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Hellcats 15

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by Wind Tunnel » Review Date: 8/17/10

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Hellcats 15

A Joey Silvera Picture Presented by Evil Angel
  Ally Kay, Dana Dearmond, Gracie Glam, Kristina Rose, Heather Hurley, Ziggy, Samantha Sin, Shirley Dimples & Alison Whyte. 
With:  Toni Ribas, Jay Lassiter, David Perry, Christian & Joey Silvera.
Total Runtime:  4hr 20min
Condoms?:  None.
Keywords:  Face Fucking, Rough Sex, Young Starlets, Choking, One On One, Assorted Debauchery, Hit Me With Your Best Shot

Brief Synopsis:  Though only numerically barely able to drive, this fifteenth entry in Joey Silvera's practically signature series offers two perspectives, both cut of the same aggressive cloth.  One disc (handily enhanced to 16x9, widescreen) features slightly green starlets paired up with professional studs, while the other serves as a one-on-one with Joey himself (self-shot, balancing his camera whilst the action takes place).  He does like to play rough but never comes off as too severe, though any that wince at the thought of face fucking should probably just move on right about now.  Good?  Well, let's get on with it!

- [Disc One] -

[Scene One]  Ally Kay  (with Toni Ribas)

Slim & trim Ally traipses poolside while Joey asks question about sports, allowing the gawking, shirtless Toni to spray her already well-tanned skin with lotion, squishing and pushing his fingers between the folds of her booty and her tiny bikini while she compensates by unzipping his jeans and wetting his wick.  Indoors, Ally takes it all down as the blow job continues, lubing up the prick while keeping an eye toward the camera's eye.  In cowgirl, the moistness from that lotion, the sweat and her own stickiness causes a smear of cream to emerge from her and Toni's key & lock rubbing, keeping the ride harder with a handful of scalp in his hand.  Toni pushes her hands behind her back, forcing her to bop hard as he swats her ass.  Cranking her legs way up, the two continue in close missionary piledriver, breaking for a little pussy eating before continuing with a ledge-assisted doggy (up against a support beam, natch).  Toni jacks into her like a hammer as Ally's legs twist farther up, at one point flipping herself in a half-circle, bouncing atop his dick before returning to a more natural, classically cowgirl hitch.  On the floor even more missionary is served, evolving to a very delectable foot job (greasy, greasy toes!) and a reverse cowgirl into a giddy-up side saddle that leads our boy to bust a nut on Ally's cheek and chest, pasted but not too much swallowed down.  Eighteen (18!) year old Ally is true to her age in the ambition department, smiling and giggling even as Toni chokes her with both his palms and his cock, eager to keep that dick always in stroke, be it between her toes or atop her tongue: for a fresh-faced beginner, she's certainly a whole lot of fun here.  The only caveat is that she's focused almost squarely on keeping her eyes pointed toward the  camera, a flaw that could easily be overlooked, though it still may unsettle some out there.

[Scene Two]  Dana DeArmond  (with Toni Ribas)

In a semi-party dress, Dana attempts to warm up our directory Joey with a little bit of panty tease, fingering herself as she half-smiles and flashes her bottom row of braces.  Indoors, Toni is already naked and takes up where Dana left off, squishing her softer parts and spreading her holes open for a few breaths of fresher air.  After stroking his wang through his pants, Dana bends over and throats him, leading to a quick face fucking and attending smackery (at one point he pins her neck down with one of his legs, holding her already stuffed mouth farther and stronger down).  Dana snorts and sniffs Toni's rod and reel right before delving into missionary, singing along nicely until she squirts ("I can smell it...give it to me," she says), cracking her ass open for more face-to-face, ramming into each other hard enough that one of her steel earrings falls out of her earlobe.  As the corking continues, Dana fills her mouth with almost her entire fist, fiddling with her clit as Toni bangs and slaps her face.  In reverse cowgirl, her stuttering vocals carry over to spooning on the floor, choked through Toni's grasp on her throat and onto even more oral antics - at one point Toni sticks his right foot into her pussy and fucks her, and Dana readily grasps all his toes back into her mouth!  More squirting with a break for cunnlingus pushes them into doggy-style against one of the room's wall, Dana's ass splitting open and taking Toni's pole easily.  An easy slip into piledriver into her ass (with the requisite bellows that only an air-filled ass can produce), grows into another bout of face fucking, and Dana employs a 2-handed grip on that dick, aiming the jerk at her open mouth, moaning as it drips over her lips.  She laps it up like frosting on a beater, playing with her collection of swill before swallowing.  "Throw me out of your house, I'm a bad girl...I'm garbage," she directs at both Toni and Joey, the former carrying her off as she wishes out the front door by the hair.  Dana seems less gregarious than usual here, though her manner is still quite as adventurous and extreme as she always tends to be, pushing the envelope with the rough as she gets dirtier and dirtier per position.  All three of her skilled holes are worked out quite well, too, and by the end, she, slathered in sweat and a little runny make-up, is saluting, somebody, somewhere (us?  Toni? herself?).  It's totally Dana, and it all goes down totally easy - she makes even the hardest fuck-out look perfectly normal.  It's pretty darn exciting.

