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Soaking Wet Mess

Studio: Other » Review by Apache Warrior » Review Date: 8/18/10

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Genre: Lesbians, Vignette 2-disc set

Director: Oren Cohen

Cast: London Keys, Brynn Tyler, Darryl Hanah, Dylan Ryder, Alyssa Reece, Nikki Rhodes, Zoe Britton, Natasha Nice, Jessica Bangkok, Jordan Kingsley, Jana Jordan, Louisa Lanewood, Nika Noire, Cadence St. John, Charley Chase, Taylor Tilden, Taylor Vixen

Length: 127 minutes

Date of Production: 2/8/2010

Extras: The only special features are the five trailers that are provided. They are Dripping Inside, Fuck Myself, Janine & Jessica's Dirty Desires, Soaking Wet Mess, and Surreal Sex. 

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: The audio and video quality are solid.

Overview: Soaking Wet Mess is an all-girl release by the studio Low Art Films. It is directed by the leader and founder of this company Oren Cohen. In an article published on AVN's website on May 20th 2010, Mr. Cohen mentions his vision for Low Art Films. He states that "Low Art is all about making the woman look as sexual and attractive as possible. I want the performer and the viewer to be dying to have sex by the time it occurs on screen." As to Soaking Wet Mess, the scenes are usually shot in wet settings. Despite the wet conditions, several of the pairings are very sensual and the personal chemistry between the women captivates the viewer's attention and also heats up one's body while watching those performances.
Scene One: Fucking My Wet Friend: Brynn Tyler is laying on her back and running her hands along her nude body. Suddenly, she and London are sucking on the ends of the same rubbery dildo. The mood of the scene is sensual. Then, London sucks her friend's breast and fondles her bod. Soon, she places more focused effort on pleasuring Brynn. A cigarette is passed on. The tight close-ups of the oral titty play are hot. The background music is an effective device in setting the personal atmosphere between the two ladies. Brynn's smile shows the viewer that she is enjoying the attention of her cute friend. Later, London places more effort and passion onto Brynn's beauty spot which makes her moan for the first time. Their body chemistry is amazing. London is really dedicated to pleasuring her friend immensely regardless if it's by fingering her sex hole or by sucking on it. Their wet bodies are also turn-ons. When it is time for Brynn to pleasure her pal, the energy level is sustained nicely. The dark-haired beauty really works hard on London's love spot. Their 69 action is hot. More good energetic pussy work by them occurs. London's pussy eating and Brynn's toy play are very heated. Overall, Brynn and London have incredible personal fondness for each other. It shows in this performance. I did not want this scene to end. I want to see them together more often.
Scene Two: Abstract Wet: Dylan Ryder is hot for Darryl Hanah who is laying on her back as water showers continually fall on the blond. Suddenly, the brunette slowly crawls towards the wet woman and admires Daryl's bod. They kiss in a sexy manner. The dark-haired lady then, turns her attention to licking the woman's nipples and rubbing her womanhood. The showers continue to fall on them. It's important to note that when the sounds of the rain become silent, the mood between the ladies is sexier. Then, when the rain is heard, the activity and the atmosphere between them become more passionate and raw as in the case of the muffin eating moments. However, the scene ends in a personal and sensual fashion.

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Scene Three: Fuck Up In The Club: Alyssa Reece stumbles into red-headed hottie Nikki Rhodes as she is about to pleasure herself. The ladies have an attraction for each other. The brunette makes the first move. The anticipation feels good as the viewer can't wait to see them start their makeout session. Alyssa does a nice job in orally massaging NIkki's plaything. Her effort becomes more enthusiastic. Then, NIkki gets to spank the woman's ass before working over Alyssa's vaginal sex mound with her hand and then, a small vibrator. However, their performance does not feel as personal as the other two earlier scenes. It feels more like what would happen if two strangers met and had sex immediately. However, there are still glimpses of fondness between the women. The very concentrated pussy eating by Alyssa is hot and easily turns-on the red-head.
Scene Four: Tub Tongued:  Zoe Britton and Natasha Nice are in a tub together while Zoe is sucking on the busty woman's tit. The scene shifts to color and their makeout session has not begun yet. But, it does not take long until Natasha lures her closer to her and the women begin their sexy session. Their liplock activity is hot and captivates the viewer. The audience can feel the chemistry between them oozing out of the screen. Even Zoe's oral sucking of Natasha's gemstone feels personal in tone especially when the viewer watches Ms. Nice's reactions. The shower is running on their bodies while Natasha licks and sucks Zoe's snatch. It's hot. Next, the heat factor rises as Zoe pats and rubs the woman's clit rapidly. I like how Natasha squirms in the tub. Overall, these ladies know how to pleasure a woman in a fun, sexy, and passionate manner.

