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Robert Van Damme's Private Party: The Mystery Begins

Studio: Marina Pacific Distributors » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 9/12/10

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Production Year: 2008

Directed By: Gino Colbert & Robert Van Damme


Robert Van Damme, Jay Lopez, Aron Ridge, Kevin Cavalie, Antonio Milan, and Coby Mitchell

Runtime N Rubbers: 1 Hour and 16 Minutes. Yes.

Scene One:

Robert Van Damme (handsome with dark brown hair and a smooth/muscular body) and Coby Mitchell (good-looking with a shaved head, facial hair, and muscular/smooth body) get down with groovy body rubbing while complementing each other on their overall hotness with deep 'n wet tongue kissing.  These dudes are completely into each other and practically swallow one another's tongues while making out. Shirts are removes, armpits are licked, and hard nipples are sucked while the room is filled with loud heavy breathing. Robert yanks Coby's shorts off revealing shortly-trimmed dark pubes, plump nuts, and a clipped cock. Mr. Thang chows down on that dick sliding his hot wet mouth up 'n down the growing shaft 'n giving some excellent head.

 In return, Colby blows Robert's big fat uncut meat cramming it into his gullet and giving a mighty fine blowjob. After the dudes switch back 'n forth trading head, Coby bends over the sofa and has Robert munch down on his tight hairy bunghole with hot camera shots of the rimming 'n finger fucking. Cody flexes for his new buddy leading Robert to slide his large cock up that snug man-hole from behind fucking it fast, smooth, 'n hard with excellent penetration shots from below of that cock sliding in 'n outta that butthole.  Screeching around the corner of No Turning Back Boulevard, Robert beats his meat working that delicious foreskin (while Cody finger fucks him) and cums with such a small load that it's hardly visible.  Colby plays copy cat with a small dotty load of his own.

Scene Two:

Jay Lopez (good-looking with black hair, beard stubble, and a toned/smooth body) and Antonio Milan (handsome with short dark hair and a toned /smooth body) are horny and want to have some all-male fun. Jay takes the lead by yanking his new buddy's blue jeans 'n blue briefs down revealing dark pubes, hangy nuts, and a big plump uncut cock with long foreskin. Jay grabs that meaty dong with his fist and jacks 'n sucks for all he's worth. Antonio definitely digs the wonderful blowjob he receives filling the bedroom with heavy breathing and moans. Antonio licks/kisses his way down Jay's body releasing a chubby unclipped tool and chows down for complete oral satisfaction with excellent head. These dudes know how to suck cock and really get down to business trading jaw-jobs!

Changing up the action, Jay lies back with his tight hairy asshole exposed and allows Antonio to munch down with hot camera shots of the rimming. Dude has a talented tongue! "Eat that ass!" After some traditional sixty-nine with Antonio on top, Jay fucks him doggy-style slow 'n smooth and picks up the speed pounding 'n making those bed springs squeak. After a while there are some excellent penetration shots from behind of that fat meat sliding in 'n outta that tight hairy man-hole. The guys are very into the action and each other. Antonio then goes for a wild ride while playing a good ol' game of sink/bounce while stroking his joint 'n working that mouth-watering foreskin. Dude really rocks 'n rolls and busts a big thick nut all over the bedspread. Jay pulls his pork and cuts loose with a big load all over his own stomach.

Scene Three:

Jay Lopez (scene two) is in a storage room smoking a cigarette when Aron Ridge (good-looking with short black hair and a toned/smooth body) and Coby Mitchell (scene one) stroll in wanting to bum smokes. Aron is looking for some ass and asks if there are "any takers". Luckily, there is a mattress propped up against the wall that is soon put to some very good use. Cody is soon on his knees sucking Aron's hard 'n large cut cock cramming it down his gullet leading Jay to haul his fat uncut pork out so dude can give groovy head to both members. Hot!

