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Substitute, The

Studio: Digital Playground » Review by Dr. Jay » Review Date: 9/1/10

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Genre: Feature
Director: Robby D.
Cast: Raven Alexis, Mick Blue, Diamond Foxxx, Christian Clay, Jessica Moore, Tommy Gunn, Manuel Ferrara, Cindy Hope, Madison Parker, Ben English.
Must-See Girls in Cast: None.
Length: 01:37
Condoms: None.
Bonus: One bonus point for condom-free sex.


 The Substitute is a five-scene feature directed by Robby D. and starring Digital Playground contract girl Raven Alexis. The plot revolves around the plight of Ben English, who plays the headmaster of an exclusive prep school that specializes in educating wealthy foreign students.

Ben has several major problems. First, his student body is not living up to its potential...in fact, most of the seniors are failing. Ben is worried that the Board of Directors is going to shut down his school if the class doesn't pull through. In addition to that overarching problem, Ben has personnel problems, too. In fact, the Sex Education teacher has disappeared...with just a short time remaining until final exams. And, Ben faces the perennial problems of female students (Cindy Hope and Madison Parker) who spend more time stoking their cat fights than studying.

Ben takes a huge gamble when he hires Raven Alexis to be a substitute teacher for the Sex Ed class. You see, Ms. Alexis has a checkered past...suffice it to say that her lessons are just a bit too hands-on for high school students. But, Ben is convinced that Alexis is just what his seniors need to get them ready for their exams.

During her first day on the job, Raven meets with her class and asks her students to write down their biggest problem on a sheet of paper and then hand it in. Students reveal their deepest anxieties to Ms. Alexis...most of which are related to sexual inadequacies or tensions. Of course, being a hands-on sort of teacher, Raven helps each student overcome his or her fears and, as a result, lowers their anxieties so that they can succeed on their final exams. All's well that ends well!

Ben also overcomes the girls' interpersonal problems...by fucking the shit out of them in a raucous threeway.

When I popped The Substitute into my DVD drive, I had great expectations. After all, this was to be my first look at Raven Alexis in action! Sadly, The Substitute did not live up to my hopes.

The first problem relates to the plausibility of the plot. Robby D., first in Teachers and now in The Substitute, seems to be enamored with high school sex. That's OK. But, his high-school plots too often revolve around teachers fucking their students. One look at the news today will tell you that such things simply must not happen. If a real headmaster/principal were to take the risk of hiring a known pedophile, like Raven Alexis plays in this movie, that principal would spend a great deal of time in prison. Second, stories of the punishments befalling teachers who have sex with their students (like Diamond Foxxx, Tommy Gunn, and Raven Alexis do in The Substitute) make headlines. (Here are two suggestions to Robby D.: 1) set your teacher/student stories in college, where everybody is a consenting adult; and 2) have the high school kids fuck each other...leave the teachers out of it!)

The movie's plausibility is further decreased by the ages of the cast members. Only four of the cast members are of a reasonable vis-a-vis their parts (note: data from iafd.com): Diamond Foxxx (38), Tommy Gunn (43), and Ben English (46) are of the appropriate age to play teachers; Madison Parker (21) is almost the right age to play an 18-year-old high-school student. On the other hand, Raven Alexis, at 23, is a bit young to play an experienced teacher. And, the rest of the "high school" kids are way too old: Mick Blue (34), Jessica Moore (25), Cindy Hope (25), Manuel Ferrara (35). Frankly, even though Manuel Ferrara is probably my favorite current male performer, he looks closer to 40 than to 18! (Suggestion to Robby: Cast people of the right age for their parts!)

The sex in The Substitute falls short. To me, there's one overarching rule for sex scenes: Everybody must cum! In this movie, which lasts over an hour and a half, all the guys cum (no news there!). But, only Raven Alexis climaxes. None of the other girls have orgasms! What selfishness on the part of the guys! What a pity.

On the other hand, the acting in The Substitute is quite good. Raven Alexis and Ben English, in particular, do very credible jobs playing their roles. Even the "foreign" kids, who are played by non-native-English speakers, provide believable performances. And, as always In Digital Playground releases, the production values (locations, sets, props, wardrobe, make-up) are much better than the average adult movie. The video and audio quality are both top-notch, too. But, we don't buy porn just for acting and production values. The sex needs to rock...otherwise, there are better ways to spend an hour and a half!

