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All Star Teens (Blu-Ray)

Studio: Digital Playground » Review by Sean DPS » Review Date: 9/19/10

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

All Star Teens
Digital Playground

Directed by Jules Bart
Running Time: 2hrs and 22 minutes

Tech Specs (from PS3)

Dolby Digital 5.1 Channel
48 kHz
640 kbps
14-17 Mbps

Special Features:

Bonus Trailers (7)
1920 x 1080
Photo Gallery
Chapter Index
5.1 Digital Surround Sound
No Regional Coding


Defrancesca Gallardo
Madison Parker
Ansie Rocher
Rihanna Samuel
Sylvia Deluxe
David Perry
Csoky Ice
James Brossman
Nick Lang

Overall Thoughts:

So just as the first scene gets going, I immediately realize that the colors are not as bright and extreme as they usually are when it comes to the Digital Playground stuff I have seen on Blu Ray. I am assuming this is not using the RED camera., because the camera seems to be moving around a lot more than normal. As stated before I don't mind the RED camera, it would just be nice if it wasn't on rails. Anyways on to this film, I have to say that this really reminds of the Harmony movies, just without the darkened look to the movie. It has the beautiful foreign ladies and some great sex to go with it. You get some threesomes, anal, and a lot of workout sex, so a little bit for everyone. The few scenes that stick out in my mind are Madison Parker and Alexa's scenes. The rest were still good, but I think Madison and Alexa made it worth the price of admission. The video quality was great and my only audio issue was with the trouble with some of the dialogue being too soft and with a heavy accent. Do I really to use subtitles for a porn movie, who would have thought. Back to the movie, the special features were very little, with just a few trailers making up pretty much all of it, was really surprised they couldn't give us the usual 10 minute BTS we usually get from Digital Playground. Overall I am going to give this movie a RECOMMEND, and I think it will be a nice addition to your library, even for the price of Blu-ray.

Scene One: Defrancesca Gallardo and David Perry

The scene starts off with a tease section, as she poses and shows off her naked body to the camera. She plays with her boobs and makes her way down to her pussy, as she lightly plays with it.. For those paying attention she has pierced nipples, bellybutton and pussy. So in my book, we are off to a good start. After the tease, we cut to her walking around naked still and David asks her to play with herself with a toy, while he watches and jerks himself off. She takes over for his hand and gives him a blowjob while playing with her pussy. She climbs on top of him for some cowgirl action, and we get some nice close ups of her ass while it bounces up and down on him. She flips around for some reverse cowgirl as the camera gets up close and personal. A brief oral session with some deep throating is followed by the two of them fucking on the couch in the spoon position. He licks her pussy for a second and then inserts a few fingers for some finger banging, but soon enough his penis is back inside her pussy. She ends up sticking her ass out and he begins to lick and finger her ass, and it seems like he is trying to open her up a bit, maybe for some anal. But she gets things going a bit with a toy in her ass first, while he watches once again. And I guess she is opened up enough cause he climbs on top of her and begins to fuck her ass. They switch to the spoon position and he teases his cock in her ass, and then she ends up on top for some anal cowgirl action. He pulls out and we get a close up to see how open her ass is. We get some slight DP action as she uses the toy on herself while he continues to fuck her ass. He pulls out and cums in her mouth.

Scene Two: Madison Parker, Nick Lang and Unknown

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Madison, wearing a very sexy knit dress, starts us off with a strip tease in a classroom, sounds like a pretty normal thing to me. But next we see her in a jail cell (wearing a school girl outfit), which is some sort of weird detention I guess. She wants out, but her male cell mate, just wants her to shut up. He tries to get her to stop, the audio makes it hard to figure out what he is saying with his accent. All I know is soon, he opens her blouse and they begin to kiss. I can understand that language. He begins to finger her pussy while she opens the rest of her blouse. He pushes her up against the bars and continues to play with her. He moves her black panties to the side and sticks her tongue in her pussy. I think I remember Madison from one of the Harmony films I reviewed, and I remember liking her then, and I gotta say I will continue to like her after seeing this scene. Anyways, she ends up on her knees and begins to give him a blowjob, but a army man comes in and breaks them up. He grabs her by the hair and tells her to turn around. She plays with him a little bit, but then he opens his pants and she starts giving him a blowjob through the bars. She turns around and shows off her ass to him. He pulls her panties to the side and he continues to play with her. Her cell mate wants a piece of the action too. The guard opens the cell and she walks out and is pushed back down on her knees and begins working on each of the guys. Some nice face fucking by the guard before he tells her to work on both of them. She switches back and forth making sure no man is left out. The guard moves over to a bed, and her cell mate uses this as a chance to fuck her from behind while she works on the guard. The guard wants a taste of her pussy, so he slips in behind her for some spoon while she sucks off her cell mate. All this time and her panties are still on, something very sexy about that. Her cell mate begins to finger her ass and pussy, while she works on the guard. She climbs on top of her cell mate for some reverse cowgirl, and then the guard tells her to take off her panties so they can fuck her ass. She teases them and the camera with her amazing ass, before the guard inserts a few fingers and then tells her to spit on his cock before he sticks it in her ass. Some anal doggy begins as he slowly inserts his cock in her very tight ass. She begins to open up, and then she opens her legs wide so her cell mate gets a crack at her ass. She screams with delight as they continue to work on her ass, and then they double team her with some hot DP action on the bed. A brief position change and we get some more DP action, this position seems to give them some issues a bit. The scene ends as the guys cum in her mouth and she swallows it all.