Cody gorges on those tasty tube steaks and gets his face fucked. Dude then bends over to continue slobbering on Jay's unclipped tool while Aron munches down on Cody's tight hairy butthole with hot camera shots of the rimming. Aron slides his big dick in slowly from behind and fucks Cody quick 'b lubed with Cody actually humping back to get more up his chute. There are no penetration shots during this position. Switching up, Jay screws Cody in the missionary position while Cody sucks Aron's nuts 'n dick. Jay fucks dude fast 'n lubed and again no penetration shots. Aron strokes off shooting a thick load of cum on Coby's chest, Jay dumps his jizz on Coby's shortly-trimmed pubes, and Coby doesn't cum.

Scene Four:

Antonio Milan (scene two) is back in the same bedroom this time with Kevin Cavalie (good-looking with dark hair and a toned/smooth body). Kevin wants to see what his new pal "has", so he pulls Antonio's blue jeans 'n briefs down revealing that mouth-watering uncut schlong, dark pubes, and tasty nuts. He takes that delicious meat into this mouth sliding up 'n down providing a groovy oral time. Kevin strips down showing off his very shortly-trimmed pubes and clipped dick and then chows back down on Antonio's manly goodies. Needing the tickle in the back of this throat scratched, Antonio blows Kevin working his hot wet mouth on that stiff skin flute and playing a sweet tune.

Antonio then lies back on the bed leading Kevin to fuck him fast, smooth 'n hard in the missionary position with some nice penetration shots from the side and kind of behind. The guys really go at it and are definitely into each other and the fucking. They cut loose and give that cheap bed a complete workout, baby! Loud moans, groans, heavy breathing, and bedsprings fill the lusty air, honey. Changing positions, Kevin continues to pound Antonio hard from behind with some okay penetration shots from below (shadows kind of obscure the view a little which gets better once the camera moves in closer). Antonio frantically jacks off squirting a big load all over the bed while being drilled. Kevin beats that meat cutting loose with a big wet load landing all over his pal's back 'n butt.

Scene Five:

Aron Ridge (scene three) and Kevin Cavalie (scene four) are sitting around slinging back cocktails and discussing their sexual conquests. The dudes confess that they are both tops and are curious as to who will give in to be a bottom for their man-on-man romp. Aron pulls out his large clipped cock leading Kevin to sit his drink on the coffee table and chow down on that big dick. Dude slides his talented mouth up 'n down the throbbing piece of meat giving one heck of a suck-job. "Yeah! Suck that cock!" Kevin then bends over the white leather sofa allowing Aron to eat his tight shaved asshole with a quick rim job with okay camera shots of the pucker licking.

Dude then chows down on Kevin's cut dick taking it deep throat for maximum oral delight. Kevin clearly digs the blowjob and fills the air with loud moans and heavy breathing. Aron then slowly sinks his cock up his buddy's hole from behind and gives him a good old-fashioned butt banging with some okay penetration from behind (Aron's balls partially obscure the view). "Oh yeah! Fuck that ass! Just like that!"  "You're my bottom bitch!"  Aron dumps a thick load on his fist and some on Kevin's ass. Kevin busts a big thick nut that flies to places unknown as well as the above mentioned sofa.


Robert Van Damme's Private Party: The Mystery Begins is shot directly on high quality video and presented in full frame. For the most part, the picture quality is sharp 'n clean although there are some camera shots here and there that look soft.


The stereo sound is clear allowing the viewer to easily hear the dudes as they talk and then get down with all the sounds of man-to-man sex.


The disc includes an interactive menu, scene selection, and cast interviews with Antonio Milan, Jay Lopez, Coby Mitchell, Aron Ridge, and Kevin Cavalie. Interesting interviews and it's fun to learn more about the model's real lives and backgrounds.


Robert Van Damme's Private Party: The Mystery Begins  is a real mixed bag when it comes to the movie's direction (the credits list two directors). Scenes one and two are excellent containing plenty of penetration shots during the butt fucking. Scenes three through five miss the mark on the ass-fucking penetration with absolutely none (scene three) and mediocre (scenes four and five) and there is also a missing cum shot (scene three). That said the dudes are very hot in every scene giving high energy performances and are very into the action and each other. The movie is definitely a turn-on and worth a watch but due to the above-mentioned problems, I have to go with a Rent It.

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