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Girls of Wolfpac 3, The

Studio: Other » Review by Vincent Pierce » Review Date: 9/16/10

XCritic's Advice: Watch On Demand

Genre: Alt Girls, All Sex

Director: Daddy Long Legs

Cast: Jade Jolie, Kytten Sin, Roxie Rox, Cadence St. John, Sunny Love, Morgan Mae, Mallori Knox, Sissy Stitches

Guest Appearances: Joanna Angel, Jenna Haze, Daddy Long Legs, Buddha, Genocide, Bane, Hype, DJ Pain ...

Date of Production: 12/02/09

Length: 2 hrs. 31 mins.

Audio/Video: The audio is nice, and clear, but not dolby digital or surround. The scenes are presented in a fullscreen ratio/format. There are a few issues with the quality of the video in one or more scenes. In on scene the video is very grainy.

Overview: This DVD is all about the mad antics of the band Wolfpac, and the girls that get involved. There's plenty of girl-on-girl sex, as well as comedy sketches performed by Wolfpac themselves. It's a hardcore party all the way through, filled with some of the hottest girls ... and other stuff ...

Scene 1: Jade Jolie & Cadence St. John

The scene starts off with the Wolfpac band members bringing Jade back to an apartment room. They chat a bit about what happened during their concert, then leave the poor girl to herself. I think she was looking for some action with them. Don't worry though, because this isn't a solo scene. She is soon joined by Cadence, and they get it on! The sex is pretty generic for an all girl sex scene. They do mix it up a bit with a double ended dildo which the screw each other with at the same time. I hope I didn't make that sound too complicated ... other than the dildo play there's some pussy licking, and fingering. The chemistry between the two girls is solid, I just don't do many all girl sex reviews so you'll have to bare with me. Jade, and Cadence both have smoking hot bodies. Jade is a blonde, while Cadence is a black haired girl. It's a good scene for an all girl scene, I guess ...

Scene 2: Roxie Rox & Sissy Stitches

This is quite a comical, and disturbing scene at the same time. I guess that's the way the Wolfpac is? The scene starts off with two girls (Roxie and Sissy), and the Wolfpac member who wears the riot mask sitting on a couch in front of a long table. On that long table is a massive amount of coke (and I don't mean the kind you drink!). The guy in the riot mask inhales a large amount of it through his mask, and it sounds like a vacuum cleaner as he is doing so. He flops backwards on the couch and you can see all kinds of video images through his riot mask eye holes (kind of like a cartoon). Now here's where the disturbing part comes in ... He sits upright after going through the cartoonish shock, and blood starts to pour from his mask ... then he dies ... The girls ask him if he's alright, and even test his pulse. Even after Roxie, and Sissy find that he's dead as a hammer, the two girls still get it on right there beside his dead body!!! I find it kind of creepy ... Thew all girl sex was a bit better than the first scene. It did include the dildo play like the first scene, but it also included some strap-on sex which I found rather fun to watch. Poor riot mask dude missed out on all the fun. This was a good, but creepy sort of scene.

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Scene 3: Sunny Love & Kytten Sinn

This is another one of those creepy scenarios. This time Sunny, and Kytten play the role of school girls who are in detention. The detention teacher is a Wolfpac member (the one with the hot pink dreadlocks). Basically he informs the two girls that they will not be able to use their Wolfpac backstage passes due to whatever naughty thing they had done. After the teacher lays down the rules, and leaves the fun ensues. Kytten decides to pass a note to the lovely Sunny. Most of us have seen one of these notes in our school years, the kind the says "Do you want to go out with me, yes or no?". Sunny sends the note back to Kytten with 'yes' marked. The two girls decide since they won't be able to go to the concert, then they might as well have fun right there in the detention room. Lucky for them there's a couch in the room. There were no toys involved, I guess it's because of the no fun rule? The still do a pretty decent job with the all girl sex. There's the usual finger banging, and pussy licking. There was even some face sitting thrown in the mix. This scene was not as satisfying as the previous scenes. I was ok, though.

Scene 4: Roxie Rox & 3Some

The scene starts of with Roxie doing a solo masturbation. After about 5 minutes another girl joins the scene. There's the usual all girl sex stuff going on, the pussy licking, finger banging, and such. The alternate turns servicing each other for a bit. After that the Wolfpac member with the riot mask enters the room observing the two girls making out. He walks right up to them and the girls begin to unzip his fly ... then wham! The scene quits!!! I don't know if this is some kind of sick Wolfpac joke, but I saw the girls sucking that guy's cock in the scene selection preview!!! I wanted to see those girls suck cock sooo bad!!! Oh the agony!!! This cocktease of a scene sucks dick!!!