[Scene Three]  Gracie Glam  (with Jay Lassiter)

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Young Gracie, festooned in a baseball-esque pattern, takes a few sports related questions from Joey before heading down the stairs to meet up with Jay, giving him a loose set of verbal instructions of what's about to go down: she'll ride him, and once she's done, he can bang her all he wants.  Beginning with a knelt blow job (going deep down), she kneads his meat and sucks beautifully, letting him grip her head for some soft facial abuse and starting the sword & stoning in reverse cowgirl on her lead.  Gyrating in a half-beat, they gain speed and take turns smacking her clit in breaks.  She repositions herself in a half-crank, tasting their combined juices and throating hard, hair-pulled doggy following with a steady gain of speed and force.  As she's almost folded in half, she prys "can I lick your toes?" to Jay, which she quickly does and he compensates by licking her butthole.  Standing up, the booty quaking continues, with Gracie pivoting her leg up and Jay keeping on from behind (those cheerleading skills finally paying off in the real world!).  Classic cowgirl keeps her occupied, burying Jay'ss arrow into her pink folds with the speed of a metronome, such is the humping that he fingers her asshole and smacks those undulating glutes ("I feel like jello," she intones at one point).  A missionary crank (with even more mouth fucking) causes Jay to bust his nut into Gracie's mouth, with most of the load decorating her finely tanned skin only the way that well-earned jizz can.  For all her youth, Gracie is really warming up as a performer, though it's almost funny to see Jay's reaction as she lays down those orders before the scene starts: he knows it doesn't really matter, and thankfully, she hasn't turned diva quite yet.  In fact, she's just the opposite, keeping surprises up her sleeve just when we least expect it (I didn't expect her to suck on his toes, but there you have it!). 

[Scene Four]  Kristina Rose  (with David Perry)

In a prelude to her scene, miss Kristina tells Joey about her very, very young fantasies she and her friends always wished upon themselves (being fondled by strangers, or in her own case, a rape scenario), all in between footage of her stretching her ass open with a clear crystal beaded dildo, following with her four fingers for extra width ("I want someone to carry me around [by the ass] like a purse").  Fading into a piece of play/pretend, we find Kristina among the low light of a closed garage, soon choking and blowing down David's big wiggler, diddling herself before the two move into the house.  Her mouth stuffing continues, with the heave-ho beginning with classic cowgirl into that ass of hers, gripping her as she vacillates between a full-load of scream and being slightly lifeless.  The noise is not quelled once he enters her port authority in doggy, covering up Kristina's mouth as her heels fall of, forcing her to choke down his sword until she emerges with a howl.  He pushes her around by the neck, causing her to cough and struggle, full-on choking her as he jerks in a fury.  Facing her, he piles down into her ass in missionary, causing her to pant and yelp, swatting her down to suck on his toes and spooning himself into her widening rose on the floor.  David clasps her nose shut as he slips in deep down her mouth, tossing his emerging seed like dressing across Kristina's face, neck, shoulders and chin - she foams up what she catches and swallows what she's gathered down, doing an exit interview with Joey before it's all finally over.  While Kristina does sell being roughed up pretty well, the scene is less a believable fantasy than an excellent performance, and you see that most of the drama is behind her eyes and less in her choice of action (Bobbi Starr's numerous takes on the situation come to mind, as those are borderline terrifying).  Perhaps it's because of the prequel interview, but either way it's still a furious bit of rough business that Kristina is so very good at doing, even if the situation isn't quite up to her fantasy.  It's nasty and messy either way, and how could that ever be so bad?

