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Sweet Cheeks #11

Studio: Anabolic » Review by Emahevul » Review Date: 8/24/10

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Title: Sweet Cheeks 11

Company: Anabolic

Genre: Gonzo

Director: Ivan

Cast: Asa Akira, Jessica Bangkok, Jayden Jaymes, Kitty Bella, Audrey Bitoni, Nikki Sexx, Mason Moore, Fransheliz Vasquez, James Deen, Sascha, Steven French, Mr. Pete

Themes: Butts, Oral Sex, Rough Sex, Lesbians, Sex Toys, Threesomes

Length: 2:50:51

Date of Production: 2/3/09

Extras: The extras consist of a tease segment which gives you the option to select individually each of the ladies to show off their goodies. There is a light hearted behind the scenes feature runs that runs 13:23. There is a pop shot recap. A photo gallery slide show runs 3:30. Also included is a cum shot re-cap, an Anabolic website link, and Photo Gallery.

Condoms: None

Body of Review: First off, this is a review of the blu-ray edition of Sweet Cheeks 11, not the standard DVD version previously reviewed by HoustonDon. The video was shot in 1080P high definition with a 16x9 aspect ratio and AVC encoding. The video bitrate on this version hovered in the mid 15 Mbps range but ranged from as low as 10 Mbps to almost 20 Mbps. The audio is presented in the 2.0 Dolby Digital using a 192 Kbps bit-rate and a 48 kHz sampling rate.

Ivan is a director at Anabolic whose aim in this release in to show off some of porndom's more smoking hot babes and their beautifully round bum's. Each scene (there are 6 total) begins with a bit of tease before moving on to the sex which generally includes the ladies getting lathered up with baby oil on their buns. This way, the ladies are better able to exhibit their assets to the utmost. Oddly enough though, with a title like Sweet Cheeks, you would think that implies anal sex, but that is NOT the case here, as no anal sex is involved in this release at all. It should also be noted that one thing I like about this release is that even though there is music throughout the feature in never overwhelms the sounds of the action. You are however given the option of turning the music off if you choose to do so.

Scene One: The first scene features Jessica Bangkok and Asa Akira. The two ladies have a very similar look, and are both of Asian heritage. Asa is a bit more slender than Jessica and also seems to be a bit younger but both look quite hot. The scene begins with some tease footage, both individual and together. Then, Asa and Jessica get into some very short lived (too short, they really seemed into each other) mild lesbo action consisting of some passionate kissing on a couch. They are quickly joined, within a matter of seconds, by James Deen. It should be noted that Deen was already erect and ready to go as he enters the scene (watch the BTS feature to find out why).

The trio then engages in an energetic 3 way romp and Jessica gets very vocal as she first gets her pussy licked then stuffed with dick by Deen. There is quite a bit of slapping and spitting throughout, and the scene does get a bit rough, but not so much that it will turn the more squeamish watchers off. The scene finishes with a pop shot on Asa's ass. Jessica licks the cum up, plays with it a bit then swallows.

Overall, there was a high level of energy and enthusiasm in this scene. Although in my opinion Jessica's enthusiastic vocalizations were a bit overdone I still enjoyed the scene quite a bit.

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Scene Two: Scene 2 begins with Jayden Jaymes, a raven haired hottie with large boobs and strikingly blue eyes showing off and teasing us with some pretty girl stuff. When the scene begins in earnest, Jayden is on an over-stuffed chair teasing her pussy with a vibe. Jayden doesn't want to give up the vibe, but Sascha looms large and stuffs his dick in Jayden's mouth and after that the real fun begins.

Jayden supplies some oral loving to Sascha's rod followed by some titty fucking. There is some slapping and choking by Sascha, but that only leads Jayden to plead him to slap her harder. Jayden and Sascha run through a myriad of positions. There is a bit more vibe play, and some serious fingering of Jayden's love canal by Sascha. More fucking follows with a quick attempt to get into Jayden's ass, but no, that isn't allowed. Soon Sascha pops his load on Jayden's tongue and face and a very hot scene comes to a close.

Wow, this was a great scene! Jayden was a great performer, up and ready for the fucking with a level of enthusiasm that surpasses even the first scene. Even though there is a bit of rough sex, it was never over done nor done in what I consider a derogatory or mean spirited manner. There is no doubt that Jayden was enjoying herself here. This scene is a winner!

Scene Three: The formula continues with some tease footage of Kitty (a zit on her right ass cheek is highly distracting), followed by a brief interview in which we find out that Kitty is 19 years old, has only been performing in porn for 4 weeks and that she got in to porn through a now ex-boyfriend. Kitty states that she's of Russian and Italian descent but she strongly displays the classic Italian look, more so than a classic Russian one. Kitty is soon joined by Steven French, whom I think the ladies in the audience will like, as he has a lean and rugged, masculine look which I think many women will find appealing.