I seldom say this about a movie...and even less often about a Digital Playground release: Rent it. Only the two scenes featuring Raven Alexis (especially her scene with Manuel Ferrara) are really worth watching.

Check out some photos of the girls in The Substitute here. Pay particular attention to the photos of Cindy Hope and Madison Parker! Enjoy!


Note to readers: My reviews are provided in two parts. This web page provides you with an overview of the scene's setup and action as well as my ratings for sex, video, audio, and production values. A separate Word document checklist details the foreplay activities, positions, pops, and features of each scene...as well as the calculation of each scene's ratings. The checklist for The Substitute can be downloaded here. You'll need a password. It's drjay2010.

Look for scenes and movies with a 4.5 or higher (A) sex rating and at least 4.0 (B) in video, audio, and production values. Those are my favorite scenes and I'm quite certain that you'll like them, too.

Scene 1

Scene Type: Boy/girl.
Performers: Raven Alexis, Mick Blue

Scene Set-up/Plot/Scenario: After Raven takes over the Sex Ed class, she has the students introduce themselves and tells them a little about herself...and her willingness to help them with their sexual problems. Then, she asks the students to take out a piece of paper and write down a problem for which they need advice. Raven collects the questions and promises to help each one individually while the others study for their final exams. The first student she counsels is Christian Clay, who wants to fuck his female math teacher (Diamond Foxxx). She whispers some advice into Christian's ear and then, just as the bell rings, calls Mick Blue to her desk. Once his classmates have left the classroom, Mick opens up to Raven and confesses that he's a virgin (imagine that!) and that his cock is uncircumcised. Raven finds his virginity a "turn on," inflames his lust with torrents of suggestive commentary, helps him understand that his uncut cock is definitely a plus, and then orders him to "Show me, Mick. Let me help you! Let me be the first one to feel it in my pussy!" Mick self-consciously pulls down his pants and, within seconds, Raven has his fully-erect cock deep inside her insatiable mouth and down her capacious throat. She also does a nice job of making stringers, sucking his balls, and stroking his rod with her hands while he, in turn, tugs on her flowing brunette hair. After a brief intermission for kissing and caressing, Mick attacks her fine tits with his greedy mouth, rips a hole in her pantyhose, tugs aside her panties, and then gorges himself on her tasty vagina. Mick does a very nice job of cunnilingus. In fact, Raven likes it so much that she grinds her cunt against his face...and makes herself cum! While Raven's orgasm subsides, Mick takes another opportunity to suckle her erect nipples. Then, he plunges his cock into her pussy, as she sits atop the teacher's desk, and reams her at redline speed. Meanwhile, Raven pants ecstatically and strokes her own clit as her pleasure ramps up to her second orgasm of the scene. In due course, Mick rolls Raven over into doggie and continues to ream her pussy while she straddles her desk. And, he increases her pleasure by squeezing her gorgeous breasts, by pulling her hair, and by spanking her meaty ass cheeks. After taking a break for some ravenous pussy-to-mouth, Raven mounts and fucks Mick in reverse cowgirl followed by cowgirl (nice close-ups). Meanwhile, Mick lies atop the teacher's desk, sharply spanks Raven's butt, and, in general, enjoys her high-energy moves. To end the scene, Raven drops to her knees, tilts her head way back, and opens her mouth wide so that Mick can pump his load onto her pierced tongue and into her mouth. After his spasms recede, she sucks and milks him dry and then swallows his semen.

Foreplay: Mutual stripping, kissing, body licking, tit sucking, caressing/groping, hair pulling, handjob, fellatio, deep-throat, stringers, balls gobbling, cunnilingus.
Vaginal Positions: Missionary, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, standing doggie.
Anal Positions: None.
Girl cums: Repeatedly.
Pop: Open mouth; she swallows.

