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Pole Position Vol. 10

Studio: Mercenary Pictures » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 8/30/10

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Pole Position 10: Best of Blondes

Mercenary Pictures

Genre: Compilation, Interracial, POV

Director: Lexington Steele

Cast: Jane Darling, Lexington Steele, Barbara Summers, Missy Monroe, Annika Christ, Flower Tucci, Nikki Hunter, Sara Vandella/Sara Sloane, Trina Michaels, Sara Jay, Lauren Phoenix

Length: 182:29 minutes (41:44 + 18:13 + 15:17 + 20:02 + 18:45 + 15:46 + 52:42; weird DVD mastering breaking it into sections like this)

Date of Production: 4/23/2010

Extras: There was a photogallery, cumshot recap, spam, and some trailers along with a DVD slip cover.

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Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Pole Position 10 was presented in a combination of 1.33:1 ratio full frame and widescreen (occasionally anamorphic widescreen in 1.78:1 ratio) as shot by director Lexington Steele for Mercenary Pictures in the MPEG-2 codec. The lighting was decent, eliminating the grain and video noise of some of the older works from the company. The composition of the shots was decent and tended to enhance the look of the ladies most of the time; the assorted directors generally following a standard set by the company to insure some visual consistency while using the point of view (POV) camera angle in abundance. There were a few bits here and there that needed polishing up but it was pretty well done overall. There were few compression artifacts and any edge enhancement wasn't noticed when I watched the flick; probably thanks in part to the lighting (but the bitrate hovering around the 4.0 Mbps range or lower did not help much). The audio was presented in 2.0 Dolby Digital English (using a 192 Kbps bitrate) with no separation between the channels and kind of limited music added in after the fact. The vocals were also a bit unbalanced as there were times when you couldn't hear them well at all and other times when they were crisp, the individual scenes relying on their individual production qualities once again.

Body of Review: Lexington Steele and Mercenary Pictures have been popular with fans of interracial flicks for several years now, most of my experiences with them coming around award show deadlines when they are far more likely to send out screeners. The latest batch (it's been about a year) included Pole Position 10: Best of Blondes, a selection of ten scenes from previous volumes in the POV (point of view) series. My first inclination was to complain about the box cover lacking anything spelling out that there were no new scenes but the implication of any title saying "best of" was enough to keep me happy this once. All of the ladies had light colored hair and wore sexy lingerie, some of them truly inspirational for fans of interracial antics with Lex himself. The company press release described the movie like this: "Mercenary Pictures' celebrated POV series, "Pole Position: Lex POV" marks its 10th volume by showcasing the finest of adult's fair-haired talent. "Pole Position 10: Lex POV" -- in stores now -- stars Jane Darling, Annika, Lauren Phoenix, Nikki Hunter, Trina Michaels, Barbara Summers, Missy Monroe, Sara Jay, Sara Vandella and Flower Tucci in an all blonde and all interracial edition of the series, with every one of the female performers taking a massive blast at the end of every scene. The title is shot from the point of view of Mercenary Pictures owner, three time AVN Male Performer of the Year and Hall of Famer Lexington Steele. "The 'Pole Position' series is a favorite of the critics and fans alike and since I've started producing it, the caliber of its female performers has always been outstanding," Steele said. "This is a volume the fans at home will not want to miss and will want to add to their collections for the assemblage of talent in this movie." Steele added that shooting a title from his point of view required enlisting the top ladies in the industry. "While most POV titles are meant to be shot from the perspective of the everyman, there is no mistaking that I'm in these scenes and I'm giving the viewer a chance to see what it's like to be me," he added. "Likewise, the women in these movies have to be able to keep up and take what I'm putting out."" Here's a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:

Scene One: : Jane Darling, Lexington Steele: Jane, the former Private Pictures contract star, and Lex were next up. Her picture was on the lower right hand side of the front DVD cover and I have to say that it was poorly taken (low lighting) but I know what this gal is capable of and Lex was in for a good ride if her past was any guide to what she planned to do with him. After some smoking and tease footage, she sucked him off a little bit but not nearly enough for my tastes. I figured it was because she wanted to get right to taking him inside her pussy and I figured right as she really got into the action once he did so. Her ass was slapping on his thighs and she took all he had to offer and Lex barely managed to hold his load when she did so. Like the other gals, she did some PTM before the facial but this scene was really solid.

