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Molly's Life Vol. 4

Studio: Muffia » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 9/6/10

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

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Molly's Life Vol. 4


Genre: Lesbian, Web-To-DVD

Director: Uncredited

Cast: Molly Cavelli, Sydney, Madelyn Marie, Brynn Tyler, Halie James, Katrina, Mikala

Length: 226:40 minutes

Molly Cavelli and Sydney

Dates of Production: 11/30/2009, 12/10/2009 (others not listed on website at this writing)

Extras: There were some trailers, a photogallery, and spam too but that was all, the disc full of porn from the scenes.

Condoms: None

Madelyn Marie and Molly Cavelli

Audio/Video Quality: Molly's Life Vol. 3 was presented in an anamorphic widescreen 1.78:1 ratio as shot by the uncredited female director of Muffia. The 480p resolution, MPEG-2 encoded footage was hard to pin down in terms of consistent factors making up the visual elements (perhaps due to the likelihood of several directors and crews) but it looked pretty solid for a low end web-to-DVD release by newcomers. The framing and editing was similar to previous Muffia efforts, the consistency provided by using a single person (perhaps two) helping make it look better than the other titles I've seen by the company. If you're a technophile demanding the best looking porn on the market you may want to rent this one first but if you like hot babes banging, you should consider it despite these elements (the video bitrate often hovering around the 4.1 Mbps area, showing the numbers do not equate to better resolution). The audio was also nothing special, presented in a 2.0 Dolby Digital English with a 48 kHz sampling rate and 192 Kbps bitrate. There was a hollowness to the aural portions of the show, occasionally sounding dubbed or looped, with a bit of amplification gain in some of the scenes where the microphone was probably too far away from the cast.

Molly Cavelli and Brynn Tyler

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Body of Review: Muffia is one of those internet companies that caught me by surprise when I saw one of their parodies last year, the levels of humor and heated sex enough to beat out a similar outing by a mega-conglomerate producer. Their latest release coming my way is called Molly's Life Vol. 4, a fourth heated selection of six scenes starring Molly Cavelli and her friends as they frolicked in the Miami area having lesbian sex. While some of it struck me as the generic lipstick lesbian action all too common to porn, there were enough flashes of passion and fun factor goodness to merit further attention whether you buy the DVD or simply get a membership to the website for even more such scenes. The company website described the series like this: "It's my life and I'll do what I want! That's what I've been telling people for as long as I can remember and it has definitely made things wayyy more interesting! I'm Molly, a wild girl with a free spirit from originally from Orange County California. I know what living the good life is really all about and I'm always on the guest list at the really supercool parties all over the country. In case you didn't already know, I'm totally bisexual not just bi-curious and on my one of a kind website you'll get to meet all my girlfriends from back in my sorority days to the models and pornstars I hang out with these days. Sometimes it's a simple day at the beach or behind the scenes at a magazine photo-shoot while other KRAZY times turn into wild girl-orgies in the back of my car on the way home! This website isn't like any other one you ever saw before because this is the ONLY site with my on it. Mollys Life really is an honest journal of everything I'm into and I'm hoping you'll step inside to see what I'm really all about. I've got a soft side and a wild side... and finding out which you like more is half the fun!" Here's a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:

Molly Cavelli and Hailey James

Scene One: Dear Diary: Molly Cavelli, the sexy blond lead of the series, and attractive blond Sydney, both writing in their diaries while half dressed in colorful bikinis, were up first. The couple didn't want to share their thoughts but after some grabbing and caressing, they opened up, their expositions leading to some frisky lesbian antics. The only major toy used was a bright pink, double headed dildo, their energy levels pretty solid. The company described the scene like this: "Molly and her sexy friend, Sydney, were hanging out and sharing diary entries. They were looking succulent in those tiny bikinis. It was not long until the diary entries got steamy and they were munching each others pussies. Molly plunged a butt plug in her asshole as she licked Sydneys wet twat. Then, Molly whipped out a double sided dildo and they fucked pussy to pussy. Enjoy." 12/10/2009

Molly Cavelli and Katrina

Scene Two: Dance Practice: Molly Cavelli and brunette Madelyn Marie were up next as they danced to some records in the living room, Molly's purple corset and thong adding to her appeal as much as Madelyn's bikini outfit did for her as they swayed to the up tempo music, bending over a bunch before they began eating one another on the black couch. They moved slowly and in a seductive manner, Molly taking the oral lead for Madelyn to follow. No toys were used but I believed they both got off at least once, Molly's orgasm more realistic by far.