Sex rating: 4.55
Video rating: 4.50
Audio rating: 4.50
Production values rating: 4.50

What I Liked Most:

  • Raven Alexis is very attractive. Such eye candy! She is also a very competent actress and plays her role quite well.
  • The plot development leading up to the scene is very well done. The classroom location is quite appropriate and the performers do a nice job playing their foreign student roles...perhaps because they are all Europeans!
  • I love Raven's use of naughty language...to inflame Mick's lust before she ravishes him!
  • Mick does a very nice job eating Raven's pussy...he even makes her cum with his mouth. It's hard to imagine him being a "virgin!"
  • Raven's fellatio technique...during foreplay and pussy-to-mouth...is quite appealing.
  • Raven shows off her high-energy fucking moves when she mounts and rides Mick in reverse cowgirl followed by cowgirl.
  • Raven swallows Mick's semen after he gives her an open-mouth facial.

What Could Have Been Better:

  • There is no anal pleasure whatsoever. At the very least there should have been a bit of rimming.
  • There are missing transitions between sexual positions.

What I Didn't Like:

  • Raven is too young (23) to play a high-school teacher while Mick Blue is too old (34) to play a high-school student.

Scene 2

Scene Type: Boy/girl

-- sponsored by --

Performers: Diamond Foxxx, Christian Clay.

Scene Set-up/Plot/Scenario: Acting on the advice Raven whispered into his ear, Christian decides to confront his math teacher, the oh-so-voluptuous Diamond Foxxx, and confess his love for her. He sneaks into Diamond's classroom and watches intently as she writes equations on the board. After a bit, Diamond senses Christian's presence, turns, welcomes him, and begins to talk with him about his grades. However, Diamond's words fall on deaf ears as Christian's entire being is consumed by her deep and glorious cleavage (I can't say that I blame him!). After Diamond asks what might be distracting him from his studies, Christian confesses, "it's you!" In particular, he can't stop thinking about the "cup size of your bra!" Diamond feigns outrage and protests a bit too much. But, she doesn't flinch when Christian grabs her, forces her to her knees, and shoves his raging hard-on into her complaint mouth. If fact, she even deep-throats him and licks and strokes his shaft while he fondles her fine boobs (her erect nipples are beautiful) and pulls on her long blond hair. As foreplay unfolds, Diamond wraps her huge tits around Christian's pistoning dick as he fucks them joyously. Then, Christian hungrily eats and multiple-finger-fucks her pretty pussy while she lays on her back in mish and while straddling her desk in doggie. Once Christian is satisfied that Diamond's pussy is slippery and ready to fuck, he slides his dick inside and pounds her fast and deep in doggie while her cunt liberally coats his rod with girl juice. After a brief respite for both cunnilingus and pussy-to-mouth and more titty fucking, they move on to missionary that's accompanied by some fervent foot/leg worship. Then, Diamond mounts and fucks Christian in reverse cowgirl (damn, her body looks outstanding!). As the scene continues, Christian gets to plow Diamond's cunt using very high energy moves in cowgirl, kneeling doggie, and spoon. The scene ends before Diamond gets to climax. As she kneels at his feet, Christian jacks himself off onto her face and into her mouth. She sucks and milks him dry. But, sadly, she commits one of the biggest sins in my book: she spits out his semen. Pity.

Foreplay: Mutual stripping, tit squeezing and fucking, hair pulling, handjob, fellatio, deep-throat, cunnilingus, finger-fucking, two-finger-fucking.
Vaginal Positions: Missionary, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, kneeling doggie, standing doggie, spoon.
Anal Positions: None.
Girl cums: No.
Pop: Open mouth; she spits.

Sex rating: 2.90
Video rating: 5.00
Audio rating: 4.50
Production values rating: 3.90

What I Liked Most:

  • I love Diamond Foxxx's body. I'm not much of a MILF lover, but 38-year-old Diamond is a real gem!
  • Diamond's firm and erect nipples are breathtaking!
  • Christian goes down on Diamond's pussy to eat it on several occasions, including during foreplay and between sexual positions.
  • Christian truly appreciates Diamond's awesome tits and fucks them on several occasions. Of course, he squeezes and fondles them, too!
  • Christian worships Diamond's feet, toes, and legs by suckling and licking them while he reams her pussy with his cock.
  • I really enjoyed watching Diamond's fine body thrust up and down as she fucks Christian in reverse cowgirl using hot and enthusiastic moves.
  • Diamond truly worships Christian's cock...especially during pussy-to-mouth. Wow!
  • The close-ups of the in-and-out action are tight and mesmerizing.

