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Wet Sweaty Boobs

Studio: Vivid » Review by Sean DPS » Review Date: 9/4/10

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Wet Sweaty Boobs
Vivid Entertainment

Directed by Lewis Sockett
Running Time: 2hrs and 55 minutes

Technical Specs (from PS3)

Dolby Digital
2 Channel
48 kHz
256 kpbs
Mpeg 2
2-4 Mbps

Special Features:

Shot in HD
Chapter Selection
Behind the Scenes (13 minutes of interviews, a very up close and personal interview with Lia, some wardrobe testing and some flashback to some of the other movie productions)
Photo Gallery
Previews (4 trailers)
Bonus Scene (Lia and Sadie West from Lia's First Time, a 32 minute scene)


Briana Blair
Carmen McCarthy
Carla Cox
Marcus London
Johnny Sins
Anthony Rosano
Mr Marcus

Overall Thoughts:

So before you get to the main screen (which you can do at anytime), you get a few commercials for the Vivid website, condoms, guitars, posters and more. Is it me, or does this not remind you of that scene in Spaceballs. I guess I shouldn't be thinking about Spaceballs, when I am reviewing a porno. So back to the film. If you are a fan of blondes with some nice sized boobs, this is your dream movie. I really thought I would enjoy this movie, I mean cmon, just look at the cover, with lovely ladies like that on the cover, you figure it's gonna be a pretty hot movie. Well like the saying goes, you can't judge a book by it's cover. The only scene that I really thought was hot and sexy was the Briana and Johnny scene. The other ones had a few moments of some heat, but that was quickly watered down, do you see the irony there. But I have to commend them for the special features that are on this disc, it's a decent BTS and plus the bonus scene features the main lady from this movie, so that is always a good thing. The video quality is ok, there is some slight blurring around the edges, but it seems to be only at the extreme corners, so it's not that distracting. No issues with audio, everything seemed to be balanced out pretty good. I know I said I was kind of disappointed in this movie, but not completely, so I am going to give this a RENT IT rating. I think it's at least worth a viewing, but nothing that needs to be in your collection.

Los Angeles, it's 95 degrees out and wouldn't you know the air conditioner stopped working. He doesn't care, he would rather be sleeping, so she decides to go check it out. He finally decides to come and help, and he can't help commenting on how hot she looks when she is sweaty. He starts off by playing with her boobs, and her nipples are almost poking through her shirt. He lifts up her shirt and plays with her pussy a little before he makes his way back to her boobs. He tells her to head back to the bedroom, he will take care of it. He finally gets it working and she begins to cool off her body.

Scene One: Carla Cox and Mr Marcus

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Carla is leaving her boyfirend because he wouldn't get air conditioning. Mr Marcus sees her walking on the side of the road and let's her have some of his water. She spills most of it on her shirt. She wants to go back to his place to wash herself off with a big hose. They get to his house and she gives a little tease to the camera and him, before she asks if she can use the shower. More teasing, mostly with her boobs to the camera. She finally slips off her shorts and shows off her undies and ass, before she pulls them down and shows us her pussy. This seems like a POV scene right now. She asks if he is going to fuck her, and he says yes, but he doesn't seem to mean it. She hops on the bed and he begins to finger her pussy. He gets three fingers inside her and you can hear that she is enjoying it. He gets up to four fingers inside her and she already thinks she is going to cum soon. She finally gets to his "big hose" and she deep throats all of him, no problem. Ok maybe after he gets a little more excited, it's not that easy anymore. After a long oral session, she is on top of him going for a ride. She shows a lot of energy while she is doing this, and really shows us how much she wants him. After a brief oral session, they switch up to some spoon action, before he begins to finger her ass up, to maybe get it ready for something bigger, perhaps? Well he goes for her pussy once again and the scene ends as he pulls out and cums on her stomach. But wait he isn't done yet, he continues to fuck away at her. She flips over and backs her body onto his cock and he fucks her from behind. And she continues to show enthusiasm by shaking her booty on his cock. This continues until he pulls out once again and cums on her face and chest.

Scene Two: Lia and Marcus London

Back to the couple from the beginning of the movie, he walks into the room and goes for her ass and pussy, while she continues to take in all that cool air. He gives her ass a few slaps before he sends his fingers to her pussy. There is some heat from the foreplay, her showing her ass off while he gets to play with her ass and pussy. He fingers her from behind, until he pulls her underwear down and let's her have a go at his cock. He gets to play with her pussy some more as she does her stuff, and finally she climbs on top, takes off her shirt and gets fucked in some reverse cowgirl action. She ends up next to him on the bed, and he fucks her some more in a slight variation of the spoon position. He takes a quick break from the fucking to work his magic with his tongue on her pussy. But soon enough she is bent over and he is getting some doggy action going, while she braces herself against the headboard. A brief oral session from her leads to some missionary on the other side of the bed. I guess they want to utilize every inch of the bed. He continues to fuck her until he cums all over her pussy.