- [Disc Two] -

[Scene Five]  Heather Hurley  (with Joey Silvera)

Slender Heather is in-between outfits once Joey starts to get ahold of her, complimenting her lightly toasted attributes and signaling her following coos of "You wanna feel my mouth all over it?...You wanna gag me with it?" as she strokes his pantalooned privates.  As she's globbing spit across his rod, Joey can hardly believe it ("we just met eight minutes ago!"), and the POV blowing keeps most of every inch inside Heather's mouth.  Flipping her hands around the shaft, she notes that his larger-than-normal, engorged penis tip would hit her g-spot really hard, stuffing that pole down and keeping on as he stands up and fucks her face, wagging the knob across her cheeks.  As the effrontery continues, Joey holds her down tight with one of his legs (like Toni and Dana before them), continuing with a final stroking until he unloads into her opened mouth and flows and dresses her lips and chin (she laps up the rest with her hands).  Short and sweet, Heather's strength is her technique, skilled in both hand and mouth patter and never missing a clear beat: she just want to get him off, and quickly, at that!  Impressive, though you wonder how she'd react once Joey's mushroom head ever hit her little G - a boy can dream!

[Scene Six]  Ziggy  (with Joey Silvera)

Super-fine Ziggy has a touch or two from Joey in slipping out of her underwear, though she's a little clumsy when it comes to making it all seem truly sexy.  No matter, however, as she's willing to let Joey fiddle with her pussy and tweak her nipples.  That pussy, it turns out, is tight "like a suction cup in there", so says Joey, and Ziggy delights us by masturbating between her undies and puling out a slightly ergonomic purple jelly vibrator, hitting her clit and diving in between her folds for a few minutes.  Over all this we hear Joey's huffing and puffing, soon escalating into rubbing her with his thumb until she comes.  "Can I fuck your face?" he asks her, and she obliges by letting him lay his cock in a crank between her lips and holding her nose shut, spitting and choking and causing her face to turn the color of rouge.  Over and over it happens, and each time Ziggy keeps her spirits up, awarding her a bit of pussy eating as Joey sets the camera down (she grips his hair and crashes into another O after another few minutes of lapping and exultations).  They both decide then & there that they need to fuck, and Joey is no less than a few strokes in that he almost freezes from the pressure of her coochie, while Ziggy keeps on rubbing her reddened clit.  He does gain traction, though the intensity keeps him from really, truly fucking her, and this is a mostly blow job scene, anyhow (this girl needs like, a whole three-hour feature to herself - seriously!).  After fading out and cooling off for a bit, Ziggy's back on her knees and using her titties to stroke and blow him, shifting her greased chest down until Joey unspools and coats his own cock with his semen, glazing Ziggy's breasts as she post-strokes him.  It's all very exciting, to say the very least, even though it all goes by so fast - we all need more Ziggy in our lives!  We really do!

[Scene Seven]  Samantha Sin  (with Christian)

With her lavender toes and gymnast's flexibility, Samantha occupies herself by folding her asshole before Christian enters, wearing a suit.  She hands down the orders in what turns out to be a female-dom scene, and Samantha begins the torment by riding his face.  "You better make me squirt!", and that she does, all over his face, a precious swig he gargles and swallows down.  She prods him with questions (which he answers muffled by her crotch), turning into a 69 position before once again riding his face until she erupts again.  On a nearby arm of a couch, she orders him to eat her pussy, and the gushing continues (this time, dappling a corner of the camera).  Perhaps feeling sorry for him (maybe?), Samantha slurps up his dick, riding him in reverse cowgirl and laying down soft cracks of a leather whip onto his torso, laughing and moaning and squirting all the way through.  A hop in classic cowgirl leads to doggy (and eventually anal in the same), pushing Christian to lick her ass over and over again, flipping up for reverse cowgirl anal and popping on Samantha's right cheeks and open mouth.  "Good boy," she says, collecting and downing the seed down her own throat.  Though I am a fan of Samantha and most of her proclivities, the abundance of squirting felt like an annoyance coupled with her pushy attitude, which is kind of strange since the bulk of her performance here (and otherwise, really) is that of the domineering superslut.  It never really quite gels, though the initial catty buildup is sexy enough.  Either Samantha needs a new script or I'm reading the wrong one, but I'm on the fence either way.

