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Titterific 3

Studio: Immoral Productions » Review by Vincent Pierce » Review Date: 9/12/10

XCritic's Advice: XCritic Pick

Genre: Big Boobs, Naturally Busty

Director: Unspecified

Cast: Adriana Kelly, Alexis Golden, Dan Leal, Eric John, Jessica Moore, Kerry Louise, Vicki Chase

Date of Production: 12/22/09, 2/16/10, 3/30/10, 4/06/10

Length: 2 hrs. 50 mins.

Audio/Video: The Audio is excellent, and very clear. The menu also has a nice tune playing as you pick your selection. The video is clear for the most part, but has some image filter issues (rainbow effect) in one of the scenes. The scenes are shown in a full screen ratio/format.

Overview: This is an extreme 4 scene titjob DVD. It features five very well endowed girls, with very large natural tits. Each scene has Eric John 'the Fuck Monkey' shooting multiple loads onto each girls' tits. I guess his goal is to see how many times he can come in each scene. Not only that but there's a bit of tit fetish thrown in the mix. You have boobs covered in soapy water, and even food toopings applied to the girls' tits!! If you're into boobjobs then I'd definitely say this is the DVD for you!!

Scene 1: Adriana Kelly

The scene starts of like some kind of whacked out television reality/game show. Adriana is sitting on a couch with the host while he does an interview with her. During the interview we find that the dark haired, and very busty Adriana is new to the porn industry. In fact she states that this is her first time doing anything like this. After a rather lengthy interview, she strips all of her clothing off. She is then introduced to Eric John, 'The Fuck Monkey'!! The host explains to Adriana that he is called this because he can come multiple times withing a short length of time. The 'sex' part of the scene doesn't actually start off with a titjob this time, but with a rather proffessional blowjob compliments of Adriana. At this point it's hard for me to believe that this girl doesn't have some experience in the industry, but then again she did mention earlier that she loves watching porn? The blowjob was excellent, and the multple titjobs that followed weren't bad either. She did look a little worn out towards the fourth, and final cumshot, though. Afterwards was the fetish part where a lucky mystery guy got to give Adriana's tits a soapy sponge bath. This was quickly followed by Eric John eating small marshmallow cupcakes off of her nipples, and licking whipped cream with sprinkles off of her belly!! This was an excellent scene, and though it didn't contain any penetrative sex it is still enough to get a guy off!!

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Scene 2: Alexis Golden

Alexis is one of those MILF types. She has sandy blonde hair, and a nicely tanned body complimented by tan lines. The most important feature, which this DVD focuses on, is her triple 'D' sized tits! The scene starts of as a reality type show like the previous scene. The host does the usual interview to get to  know Alexis better. He finds out that she has her own website, and loves anal sex. On the down side, she states that she hasn't done much oral sex in her career. Alexis starts the scene of naked, so there's no stripping to be done. You get to see her in all her wonderful glory. After the interview the host treats her to some finger banging, and then the Fuck Monkey enters the scene. As usual Eric John gets Alexis to give him a blowjob before he starts the tit fucking. I was surprised at how good she was giving a BJ, after she said she didn't do that much. She even deepthroated, and gagged a bit which was nice to watch. The lengthy titjob session added eric three cumshots to his current total. A soapy sponge bath soon followed. When they dried her off, they had her sit back down on the couch where the host used a vibrator on her that looked like it had come out of a scifi movie. Alexis really seemed to enjoy the personal attention that she was recieving. Eric even came on her again making his total cumshots rise to four. Once again another sponge bath ensued. This time around the host had a whipped cream bikini sprayed on her body, and topped it with strawberry slices. The host was even the one who licked/ate the sweet toppings off of her hot body! The host even got blown twice by Alexis during the scene. In the end Eric John had came six times on Alexis' huge titties, and the host came on them twice giving them a combined record of eight cumshots. This scene was much more longer in length than the previous one. I was getting anxious to see the next girl way before the scene had finished. It wasn't a bad scene, but it could have been a bit shorter, or the could have split the time and added a different scene to the dvd.

Scene 3: Jessica Moore & Vicki Chase

Let start by saying this was one HOT scene!!! It starred Jessica Moore, and the nude scorecard girl Vicki Chase. Jessica's scene was pretty straight-forward, it pretty much skipped the interview, and got right into the titfucking. Before the action started they introduced Vicki Chase as their scorecard girl. Her job was to basically keep track of how many times Eric John came. The actuall titjobs were kind of boring, but when Vicki started licking the cum off of Jessica's boobs things got a whole lot more interesting! They even ended up covering Jessica in a massive pile of sticky sweets, which included apple pie, cherry pie, snowball cupcakes, whipped cream, and green sprinkles. The yhad a debate on who was going to eat the snowballs off of Jessica's tits because they tasted bad. The host seemed to like them though. Towards the end Vicki, and Jessica played with each other's tits a bit. The titjobs were definitely the weakest part of the scene, but the parts with Vicki and the food eating part more than made up for it. Both girls were lovely, and their chemistry was excellent. This is definitely one of my favorite scenes on this dvd!!!

Scene 4: Kerry Louise

Kerry's scene takes it's place as my number one most favorite scene on this dvd, and it deserves it! Kerry Louise is a beautiful black haired British girl with a very large pair of breasts. I really loved her British accent. It was rather sexy. There was an extreme amount of action going on in this scene. there was the occassional finger banging by the host, some actual sex from the host and Eric John, and Vicki Chase even joined the scene. There were several hilights to the scene, but I'd have to say my favorite part was the titty frosting part. The frosted Kerry's tits with blue icing, and sprinkles then licked them off. Even Vicki joined in the fun! Like the previous scene Vicki also licked Eric's cum off of Kerry's tits! I thought that was smoking hot!!! The chemistry between the host, Kerry, Vicki, and Eric was great. The entire scene was an absolute pleasure to watch. Kerry ended up with a total of six cumshots. Five of them were from Eric, and one was from the host. Just watching Kerry have so much fun with the others made me want to join in, and I would have if I could have done so. Even though this was a lengthy scene like the previous scenes, I still wanted to watch every second of it. It's an awesome scene, and is definitely on the top of my list of worthwhile performances.

Extras: The only extras available on this dvd are 'Trailers', which show previews of other dvds that are available.

Final Thoughts: Usually when I review a dvd with only a handfull of scenes, and extras that only includes trailers I find that it was a waste of my time. Most of the time it's that type of dvd that is poorly put together, but this was a big exception! Even though there were only four scenes, they made up for that with length and worthwhile performances/content. Not one minute was wasted, and the performances seemed absolutely genuine. The scenes are not staged, but are set-up more like a reality tv show where a big breasted porn star joins the host, and guest/s for some serious fun. I think the female performers were well chosen, and having Eric John, 'The Fuck Monkey' come multiple times on the girls' chests made it that much more enjoyable. All of the performers seemed more human than a lot of the porn media shows these days, and this was a huge plus for me. I like to see the female performers having genuine fun in ther work/play. I thought long and hard about the rating I would give this dvd, and it bordered between 'Highly Recommended', and 'Xcritic Pick'. I was going to choose 'Highly Recommended', for the fact that there were only four scenes, and a pitiful extra. I thought this over, and I think even though it has only four scenes, they are high quality scenes in both content, and length. It is definitely worth the 'Xcritic Pick' status!

Final Rating: Xcritic Pick!

"I'm the man who coined the phrase "Same Sex Different Dame". If you're gonna produce porn PLEASE go all out, and don't fall victim to retro ruination. Innovation is king!"

- Vincent Pierce 2014 A.D.

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