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Double Czech - Twins in Lust

Studio: Channel 1 Releasing » Review by Guybrush » Review Date: 8/17/10

XCritic's Advice: Watch On Demand

Date of Production: 2009

Length: 216 minutes

Director: William Higgins

Cast: Adam and Konrad Richter, Rudolph Schneider, Thomas Dyk, Dlouhan, Milan Jusko, and Libor Kenda

Body Types: twinks, buff guys, furry pubes, minimal chest hair

Condoms: yes

Things to See
: outdoor sex, threesomes, twincest, oral and facial cumshots, toe sucking, and food play

Plot: A pair of identical twins feel the call of nature.

The Movie:

Relatively rare in porn is "twincest," which refers to having sex with one's identical or fraternal twin.  It's no surprise why twincest is a rarity in porn; having sex with your identical brother or sister could be downright creepy.  Yet the twins in this film, seem to work well with each other, perhaps even better than with the other actors.  The film follows the exploits of these twinky twins as they fuck and suck every guy in sight, including each other.  The twins aren't exactly remarkable: they are skinny young brunettes with furry pubes and not all too impressive fucking or sucking techniques.  However, the twins are more than capable of enduring a lot in the film, including snowballing each other, receiving facials from every model, and even being fucked by the other twin.  If I had a medal, I would award them the "admirable twincest" award.

Alas, the film has several factors working against it.  First, and foremost, the twins are simply overexposed.  The decision to use them in every single scene results in some monotonous sex.  Because the twins don't mix up their sex acts, you can rest assured that they will always bottom in every scene, always take oral cumshots, and always conclude each scene with some cum kissing.  This leads to the second negative factor; boredom on the actor's faces.  In nearly every scene, one of the models looks distracted or uninterested.  For example, Milan Jusko frequently looks off into the distance, perhaps trying to remain hard by looking at his female fluffer.  Also, in the last scene, one of the twins looks so bored that I was surprised he didn't start filing his nails.  Sometimes the twins even look disgusted with having to share cum with their brother; in one scene the brother quickly wipes away his brother's cum laden chin, hoping that the camera didn't notice.  This lack of passion makes for some mediocre sex, with the occasional sprinkling of hotness.  It's all rather unfortunate because the premise for this film is hot, just not the execution. 

Scene One: Adam and Konrad Richter

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The brunette twins feed a free roaming horse before they find a cozy spot on the grass to rest.  The brothers start to kiss each while keeping their eyes firmly closed ("just keep imagining it's not my brother").  One of the twins then moves his tongue downward to his erect brother's cock, where he proceeds to blow him.  The brothers trade sucking each others' cocks before they shift to a 69 position.  The brothers then move over to a rock, where one of them (I have no clue which one) bottoms for the other.  The twin fucks his brother on the rock, holding one of his legs up in the air.  The brothers then switch so that the othertwin gets to fuck his brother.  This twin screws his brother on his back.  The bottoming twin furiously strokes his cock until he spurts out a load onto his thigh and chest.  His identical brother then shoots off his spunk down onto his brother's chest.  Finally, he heads down, licks up some of their combined cum and shares some of it with his brother.

Scene Two: Adam and Konrad Richter, and Rudolph Schneider

Rudolph (one hell of a sexy buff guy) walks down a road and discovers two naked sunbathing twins.  Not wanting to pass up the opportunity of a lifetime, he undresses, rubs down his body with oil, and then squirts some of the sun tanning oil onto the twins to "wake" them up.
With smiles of delight, the twins proceed to rub all over Rudolph's impressive physique.  Eventually they drift downward to sucking on Rudolph's uncut member.  They suck him together, rather effortlessly.  Rudolph then gets his knees to alternate sucking on each twin. 

On their backs, touching ball to ball, Rudolph sucks on their shafts at the same time.  He then shoves a double sided dildo into the twins and probes it back and forth between the brothers.  With their holes lubed and ready, Rudolph screws one of the twins on his side.  The other twin sucks on his bottoming brother.  Rudolph then allows the other twin to fuck his brother, which he watches with pleasure.  Eventually Rudolph unloads his cock onto one of the twin's neck.  The twin then sucks on Rudolph's dick some more.  He quickly unloads onto his brother's chest.  Rudolph aggressively yanks the twin over to his brother's mess and smears it all over his face and mouth.  The sticky twin then heads up to kiss his brother with his dirty mouth. 

