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BJ's In PJ's

Studio: Red Light District Video » Review by Bill The Hobbyist » Review Date: 9/18/10

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

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BJ's In PJ's

Release Date: September 13, 2010

Running Time: 2:06

Condoms: None

Director: Lew D.

Cast: Billie Ann, Chastity Lynn, Jennifer White, Jessie Andrews, Lexi Brooks, Lily Carter, Tia Cyrus & Violet Monroe

The Movie

If you enjoy watching young ladies giving blow jobs, then you will enjoy "BJ's In PJ's". There is a mix of oral talents and skills, by some very sweet and sexy young ladies. Not all scenes deliver top notch blow jobs, but the bulk of them will have you stroking away. No two scenes are the same and remember this is a Blow Job dvd, so don't expect any other sex to be involved. In the scene breakout, basically I will give you a short overview of each ladies oral talents that she delivers. At the end of each scene recap, I will rate the overall blow job on a 1 to 5 scale with 5 being the best. Enjoy!

Lily Carter

Orally, Lily is very strong. She has good lip locking when sucking and aggressive shaft licking. Using allot of tongue, spit and working her hands real well, certainly gives some great cock stimulation. In addition to some face fucking, Lily throws in some titty fucking and OMG, some biting on the side of his shaft. Hot, very hot! You get some nice shots of her boobies and a bit of playing with herself. Cum shot is received on her sweet tongue, followed by some licks, sucks and spit. Lily, PLEASE, come bite on me too! Overall Blow Job Rating: 4.8

Positions: Oral, Cum In Mouth

Jennifer White

Jennifer, gives a little masturbating in her PJ's and using the TV remote as a dildo (OK, that's good for some extra credit). She, starts with some soft tease playing with her hand and then her tongue. Very nice sliding in and out of her mouth with hands wrapped around his cock. Strong jerking and hands on balls and throws in some licking as well. Some added treats include, her sweet breast and fucking great nipples being played with and swaying with the action. Let's not forget some beautiful views of her ass. She has her tongue layered with cum and gives a little suck of the tip. Jennifer, I wanna play with those boobies and suck on your nipples too, OK! Overall Blow Job Rating: 4:6

Positions: Masturbation, Oral, Cum In Mouth

Violet Monroe

Violet Monroe, one of my favorite anal girls, loves to suck cock too. Aggressive when sucking cock, grabs hold tight with her mouth, deep throating, spitting, face rubbing, is just a start. Works two hands and mouth at same time, more spit on cock and then rubs spit covered cock on her face. Jerks and sucks and doesn't suck on balls but gobbles them whole. An aggressive, very good steady flow with watching her pussy played with as a added benefit. Wide open mouth with lots of excitement she takes the load and swallows it down. Violet, now my one wish with you is not only to fuck you in the butt, but then have you give me head to the end! Also, when I die, I want to come back as Violet's Butt Plug, What Could Be Better! Overall Blow Job Rating: 4:8

Positions: Oral, Cum In Mouth, Swallow

Billie Ann

Leads in with some dick rubbing on her sweet nipples, then to some face shoving. Gives some spit, licking and ball sucking. Then some fantastic, total deep throating. Lots of great hand use combined with her oral skills. Added bonus, some sucking of her nipples and a little finger fucking. Load onto her tongue and licks her fingers clean. Billie Ann, I wanna dick rub your nipples too! Overall Blow Job Rating: 4.4

Positions: Oral, Finger Fuck, Cum In Mouth

Jessie Andrews

OK, gotta say, her cute face sucking your dick is enough to bust my nut right from the start. Jessie works her hands very well on balls and cock at the same time and continues it as she slides her mouth over it. She does have a tiny mouth and it makes it had at times to get allot in, but that is kinda hot to watch. Little slobbering and lots of great tonguing of the head, combined with some spitting provides enhancement to her oral skills. Great ball sucking, some face fucking and two hands pumping away as she sucks brings on a load all over her face followed with a few licks. Added treats, takes her top off to enjoy those sweet little tittes and cute button nipples and some nice views when her PJ bottoms come down. Extra added bonus, those great eyes looking up at you while she sucks cock. If , I was about to get a blow job from Jessie, all she would have to do from the start is look up at me with her eyes and I'd be shooting my load all over the place! Wanna try Jessie and see it happen? Please! Overall Blow Job Rating, With Extra Credit For Her Eyes That Melt You: 4.5