[Scene Eight]  Shirley Dimples  (with Joey Silvera)

Little Southern Shirley is quick to get down to business, opening up her shirt for Joey to pry away at her teenyness before setting out to blow him, kneeling herself onto the floor.  She breaks for a few moments to uncork her own magic out of a purple dildo, cracking kind of wise before continuing with her sucking, which doesn't take too long for Joey to unfurl his guilded dose onto her chin, dripping down to her chest.  While being the quickest scene on either disc, Shirley's a little cold in the dirty talk department (apparent right before the money shot, but otherwise she's cute as cute can be) though she oozes a tender sexuality that lesser button-nosed girls have a real handle on.  While not a huge triumph (she has done better, and gone longer, elsewhere), it's entirely passable, and it's almost a blip on the screen.  Too bad.

[Scene Nine]  Alison Whyte  (with Joey Silvera)

Shot during her semi-comeback, Alison will seem familiar to viewers of a certain category (re: Lohan), though not one of her freckles has seemed to moved since her heady Red Light-era days, though startling enough, she seems to have gotten even leaner (a bit of a letdown, though what can you really do?).  Joey makes his way down her outfit and into her panties (purple, like a lot of things on this disc), Alison showing off her tiny tuft of red fur before wiggling her long white fingers around and atop her blooming cherry.  Clicking her tongue piercing against her teeth, she wafts her mouth around Joey's crotch before pulling his pants down and soaking his sausage with spit, taking his nearly brutal face thrusting squishingly well enough (down, all the way down).  Joey sets the camera down for a more pronounced session of battery (gripping her by the hair, the old nose pinching technique, etc.), turning Alison's pale & tinny frame around, ass-out, as she sticks a toy into her butthole for a little love.  Sensing an opportunity, Joey pokes her back hole with is prick for a little spell of stroking, emerging for an ass-to-mouth taste, as well as even more oral obscinities that play out as rough as most of the preceding scenes (light pinning, throating, and so forth).  Joey caps it all off by jolting his wad off in and around her mouth, the majority of which falls down to her chest (barely a thumbprint's worth taken in, sadly).  The wrap-up is brief but chatty, and it ends on a positive note.  While it's lovely to find Alison on the prowl again, the smaller moments of her reactions aren't quite there, though she does handle Joey and his cock with aplomb and sometimes a real smile.  She doesn't seem 100% into it all, but that was never really one of her strong points in the first place: she's a pretty girl, alright, andshe knows how to get fucked, and sometimes that's all you really need, isn't it?


Bonus Features
The bulk of the section is occupied by a set of Trailers for other Joey Silvera movies (nine in total, clocking in at around two or so minutes per), along with a selectable by star Gallery, a Filmography of the usual suspects, a Cast List and, finally, a Cum Shot Recap (9min), which strings together exactly what it offers.  Joey's movies never have been long on bonus material (he keeps the interviews short and usually within the feature itself, hence no behind the scenes material), and this one is no different.  While curious newbie Silvera-heads will like the breadth of Trailers, it does not make a compelling set of extras, overall.

Audio/Video Quality
Disc One was presented in 1.85:1, 16x9 widescreen while Disc Two was the more standard definition 1.33:1 ratio (the latter pictureboxed on most televisions sets, though presented as full frame on standard definition set-ups).  Th audio ran in standard 2.0 channel stereo, with an occassional soundtrack running softly through quieter parts of scenes (introductory/set-ups, as in Kristina's fantasy admission section).  Shadows were mostly under control on either disc, as were colors/skin tones, though the fluctuations (if any) were per any individual position.  Joey knows how to hold a camera, be it when playing strictly behind the camera or doubling up as performer, as he does for the second half of the feature.  In fact, it's in this frame and particular style that he's most gifted at, though he's still keen on capturing the right moments as they happen without being either a distractor or distracted.  We see it all!

Overall Thoughts
With the emergence of hi-def quality sneaking up on the more storied hands in the industry, it's nice to see that Mr. Silvera split this edition of his Hellcats series in half: one part new style, one part classic.  For all those POV freaks, the second disc of mostly oral huff and puff will be satisfying enough, though the first disc includes some very noteworthy one-on-one scenes with younger girls in tougher sexual situations.  While the type of rough treatment that happens during the whole isn't for everybody, it's never too scary or dangerous (or at least never seems that way to my jaded eyes & mind) that it becomes ridiculous, and either way the girls are always smiling afterward as they catch their collective breaths.  In such a vast collection of scenes, it's hard to pick only one favorite, though Ziggy and Allison (on Disc Two) really set forth a huge charge, and Kristina and Gracie really bring themselves forward where others would rather just stay comfortable with their work - it's all very Recommended, and at the right price, a nice array of value for your buck.  Choke on that!

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