Molly Cavelli and Mikala

Scene Three: Video Motor Mommas: Molly Cavelli and Brynn Tyler, both fetching blondes wearing tiny tops and short blue jeans shorts, were up next as they rode on the commercial motorcross game in the game room. This meant they bent over a bunch as they raced, getting into the moment before they went to bed to go down on each other with a degree of energy and enthusiasm. They used no toys and ended up rubbing crotches together, moaning as if on fire before long.

Scene Four: Galleria Groping: Molly Cavelli and brunette Halie James were up next as they toured the mall, wearing contemporary clothing as they had some fun shopping. They took their skimpy lingerie home to play with, eating some treats and drinking some booze before enjoying each other physically on the large bed. Pussy and ass eating were the mainstay with no toys, the ladies into one another more than most.

Scene Five: Ass On Wheels: Molly Cavelli and skinny Katrina were up next outside rollerblading in bikinis. Molly was the more talented of the two, the camerawoman remaining stable as the ladies flew past her again and again. They all kidded around and ended up in bed, massaging sore muscles and doing all the usual lesbian tricks as expected. In this scene, toys were used for penetration, Katrina appreciating the friction at least as much as Molly. The company described the scene like this: "Molly and Katrina looked amazing in their bikinis as they roller bladed around the beach. Their sexy tight bodies were fantastic to watch as they rolled around and shook their juicy asses. Molly could not take it anymore and needed to go home to have fun with Katrina. Once they got home, it was not long until Katrina was naked and spread out on the bed getting her pussy munched on and finger banged by Molly. Molly licked her ass while she fingered her sweet pussy. Molly sat on her face and pumped her juicy pussy all over her face. Then, they scissored each other and rubbed their wet twats against each other. Molly whipped out the dildo and showed Katrina a fun time. Enjoy." 11/30/2009

Scene Six: Smokin' Hotties: Molly Cavelli and cute brunette Mikala were up last as they dressed to the hilt in masculine fashion (mixed with a feminine side of course), to enjoy a "date" on camera. They opened some booze and laughed a lot, the ladies trying out their gangster look smoking cigars in their lingerie. This scene was far heavier with toy use than the others, the cunnilingus very warm despite the lack of genetic juice or population pudding. The company described the scene like this: "Molly and Mikala were hanging out and playing chess in smoking hot outfits. The lingerie and stockings were looking very sexy. Molly looked naughty as she smoked that cigar. They played strip chess until their underwear was removed. Then, they decided to stop playing chess and to play with each other. Mikala was a cutie with an amazing body. Molly was delighted to munch on Mikalas fat pussy. Then, she plunged a dildo in her sweet twat. Mikala returned the favor and fucked Mollys pussy with a glass dildo that she loved very much. You will enjoy watching smoking hotties in sexy lingerie and stockings."

Summary: Molly's Life Vol. 4 by Muffia provided all the fun of the previous volumes, making me want to join the website rather than wait months to get six more scenes on disc. Molly Cavelli is a major babe on the level that few contract women ever achieve, her friends adding to her appeal as they have fun together and enjoy the Miami experience so I rated it as Recommended, the web-to-DVD experience making me want to get a website membership to see what else Molly has been up to of late. In short, Molly's Life Vol. 4 got me thinking that Molly Cavelli is much like the very best hotties in porn without the forced performances so many of her peers seem to provide these days so I considered this to be one of the top picks of the week.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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