Kitty begins with easily deep-throating French's cock before getting on to the fucking. French runs Kitty through a number of positions but unfortunately, and despite all attempts by French to get Kitty to loosen up a bit, there is simply no energy or exuberance on her part. By the time French pops a large wet load on Kitty's ass I was more than ready for this scene to be over.

Scene Four: Wow, Audrey is GORGEOUS. That is the first thing that comes to mind when I see her. Much like Kitty in the previous scene, she too has a bit of an Italian look about her, although to me there seems to be some American Indian in her as well. Regardless of her nationality, Audrey is absolutely gorgeous, and I am smitten with her before the action even begins.

Again there is some tease and a brief interview segment which leads straight in to Mr. Pete jumping in and tonguing Audrey's asshole. This leads to teasing the opening of her ass with the head of his cock and then Audrey displays her oral skills which are impressive indeed! Mr. Pete licks her pussy a bit, roughly fingers her then proceeds to roughly pound her pussy with his dick. On a couple of occasions Mr. Pete almost enters Audrey's ass, only to have her direct his probing appendages away from her anal orifice. Some cowgirl fucking and doggy follows with Pete spanking Audrey's ass until her cheeks are bright red and the scene ends with a pop shot on her butt cheek to end an impressive scene.

There was a good bit of chemistry between the performers. Even though I think Mr. Pete looks like a reform school dropout, he is an impressive fucker and it was obvious that he was really into Audrey (DUH!) who, again, is stunningly beautiful. This was a really good scene and I enjoyed it immensely.

Scene Five: We finally get to Fransheliz Vasquez who looks so innocent yet has a devilish smile and look in her eyes. You can just tell that there is a level of naughtiness to her just waiting to be brought out. Fransheliz is 18 and of Puerto Rican/Brazilian heritage and at the time of filming had been doing porn for only a month. She has small, natural boobs and light brown hair and sports several tattoos. It should be noted that even though she is billed as Fransheliz Vasquez, she calls herself "Kat Valentino" in the interview segment of this scene. Despite being of small frame, Fransheliz has a big juicy ass that just begs to be squeezed and fondled.

Following some teasing by Fransheliz James Deen enters the scene and begins with kissing her, sucking her boobs and smacking her face with open handed slaps. I felt this last part was unnecessary and derogatory so early into the scene, as there was no build up to it. We go straight into the fucking as Deen slips his cock into Vasquez as she is still standing. Deen picks up Fransheliz and she bounces up and down on his dick. She then climbs off to stuff his dick in her mouth. Her oral skills, although not horrible, are lacking quite a bit though. Deen then bends her forward on the floor and puts his foot on her head to hold her down (was this really necessary?) as he plays with her ass a bit.

The energy rapidly begins to increase however as more standing fucking follows with Deen repeatedly slapping her ass and face, and her begging him to spank her harder. Fransheliz whimpers in pleasure and begs him not to stop fucking her even as he continues to roughly man-handle her. Deen applies a liberal shot of baby oil over the contours of Fransheliz's ass as she then again sucks his pole. Vasquez climbs up and mounts his rod cowgirl style and rides him as he continues to slap her face and even choke her. Fransheliz as this point seems to be really enjoying herself , as she begs him to "tear that pussy up" with a smile on her face. Deen finally blows his load on Fransheliz's upturned face. She then displays her ass for our benefit to end a scene which in my view is both disturbing and incendiary in its heat.

I have to be honest. This scene left me feeling conflicted about the content. There was an undeniable heat generated between the performers. I can't argue against that. However, there was also a mean spiritedness about it that wasn't on display in Deen's earlier scene with Akira and Bangkok. Deen went straight into the more ugly aspects of dominance without a buildup to it and I don't think early on that Fransheliz was enjoying herself. Without a doubt though, that did change. I will leave it to viewers to make of this scene what you will.

Scene Six: Jayden is back and this time she is joined by big boobed hottie Mason Moore and blonde babe Nikki Sexx for a delightful lesbian romp. The typical tease begins the scene and then we get to see Nikki's panty clad booty soaked with oil. Mason and Jayden rub the oil into Nikki's ass and fuck her with a purple vibe.

There is an undeniable chemistry between the ladies as the ladies continue working each other over with the vibe, their fingers, assorted toys and tongues AND a generous dose of baby oil to round out the movie.

Final Thoughts: Ivan has managed to put together an overall very enjoyable fuck flick which both guys and couples can enjoy. Technically, the movie is well done with good lighting and sound and a great display of the action and the females bodies. Also, there is a variety in the sexual content which adds moderate replay value to this release.
There isn't a lot to offer in terms of extras but that is more than made up for in terms of quality of female performers, as they run the gamut from very cute to stunningly beautiful with a matching level of performer enthusiasm. Overall, I would give Sweet Cheeks #11 a Recommended rating.

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