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Naughty Book Worms Vol. 19

Studio: Naughty America » Review by Sean DPS » Review Date: 8/28/10

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Naughty Bookworms 19
Naughty America

Running Time: 2hrs and 17 minutes

Technical Specs (from PS3)

Linear PCM
2 Channel
48 kHz
1.5 Mbps
3.5-4.2 Mbps

Special Features:

Scene Selection
Photo Gallery


Jenna Haze
Nicole Ray
Rachel Roxxx
Amy Brooke
Jaeyln Fox

Overall Thoughts:

So this is the newest compilation DVD of the Naughty America series, Naughty Bookworms. I chose to review this DVD for the simple fact that I am huge fan of most of the ladies, Jaeyln Fox being the only girl I am not familiar with. This just proves that if real life was like porn, there would be a ton of people who want to be teachers. I guess these DVDs are for those of us who are not members of the web page, which makes sense, but it would be cool, if you could custom build a DVD with your favorite scenes. But if that was the case, you might as well just join the site. I have to say that the video quality is ok, it only shows up as a square on my TV, so there is a lot of unused space, which is not good in my opinion. No real issues with the audio quality, some minor issues with volume control when the camera moves in close. The special features are very little and I suppose when your making scenes for a website, you aren't too concerned about BTS. But there is some good and bad in this movie, but for me the good out weigh the bad, when 4 out of the 5 girls are some of your personal favorites, and while watching these scenes you can see why. So I am going to give this a RECOMMENDED rating.

Scene One: Rachel Roxx and Talon (23 minutes)

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Rachel is having a hard time finishing her test, and the teacher wants to leave. They both find out that they are both going to the concert of the year. He says that maybe he can forget about the test, and he starts to let her know how much he likes her. He slowly begins to take off her clothes, while fondling her breasts. She goes down and her knees and he has his cock waiting for her. She moves to his desk, and he slides her panties to the side and begins to play with her pussy. Her panties eventually come off and she bends over on the desk and they start fucking doggy style. I wonder if we are going to get some anal action in this scene. They seem to be beating the hell out of the desk during this scene. Next they end up on top of the desk and he fucks her from above, while she shows off her ass to the camera. They move to some reverse cowgirl on the desk, until she swivels around for some cowgirl. She teases his cock by slightly bouncing on it, but they quickly change positions and she is on her back, laying on the desk. I have a feeling I am going to be seeing a lot of sex on and around a desk tonight. The scene ends with him cumming on her face and mouth. She wants to go the concert now.

Scene Two: Jenna Haze and Michael Stefano (30 minutes)

Jenna is trying to do better in class and she wants to get some extra credit. He wants her to come back later, after her plans so they can work on her extra credit. She keeps talking and talking, he tells her to shut up and he leads her hands to his crotch. She doesn't seem into it at first, but she can't pass up a better grade. They begin to kiss and fondle each other, and before you know it, Jenna is working her amazing oral skills on him. Jenna is worried someone might catch them, but her top comes off anyway. He takes off her skirt and panties and begins to fuck her from behind. Slowly at first, but she quickly opens up for him. He fucks her with just the top of penis at first and then Jenna begins to swivel her hips while he fucks her. We get some more doggy in the Belladonna pose, as she screams for him to fill her pussy. She flips over on the desk for some oral by Stefano followed by good ole fashioned missionary. She really seems to be wet as he keeps slipping out of her a bit. She tries to lend a helping hand and even wraps her legs around him while he is fucking her, very hot. Some more oral by Jenna, is followed by some reverse cowgirl on the desk. She doesn't think they would appreciate them fucking on school property. He shows off her pussy to the camera before the fucking continues. She uses her feet a bit to play with his cock, for you foot people out there. She flips around for some cowgirl, and we get some nice close-ups of her amazing ass. They end up on the desk once again for some spoon action and it continues until he pulls out and cums in her mouth. She licks him off and says that she is passing now.

Scene Three: Amy Brooke and John Strong (37 minutes)

A student hands in his test and the teacher tells him that he has failed. He wonders if there is anything he can do, but he tells him to leave his classroom. He sends out a text, and we find out that he plans to send his girlfriend in to change his mind. She leans up against the chalkboard and shows him his ass (very hot indeed), and says that her boyfriend really needs to pass this class. So her ass is there to pass him. The teacher stuffs his face into her ass and plays with her pussy. She tells him to sit down and she uses this as a chance to open his pants and get things going with a blowjob. What a girlfriend, always looking out for her man. She throws some books off the desk and he begins to fuck her with short thrusts. She offers up her ass to him and he wastes little time taking advantage of it. She continues to take it in her ass, while she is on her back on the desk. He ends up knocking the rest of the stuff off the desk, he lays down and she climbs aboard and goes for a ride, still in her ass. She asks if her boyfriend is going to get a B, I think he would have gotten an A long time ago. She flips around, while he is still inside her and continues to ride on him in some reverse cowgirl. For you fans of anal, this scene is for you, pretty much all of the sex is anal, so your welcome. The anal fucking continues in some spoon action, but then she leans up against the desk, shows off her ass, and he is once again fucking her ass. He takes a small break to give her ass a few slaps before he is back to drilling her. The scene ends as he cums on her face and in her mouth. And she gets what she wanted, he gets an A

Scene Four: Nicole Ray and Otto Bauer (23 minutes)

Nicole trys to check on an essay, and her teacher catches her. She tries to act like she wasn't trying to cheat. But he doesn't believe it for a second. He reminds her about her scholarship, and uses this as an chance to take advantage of her. She takes a little to get going, but once he opens his pants, she seems pretty into it. She takes off her top and he teases her with his cock, until it's inside her mouth. She does a really good job playing the sweet innocent girl, but she quickly changes into the dirty little girl, as she continues to work on his cock and even gives his balls some attention. He tells her to stand up and show off her ass to him, she does, but she is soon on the desk and he is face first in her pussy, with his tongue and fingers. He puts his cock inside her and begins to fuck her as she is laying on the desk. She screams with enjoyment as he continues to fuck her. She bends over the desk and after he licks her pussy, he decides to stick his cock inside it. She continues to purr with delight as she climbs on top of him and goes for a ride. You also have to give her credit for keeping the nerd glasses on the whole time, way to stay in character. She flips around and continues to ride him and screams even more for him to fuck her pussy. The scene ends with him cumming on her face. She asks if she gets her A and he says yes.

Scene Five: Jaeyln Fox and Billy Glide (24 minutes)

Her teacher comes in and asks how her grades are going. He seems to know what she does to get her grades. He wants to let her know that she can get a A, if she puts out. He says that they can start with a C, which is a blowjob and go from there. She comments on the size of his cock and is soon enough working to get that C. She seems to be pretty good at getting Cs. He takes off her top and she keeps thinking someone might come in, but he assures her that school is over. He finally takes control and as she is bent over the desk, plays with her pussy and licks her ass too. She seems to enjoy this and I am sure she will be doing this a lot more if this is how she can get a better grade. He finger bangs her until she can't take it, and then decides to put his cock inside her instead. He fucks her hard and she has a hard time keeping her breath. She ends up on top of him, bouncing up and down on him, as he sits in the chair. Wait a minute, where is the desk? We cut to a shot of some lube on the floor as she continues to ride him. Next they head over to the school desk, and she leans on it as he fucks her from behind. He keeps pounding away on her until he pulls out and cums on her face and mouth. She realizes that getting A's is so much better.

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