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Crushing On Draven Star

Studio: Burning Angel Entertainment » Review by Sean DPS » Review Date: 8/26/10

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Crushing on Draven Star
Burning Angel Entertainment

Directed by Joanna Angel
Running Time: 2hrs and 56 minutes

Tech Specs (from the PS3)

Dolby Digital
2 Channel
48 kHz
192 kbps
5.1-7.9 Mbps

Special Features:

Behind the Scenes (32 minutes of great BTS, James singing to the ladies as they are fucking, selling used baby wipes, Draven's sexual history, bloopers, interviews and more) Photo Gallery
Animated Menus
Shot in HD
Trailers (4 trailers)


Draven Star
Joanna Angel
Regan Reese
Bella Vendetta
James Deen
Mick Blue
Kris Slater
Dane Cross
Tony Swan
Brian Street Team

Overall Thoughts:

So after crushing on Kleio, would Joanna be able to make me crush on her newest crush, Draven Starr. This is basically a compilation of scenes to introduce you to her and hopefully make you fall in love with her. I think the only previous experience I have had with Draven, was seeing her in LA Pink and I also got the chance to meet her at the Burning Angel Anniversary Party (where she danced to Cherry Bomb). So I am going into this film, already somewhat of a fan of hers. Draven entitles everything that is amazing about the girls of Burning Angel, the sexy tattoos, the punk hairstyle and clothing, various piercings and just a little attitude thrown in. Which all adds up to sexy. I have to say that once again, like the Kleio movie, I was crushing on Draven pretty early in this movie. So I guess it worked Joanna, damn you and all your sexy lady crushes. So if you have not seen any scenes with Draven, this is a great way to get introduced to a girl your soon going to be a fan of. This movie has some of the great humor that all of Burning Angel films have, some great one liners, Joanna talking about how much money a guy working at a pet store must make, and her Burning Angel Homeless Shelter. Not only is this movie, sexy, but it's also very funny at parts. The audio are video quality both better than average, no real issues here. And speaking of audio, also have to point out the great choice in the music during this film, they really need to release a CD or something, with all the bands that are in their movies. I gotta also say how much I enjoy the BTS on the Burning Angel films, they always look like they have so much fun while they are making a movie. So overall I have to say that this was yet another great release from Burning Angel and I am going to give it our highest rating XCRITIC PICK, I highly enjoyed this movie and I am sure you will too. Joanna all I can say is that I look forward to seeing who your next crush is on.

Scene One: Draven Star, Joanna Angel, and James Deen

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Draven is washing the dishes, and her loser boyfriend comes in and asks for dinner and just goes off on her. He gets so mad at her that he slaps her tattoos. She has had enough and she is taking her tattoos and leaves. She makes it to the Burning Angel Homeless Shelter, where Joanna shows up and comments on the cute boys waiting outside. She talks to Draven and tells her that there are people who will love her tattoos. So she tells the guys to cum on her tattoo. So one after one they cum on her tattoos, while Joanna begins to play with Draven's pussy. After the guys are done, Joanna licks off the cum and then takes her away and begins to show her how to change her ways. They see a guy, a James Deen wanna be and she says that she can get him to cum on her tattoo and lick her pussy. She begins kissing him, while slowly pulling down her pantues. Draven sees this and begins to play with herself, as the other two get it on. James plays with Joanna's pussy, before he is face deep in her ass. He slaps her ass, and pushes her down so that she can kiss Draven. James quickly pulls his pants down and immediately begins fucking her pussy. He eventually bends her over for some doggy, while Draven continues to play with herself. Joanna works some more oral on James, while Draven plays with Joanna's pussy. But James leans Joanna up against a fence and continues to fuck away until Joanna cums and then James sticks it in her ass for some anal action. Hopefully they will let Draven join in their fun at some point in time. Some more oral from Joanna is followed by some more anal in the "Belladonna pose". Draven pulls her top down while she continues to play with herself. And then as James is about to cum, she tells her to cum all over her tattoos. And you get to see Draven's awesome back tattoo of angel wings which is pretty awesome.

Scene Two: Draven Star and Mick Blue

After they get done with James, Joanna tells Draven that she needs to work on getting a job, so she sets up an interview with Mick Blue, a fashion designer. Joanna has high hopes for her, but Mick quickly puts her in her spot. After a bad start to the interview, she finally comes out and just tells him that she wants him to cum on her tattoo. And all of a sudden, things seem better with Mick. He dresses her up and begins to kiss her tattoos, before finally he goes for her tits, which are pierced. He admires her back tattoos and then admires her tits some more. She takes off her dress and he takes off her panties and begins to lick her pussy. He then pulls out his cock and begins to fuck her on the table. He lifts her up and she then goes for a ride while he sits on the chair. He then bends her over and fuck her from behind while she begs for him to fuck her. He continues to work on her, and takes a few breaks to play with her pussy and ass some more with his mouth, but he is back to fucking her pretty quick. The chemistry between these two is amazing and they really bring out the heat between the two of them. She takes a break and works some oral on his cock until she climbs on top for some reverse cowgirl action. And like the previous scene, she begs for him to cum on her tattoo (a lot), and guess what, he finally cums on her tattoos on the back of her legs.