What Could Have Been Better:

  • Diamond did not climax during the scene.
  • There is no anal pleasure whatsoever. At the very least there should have been a bit of rimming.
  • There are missing transitions between sexual positions.

What I Didn't Like:

  • Christian Clay is too old to play a high-school student.
  • Diamond spit out Christian's semen at the end of the scene. This is very disrespectful, ladies.

Scene 3

Scene Type: Boy/girl
Performers: Jessica Moore, Tommy Gunn.

Scene Set-up/Plot/Scenario: During class the next day, lovely Jessica Moore tells Raven all about her fetish: she loses all control when she smells cocks, especially if the guy who owns the cock has been sweating while working out. Jessica doesn't want guys to think she's weird. So, Raven whispers some advice into her ear. Then, it's time for best friends/enemies Cindy Hope and Madison Parker to get some advice. Raven tells the girls, who give headmaster Ben English a boat-load of trouble because they're always fighting over boys, that "Best friends have to stick together...no matter what or who they like. Being a best friend is about sharing. And, remember, 'sharing is caring.'" The girls consider Raven's advice, look knowingly into each other's eyes, embrace happily, and then start to make out in front of the class while their classmates watch in wonder. Whew! After the bell rings, Jessica hurries out the door and straight to the boys locker room where coach Tommy Gunn is taking a shower. After Jessica sneaks into the locker room, she makes a beeline to an open locker, grabs a dirty jock strap, and deeply inhales its smell. She then goes from locker to locker, grabs handfuls of underwear, and indulges her fetish while fondling her superb tits and stripping off her clothes. She even dons a jock strap and wears it while masturbating! Soon, however, towel-clad coach Tommy returns, dripping wet, from the shower. He spies Jessica and chastises her for being in the boys locker room. She gets delightful flustered and can't remember a word of English! But, she doesn't forget how to squeeze her tits to show them off to Tommy. Tommy suggests that she go immediately...after all, what she's done is an offense worthy of expulsion. But, delightfully aggressive Jessica, emboldened by Raven Alexis' words of advice, won't hear of it. Instead, she boldly approaches Tommy, playfully blows on his whistle, embraces him, takes off his towel, strips herself naked, and shows off her fine body. Within seconds, she's on her knees giving his dick the blowjob of his life (Believe me, Tommy has absolutely no qualms about fucking a student!). She even deep-throats him balls-deep. Meanwhile, her fantastic tits bounce and gyrate with delight while she continues to pleasure herself with an unoccupied finger. After a while, the lure of Jessica's pussy becomes too great for Tommy to ignore. So, he seats her on the locker room bench, spreads her legs, and goes down to eat and finger-fuck her tasty vagina while she arches her back, coos with pleasure, and encourages him with nasty talk. Once Tommy's taste for pussy has been temporarily quenched, he slides his dick into her pussy and pounds her relentlessly in missionary (nice close-ups) while she knowingly strokes her own clit. Meanwhile, Jessica rewards Tommy with passionate groans and some sexy Euro-accented vocabulary. Without benefit of transitioning footage, Jessica and Tommy soon find themselves fucking happily in doggie. Believe me, few things in life look as fine as Jessica's natural tits dangling and swaying in reaction to Tommy's powerful thrusts. And, her gaping pussy looks damned nice, too, whenever Tommy momentarily pulls out of it. Before the scene comes to an end, Jessica straddles and furiously fucks Tommy in reverse cowgirl. Damn she looks fine as she tosses her hot little body up and down on Tommy's lucky rod! The scene ends without benefit of an orgasm for Jessica. Tommy, however, does get to cum...all over Jessica's fine boobs and gloriously-erect nipples. She then ducks him dry and uses his rod to slap her cum-covered tits.