Scene Three: Adam and Konrad Richter, and Thomas Dyk

The twins take a bath in a dirty looking hog trough.  Thomas (cute brunette lad with a thick cock) catches the guys playing with each other so he heads over to join them.  The twins share in the sucking and licking of Thomas's dick.  At one point they kiss and suck his cock simultaneously.  Thomas then gets on his knees so that he can suck on the twins as well.  He even shoves both of their cocks in his mouth at the same time.  The twins then bend their asses up in the air for Thomas to rim.  Thomas rims and fingers each twin's hole with glee. 

Thomas then fucks one of the twins from behind. The guys also form a fucking chain-gang against a pile of wood (oh the irony!).  Side by side, Thomas fucks each twin, only to pull his cock out and penetrate the other twin.  Unfortunately, the twins remain mostly flaccid throughout.  Hovering above Thomas, the twins shoot their loads onto Thomas's smooth chest.  Each twin then shares some of their own cum with their brother.  Finally, Thomas spurts out his load onto his already sticky chest.  The twins head down to suck on his spent cock, practically fighting over it. 

Scene Four: Adam and Konrad Richter, and Milan Jusko

The twins share some grapes with a shirtless tattooed guy (Milan).  The fruit eating quickly turns erotic when the twins start to eat the fruit off of Milan's chest.  With a quick edit, we then find the twins already sucking Milan's cock.  Milan then fucks one of the twins from behind.  The other twin tilts his ass toward his brother for a rim job, but his brother can't reach him because he's busy being fucked.  The other twin then gets below his brother to suck on his cock, while his brother is still being pounded.  Milan sucks on one the twin's dicks before moving his bottom bitch to the ground where he fucks him some more.  The guys then jack off together.  Milan unleashes his load onto a very disinterested twin (he backs away from it and looks disgusted).  The other twin, however, wolfs down Milan's spent cock for any last remnants.  The same cum hungry twin then eats his brother's load too.  He tries to share some of the load with his brother in a wet and soupy kiss.

Scene Five:
Adam and Konrad Richter, Dlouhan, and Libor Kenda
The twins blow each other in a lush garden.  Libor (a buff brunette with blond streaks and a smooth chest) spies on the brothers before he heads over to join in on the fun.  Dlouhan (a brunette with a fat cock) walks over as well, already nude.  The twins get on their knees and start to blow each guy dry.  Dlouhan partakes in sucking on one of the twins as well before the twins return to servicing each guy, side-by-side.  Libor and Dlouhan then tilt their asses up in the air for the twins to lick and probe.  Libor's ass looks a bit furry, so one of the twins finds it hard to hide his disinterest in tonguing around in the "forest."

The scene then shifts to the twins being screwed on top of a pink couch.  The twins are fucked doggy style while they kiss each other.  Libor and Dlouhan occasionally switch so that they get to hit both twins at least once.  The twins then switch to a side fuck position.  One twin maintains his erection while the other looks completely bored.  After that, the twins are fucked in straddle positions; showing off their flaccid dicks as they bounce around.  Finally, each twins receives oral and facial cumshots on their pretty mugs.  Libor gives one of the twins a particularly gooey chin "cumcicle" making the other twin wince when he has to do his obligatory snowball kiss with his brother.  The twins then jack off side by side.  The scene concludes with one of the twins gulping down his brother's load.  He then heads up to kiss his brother and share some of his semen.

The DVD:


Presented in anamorphic widescreen, the image is mostly sharp and clear.  All of the action looks good, except for the film's slightly under lit presentation.  This is to be expected as the film was shot entirely outdoors.  Overall, it's a decent transfer.


The sound mix was average.  Shooting outdoors can be problematic for porn because the sounds of nature (wind, birds) can muffle the sounds and give them a slight echo sound at times.  All of the action can be heard, but there is some distortion caused by wind and such. 


Extras are light, consisting of animated menus, some trailers, and scene selection. 

Final Thoughts:

Double Czech: Twins in Lust is a slutty film with average production values and some unenthusiastic performances.  It's too bad really because the first two scenes are rather nice, but the rest quickly fall into the trappings of mediocrity.  If you really have a hankering for twins or copious oral cumshots, then you might like it.  For the rest of you, however, I would recommend renting this first to see if this is a case of double your pleasure, double your fun.

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