Scene 5:  Morgan Mae

In this scene we find Jade Jolie in the crowd of a Wolfpac concert scouting for a lovely girl to go backstage and have sex with. The girl she finds is Morgan Mae, a rather lovely brunette. After getting bachstage Morgan has a chat with one of the Wolfpac guys over a speaker phone or something? He asks her general questions like how old she is (she says 20 years old), and is she nervous ... For the most part the scene is a solo masturbation, but she is joined by Jade later on. The girl on girl sex between them involves a lot of dildo play. Morga is on the recieving end for the most part. The scene was just ok. I didn't feel it had anything really special about it, but if you're into girl on girl sex you might feel differently.

Scene 6: Cadence

We find Cadence in what appears to be her bedroom, which is always sexy to me. She is a black haired goth girl with tattoos all over her body, and she does have a sexy body. Her scene involves a little finger play, and a dildo toy. The scene was short, but I liked it. It was also a solo scene which suited may tastes a bit more than the other scenes that included girl on girl sex. Overall this is probably my favorite scene so far.

Scene 7: Jade Jolie

The picture quality of Jade's scene was rather grainy, which took away from the potential of the scene. She began her solo masturbation scene stripping down to her torn fishnet stockings, and highheels. She did a really good striptease, and her solo performance was ok as well. Her performance included the usual fingerbanging, and rubbing and feeling, but not much else. Like the other girls her body was also adorned with tattoos, and she even some goth style make-up (even though she's blonde). The scene would have been a great deal better had the video quality not been so grainy.

Scene 8: Kytten Sinn

I find Kytten Sinn oddly attractive, but not the prettiest goth girl I have seen. She is decked all out with goth clothing, make-up, and even black fingernails. I like her porn name as well. Her solo scene is pretty hot. Even though it's a lot of the same fingerbanging, and stuff her keeping in constant motion (not staying in one spot for long), lets you know she's really enjoying herself. I'd have to say this scene is my second favorite of the solo masturbation scenes.

Scene 9:  Sissy Stitches

I have to be honest, Sissy is my least favorite of the female performers on this DVD. She has a manly build, and appearance ... of course that's just my opinion, and opinions are like assholes, everybody's got one ... For that reason the scene doesn't do much for me. Her performance included fingering, and basically that was it. The scene was totally lacking in real excitement. She basically fingered herself while lying in two different positions. This will probably be the worst scene out of the DVD ...

Scene 10: Mallori Knox

Mallory is the 2nd hottest goth girl I've seen on this DVD. She strips down to nothing but her knee high black and white socks! I think girls in socks are sexy! She also has the make-up of a goth girl, and she has quite a bit of tattoos. The sad thing is that this scene is similar to Sissy's, it doesn't have much variation to it. It's a pity, because I think Mallory had a lot of potential for a much better solo scene.

Scene 11: Sunny Love

I've decided that Sunny is the hottest blonde Wolfpac girl. In this scene she is sporting a Wolfpac tank top, and a rather sexy black short shorts with knee high black boots! She strips it all off except for her boots and gives a damn good solo masturbation, and uses a pink vibrator as well. Finally some variation! This is a great example of what I believe a solo masturbation scene should be like. It was actually pleasant to watch, and Sunny looked like she was really having a great time. This is my new number one favorite solo scene! It's a pity they didn't do this good with the other scenes, though ...

Extras: The only extras were 'Trailers' which consisted of trailers for the Girls of Wolfpac website, and BWARE Clothing merchandise.

Final Thoughts: I began viewing this DVD not knowing what to expect, except that there was going to be som girl on girl sex. What I found was both wierd, and half-assed. The weirdness was ok in maybe one of the scenes, where the riot mask guy was snorting coke, but the other stuff was a waste of space. As for the girl on girl action it was all basically generic lesbian porn that you could find in most lesbian porn dvds, the only exception being the selection of girls. I have to give it to them, they did choose some attractive ladies, and I really enjoyed watching the goth girls since I'm into that kind of thing myself. I guess what I'm trying to say is that this dvd is lacking in too many areas. I know they tried to go wild, but they went a little over-the-top. As much as it is lacking it is still worth a rent, and is not an absolute loss.

Final Rating: Rent it

"I'm the man who coined the phrase "Same Sex Different Dame". If you're gonna produce porn PLEASE go all out, and don't fall victim to retro ruination. Innovation is king!"

- Vincent Pierce 2014 A.D.

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