Foreplay: Stripping, mutual stripping, kissing, masturbation, tit squeezing, hair pulling, handjob, fellatio, deep-throat, cunnilingus, finger-fucking, clit jacking.
Vaginal Positions: Missionary, reverse cowgirl, standing doggie.
Anal Positions: None.
Girl cums: No.
Pop: Exterior: tits.

Sex rating: 3.25
Video rating: 4.50
Audio rating: 4.50
Production values rating: 4.30

What I Liked Most:

  • Jessica Moore has great all-natural tits and superb ass cheeks! And, she has attractive tattoos that make her body even more desirable.
  • Jessica's fondling and worship of a guy's jock strap is very cute and sexy!
  • Jessica gets so flustered--when the coach finds her dressed in a jock strap and masturbating in the boy's locker room--that she completely forgets how to speak in English. She's adorable!
  • Jessica is delightfully aggressive in living out her fetish with Tommy.
  • Jessica's fellatio technique is so enthusiastic that her scrumptious all-natural tits bounce and gyrate delightfully.
  • Jessica's superb tits also take center stage when they dangle and gyrate in reaction to Tommy's thrusts in doggie.
  • Tommy appreciated Jessica's tits as much as I do! He often squeezes and cups them while he bangs her pussy. And, he showers them with his semen at the end of the scene!
  • Jessica does a fantastic job fucking Tommy in reverse. Damn, her pistoning body looks fine!

What Could Have Been Better:

  • Jessica did not climax during the scene.
  • There is no anal pleasure whatsoever. At the very least there should have been a bit of rimming.

What I Didn't Like:

  • Jessica Moore is too old (25) to play a high school student.

Scene 4

Scene Type: Boy/girl/minimal anal
Performers: Raven Alexis, Manuel Ferrara.

Scene Set-up/Plot/Scenario: While Jessica is in the locker room fucking the coach, Raven keeps Manuel Ferrara and Mick Blue, two of her students, after class for a conference because they got into a verbal altercation while they should have been studying. You see, Manuel is jealous of his friend Mick because Mick got to fuck the teacher! Raven dismisses Mick first and then interrogates Manuel...to no avail. Indeed, recalcitrant Manuel remains silent and won't share his problems. So, Raven has no other choice than to...strip for him! Talk about getting his attention! She even shoves his face deep into her cleavage. What a lucky guy! Manuel gives in immediately. So, he returns Raven's passion by suckling her nipples, kissing her mouth, squeezing her breasts, stripping off her panties, and giving her world-class cunnilingus while she guides his head with her hands, arches her back with pleasure, and squeals with delight. Of course, Raven repays Manuel by unzipping his pants, pulling out his cock, and giving him ravenous head. Manuel likes her technique so much that he powerfully fucks her throat. Then, he lifts her off her feet, carries her across the classroom so that he can lay her on her desk in missionary, and again feasts from her pussy's bounty. He soon slips his cock into her pussy and pounds it frantically while she, in turn, strokes her clit. The sex during this segment is so aggressive that Raven's body slides back-and-forth from missionary to on-her-side and then back to missionary. And, her pussy turns bright red, too! During the next several minutes, Raven and Manuel frantically change positions repeatedly and fuck each other with extreme enthusiasm. In particular, they make excellent use of kneeling doggie, standing doggie, cowgirl, and reverse cowgirl. And, they make good use of the time between positions, too, by enjoying spankings, handjobs, caresses, hair pulling, anal finger-fucking, and pussy-to-mouth. But, no matter what position they use, their chemistry is real and their pleasure obvious. In fact, I counted three female orgasms! To end the scene, Raven sucks and milks Manuel's cock until he's ready to explode. Then, he takes over and jacks off directly into her wide open mouth. She sucks him dry and swallows every drop. She even scoops up wayward globs of semen that landed on her face and eats them. Excellent scene, Raven and Manuel.

Foreplay: Stripping, mutual stripping, kissing, tit sucking and squeezing, hair pulling, handjob, fellatio, stringers, cunnilingus, clit jacking.
Vaginal Positions: Missionary, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, kneeling doggie, standing doggie, on-her-side.
Anal Positions: Finger fucking (only).
Girl cums: Repeatedly.
Pop: Open mouth; she swallows.

