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Twisty Treats

Studio: Twistys » Review by GT XXXTreme » Review Date: 9/9/10

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended



Twisty Treats

"Solo Treats of the Month"


Crissy Moran, Carlie Banks, Bridgett, Ashlynn Brooke, Jessica Defeo, Andie Valentino, Sandee Westgate, Heather Summer, Lindsey Marie, Heather Vandenven, Brea Lynn, Meggan Mallone

Special Features:

Shot in HD, BTS, Photo Gallery, Auto Restart

Lindsey Marie stars in this tasty Twisty treat, offering up her exquisite tits, delicious pussy and fine perfect ass for your every fantasy. As always, Twistys delivers the most beautiful, sexy, classy, absolutely mouth-watering women. Watch them bring themselves to the brink of ecstasy, then give them everything they crave and satisfy their every desire!

This is the only Lindsay Marie video. Adult stars also making their debut in this video: Heather Vanderven.

Scene 1: Crissy Moran

Well, I hope you're ready for sexy and hot time coz you are in for a major treat as we jump into 12 hot scenes, each with one hot ass chick doing there thing as they make themselves climax just for you. So grab that lube, pull your junk out and get to rubbing one out...coz you sooooo will! We kick start this film with the lovely and beautiful Crissy Moran. Her body is....SLAMMIN! She does her little strip tease while caressing each part of her body and. Clothes come off and the rubbing continues and she motions her body in different positions while playing with her pussy and tits. Every once and a while we get a finger insertion but the great part of this scene is the fact that her body is to die for. The only shitty part for me during this scene is the music. There is no volume for Crissy meaning, you don't get to hear her moan as the music is played over the scene. Not sure why, maybe her moaning was bad. We'll never know. Just like we'll never know if she came or not. Scene ends while she's still rubbing her pussy. 2/5

Scene 2: Carlie Banks

Now this is more like it. Carlie to me is that chick down the street who you just want to FUCK! Her tits are awesome, her face is lovely and the way she moves her body around as she plays with herself is intense. But wait there's more.... She rocks the dirty talk and brings in the toys to help her cum. Her moaning...yes I said her moaning, (no music during this scene) is perfect. All in all 4/5 for Carlie.

Scene 3: Bridgett

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Now one thing is for sure, if you're gonna rock the one named porn star thingy, then you need to rock it hard. Bridgett totally passes. She starts off very slow but slow could be good. She's completely dressed wearing short shorts and a blue tank top for quite a while while placing her hands down her pants. It will get you hot but me....I need to jump right into the mix. This scene does pick up and when it does, "BLAM" juices start flowing in your body. Bridgett gains a 3/5.

Scene 4: Ashlynn Brooke

These compilation videos are always good for checking out new talent that you haven't seen in action before. I mean perfect example so far is Carlie Banks during the second scene. But you also need to get them vets in there as well. Ashlynn is just that! She's one dirty talkin', fine ass havin', titty fondling chick who loves the masturbation. Ashlynn, we do too honey! She does it right in every way and will totally pop your bubble immediately. Just wait till she lifts them legs while finger fucking her wet pussy! 4/5

Scene 5: Jessica DiFeo

Holy Ass Cheeks!!! Jessica starts this scene off with my favorite part of the female body, THE ASS! And she sure does have a fine ass. Great body as well. She moves around and plays with her tits moving along to her pussy moaning like crazy. Maybe a little too much which kinda kills this scene for me. I mean please don't get me wrong here, her body and her face is fuckin HOT but this is one scene that if I had the option of music over her voice, click, I would have pressed that button. 2/5 for that great ass!

Scene 6: Andie Valentino

Here ya go people....we hit the middle of the film and we hit it hard with a perfect scene! Great body, awesome moaning, low but cool background music and a smokin hot babe who plays with herself as if it were her last time to ever place them fingers on those wet lips. And her tits, oh my lord! Just wait till you see that bounce. The bounce alone will make you flip your lid so you might want to get ready to go through this scene a few times because it was tough for me to get past it. Like I said perfect scene...5/5

Scene 7: Sandee Westgate

OK Twisty.... so you give me a crazy hard on with Andie and then POW, down he goes. I don't mean to be harsh. Sandee is very pretty but here we go again with the sound. Just like scene one, no sound from Sandee, just music. She does her thing while spreading her pussy lips and playing with her tits but that's it. Back down to a major 1/5.

Scene 8: Heather Summer

And back on up the penis goes! Heather Summer and her tits ARE THE TITS! Total babe doing her sexy strip tease by a fire. After showing us her goods, down she goes to rock her pussy. She also gives us some nice dirty dialogue which is a major plus in my book. As of right now, out of all the chicks we've seen, she cums the best. 4/5

Scene 9: Lindsey Marie

Now, we finally reach Lindsey Marie, the chick on the box cover. Total hottie right? Well, I am sorry to say you're not gonna get much past that. This scene is pretty much a major tease as she talks to the camera about her tits, her bedroom and how horny she gets. She undresses and slides her fingers by her pussy and ass but thats all you get. DAMN! 1/5

Scene 10: Heather Vandenven

And for our second perfect scene of this film....Heather Vandenven! Just plain gorgeous! You can so tell that she knows what she is doing. She moves like an angel as she teases us with that body and undresses. Thing I love about this scene and Heather is that the entire time, she is non-stop with her sexy movements while she plays with herself. She even brings in a little purple friend to help out which hey, if you've been reading my reviews you know how much I love a chick who plays with toys. Especially when they use them the right way. If you haven't seen this chick in action then get this movie, even if it is just for this one scene coz trust me....IT'S HOT! 5/5

Scene 11: Brea Lynn

Oh Brea.... what can I say about your scene... IT'S WET AND TOTALLY HOT! Slow start on this scene but once you get a load of them tits and listen to her rub that wet pussy, you'll be turned on immediately and wanting to jump into that screen to get in on the action. Bree, I am happy you didn't get on the couch for this scene! Watch the BTS to see what I mean. 3/5

Scene 12: Meggan Mallone

And for the final scene of this solo sensation of a masturbation fuck flick, I give you the hot ass Meggan Mallone. And when I say HOT I mean FUCKIN HOT! This chick starts off with her pussy at the start of her scene. Moaning: A+, Body: A+, Face: A+, bringing a toy into the picture to help with the cummage: A+++++++! During the entire scene Meggan is in a shower and just with the little sound of the water hitting the floor and drips of water flowing down her body will do the job as you're watching Meggan go to town on her pussy. At one point, she is sitting up right while using both hands on the vibrator and going up and down on her pussy in a fast motion. Yeap, you'll be doing the same thing! Another perfect scene and a perfect ending to a film that will be a keeper! 5/5

Final Verdict

OK so it took me a while to review this flick coz it took me a while to get through it. That's how I know it's gonna be a good one. I mean I can so review a flick in two hours and give you a quick rundown of what goes on during a fuck flick, kiss, lick, fuck, cum....but I'm not one to do that. Instead, I like to give a review on a flick in a way in which I would like to read a review on a fuck flick. This one in particular is a film I like. I totally recommend this film for those of you who love to watch a beautiful woman do what she knows is the best way to make herself cum. Plus, like I said earlier, it's a good way to check out some new starlets. Other than the couple lousy scenes, this film is one to be added to your collection. And yes, if you are a female....you will love this one too. Hell, watch it as a couple....you'll see what good times happen next! I leave you with this....HEATHER SUMMER!


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