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Maid To Order

Studio: Wicked Pictures » Review by Sean DPS » Review Date: 9/15/10

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Maid to Order
Wicked Pictures

Directed by Jonathan Morgan
Running Time: 104 Minutes
Condoms: Yes

Tech Specs (From PS3)
Dolby Digital 5.1 Channel
48 kHz
384 kbps
5.5 Mbps

Special Features:

Bonus Sex Scene with Alektra Blue from Dreamgirl (16 minute scene)
Behind the Scenes (an 18 minute feature, with some interviews and footage of the photo shoots for the film. And she lets us know how much she loves her job. You also get some BTS of pretty much of all the girls and their scenes)
Photo Gallery
Trailers (6 trailers)
Motion Menus


Alektra Blue
Dylan Ryder
Kaylani Lei
Kirsten Price
Marie McCray
Aaron Wilcoxxx
Danny Mountain
Kris Slater
Rocco Reed
Tommy Gunn

Overall Thoughts:

So I know I may sound like a broken record, but I have to say that once again, Alektra looks amazing on this cover. Wicked really knows how to draw your attention to their movies, and they back it up most of the time with the quality of the movie. Would this be a good or bad movie? We shall see. Seeing that Alektra is in 3 of the scenes, I would say it is off to a good start. Before we get to the main menu, we get a few trailers for some upcoming films: Hooked, Fairy Tale. After the previews, we get the anti-piracy ad, which I am still surprised that I haven't seen it on any other studio's films. So let's get to the movie, after seeing this, I have a feeling that having a dirty house, is not really that bad of a thing, if these are the kind of girls that are going to come and clean it up. So the sex was amazing, the girls were all very hot, so pretty much the usual from the fine folks at Wicked Pictures. And keeping up with their past movies I have reviewed, a pretty decent amount of special features, and a bonus scene with the cover girl from this movie, which is a good thing with Alektra being that girl. Having said all of that, I think I am going to give this movie a HIGHLY RECOMMEND rating, there seemed to be a little something missing from this movie that prevents it from getting our highest review, but I can't put my finger on what that is. Both the audio and video were great so that wasn't it, it's the same great quality you expect from them. The only thing I can think of, is that they way the cut the scenes, sometimes you want to see a longer scene and they cut it to a much shorter scene. Just as your really getting into it, it seems to end all of a sudden. But I guess that is really not that bad of a thing, just something I noticed.

Scene One: Alektra Blue and Danny Mountain

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Alektra is on her way to Mr. Reed's house. We get a voice over that gives you the history of Alektra and her maid service. Hot girls that clean, sounds like a good business plan. We see a flashback to when Alektra was cleaning and was getting turned on by the pool boy. She takes off a few layers of clothes and begins to show off her stuff to the pool boy, driving him crazy I am sure. To make things even hotter, she pulls down her tops and starts to press her breasts up against the glass, Cool Hand Luke anyone? After she is done teasing him she goes outside and then begin to kiss and before long she lets him play with her tits. She ends up on her knees and begins with a blowjob. She ends up on top of him in a 69, as she continues to work on his cock. She tells him to use his fingers, and he does, and then suddenly she is riding on top of him. She moans with delight as she bounces up and down on him. They switch things up with some doggy, as she continues to moan and talk with delight. She ends up on her back on the chair and he continues to pound away on her, but she is quickly on top of him riding again. This time she sticks her breasts in his face as she jumps up and down on him. She plays with her ass a bit with her fingers and the scene ends as he cums in her mouth. First scene in and I have to say, it's off to a great start.

Scene Two: Marie McCray and Tommy Gunn

Marie is basically wearing just an apron as this scene starts, and she gets distracted from washing the dishes, she would much rather play with the bubbles. Tommy comes in and likes what he sees. He makes a "polishing skills", joke, and then they begin to kiss and plays with her boobs a bit before his clothes start to come off. She plays with his cock a bit through his pants, but she opens them up and begins to "polish" it. Gotta say, I think this is the first scene that I have seen Marie in, and I gotta say I look forward to seeing more of her. After she is done "polishing", he lifts her on the counter and begins to play with her pussy, with his tongue, and she really seems to enjoy it. But he bends her over the counter top and begins to fuck her from behind. She flips around and he continues to fuck her without skipping a beat. We cut to them as she is now on top riding him, with her ass in his face. According to her apron it says kiss the cook, maybe she should try and get one that says fuck the cook. That is a big counter top, cause now both of them are on it, fucking in the spoon position, wow what a fancy kitchen. He pulls out and cums on her tits. She makes a comment on the mess he made, and how she is going to have to clean it up.