Sex rating: 4.70
Video rating: 4.00
Audio rating: 4.50
Production values rating: 3.90

What I Liked Most:

  • Raven is delightfully aggressive in getting Manuel to fuck her.
  • As always, Manuel does a very nice job eating Raven's pussy.
  • Very volatile chemistry develops between Raven and Manuel...from the very beginning of foreplay. That chemistry causes this to be, by far, the best scene in The Substitute.
  • The sex is extremely aggressive in missionary. Raven's body slips and turns atop her teacher's desk!
  • Raven and Manuel make excellent use of brief respites between positions. They enjoy handjobs, spankings, caresses, hair pulling, and pussy-to-mouth (PTM)! Raven even sucks Manuel's balls during PTM.
  • Manuel finger-fucks Raven's asshole. It's the only anal pleasure during The Substitute!
  • Raven is completely mesmerizing during cowgirl. You won't be able to take your eyes off her high-energy moves and her bright red (from spankings) ass cheeks. Sweet!
  • Raven climaxes at least three times during sex. Her orgasm during reverse cowgirl is volcanic!
  • Manuel pops inside Raven's mouth at the end of the scene. She swallows!

What Could Have Been Better:

  • There are missing transitions between sexual positions.
  • Sometimes, the edits are so abrupt that the scene's continuity is disturbed.

What I Didn't Like:

  • Manuel Ferrara is too old (35) to play a high school student.

Scene 5

Scene Type: Boy/girl/girl threesome.
Performers: Cindy Hope, Madison Parker, Ben English.

Scene Set-up/Plot/Scenario: Raven's anxiety-reducing techniques pay off big time when all the members of the senior class pass their exams. To celebrate, headmaster Ben English's two biggest trouble-makers, Cindy Hope and Madison Parker, pull one last prank and then voluntarily make the trek to the office. Ben greets the girls and nearly begs them to tell him that they haven't gotten in trouble again. The girls swear that they haven't been busted. But, they're sad because substitute Raven Alexis is no longer with them since their full-time Sex Ed teacher has returned to work. Ben comments on Raven's unique teaching techniques and asks if she had been able to help the girls with any problems. Cindy and Madison look knowingly at each other, remember Raven's admonition that "sharing is caring," and then literally attack unsuspecting Ben! You see, the girls have been fighting with each other--and getting into trouble--so that they can be sent to see their secret crush...Ben! The girls begin by aggressively kissing Ben's mouth and then, as everybody strips off their own and each other's clothes, they enjoy humping, mutual caresses, spankings, two-and three-way kisses, finger-fucking, and titty play. Once Ben is completely naked, the girls give him a two-girls-on-one-dick blowjob. Madison is the first to get her pussy stuffed by Ben's big--and very lucky--cock as she lies on her side and on her back atop the principal's desk. Meanwhile, Cindy helps out by sharing her hands and tongue wherever they will provide the most pleasure. Cindy also straddles and fucks Madison's face while Ben slides in-and-out of Madison's vagina. And, Cindy keeps Ben's cock squeaky-clean using pussy-to-mouth. As the scene unfolds, the girls take turns getting their pussies stuffed by Ben: Cindy in mish and reverse cowgirl; Madison in cowgirl and standing doggie. No matter who's pussy is getting pounded, everybody stays engaged throughout the scene...it really is a threesome and not serial couplings. To finish up the scene, Ben jacks off primarily into Cindy's wide-open mouth as the girls kneel cheek-to-cheek at his feet. The girls suck and lick his still-pulsing penis, kiss to cum swap, and eventually swallow nearly all of Ben's semen.This would have been an excellent scene had either girl--or, preferably both girls--climaxed.

Foreplay: Mutual stripping, kissing, tit sucking and squeezing, "humping," hair pulling, caressing/groping, handjob, fellatio, two-girls-on-one-dick fellatio; deep-throat, stringers, balls gobbling, clit jacking.
Vaginal Positions: Missionary, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, on-her-side, standing doggie.
Anal Positions: None.
Girl cums: No.
Pop: Open mouth; girls cumswap.

