, Eva takes over and hurls her fabulous body back and forth on his dick: "You like when I fuck you back?" Of course he does: "I could fuck you forever...you slut!" Again, Eva cums hard: so hard that she's reduced to babbling and groaning. Even though this scene has been outstanding so far, the best is yet to come: reverse cowgirl. Damn, Eva looks--and sounds--so fine as she shows off her aggressive and oh-so-sexy moves when she jumps up and down on Nick's penis while screaming in ecstasy (freeze-frame your player and check out her inflated clit). "You like it when my lips are wrapped around your cock?" Of course he does! And, so do I. As this five-star scene continues, they transition to spoon and fuck gently...at least at first. Of course, Nick soon becomes more animated with his thrusts and makes Eva cum again: I LOVE THIS GIRL! "How about I drop a load right in your mouth?" "Oh, well I guess then I might just have to swallow it! Or, how about if you drop that load all over my glasses? A fat load all over my glasses...that sounds so good!" Nick, fucking Eva's pussy in the missionary position, then ramps up to his own orgasm. When he cums, he does what the lady wants: "all over my fucking glasses, baby." His substantial load also splatters her hair, forehead, cheeks, and chin. Then, giggling delightfully, Eva turns her cum plastered face to the camera and smiles triumphantly. This is absolute must-see sex. Five stars.

The last minute or so of the movie is devoted to introducing each of the girls. Each girl shows you her ID card to prove her teen status (don't worry, names and addresses have been blocked out).

DVD Perspectives

Video (technical): Some of the video is over-exposed (too bright) while other portions are too dark. Otherwise, I liked the video. In particular, the videographer really knows what action to capture and at what angle to capture it. The color balance is OK, the indoor lighting is mostly acceptable, and I didn't notice any abrupt edits that caused me to think that I missed something important. Four stars.

Audio (technical): The audio was expertly captured so that we can clearly hear the voice-overs, dialog, and moans and groans. Typical porn-style music accompanies the foreplay and then fades out during sex. Thankfully, the music doesn't overpower the sounds of sex. Four stars.

Extras: The extras include full motion chapter selector by girl, a sub-menu that allow you to jump to your favorite fetish (blow job, doggie, cumshot, and so on), a 14-minute Behind-the Scenes video featurette., a self-running slide show, website promo, and previews of six Smash Pictures releases. This is a nice set of extras and a bit better than average. Three and one-half stars.

Aesthetics: The location at which the sex scenes were shot is decent, but not particularly special. Sadly, two scenes were shot in the same room, so the illusion that the girls all have their separate places fails. The musical soundtrack is rather trite and mundane rather than inspired. It's there, but doesn't particularly support the on-screen action. On the other hand, it's not overly annoying either. Three and one-half stars.

Final Thoughts 

Average sex rating: 4.50
Average video rating: 4.00
Average audio rating: 4.00
Average production values rating: 3.50
Extras rating: 3.50
Bonus point(s): 2.00
Overall rating: 4.30

X Critic Pick (4.5+ sex; 4.0+ production values; 4.5+ overall)
Highly Recommended (4.5+ sex; 4.0+ overall)
Recommended (4.0+ sex; 4.0+ overall)
Rent It (<4.00 sex; <4.00 overall)
Skip It (<3.50 sex; <4.00 overall)

Dr. Jay

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