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Cherries 74

Studio: Home Grown Video » Review by Vincent Pierce » Review Date: 8/20/10

XCritic's Advice: Skip It

Genre: Amateur

Director: Unspecified

Cast: Alyssa, Lyka, October, Gio, Bambi

Date of Production: 5/13/2010

Length: 1 hr. 30 mins.

Audio/Video: The audio is very clear, and doesn't need much adjustment to the volume to hear it well. It's not digital that I can tell. The video has a sort of dated look to it, and is not the best of quality. The last scene has the porrest quality of all. The scenes are presented in a Fullscreen ratio/format.

Overview: This is a 90 minute DVD of nothing but amateur female performers having straight sex, and in one scene some bi-curious sex. It's definitely not the top-of-the-line DVD that you find from the well known adult DVD producers. All the female performers on here have a very youthful appearance. The sex scenes have a home video quality about them. There are only four scenes, and a few extras.

Scene 1: Alyssa

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When the scene begins the cameraman is talking to Alyssa. It's not really much of an interview or anything of that sort. I guess he was trying to make her feel more comfortable? Alyssa is a quite attractive girl, but not like the usual mainstream female performers you see in the adult DVD industry today. She has a very nice smile, and a mellow way with her performance. One thing I noticed was that she has excellent blowjob, and deepthroating skills. It amazed me a bit, because you usually don't see that good of a BJ performance from most of the girls in the mainstream porn. The scene was fairly short, about 21 minutes in length. The sex which was rather soft/calm, consisted of missionary, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, and doggystyle sex positions. They kept the scene pretty decent with no obscene close-ups of Alyssa's butthole. In fact the camera angle was set pretty stationary for most of the scene. Alyssa ended up getting done by two guys at seperate times. The both sprayed a pitiful load across her face, but I liked how she rubbed her finger in the cum several times and tasted it. Her playful smile after each cumshot was rather beautiful. Overall I enjoyed the scene, it was very pleasant to watch.

Scene 2: Lyka

Let me start by stating that this scene was all kinds of awkward. First off, the guy that's shooting this scene is an 'older' man, and it seems that he set this up in a hotel room. He's also using a personal camera so it's like a home video. His subject, Lyka, is an Asian girl who almost looks underage. At the beginning of the scene the guy is trying to ease Lyka's worries about having sex. She is often covering her vaginal region with her hands, but soon gives in. The sex starts off with some doggystyle, and continues with some cowgirl, and missionary sex positions. In all honesty the guy looks like a pedophile. The more I watch this scene the more uneasy it gets to continue. The guy ends up shooting his wad on Lyka's belly. I'm not gonna say I like this scene, because it came so close to pedophilia that it was uncomfortable to watch. This scene shouldn't have been included on this DVD in my opinion.

Scene 3: October

October's scene starts of with a rather lengthy interview, and masturbation. October is the more mature looking female performer out of the others on this DVD, and definitely one of the most attractive. She has long black hair, and a very nice body. In the scene she is wearing glasses. I'm not quite sure if this is to add sexiness to the scene or if she needs them for real. Either way, she is rather sexy. The interview, and masturbation part took up most of the scene. After October got through pleasuring herself with a vibrator/dildo she put back on her ruffled panties, and began giving some guy a blowjob. The BJ was actually going pretty good until the put the video camera underneath their legs, giving an upward from the ground look at the action. Not only that, but slobber (or maybe cum???) landed on the camera lens, and didn't let me see what was going on. By the time the guy videotaping the scene figured it out the scene was over. For that reason alone this scene was terrible.

Scene 4: Gio & Bambi

Well, what can I say about this scene? Either they got this off of an old porn VHS, or it was recorded from an cellphone? I think it's some kind of ancient porn myself, because the video quality is so dated and grainy.

This Scene invloves two blonde haired girls, Gio and Bambi. It also involves a blonde haired guy. To begin with we find the two girls stark naked, and on top of each other having lesbian intercourse. This also includes the use of a primitive corded vibrator. The lesbian sex goes on for a good bit before the guy shows up. There's really no penetrative sex, just a lot of licking. The scene ends with the guy shooting his cum onto one of the gir's chest. Honestly, I cannot and will not say that I enjoyed any part of this scene. It was crap! The quality was crap! I think that's all I've got to say about that.

Extras:  The extras include 'Bloopers', which is a segment that has absolutely nothing to do with any othe scenes on the DVD, and a whole lot about the disgusting parts of porn (kind of makes me sick actually) ... 'Previews' which shows other DVDs available from HOMEGROWNSEX.COM ... and 'Web Info' which is a look at the HOMEGROWNVIDEO.COM website.

Final Thoughts: I could sum this DVD up in one word, 'Crap'! I can't believe they would put something out there like this for paying customers to buy. The videos are of the lowest quality, and the subjects/performers are some of the worst out there. Three out of the four scenes were absolute garbage, and only one of them was decent. I can't even recommend this for renting.

Final Rating: Skip It!!!

"I'm the man who coined the phrase "Same Sex Different Dame". If you're gonna produce porn PLEASE go all out, and don't fall victim to retro ruination. Innovation is king!"

- Vincent Pierce 2014 A.D.

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