Sex rating: 3.85
Video rating: 5.00
Audio rating: 4.50
Production values rating: 4.60

What I Liked Most:

  • Both the girls are very attractive and sexual. Cindy has a fine curvy body with a grade-A rack of breasts; Madison Parker is too cute for words!
  • Cindy and Madison spend some very quality time making out with each other throughout the scene.
  • I like how the girls decide that they're going to "share" Ben and then go after him as a unified team.
  • Madison "humps" Ben's rigid--yet still clothed--cock with her delicious ass cheeks during foreplay.
  • There are few things in life better than a two-girls-on-one-dick blowjob. Cindy and Madison prove how true that statement really is!
  • The girls do a very nice job "helping" each other whenever Ben is plowing one of their pussies. I particularly liked watching Cindy straddle and fuck Madison's face.
  • Cindy's fucking-back moves in missionary are sexy and enthusiastic. Her high-energy thrusts in reverse are superb, too.
  • Madison proves that she's a fucking dynamo when she fucks Ben with unmitigated lust and untold energy in cowgirl. She's a damned fine fuck in doggie, too.
  • The scene ends with an open-mouth facial. The girls cum swap and swallow.
  • The close-ups, throughout the scene, are very effective.

What Could Have Been Better

  • There is no anal pleasure whatsoever. At the very least there should have been a bit of rimming.
  • There are missing transitions between sexual positions.
  • Neither Cindy nor Madison climaxed during the scene. What a shame!


The DVD-9 disc I reviewed contains a full-motion chapter selector, multiple chapters per sex scene, a contact information screen, an eleven-minute behind-the-scenes (BTS) featurette, a manually-operated photo gallery of pictures from the movie, a four-minute self-running slide show (same photos as the photo gallery), and trailers for eight Digital Playground movies. The very-nicely-crafted BTS contains footage of on-set-tomfoolery; video of the still hard and pretty-girl photo shoots; extra sex-scene footage; impromptu interviews of the cast members; after-sex clean-up; random clothed and naked shots of the girls hanging around the set; and video of the Raven Alexis being made-up and having her hair done. This selection of extras is below average in today's marketplace. Two and one-half stars.

Final Thoughts

The best things about The Substitute include:
  • Raven Alexis. I sheepishly admit that this is my first look at her. I found her to be very attractive, a demonstrative fuck, and a quite respectable actress.
  • the overall cuteness/beauty of the female cast members. MILF Diamond Foxxx has a drop-dead gorgeous body, Jessica Moore's tits are to-die-for, and girl-pals Cindy Hope and Madison Parker are not only cute as can be but look fine together in a salt-and-pepper sort of way.
  • the production values. Very appropriate locations and sets were employed, the wardrobe and makeup are first-rate, the musical score is upbeat and nicely supports the action and plot development, and the acting is quite respectable.
  • the idea of having a mostly-foreign cast is unique and effective. It's cool to listen to the wide variety of accents, especially when the girls talk nasty!

The Substitute could have been better if:

  • all the girls had cum. Only Raven Alexis climaxes during the movie. What a shame!
  • transitioning footage had tied together the sexual positions.
  • more attention had been paid to anal pleasure. Raven gets her asshole finger-fucked in Scene Four. But, that's it. There should have been at least some rimming.

Things I didn't like about The Substitute include:

  • the plot is implausible. See my commentary in the Synopsis above.
  • the incongruence between the performers' actual ages and the ages of the characters they play. There's no way that mid-thirties Mick Blue and Manuel Ferrara should have been cast as high-school teenagers. The only performer who is of a reasonable age to play a high-school student is Madison Parker.
  • Diamond Foxxx's decision to spit out Christian's semen at the end of the scene.

Average sex rating: 3.84
Average video rating: 4.60
Average audio rating: 4.50
Average production values rating: 4.24
Extras rating: 2.50
Bonus point(s): 1.00
Overall rating: 4.14

X Critic Pick (4.5+ sex; 4.0+ production values; 4.5+ overall)
Highly Recommended (4.5+ sex; 4.0+ overall)
Recommended (4.0+ sex; 4.0+ overall)
Rent It (<4.00 sex; <4.00 overall)
Skip It (<3.50 sex; <4.00 overall)

Dr. Jay

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