Scene Three: Rihanna Samuel, Sylvia Deluxe and James Brossman

And as the other scenes started, we get a tease video, these girls must really hate wearing clothes. Rihanna starts things off, as she plays with her pussy for the camera. And then Sylvia comes in and struts her stuff for the camera. She has some freakishly long fingers, maybe it's just the camera angle, I hope. So we move on to the scene and the girls are enjoying a dessert by the pool. Sylvia kind of reminds me of Nessa Devil a bit in this scene. James comes in and wonders why they didn't wait for him. The girls feed him some cake and then they kiss while he begins to rub their pussies. Rihanna's top comes down and the other two begin to lick both of her tits. They continue to focus on her until James says it's time for Sylvia to take her top off. He has his face in Rihanna's ass while she plays with Sylvia breasts. They double team Rihanna again and take turns licking and playing with her pussy. But James finally gets some attention as Rihanna gives him a blowjob while Sylvia is face deep in her pussy. Sylvia slides Rihanna's panties to the side and James begins to fuck her from behind. OK it's not the camera angle, she does have very long fingers. Sylvia climbs on top of him and gets some reverse cowgirl action but then the girls switch places. Sylvia is back on top of him for some cowgirl action as Rihanna plays with her pussy. But James let's both girls get equal time as Rihanna gets some cowgirl action too. The camera gets up close and gives you a nice view of their ass's as they bounce on him. I think James is going to want to go for a swim after this scene, he really seems to be working up a sweat fucking these two ladies. Some spoon action follows and then he stands up and tells the girls to come closer and he cums on both of the girl's mouths. Time to hit the showers or go for a swim I think.

Scene Four: Ansie Rocher and David Perry

Ansie, wearing a tank top and jean skirt, gives us a nice tease video, first her top comes off, followed by her skirt hitting the floor. I think she has the same tattoo as Sylvia did in the last scene. On to the scene, as she is working out in a gym, and she seems to becomes very horny as her top goes up and she pulls her shorts down and begins to play with herself a bit. David and his erection walk in and she begins to play with it until he stuffs his face in her ass. She finally pulls his shorts down and releases his erection and begins to give him a blowjob. But the only thing that his erection wants to do is be inside her pussy, so she bends over and on the gym equipment and he starts to fuck her from behind. But that is over pretty quick, as she is back to working on some oral on his cock. After that she climbs on top of him and rides him for some cowgirl and she moans with delight as she bounces up and down on him. She flips around for some reverse cowgirl, before giving him another oral session. She must really like to suck cock. They both end up on the floor for some spoon action and I get a little tingly as she says fuck me with her accent. I like ladies with accents, there is nothing wrong with that. They both seem to be on the verge of cumming as they continue to fuck, but he slightly pauses for a second and then continues to fuck her. He tells her to finger herself until she cums, while he jerks himself off. She seems to climax and then the fucking resumes. She straddles him on the exercise machine, followed by some doggy and missionary and then the scene ends as he cums in her mouth and on her face.

Scene Five: Alexa and Unknown

Alexa is on a couch spreading her pussy open for the camera and rubbing it while the camera moves in for a closer look. So we get another workout scene, as she is working on a stairmaster and she comments on her ass and how much he loves it. He grabs it and begins to kiss her ass, while she continues to work out. She giggles with delight as he gives her ass the attention it deserves. She grind up against his crotch and then she ends up on top of him, and he moves her panties to the side and begins to finger her pussy. He lifts up her top and gives her tits some attention while working on her pussy. But he would much rather focus on her pussy and ass apparently. She wraps her legs around him before she uses her foot to rub his crotch, and then she opens his pants and begins to play with his cock. She seems to focus on the tip of his penis and his balls a lot. Her pussy is in within his reach so he fingers it a little while she gives him head. She climbs on top of him, slips her panties to the side and begins to bounce her amazing tight ass on his cock. He gives her a few slaps as she wiggles on top of him. But much to my dismay her panties come off and she goes back to riding him. They switch to some spoon action as she continues to moan with delight. She makes a lot of noise in this scene and he is the silent type I guess. Some more oral is followed by some doggy, and some more close ups of her ass, which is not a bad thing. And when she has a nice ass like that, you know a few slaps are some to come. Some more oral, this time they both work on each other in some 69 action, but she is on her back once again, and his penis is inside her pussy. A few more position changes and then he pulls out and cums all over her face and chest. I really thought he was going to cum on her ass.

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