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Road Queen 18

Studio: Girlfriends Films » Review by Apache Warrior » Review Date: 8/23/10

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Genre: Lesbian

Director: ?

Cast: Deauxma, Chastity Lynn, Ariella Ferrera, Dia Zerva, Dragon Lily, Tanya Tate, Cheyenne Jewel

Length: 145 minutes

Date of Production: ?

Extras: The trailers and promos give the viewer a very good sample of it's titles in
it's stable. The eight promos are 2008 Girlfriends Films, AVN 2009,
AVN 2010 Girls Promo, Gay Pride 09, Imperfect Angels, Lesbian Seductions, Lesbian Triangles, and Pin-Up Girls. The eight trailers are Lesbian House Hunters 2, Lesbian Psychodramas 3, Pin-Up Girls 4, Field of Schemes 8, Mother-Daughter Exchange Club 14, Lesbian Legal 7, Net Skirts 2, and Twisted Passions 6. A nice looking photo gallery, a montage of the cast of Road Queen 18, and website information are also added.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: The video and audio quality are very good. It is filmed in high definition with Sony XDCAM cameras.

Overview: Road Queen Part 18 is the eighteenth installment to this beloved series among the fans of Girlfriends Films. It involves Deauxma who has her hopes in becoming a successful stripper in the big time cities. This episode is the third film that has focused on her experiences in Las Vegas. The shift to this location has given Road Queen a much-needed transfusion of excitement and appreciation to this series and it's star Deauxma. The supporting cast of Tanya Tate, Ariella Ferrera, Chastity Lynn, Dragon Lily, and Dia Zerva have their own significant role during this Vegas storyline. As to this current film, a very vital moment occurs that may have lingering consequences for the lovely Deauxma and her dreams of hitting it big in Sin City. 

Scene One: The makeout session occurs in Ariella Ferrera's room. She has led Dia Zerva to it. The women have very good sexual chemistry. Their lip lock activity easily builds the heat factor. With Dia on top for the majority of the early play, their crotch humping moments are excitable and stimulative. The mood changes to a more intimate atmosphere when the titty play occurs. Then, the passion between them heightens as soon as Dia manually and orally works over Ariella's womanhood. However, the atmosphere lessens significantly once Ariella takes over. But, it's only temporary. Suddenly, her oral massage becomes determined while Dia moans emotionally. Moreover, Ariella's humping and pussy rubbing actions are solid. The rest of their performance can best be described as heated passion and intimate. The whip action was a nice touch.

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Scene Two: While looking for Chastity Lynn, Tanya Tate finds Dragon Lily instead. The dark-haired woman does her best to comfort the woman of the house from feeling so worried. Their personal chemistry level is enhanced as the women caress each other's faces while laying beside each other in bed. When the titty play activity occurs, the heat factor rises nicely especially during Lily's sucking of Tanya's left tit. Nevertheless, the blond beauty applies solid tit sucking and kissing technique on the lady's breasts. The atmosphere feels intimate. The slow pace of the action captures the viewer's attention span nicely. It's not too slow. It's appropriate to the scene. When the women resume the kissing and Tanya humps her, the heat level rises a bit. Soon, Lily is orally and manually pleasuring Tanya's delicious muffin. Both of their attitudes are good. The blond cutie moans with genuine emotion and the brunette shows enjoyment on her face while applying her personal and effective stimulus. Next, Dragon Lily's intimate humping actions solidifies their feelings for each other even more. Afterwards, Tanya's more passionate and sensitive pussy play is a good technique in making the audience lean closer towards the screen. The action is exciting, but not over-the-top. Once again, it's just right for the scene. After more pussy affection by Lily, the scene ends in a personal manner. Tanya Tate and Dragon Lily deserve to be paired up again. They have a connection that fans will pay to see on screen many more times.

Scene Three: In this scene, Dia Zerva trains Cheyenne Jewel although there really is not much vocal instructional training that goes on. The blond cowgirl chains the very impressionable lady onto the bed. This chain activity does not last too long in the scene. Their kissing moments look good and it's the activity that makes them appear more affectionate towards each other. The brief titty sucking by Cheyenne shows good passion. Then, Dia's foot worship activity adds a good blend to their performance. Next, the energy level rises as soon as Dia rubs the woman's nylon-covered kitty and sucks her breast. The atmosphere feels nice. Of course, none of the intimate personal chemistry that the previous scene showed occurs here. This performance feels like it's more of an exploration type deal whereas Dia is trying to find out what and how much the woman can take from her determined sexual antics and also, to find out what her reactions to them will be. Cheyenne is enjoying herself quite a bit. Dia sucks and fingerfucks the woman's juicebox quite passionately. When it is Cheyenne's turn to suck on the cowgirl's vaginal plaything, she does a very good job in stimulating the woman especially with her clit rubbing antics. Then, Dia shoves her panties in the woman's mouth as she humps her. Soon, both of them are applying solid humping action on each other despite Dia being on top. Afterwards, Dia fingers Cheyenne's sex hole very aggressively and it is a turn-on for not only the ladies, but also the viewer. It's a bit emotional too. Then, Cheyenne's workover of Dia's diamond is sweet looking and also, quite a stimulant that makes Dia moan and quiver to full satisfaction. Overall, it's a good raw sex scene that satisfied both women and if this was a training session, Cheyenne passed very easily.

Scene Four: Deauxma helps Chastity put on a white dress. During the dress-up process, the atmosphere remains captivating and the viewer will lean so forward towards the screen that one may fall out of his or her seat when Deauxma applies makeup on her. Moments later, when Deauxma begins her sweet seduction, the scene remains cute. The attraction towards each other feels very genuine that it really shows in their body language especially during their makeout session. Later, Deauxma does a cute job in pleasuring the blond's pussy. Chastity's moans sound incredible. I really like Deauxma's somewhat nurturing demeanor. Later, Deauxma takes out a strap-on and puts it on while the girl gets herself off. Afterwards, Deauxma's pussy eating actions get Chastity off extremely well. Then, when she inserts the toy inside her, Deauxma's approach is gentle and very mesmerizing. Next, she sucks Chastity's pussy and tongue fucks her asshole. Then, she finger fucks both holes at the same time. This activity really gets the woman off remarkably well. Then, Deauxma fucks her in the ass. This performance is incredible. It is so exciting and emotional. Chastity's moans continue to resonate and become ingrained in my mind. The anal fucking is very heated and determined. There is more fucking of both of her holes at the same time occurs. This performance is one of the best scenes for this studio this year.   

Final Thoughts: After watching Road Queen 18, I got so hyped up that I wanted to see Part 19 immediately. Deauxma was amazing. She has shown from her performances in this Vegas storyline that she is a true talent who deserves quality material and not be taken for granted. She easily ranks among the best seductresses in the biz. This Texas talent can mesmerize an audience with her sweet demeanor at the beginning of a scene. Then later, her more passionate side is displayed that keeps the viewers leaning forward in their seats and by the end of her scene, the audience will want more of her and that they would not have noticed how much time had been spent. Her performance with Chastity Lynn is one of her best scenes this year. The Ariella Ferrera-Dia Zerva and Tanya Tate-Dragon Lily episodes are also incredible. Ariella Ferrera deserves to be nominated for AVN Best New Starlet. I highly recommend this movie that more than likely be the turning point for it's Las Vegas plot line.

Apache Warrior

Apache W
[email protected]     

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