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Me And My Girlfriends

Studio: Digital Sin » Review by Crazy Slutty » Review Date: 8/27/10

XCritic's Advice: Skip It

Me and my Girlfriends

OK, so apparently this is a Lux Kassidy movie, because she's in every single scene. But nowhere does it say so on the cover. So... there ya go.


Renna Ryann and Lux are washing a car in bikinis. Renna says that she has chores to do for her boss in exchange for "living here." They both think it's not too bad of a deal, and of course they immediately start soaping each other up with bad dialogue.

Oh, tee hee, you got soap on me! *giggle* Blah.

This scene heavily features soap and stripping but THEN... the soap is magically gone. And now they're inside making out. They actually are kissing and not "porn kissing".

HOT. More of this yes yes.

Props for the acrobatic double dildo, but the fake sort of clit licking that precedes it gets a thumbs down for me. She's really not doing anything and I SHOULD KNOW. I can make a girl cum, and that's not how you do it.

They switch, with Lux kind of off the couch and on the floor while Renna fucks her with a glass dildo. Then Lux uses a bedazzled vibrator. Renna is pretty bad at dirty talking and looking like she's actually enjoying things. She just seems pretty fake with all that. But then they go back to kissing, and All. Is. Forgiven.


Lux and Alyssa Reece are just hangin' on the fake beach admiring each other's bikinis. Lux insists that tanning your ass is important, so Alyssa gets on all fours for the baby oil treatment...

If there's one thing I always say, it's "make that face" while pouring oil on a hot chick.

Moments later they're indoors and have forgotten all about the beach. Again, there's some decent kissing, and they strip down on a bed.

This movie is just toying with me! I don't know how to feel!

-- sponsored by --

Alyssa licks Lux for a while, and then whines her way through Lux licking her, first on her clit then on her ass. She uses a tiny vibrator in Alyssa's ass briefly, and then they use a glass dildo in her pussy. The scene just kind of ends.


Lux and Lexi Stone are... working out? They spot each other while lifting weights, and then they use the ever sexy thigh workout machine. I'm surprised this hasn't come up in another porn I've reviewed thus far.

NEWS FLASH TO DUDES: These machines are NOT HOT. AT ALL.

No, seriously.


...not hot!

Oh snap, they have a battery powered Magic Wand-type thing.

Lexi has some pretty big titties. When Lux licks her, I actually start to believe Lexi is getting some enjoyment out of this. They switch and then 69 for a while. The double ended dildo makes a triumphant return in this scene as well. OK, not so triumphant... the fucking with it is not so great. The bedazzler dildo comes back too, and again, they kiss and it's over.

Lexi has beautiful tits here, which is amazing considering she was in "Sex in my P.J.s 2" (which I reviewed here) And they were... well...

Gah, why did I have to look at these screencaps again?!

Perhaps she got them fixed.


Lux and Chastity roller skate and talk, but I'm not listening because it sounds boring.

Blah blah blah nice socks.

I enjoy their matching outfits - right down to the knee high socks. And DAMN they leave the socks on for the sex. YES I APPROVE OF THIS.

...blah blah blah nice socks.

Oh damn, Chastity is not a fan of shaving so much. It's a little more bush than I'm comfortable with.

The glass dildo is back, and it's... OK. Pink double ended dildo comes back for Mission Impossible 3, and is quickly discarded in favor of a NEW golden vibrator. And then it's over.


Lux and Capri Anderson are making a cherry pie while wearing aprons. Heh. Cherries. Get it?

Cooking is hard, let's make out!

Damn it, now I want pie...

They start kissing and talking. They should just shut up and make out, seriously. The talking is just... bleh.

Capri has a genuine shaved pussy. Hooray. There's another different toy, a lavender dildo... but apparently Lux doesn't know how dildos work, because twisting it like she's trying to crank up an old-timey car? Weird.

If any of this movie were half as hot as this screencap,
we'd be in serious business.

Then they 69 on the floury counter, and Lux fingers her, and that's it.


Photo gallery
Web trailer

Oh, and a bonus scene, which includes this:

Oh hi, I didn't see you there.
Your ENTIRE FACE was blocking my field of view.

Not sure who's in the bonus scene or where it's from. Some chick is talking to a therapist about how her girlfriend is upset she's too horny or something (with "arty" direction), and then she's in a bathroom saving her pussy and then she has sex with some other girl with lots of bad acting.


The good: Lux is a cutie, which is good since she's in every scene. The kissing, when it's present, is pretty hot and not fake porn kissing. The chicks are (mostly) pretty hot.

The bad: The kissing never goes on long enough, and the pussy licking and dildo fucking are very much of the fake porn variety. The sound is all over the place (when the camera is right by the girls it's way too loud, when it's two feet away you can barely hear anything).

Final Grade: D

If the sex and oral here was half as real as the kissing it would be truly wonderful, although even during the short bouts of real, actual making out there's a lack of... passion. There's no enthusiasm, really.

Put two hot girls together who are actually really into each other and horny, kissing like they want to devour each other, and them making out is one of the hottest things ever. I could watch an entire movie of nothing but that, and it would be better than 98% of all porn out there.

Somebody out there pay me to make that movie! Why aren't I a porn CEO?

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