Scene Five: The Dirty Doll:  Jordan Kingsley is motionless. She is a doll. Jessica Bangkok finds her and is fascinated. After the woman touches her a bit, the doll comes to life. The dark-haired cutie places good attention on the lady's feminine parts especially her sexual playground. However, it is the kissing moments that drive the heat factor to a new level. Then, Jessica licks a long dildo and slides it inside the blond's lovely mouth. The close-up shots of this activity are hot and really has the viewer on the edge of his or her seat. The slow pace makes the atmosphere very sexy in tone especially during the early parts of their 69 activity. The action becomes more determined when the music ends. There is good passion between them. The chemistry can be felt. A running shower is beside them which makes their performance wetter. Jessica's oral and manual muffin pleasuring antics are very heated. She also spanks the live doll's ass a couple of times. Jordan does a swell job in using her tongue to taste Jessica's butthole and juicebox. She stimulates her well. It's an effective performance to end the first disc on although the very sweet tone that occurred at the beginning of the scene is no longer present.

Scene Six: The Shower: Jana Jordan is staring at the camera and teases it by patting her butt and moving her sexy leg. The camera pans her body nicely while she is sitting on a chair and is under a running shower. The tight close-ups of her wet body are hot. Her sexual mound is so cute that the viewer can't keep one's eyes off it. Moments later, she is licking Louisa Lanewood's kitty. Soon, the other woman is doing the pleasuring. The atmosphere is sexy. The pace is kind of slow, but it enhances their sexual chemistry. When the music dies down a bit, the passion between the women gains momentum. The audience's body temperature rises. The sight of Jana's wet love spot is amazing while the brunette sucks on it with solid effort. She really acts very energetically with it while manually working it over. Afterwards, Jana continues with this type of heated delivery when she fingers Louisa's plaything. The action is exciting. Next, the blond fucks her with a toy in a hearty fashion. Then, the brunette rubs the toy on Jana's pussy that makes her squeal with emotion. Overall, the determined toy play is very good and exciting. This scene is the most emotional one in this movie. It's another performance that I did not want to see end.

Scene Seven: The Mirror's Full: They are staring at each other while running their hands on oneself. Suddenly, Nika is running her hands on the lady's breasts. They are also biting the bottom of a cup. Afterwards, the women playfully lick the neck of a bottle and kiss. Nika then, pours some of the liquid substance into London's mouth. The activity gains in momentum when the music ends. The women are more energetic. Their brief humping behavior is exciting, but later, they both do a fine job in fingerfucking their partner and satisfying their womanhoods. The personal chemistry between them is not as high as compared to other performances in this movie. Nevertheless, the sex is still exciting to watch.

Scene Eight: Wet & Wasted: Cadence St. John is running her hands along her inner thighs and suddenly, rubs her pussy. Water is dripping around her. Her kitty looks very appealing. Water begins to splash on it. Later, Charley Chase is in the shot and tastes the lady's sweet spot. The sensual mood continues as they kiss. The water has stopped falling. The scene looks very beautiful. Their bodies look great together. When the music has ended, Cadence gives the woman a very solid finger fuck and pussy massage. It gets her so heated that they kiss passionately. Afterwards, Charley goes after her partner's sex hole with solid fondness. Their efforts are very in tune with each other. Both women want to pleasure the other well with good enthusiasm. It creates a bond between themselves.  This is another pair that needs to be hooked up again.

Scene Nine: The Surprise: Taylor Tilden is blindfolded and gagged. She is standing. Meanwhile, Taylor Vixen is staring at her from the couch. Soon, she is sucking on the blond's nipple. Their lip lock activity is cute. She even bites the blond's lips in a playful manner. The mood of the action is sexy. The audience feels that the women care for each other or, at least, that is the way Taylor Vixen does towards her partner. The brunette applies her own personal oral and manual massage on the lady's love spot. When it's Taylor Tilden's turn to express her love for the woman, she rubs her passion fruit in a stimulative fashion. Then, the shower is running beside them. The mood during the brunette's workover of the blond's vaginal sex spot is sensuous. It is evident that she cares for her. Even the blond's demeanor shows affection for her partner. When she fingers Taylor Vixen's asshole, their kissing activity is personal and intimate.  It's a sweet performance.
Final Thoughts: This two disc set movie by Low Art Films is their best production that I have seen. Each performance increases the body heat of the audience. Several of them such as in the cases of Fucking My Wet Friend, The Shower, Wet & Wasted, and The Surprise are some of the best lesbian performances of the year. Oren Cohen definitely has a way of making wet artistic gonzo action sensual, intimate, and crowd pleasing that other directors and visionaries would totally mess up on. I highly recommend this Low Art Films production.  

Apache Warrior

Apache W
[email protected]     

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