Positions: Oral, Facial

Chastity Lynn

Very hot and aggressive blow job by Chastity. Yes, Chastity, Sucks, sucks and sucks with lots of excitement and added use of her hands. Good slobber and and spitting too. Takes a great face fucking with lots of energy and enthusiasms. Some gagging and just non stop going to town on his cock in every way she can. Special treats, some titty smacking (love her nipples, would love to give those titties a smack and nipples a lick or two myself). Takes a huge facial (bet what hit your eye burned too) followed by sucking the tip clean. Entire blow job right through the cum shot, done with her sweet smile the whole time. Chastity, before I die, my wish is to have just one suck on your sweet nipples. Overall Blow Job Rating: 4.8

Positions: Oral, Facial

Tia Cyrus

Hard time staying excited during Tia's. Pretty much an average blow job with not allot of energy or excitement. Best part was when in the rocking chair, she rocked back and forth as she sucked his cock in and out. Nice boobies when top comes off and she does add some spitting throughout. Takes a facial, with absolutely no excitement at all, kinda look bored taking it. Not the best sweetie, but I know you will bring us some future good head to watch. Overall Blow Job Rating: 2.5

Positions: Oral, Facial

Lexi Brooks

Lexi, delivers most of what should be in a good blow job, but just doesn't deliver it well. A big lack of excitement and no enthusiasm at all and facial expressions that looked bored. There is ball sucking, stroking, shaft licking, deep throating, hands and some spit. Unfortunately it was more of going through the motions. There are some great POV shots of her pussy when her bottoms come off that did help some, but not strong enough to pull the blow job through as a good one. Takes a load on her tits and just lays there with no facial, verbal or hand response. Now for me just laying there is not hot at all, sorry. Overall Blow Job Rating: 1.9

Positions: Oral, Titty Shot

Extras: Behind The Scenes, Cum Shot Recap, Photo Gallery, Trailers

Video & Audio: The video quality was good and some nice close ups and POV shots throughout. Audio was good, but not as consistent as I like with the volume levels.

My Final Thoughts

Damn, Lilly Carter, Please Come Bite On Me Too!

For a dvd focused on blow jobs only, I really think that there needs to be a little better direction and what is expected from the girls before they are booked to do the scene. When you watch a dvd with eight young ladies just giving head, a few hum drum scenes pulls the overall rating down and takes allot away from the entire dvd when those scenes are viewed. Going with the eight scenes they did, there should have been then a better placement of order. Like watching a play, each scene, should grow stronger and stronger with the last delivering that ultimate performance. Unfortunately, "BJ's's In PJ's" did not do that. But, I have seen this same thing many times over the past thirty years. On the flip side of that, if Lexi Brooks and Tia Cyrus scenes were first, well it might turn the viewer off enough to not even bother watching the rest. There is no question that, Chastity Lynn, Jennifer White, Jessie Andrews, Lily Carter, Violet Monroe and Billie Ann delivered strong scenes and are well worth watching several times over. Maybe, the dvd should have been cut with only these six girls, instead of the eight that was put in it. Fortunately, there are enough great scenes with some very sweet, sexy and exciting ladies that I would certainly "Recommend" this dvd to the viewers. OK, Chastity Lynn, Jennifer White, Jessie Andrews, Lily Carter, Violet Monroe and Billie Ann, now that I have watched the six of your suck cock so well, umm, well I need a BJ while you're in ur PJ's and it can be all of you at once or one at a time :) 


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