Scene Three: Lia

She is in bed, and the dripping of the faucet is driving her crazy. She tries to fix it herself. But we can see that she is getting sweaty again and we get to see her ass as she looks under the sink. She calls her boyfriend and threatens to find the biggest black cock if something else goes wrong in this house. She looks at a dirty magazine and begins to get turned on. She plays with her boobs and pussy through her clothes, before she decides to take off her shorts and begins to finger her pussy. And this leads up to our next scene.

Scene Four: Briana Blair and Johnny Sinns

Briana is out cooling herself off at the pool, while Johnny is cleaning it. She is not wearing any pants, so she climbs into the water and we have some wet tshirt action before she dives almost completely into the pool. He doesn't seem to notice her at first. She makes a big stick joke, and then asks to help her find something. Well apparently that means, they end up on a couch pretty much naked and she is sucking on his cock. And I have to say that she does an amazing job on it. She decides that she may as well play with herself a bit while she is doing it, no reason she can't get some action too. The oral session continues for awhile, before they kiss and he decides it's time to return the favor. He works on her pussy with his tongue and by her moans of delight, he may know what he is doing. He finger bangs her pussy while getting his tongue in there too. He finally slips his dick inside her and begins to fuck her in some missionary action. I have to say it is always nice to see Briana and her amazing body in a scene. Just love the hair, the tats and of course her boobs. Overall just a sexy package. Some kissing leads to her on top of him, bouncing her amazing ass up and down on his cock. A quick oral break and she is riding him so more, this time in some reverse cowgirl action. He takes this as a chance to grab onto her boobs while he fucks her, sounds like a good plan to me. Next up she has her ass in the air and he is face deep in her ass and pussy until he decides to slip his cock into her. She continues to moan with delight as she comments on how deep he is getting. She gives him some looks of enjoyment as he continues to work on her. Next up is some very hot fucking in the jockey position, I can't figure out what it is, but it's such a sexy position to me. After that ends, she ends up sucking him off until he cums on her face. This is so far a highlight of this movie. So sexy and hot, and we see that even Lia agrees.

Scene Five: Lia and Gerry

Gerry the plumber shows up and takes a look at her plumbing. He asks for her to grab a wrench, he makes a joke, and then water seems to squirt all over her white top. He tries to help her out by taking off her shirt, and then he gives her some more advice and says there is no better way to get back at her boyfriend than to fuck the plumber. She seems to agree, as they end up on the couch and he starts to take the rest of her clothes off and he kisses every inch of her body. He makes another wrench joke as she goes for his cock. We shall see how many times it gets brought up again. She takes some time to give his balls some attention while she continues to stroke him off. He finally returns the favor as he licks and probes her pussy with his tongue and fingers. He eventually replaces his finger with his cock for some missionary action. They switch to some spoon action and then she ends up on top of him for some reverse cowgirl, as he uses his hands to spread open her pussy even more. She flips around for some brief cowgirl, and then into some doggy while she is grasping on to the pillow. He pulls out and cums on her ass.

Scene Six: Carmen McCarthy and Anthony Rosano

Lia tries the TV and even that doesn't seem to work at first. But when it does, she seems to be watching the Vivid channel and once again she is getting turned on by it. This episode features Carmen in a shower , teasing us and the camera with her boobs. And Lia seems to be really enjoying this. Carmen takes off her top and continues to show off her ass to the camera. She eventually pulls her panties down and begins to gyrate her pussy for the camera. I think this is supposed to be sexy, but I'm not feeling it. She begins to soak herself with the shower head until she makes her way to her pussy and decides to change the settings to a more powerful stream. Finally a cock makes its way into the scene and she immediately begins to suck on it. She lays on top of him and continues to suck on his cock as he plays with her pussy. She climbs on top of him as he lays on the floor and rides him, he does most of the work at first, but she eventually helps him out a bit. Boy that showerhead is getting really close to his ass, luckily he moves and begins to fuck her from behind. She really is a loud person during sex, and at some points it was somewhat distracting. She takes a quick oral break, stands up and continues to take it from behind. He lays a towel on the floor and then lays on it, while she climbs on top of him once again. And once again, it seems like he is doing most of the work. She has to climb off for a second because it seemed like he was about to cum. So they take a short break before they are in the spoon position. They stay in this for a decent amount of time until she props herself on the tub and he fucks her until he pulls out and cums on her pussy. We cut back to Lia, and the tv goes out and she tries to make a call, but it doesn't work, so we next see her walking down the same stretch of road that Carla was walking, and wouldn't you know, Mr Marcus is driving down that same road. They have the same conversation as before, and that is how the movie ends.

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