Scene Three: Alektra Blue and Kirsten Price

We start the next scene as Kirsten is in the tub, very slowly and seductively cleaning herself, as Alektra looks on with delight. Apparently Kirsten didn't notice she was there, but when she does, she invites her into the tub with her. They begin to kiss, as Alektra's clothes begin to come off. Kirsten starts on her tits and Alektra does the same. Kirsten gives a few slaps to her tits and then Alektra goes down and begins to play with Kirsten's pussy. She gets a few fingers in there as she finger bangs her, and she seems to get on the verge of cumming already. Alektra slows things down and uses her tongue before Kirsten decides to return the favor. But Alektra gives her a helping hand as they both finger and play with her pussy. Kirsten pretty much gets all of her fingers in her. So dirty and yet they are so clean. Low and behold a red toy shows up and they lick it before Alektra uses it on Kirsten's pussy. After awhile Kristen gets a shot to use the toy on Alektra, and she grinds her hips on it. And once again she is making sure her ass gets a little finger play while she is getting fucked. She tells her not to stop as she continues to use the toy on her. They kiss and the scene ends.

Scene Four: Dylan Ryder and Aaron Wilcoxx

We find out that Dylan was the one that really helped the maid service get some bigger clients. She serves Aaron some wine, and he ask for some extra service, she plays like she doesn't know what he is talking about. But he stands up and begins to kiss her neck while playing with her boobs. I think she knows what he means now. She begins to pull down her leather skirt and they kiss some more before she is down and giving him a blowjob. But he quickly decides to take control and sets her down on the couch and begins to lick her pussy. But enough of the oral, he decides that its fucking time, as he fucks her on the couch. Next up, she is on top of him, for some reverse cowgirl as she wiggles on his cock. Gotta say that I love the lingerie with pearl looking straps, very hot. Back to the sex, they continue with some doggy style, as he grabs on to her ass while fucking away, but they move on to some spoon action. She begs for more and then he pulls out and cums on her tits.

Scene Five: Kaylani Lei and Kris Slater

We find out that Kaylani is in it for the sex, and she was the won that started the whole having sex thing as part of the service. We see her dusting the bedroom and trying to fix the bed. Kris comes in and sees her amazing ass in the air, and ask what else she is good at, and guess what, he's about to find out. They kiss and there is some nice foreplay as he throws her on the bed and he licks her breasts. She immediately purrs and laughs with delight as he makes his way down to her pussy. He works his magic with his tongue and a little help from his fingers. Her panties come off and his pants come off as she works on his cock as her ass sticks up in the air. After a pretty decent oral session, they begin to fuck on the bed while she is on her back. Next up she is on top of him for some reverse cowgirl, as he thrusts away on her. He is getting the real workout in this scene. Next up is some spoon action on the bed and he continues to work on her until he moves on to fucking her from behind, while she straddles the bed. The scene ends as he pulls out and cums on her tits.

Scene Six: Alektra Blue and Rocco Reed

We finally get the scene that has been teased throughout the movie, Alektra finally arrives at Mr. Reed's house. She shows up at the front door and you can tell she is already pretty horny. He is surprised to see her and she walks in and makes a comment about how dirty it is and wonders if he is a dirty boy. She wants to find out. Once again some very hot foreplay as they get things going. His shirt comes off and her tops comes down, and then she opens up his pants and begins to jerk him off a bit before she uses her mouth on it. She takes charge as she tells him what to do, and next we see him with his face in her pussy. But she wants the fucking to start, so he starts off with some missionary as she screams how good he is fucking her. She screams fuck me as she looks at him with those amazing eyes of hers. Next up, he gets some doggy style as she continues with the dirty talk, and tells him to spank her ass. Wow she is really pulling off the dirty talk in this scene, and I really like it. They move to the chair and she rides him for some reverse cowgirl as he holds on tight as he pounds away on her. She flips around and continues to ride him, this time he gets a great close up view of her tits and we get a nice view of her ass. She continues to ride him as he gets a few ass slaps in while she gets a few fingers in her ass. The scene ends as he cums in her mouth and she licks all of it up.

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