Scene Two: Pole Position 5: Barbara Summers, Lexington Steele: Barbara Summers, the blonde featured on the center of the front DVD cover, was wearing some hot fetish gear and heavy makeup when Lexington Steele told her how much he appreciated her look. She played with her breasts and he praised her as he slowly panned her body with his camera in POV style. Like some of the popular virtual sex shows on the market, there was a menu on the bottom of the screen allowing the viewer to select what kind of action he wanted to go directly to but I watched it in a linear fashion for the purpose of this review. She gracefully started sucking his dick with both hands wrapped around the shaft, using dirty talk when her mouth wasn't full. She licked the length of the shaft but was unable to really inhale it beyond the first several inches. This led to some missionary sex where the over abundance of lube looked kind of nasty as he hammered away at her pussy. They moved to a reverse cowgirl, then doggy, before she took him passively in her ass. That led to the facial that literally coated her face and some post coital sucking; starting off the movie fairly well though not the best work either has done of late.

Scene Three: Pole Position 6: Missy Monroe, Lexington Steele: Missy, a bleach blond with a tremendous amount of enthusiasm in her scenes back in the day, was up next dressed in sexy black attire, her hair closely cropped as Lexington Steele slowly made his way over to her. She was licking an ice pop treat to make her mouth wet, her seductive mannerisms heating up the director as he approached her in POV fashion. Missy teased in her fetish attire and was soon on her knees slobbing his lengthy knob, using both hands to handle his whopper as she pushed her limits to give him a hummer. They boned in several vaginal positions but she wasn't as active as usual, her fluid fallout (squirting) hitting the camera before the titty fuck and final blowjob milked his balls dry of genetic juice which landed all over her face. They then continued briefly with some anal, Missy even more passive as she took his girth insider her ass, a second round hitting her face for those that care, this scene presented in anamorphic widescreen unlike the previous ones.

Scene Four: Pole Position 1: Annika Christ, Lexington Steele: Annika, the blonde on the upper right hand side of the front DVD cover, looked rougher than Angel in many ways as she pranced about in a bikini with a mesh top over it. She too smoked during the introductory material but as much as I hate smokers, I thought her biggest weakness was her look. She's looked better elsewhere and that didn't help me get a chubby watching her but she seemed okay with Lex in her mouth. Lex gave her some of his manly loving in her pussy too with her taking him in most of the way before milking out a scene. She did some PTM but the scene was weaker than most of this type.

Scene Five: Pole Position 9: Flower Tucci, Lexington Steele: Flower Tucci, the popular blond featured on the right side of the front cover, was up last as she provided the perfect capper to a mostly generic set of scenes. She was dressed in black lingerie and this time, it was Flower that reminisced about her first scene because it was with Lexington Steele, his memories seemingly fond of her too. Flower's new haircut made her look different but for me, she is a welcome addition to any scene in any movie, her performing skills among the best in the industry at this writing. She teased him and then blew him, the vaginal screwing leading to anal in short order, a bunch of taste testing happening after she pissed all over the place ("squirting"). Like the other women, she cleaned his nuts orally and serviced him as he saw fit, her anal escapades with him less active but as she put it "that's a lot of cock to handle". Flower tried her best to keep eye contact with him (as the camera), her performances a significantly stronger one than the rest of the crew in my estimation, the scene ending with some post coital sucking after he unleashed his seed all over her face and into her eye. Whew!