Scene Three: Draven Star and Brian Street Team

Draven is changing the light bulb and Brian, rocking the blonde hair, walks in and asks what she is doing. He points out that there is no light up there, and she says she is just doing it to show off her ass to him. She pushes his face into her ass and begins to play with her pussy until he decides that he just wants to fuck her now. She takes off her dress and he begins to take his clothes off, but he is soon fingering her pussy. He finally gets his pants off and begins to fuck her amazing pussy, as he calls it. She takes a quick break to give him a blowjob, which leads to her bent over on the couch, taking some more doggy style fucking from Brian. He tells her to beg for him to slap her ass, she does and he gives her a few nice slaps across the ass. She climbs on top for some cowgirl action. She follows that up with some more oral and then they move to the floor for some missionary on the rug before they move to some higher ground. She comments on his nice cock and continues to jerk him off, while playing with her pussy, until she begs for him to cum on her tits, and he does.

Scene Four: Draven Star and James Deen

It's POV time folks with James. We get an interview where she tells her history with Burning Angel, all while teasing/distracting him by showing off her pussy. He starts fingering her pussy until she walks away to a couch and begins to show off her body some more. And then she says the magic phrase, "Are you going to stand here all day and talk or are you going to fuck me". She bends over on the couch and shows off her ass while playing with her pussy. She tells him to fuck her, and soon enough, his penis is inside her pussy. They start out with some doggy style. She stands up and walks up the stairs, begins to tease him some more and then falls to her knees and works on his cock. She makes her way up the stairs some more, bends over and shows off her ass, and then makes her way into the bedroom, where she begins to play with her pussy until he fucks her. James ends up on the floor, and she ends ups on top of cock, riding up and down on his cock. She lays on the bed and starts sucking his dick, while playing with her pussy, and James even helps her out a bit. She wants to get fucked some more, so she bends over and takes some more in her pussy. At this point she is starting to get sweaty, so her shirt comes off and she is only wearing some black knee high socks. James continues to fuck her until he cums on her chest.

Scene Five: Draven Star and Regan Reese

Regan is playing on the computer, while playing with herself a bit. She finds a Harley for sale and she begins to get turned on by it. So she is off to get both the girl and the bike. She tries to flirt a bit with Draven, but she doesn't seem to catch on at first. So she pushes her up against the boxes and begins to play with her pussy. For those who are fans of the color pink, this scene is for you to start, most of the girls' clothing has some pink in it. Anyways, enough with the fashion report, let's get back to the scene. Regan is face deep in her pussy, until she moves Draven over to the bike and has her sit on her face. Draven takes over and leans her up against the fence and helps her get her clothes off, and then she begins to play with her pussy with her mouth and tongue. She bends her over and stuffs her face in her ass, and continues to please her. She finger bangs her for awhile until Regan decides to take charge once again and she puts Draven on top of some boxes and continues to lick her pussy. They make their way back to the bike, and Regan bends over and takes some more finger banging from Draven. The scene ends with the girls kissing and finalizing the deal the for the bike.

Scene Six: Draven Star, Bella Vendetta and James Deen

It seems that Draven and James are having some troubles, but they soon realize that their troubles will go away with sex. James plays with her pussy and Draven opens his pants, and gets things going with a blowjob. They lay on the couch and he begins to fuck her in the spoon position. They are interrupted by a knock at the door, there is a brief discussion about the number of followers he has. Bella is at the front door with her plant, and she doesn't seem to be wearing any pants. We found out that she is a nudist and works at an organic farm. Draven seems a little freaked out, and heads downstairs. Bella smells James crotch and says he has some great sexual smells coming from him. So she opens his pants and uses this an opportunity to get to know him more. Draven makes her way to her bedroom and begins to finish what they had started earlier, by playing with herself on her bed. Bella begins to admire and swallow James's cock, but James bends her over and begins to admire her ass, before he puts his cock in her pussy. Back to Draven, who is still flying solo, while the other two are working some doggy style on the couch. She tells James that before she can orgasm she must worship the sun, so I guess that somehow leads to her on top of him riding him. She leaves to go ask the sun for permission, she finds Draven in her room and ends up helping Draven with her problem. She plays with Draven's tits before the ladies take of all of their clothes. She makes her way down to Draven's pussy. We find James having issues with a pen, trying to get it to work, before we head back to the ladies, Draven is using her tongue and fingers on Bella's pussy. James finds the ladies and fools Bella into thinking that the sun wants her to fuck James. What a clever guy. So the girls open his pants and begin to take turns sucking his cock. Finally Bella gets what she wants, James fucks her on the bed, but then Draven gets her turn with James. He continues to work on both ladies, in various positions, some doggy, and cowgirl until he cums all over Draven's stomach. They seem to have found their new roommate and they are all happy.

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