Scene Six: Pole Position 2: Nikki Hunter, Lexington Steele: Nikki, a hot looking blonde with large breasts and a winning smile was up next as she teased the camera in a pretty solid fashion herself. She was located on the lower right hand side of the front DVD cover and I thought she looked better here than anywhere I'd seen her before. She blew Lex by the pool before they took the act inside (probably to keep from going to jail). It ended up on the couch and her dirty talk was exceptionally heated as she aggressively coaxed out his large load onto her face. I hope to see more of her in the future since this was a great gal too.

Scene Seven: Pole Position 9: Sara Vandella/Sara Sloane, Lexington Steele: Sarah Vandella, the babe featured on the left side of the cover, was up first as she masturbated on the couch with some "easy access" crotchless panties. She was watching another movie by the company and having a good time, playfully showing off her juicy pussy, my attention turning to her face, tits, and ass at least as much before Lexington Steele replaced her vibrator with his cock in point of view fashion. Sarah aggressively worked his pecker in her mouth, pushing her limits as he gave her verbal cues showing his appreciation. The hummer led to some titty fucking and then vaginal work, Sarah proving she was a better lay than many the director has worked with in the past. Granted though, Sarah was not as some of the size queens out there but despite Lex trying to open her back door, she handled him fairly well even when she had some anal beads inside of her ass. The scene showed her doing taste testing and taking a facial too, the pouty look she displayed when looking up at him enough to elicit some additional genetic juice out of me too.

Scene Eight: Pole Position 2: Trina Michaels, Lexington Steele: Trina, a blonde with an ample sample for a behind and a green bikini to enhance her look, could be found on the middle of the left hand side of the front DVD cover. She seemed a little bit lost compared to the others here but Lex talked her through the motions and she also turned in a fairly decent scene. I liked her titty fucking and the way she pumped her hips hard onto his lap but she lacked the chemistry some of the others had in spades. It wasn't a bad scene but compared to the greats she was up against, this was as close to a filler scene as you'll find on a Mercenary Pictures release.

Scene Nine: Pole Position 6: Sara Jay, Lexington Steele: Sara Jay, a thick gal with a lot of sexual energy, was up next as she caressed her breasts on a couch while Lexington Steele watched her. He joined in to cop a feel and her naughty nighty provided little resistance to speak of. She teased a lot and the two enjoyed some limited verbal banter, Sara bending over the pool table as she continued her seductive ways with her ass in the air. Sara dropped down to blow him passionately before engaging in some equally fun vaginal positions, the gal impaling herself in a lust driven bout of boning that enhanced her standing with me. She took it in the face by the end of the scene, licking at his wad of population pudding as reward for a job well done.

Scene Ten: Pole Position 2: Lauren Phoenix, Lexington Steele: Lauren, a white gal with such a nice ass that I'm amazed how well honed it is every time I see it, was on the upper left hand side of the front DVD cover wearing a blue mesh top and thong. She started her scene using the same formula Lex established in the previous DVD with the usual tease footage and warming up sequence. Lex was the partner here, knowing full well that he'd be getting some primo tail and he sure did. There wasn't much oral but the way she took his cock in her tight pussy made me wince more than once. Watching her ass bob up and down and the way she spoke during the scene made this an awesome scene to behold. She also did some PTM before the inevitable facial. Wow, what a scene!

Summary: Pole Position 10 by director Lexington Steele for Mercenary Pictures was not clearly labeled as a series of scenes already released but it was a decent compilation with few, if any, obvious edits on the scenes. Lexington starred in each of them with a pleasing array of sexually heated ladies, a few of them pushing their individual limits more than I like to see but generally giving solid performances to earn a rating of Recommended or better depending on your tastes. With ladies such as Sara Jay, Nikki Hunter, and Flower Tucci all but daring Lex to plow them as hard as he could, the sparks flew and they earned the right to be considered some of the best blondes he had worked with over the years under his label. In short, Pole Position 10: Best of Blondes would have been better as a double disc set full of unique extras, deleted footage from the vaults, and labeling itself as a compilation but I could not deny the enthusiasm shown by the ladies helping to make this one worth checking into if you haven't seen the scenes previously.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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